Friday, January 02, 2009

Comments to exerpts from Chari's New Year Message!

A small exerpt taken from Chari's New Year Message for 2009.

The rest of the "Message" is just like this exerpt ... that anyone can hear in any churches around the world ... And tomorrow, the bullets will still fly in the name of religion, and the "pointing" will still come from the RELIGIOUS elite and aim at the "gays and lesbians" or other marginalized minority, the "curse of the bloggers", the "sinners", the other religions, "them", etc... and the POOR? the NEEDY? the SICK? The Seekers? They will have to wait for the TRULY SPIRITUAL to come out of some other "ism" than this current SRCM(California) GANG of "industrializing" and "polluting" materialists who play at RELIGION as they play at BUSINESS .... It's all just another "development" and just another "book" or trade-marked product to sell ...

Here is an exerpt of the "GEM", the "Pearl", from the SRCM(California) IDOL, for 2009 that should "LIBERATE" the idolatry in us, one and all:

Chari Said: (my comments are in red, italics)

"As abhyasis of Sahaj Marg, we have to be conscious of the fact that there should be only one goal in our human lives, and that is the goal of, first, liberation, second, realisation, and third and final, complete merger with the Divine. It is possible. And love and compassion? It's not in the Goal at all! Then just Do it! Who else, using Sahaj Marg have done it? Who is completely merged with the Divine among the SRCM(California) that was re-registered in 1997? Chari? Are you "completely merged" with the Divine? You are selling what you don't seem to posess ... The lower stage has evaded millions and millions and millions of human beings throughout the history of the world. In fact, (there are facts and then there is the TRUTH) history does not record more than a few who are supposed to have achieved liberation. Likely story!, and/but none from SRCM(California) and/but none from Sahaj Marg. In India, the pantheon of those who have achieved this is considerably larger (wrong!...just another un-provable claim without even naming anyone) and well recorded in the history of ancient India in what are called the Vedas, the Upanishads and the Puranas. It was the privilege of the rishis [seers] and the munis [saints], those who went away to the forest renouncing family, friend and the worldly life, who achieved this, many recorded; there again a large majority went unrecorded whose names are lost forever." (... and what have you and your "living dead", and clones of the Masters of Sahaj Marg, "recounced" in this "worldly life"? You who wallow and hob-knob in wealth with the "materialists" and preach "simplicity" to those who are simpler, poorer and more spiritual than you, and you who build (un-natural structures calling them temples and Ashrams) with marble and concrete as the poor children die around you! One Ashram or one church could feed quite a few "starving children". Tear down your "vatikas" (hermitages, vaticans), "Baal" (master), and help the POOR and the SICK and the NEEDY in your own country ! Leave the Charitable money that was raised in our countries to help the needy here. Private schools, ranches in Texas, and castles in Europe, for the wealthy and the "well to do" to use, are not "CHARITY" ! Where is the sense of ethics and morality that should come with "spirituality"?

"In today's world Sahaj Marg, as stated by Babuji Maharaj, is the easiest and the quickest way to the goal of liberation. (That is another false or "unprove-able" claim) But he has also emphasised that the subsequent goals of realisation and merger are not difficult, (another false, unprovable or spurious claim... It fools the gullible. I guess that is why so many have "merged with the Divine"... all the other steps are "not difficult!" I think you just make it up as you go along ... since it is so easy, I guess Chari is already "merged", along with Billy Graham, and Jimmy Swaggard, and Jimmy Baker and Mataji!! Who else?? Was "Vivekananda? Patanjali? Kirpal Singh? Any from other "cultures"? from other Religions, such as the SUFI? Is Lalaji? Has God "cut off" the connection for these also, as Babuji has claimed in his letter to Dinesh, Lalaji's grandson? Is this the God you worship? provided we set our minds firmly on this single achievement in this life, which is also the goal of human evolution and the goal of human life."

"All that is necessary for us, dear brothers and sisters, is to put our heart into the whole thing, meditate with the heart, meditate on the heart, meditate on the presence within the heart, the divine light, eschewing all other ambitions, (eschew your own material ambitions) material or otherwise, in the sure knowledge that Babuji Maharaj has given us, that our worldly life will be at the mercy of our samskaras that we have brought into this world. Nothing in it can be changed. (yet you and Sahaj Marg claim to "erase samskaras", but Catholic Priests, you state, can't "forgive sins" ) The physical cannot be changed: (wrong..the physical can and does "TRANSFORM" constantly!! Remember that! ) we cannot change in height, (wrong...we grow and shrink constantly. We are in a "continuum" reality) we cannot change in our colour, (wrong...just add sun-light and remove sun-light) we cannot change in our other situations such as education, (wrong...are you serious? this must be Chari's version of "invertendo") wealth, (wrong- you gotta be kidding, trying to confuse the "gullible", with "gobble-degook"? ) et cetera. It must be accepted that the mental changes are more easy, (wrong,,, you can't even change your own "mind"... most can't even make up their own minds and are led by every Tom, Dick and Chari) while the spiritual change, (wether one is "god-merged or not, the ALL transforms and changes... that is the nature of the REALITY of Space and Motion) that is from animal man to human man to divine man, is the easiest of all with His help. This is my Master's assurance." (What a Fantasy!! Man will transform and evolve in spite of this religious and cultic "fairy tale". Since it is not measure-able, anyone can say anything about SPIRIT and SPIRITUALITY... hopefully not for long!! Until spirituality is a measure-able state, we, as a society can aim at the "tax-exempt" status that such groups seek from our governments. These religious/spiritual groups who show the gauge of their "spirituality" by the hate statements they spew towards marginalized "minorities" such as the gays and lesbians, their gender-descrimination towards women who can be the "workers" but who can't be "masters", according to Chari, and their obvious elitist, sexist and totalitarian organization (dictatorship) according to their own constitution and records. ), should not be considered as "Charities".

(That last section is about as sad as the other statements. The "ONE", the SPIRIT, does not have to CHANGE nor does the SPIRIT that is usually seen as the ounce or the "iota" of the ONE that is in us all. That does not have to change. and if SPIRIT has more value or is more "long-lived" than MIND or intellect, then it will not change or will change very slowly! ... It is the other Created Material stuff that CHANGES rapidly and/or transforms readily (matter, mind, emotions, etc) ... Your teachings are erroneous and are arrogantly spreading your mistakes, dividing wives from their husbands, children from their parents, and causing general divisions in our societies and yours ... Your, and our arrogance is what has to "CHANGE"... not the SPIRITUAL WORLD or the ONE or IT's CREATION. It is perfect.

The plight of the POOR, the SICK and the NEEDY... that can change!... And that change is not "God's job". The condition they live in is caused by those who, like you and I, build of matter or concrete, rather than with compassion and LOVE for the plight, even if caused by destiny or by karma, of those suffering NOW on this Earth. They are all around us to HELP so we may learn "charity", as the religious hide in their "NATURAL" fortresses of marble and concrete and attract and use the energy, time and money of other "potential do-gooders" for their own self-serving religious ambitions or goals. And you, like the adherents to all other paths, you want to call your path: NATURAL!!

GIVE ME A BREAK!!! Give the WORLD a BREAK! Let us (you and I) take less so that others may have MORE!! One more religion or church will not save or LIBERATE the world. All Religions and GURUS etc..., all think they have the ONLY PATH to Merge with the ONE! You can't all be right!!

Please stop PREACHING SIMPLICITY to those who ARE and who live SIMPLER THAN YOU!! Please leave a smaller and simpler Material (carbon) "footprint", using and manufacturing less MATERIAL and polluting less of the air, water, and the minds of us ALL, so that some MATTERAL (air, water, food) will be left for the next generations ... May you find some COMPASSION for the future generations, and may you teach and live that!

And may you remove from circulation, and burn all copies of your book: (He! The Hookah! and I) wherein you accuse (or... "point at") the bloggers (US... all of us ) of being the "enemies of spirituality", if you are to preach "FORGIVENESS"... TEACH by example!

If you want to be a LEADER, then lead, so that your "living dead" disciples can follow in forgiveness, charity and compassion ...


Anonymous said...

would you agree with me that with realization, liberation follows and not the other way round. Another worrying statement is the unrecorded names lost forever of mortals who have reached the goal. With the spiritual gifts bestowed on this fine spirital master surley Chari could name at least a couple from the brighter world he is in contact with, maybe they're not talking!!! In my world people can and do change. According to chari they can't. Humans do grow taller and shrink in old age,humans do educate themselves at all different levels throughout thier lifes, they have to, humans wealth can change at the drop of a hat depending on the economic climate,inheritence,
promotion,ect. Micheal jackson even changed the colour of his skin. Yes Chari is wrong, time stands still for noone except his little flock of sheep. I applaud the man for achieving what he set out to achieve. Decieving and robbing 200,000 people who adore him must have had it's challenges. but Chari never
wavered. He also to this date has never been caught. Last but not least, a call to abyasis to reach babuji in the brighter world sooner rather than later. Is this a call to meditate themselevs into retards or ultimaitley pull the plug on thier own existance. Either way it is an irresposible way for a spiritual master to be behaving. That is a terrifying statement when you understand what he is really saying.

Anonymous said...

Hi Anonymous...

Thanks for the comments...

I agree with you... Realization is an on-going process and does not lead to a "goal", an end that LIBERATION seems to bring to mind.

Liberation is from the cycle of LIFE and DEATH, as if it was a "desireable thing", to not LIVE... so as to be in the "brighter world" that chari thinks is "heaven", much like the Christian or other religion's conception of the "other side"...

Of course, when one conjures up the duality of a "heaven", on also conjures up the other side of a "no heaven" or a HELL... That is the problem with duality in RELIGION that "spirituality" should address. The ONE did not make a mistake by CREATING the ALL (Creation).

"In excelsis ex UNO pluria... In excelsis, e pluribus UNUUM.

(In the Highest, From ONE, many... In the Highest, From Many,ONE)

As high as we can "reach" or "think" or in the HIGHEST of the ALL (CREATION)

Life is a Cycle, not a GOAL or an END. IT is ETERNAL in SPACE and INFINITE in MOTION that we measure as in meters, and/or seconds, minutes, etc... or TIME.

This statement is very "un-spiritual". It is not the "LET IT BE" or simply live in the NOW that is what SPIRIT or the ONE IS in REALITY. It is phrased as a death wish of someone who is "weary" of LIFE and longs for the "OTHER SIDE"... Don't we know of other cults who's leader have had the same "WISH"?

"And I pray to you, beloved Master, to grant us this privilege of rejoining you in the brighter world as soon as possible." (Chari)

It is a sad statement for someone who wants to be called a MASTER...

I pray that some of his followers don't take him "seriously" and do something more FOOLISH than following him and FUNDING his megalomaniacal GOALS and real estate ambitions. (According to Chari, a Master's duty involves Destruction on a "COSMIC SCALE". That is according to what he wrote me in an e-mail, when I questioned why women could not be MASTERS??? Because they are not capable of destruction on such a "cosmic" level???

Thanks for your stimulating comments...

Please chose an "alias" so I can know what to call you...beside "anonymous" ;-))