Monday, November 19, 2007

Evolution of Sahaj Marg From Vedic And Yogic Practices

This is a critique of the article written in haste by Dr. K. S. Balasubramaniam to counter our "History of Sahaj Marg". There are too many "inaccuracies" in his article to leave unchallenged. What's next? Will SRCM (California) now claim that this article is "God Inspired" or like their book: "Whispers from the Brighter World" is also "channeled" by a MEDIUM and should now be blindly believed as the "TRUTH"?

THIS EMPEROR has no clothes, your "HONOUR"! (hoping there is at least the illusion of honour left in SRCM(California))

My comments are in red and italicized.

Evolution Of Sahaj Marg From Vedic And Yogic Practices
Dr. K. S. Balasubramaniam

India is the homeland of spirituality.

How arrogant! Another “chosen” or “favourite” of the ONE!! Another MASTER RACE!

According to most "spiritual practices", spirit has no “homeland” in the Material, not a country, not a mountain, not an ocean, not a race, not a gender. Spirit lives in, by and of the ONE or the ALL. SPIRIT is everywhere and everywhen. I guess there is not much respect in Sahaj Marg, for aboriginal spirituality or the spirituality of other cultures.

By that same "logic" (of lack of) one could say that the USA is the “homeland” of SOUL! But that would not make it TRUE!

Maybe that’s why Chari wants to come to the USA, beside the “numbers” and the “dollars”: to get some SOUL and true SPIRITUALITY (native), away from the corrupt SPIRITUALISM and the Sexism and Brahmin Nationalism of Sahaj Marg and India.

Or, how about this one! Paris is the City of LIGHT, but to find the LIGHT one has to have a "guide" and you must make the guide happy so he will find the LIGHT for you. One can make the guide happy by calling him "Master" and have him call you his "little serf". Then if you repeat twice-a-day, in the morning and in the evening that you are a "slave" (see Sahaj Marg prayer below) and agree to become a "living dead" (as mentioned in Sahaj Marg literature) for him and "remember him all day long ("constant remembrance") , he may show you the LIGHT!. But you must never call what you do a "ritual" even though it is, because he will then become "pouty" and never answer your pleas to show you the LIGHT.

Sound "silly" enough? Spirit and Light are similar, both do not only exist in "one city" or "country". And both are not found "solely" in one's heart. One can make the same "silly" claims for "knowledge". Where is the "homeland" of KNOWLEDGE? The Universe-city?

What's next? Will SRCM (California) try and get the Fundamentalist Religious SMRTI Manu laws and their "caste" system in the WEST as is now being re-attempted in India? Is their goal a THEOCRACY? With Chari as the Master of the UNIVERSE?

Sahaj Marg Prayer:
Oh, Master,
thou art the real goal of human life.
We are yet but slaves of wishes putting bar to our advancement.
Thou art the only God and Power to bring us up to that stage.

From pre-historic times, followed by the Vedic and epic periods, many saints, sages and seers have emerged in this holy land. They gave their heart and soul to their pursuit to reach human perfection, realisation of God or Self-realisation.

I was told by other religions the "holy land" was Jerusalem (New Salem), or Rome, Mecca, or many other home-"lands"? How about ALL the LAND is HOLY? Maybe they ("many saints, sages, seers") gave their "hearts and souls" but none have reached PERFECTION yet, as far as we know. And their Realization of the ONE is “debateable” and not easily accepted by MOST. Maybe they reached "Self-realization" (with a capital "S" to depict their EGO..notice the "he" (lower case "h") later, to depict the MALE - DIVINE). It seems that Sahaj Marg does not help the adherents "control" their "intellect" or their "emotions" very well. (see at SRCM (Shahjahanpur), the allegations, newspaper clippings and medical reports, (in Hindi) of the violent attacks on the Babuji Memorial Ashram, the SRCM Ashram of Umesh, the Founder's son)

After reaching their destination, they tried to train many of their fellow human beings, to uplift them from their sufferings in this world.

Oh! there is a "destination"? There is a "goal"? There is an "END". The "journey" is not the "thing" with the new Sahaj Marg "spirituality" of SRCM (California), as it is with most other "SPIRITUALITY"?

Train them ("their fellow human beings") as they might, the sufferings continued. And the destination was not reached by them or their disciples any more than by the rest of humanity, including the "atheists". ALL are in (the) ONE! All are on a WAVE and go up and down in emotions, suffering, etc. even the SAINTS, the SAGES, the SEERS. Some wise "men" have admitted that no one person can save all of MANKIND.

A truly "Natural Path" would try and be like NATURE, where the cedar tree does not try and make the fir tree become "living dead" or even a "clone" of a cedar so as to be "saved". That is "megalomania" and a "messianic complex". NOT SAINTLY! And not even POSSIBLE! So it is a "scam", a "con" worthy of a "televangelist".

Acceptance of The Natural UNIVERSE would be the NATURAL PATH, not the SRCM(California) or the businessmen's and the capitalist's approach of "dominion" over Nature. Then they attempt to "change it" or modify it as they have done to "the king of YOGA", the so-called "eightfold" path, to their small MIND. Raja Yoga is not an "octave" or "eightfold" path anymore in Sahaj Marg as the tapas and the Yamas have been "modified" to suit the "capitalist agenda of "accumulation" of the Material (structures) and POWER. It satisfies the EGO, and the MIND, not the SPIRIT. This has been done on the bones and the blood of the broken families of their followers, including the family of the Founder by "modifying" or 'adulterating" or "perverting" the teachings of "The MASTERS"

Check out photos of the Ashrams and see the "paving of Paradise" to serve the MASTER. There is PAVE and MARBLE (and Golden LIONS, the PREDATOR), everywhere. Then there are the busts and Pictures of the SRCM(California) Masters (Idols).
Now see what Chari's own Society, Chariji Education Development Society (CED) is giving to the "poor" at his Shri Guru Krupa School . This is to show the outside World.
Now the "PRIVATE" school for "upper class": Lalaji Memorial OMEGA School LMOS. (Why OMEGA? Is it the END?)

Less Marble and Golden Lions, Medical Services for those who can afford it, the rich and more "MONEY" for the Education and Medical services of the Real "POOR". Where is Chari now? Let me guess... with the POOR in DUBAI!!

P.S. Read this CED Site and see if there is a "teacher" in SRCM (California) who can "edit this site for grammar, syntax, and "teach by example" PLEASE...

What is NATURAL and SIMPLE about that Ashram? Oh yes! There is a manicured lawn and a few "birds". ONE could be at the VATICAN or at any other "religious Shrine", not at a "spiritual" and "Natural" and "SIMPLE" place. It seems to be a "hang-out" for the rich, and all the while, the poor suffer and die.

Oh yes! The Christians (Sister Theresa or "OTHERS") will take care of the Indian POOR! NOT!

We find evidences for this in the Vedas, the most ancient literature of this world, texts on Yoga and other schools of Indian philosophy.

To the Christians, the Bible is "the most ancient literature in this world". What about the Chinese writings? And does "old" mean "True"? NOT!! There is still no evidence of a PERFECT person (male or female) in the history of the species now called "homo sapiens", although many Religions (and cults) claim to have the PERFECT leader. Christians claim Jesus is the "son of GOD", and thanks to the tyranny of the Roman Emperor, Constantine, ONE (Yahweh or Elohim) became THREE or a TRINITY according to those Christians who accept and speak the "Nicene Creed". That does not make it the TRUTH.

As John, the disciple of Jesus of Nazareth, called the Christ or Messiah or Saviour, in his John 1 verse 12 states, if one "receives him", or believes in his message or in God,
"to them gave he power to become the sons of God,". Then, a believer in God, is the "son (offspring) of God" as that is the only "logical" belief possible if one believes in God. One is either the CREATOR or the CREATED. All "representatives" of God suffered, and eventually, all died. Some apparently "resurrected". But that is a "belief, and to some, a fantasy, not a FACT. These teachings are still open to scrutiny and change.

Sahaj Marg, the modified system of Raja Yoga, stands on the foundation of these noble teachings of the scriptures, but like many other schools, it too has its own philosophy and unique practice

Sahaj Marg has “no philosophy” according to Chari, and is not a “unique” practice. (see History of Sahaj Marg and the Shri Ram Chandra Mission).

According to the Sufi, of which Lalaji was the "first Hindu Master", the practice of transmission in a "heart to heart" meditation was with the Sufi Religion for centuries and the Naqshbandiyya Order of which Lalaji is a Master, with it's Golden Chain, is now called "NaqshMuMRa" after him, and has a lineage to the Prophet Muhammed.

Although Babuji wrote a book on philosophy, Chari, who took Vaishnava traditional instruction in the Hindu religion, stated:

From a talk given by Shri Parthasarathi Rajagopalachari on New Year's Day, 2005 at Babuji Memorial Ashram, Manapakkam, INDIA

As you know, Babuji Maharaj spoke very little. He said, "If and when a guide has to speak, it should be only to teach us about what we have to do, how to do it, when to do it, where to do it, and of course, why to do it." There is no room for philosophy in speeches of Sahaj Marg. In fact, Sahaj Marg has no philosophy. It does not rest on any philosophy. It is neither advaita nor dvaita nor vishishta advaita.

The word Veda comes from the Sanskrit root Vid, ‘to know’. It consists of passages in prose and poetry that are prior to any other literature of this world. The Vedic saints are called Rishis, which etymologically means, ‘those who have seen the mantras’(1) . This required the practice of penance, austerity, meditation, celibacy and so on.

The Vedas contain the highest knowledge, the transcendental knowledge that cannot be obtained by other means like perception through sense organs, inference, and reasoning. Hence the Vedas have been accepted as the authoritative source of knowledge by all orthodox schools of Indian Philosophy. Those who deny this authority to the Vedas have been classified as heterodox or atheist schools of philosophy. The Charvaka (materialists), Buddhism and Jainism come into the latter category.

The claims of "transcendental knowledge that cannot be obtained by other means" is what all religions claim. From the "grace" and the Mysteries of the Sacrements of the Christians, to the Bliss, Nirvana, Valhalla, Heaven, Brighter World, etc., all religions claim to be "unique" and the "only path". That does not make it so. Show me the PERSON who, having used one system, is more PERFECT than one of another Religion or system.

And the LURE of "TRY IT FOR SIX MONTHS" is not a true test, but a trap, a "come-on" or a "CON". Many of us who have tried Sahaj Marg, some of us, for up to 20 years and were preceptors, and "inner circle" members, are now LEAVING and exposing it. At the same time, the BUSINESSMEN who reached the "top of the SRCM (California) Pyramid" try and LURE the "next wave" of numbers, into their MATERIAL Pyramidal and corrupt SYSTEM of a so-called "modified"(so not) Raja Yoga.

And Sahaj Marg, like all other “religions”, as Babuji claims Vivekananda called his “Sahaj Marga” (the “easy path” and a "new religion") , falsely claims to not “bad mouth” other religions. Read what Chari said of Christianity, Catholicism, Hinduism. See Chari's speech in Denmark and to Preceptors at his 2001 seminar. (We have copies of what they now try and hide as they seem "embarassed" by these words of Chari.

Then see what the SRCM (California) is teaching in their Value based Spiritual Education (VBSE) curriculum at their "PRIVATE Boarding School", the Lalaji Memorial OMEGA School (International) (LMOS) (Why OMEGA? Is it the END?) and their Sri GuruKrupa Vidya Nilayam.

It should also be pointed out here that even among the orthodox schools (2) Sankhya and Mimamsa do not accept the existence of God, but they accept the authority of the Vedas and hence they are considered as theists or orthodox. The Yoga school of philosophy founded by Patanjali, whose period is fixed by modern scholars as 150 BC, accepts both the Vedas and the existence of God. Sahaj Marg, it may be pointed out, also holds the same view as that of Patanjali. It closely follows the principles enunciated in the Vedas and in Patanjali’s Yoga system.

Sahaj Marg does not follow nor resemble Patanjali’s Yoga system, nor Vivekananda’s. In Vivekananda's philosophy, the "prayer" used by Sahaj Marg would be called: "silly" by Vivekananda who says that to repeat the condition we don't want every day will not get rid of it. To repeat that I am a "slave of my desires" daily will not FREE ME from being a slave but will keep me a slave. What it will create is a new slavery, a dependency on the Master, the Mission, the Method, that Unholy TRINITY, not to mention the front line, or the "preceptor". Is the Master of Sahaj Marg also repeating this "prayer"?

To not adhere to the 'Indian" or Sahaj Marg concepts of the Divine or spirituality (or spiritualism) does not make one an "ATHEIST". It could make one a different kind of "Theist" or a "Deist".
For instance, I (as Vivekananda) like and use the concept of calling the DIVINE by the NUMBER ONE (not the name "(the) ONE"), rather than using the "Germanic or Gothic" word: GOD which is and was often used in the PLURAL to define great MEN. Emperors of old were often called "GODS" and that did not mean: "ONE" or the Divine. With Sahaj Marg, there is the Division of those "in" Sahaj Marg, the "saved", and those "outside" Sahaj Marg. That is not UNITY!! but TWO or DUALITY!! Sahaj Marg, like all relgions, DIVIDES! Chari's contradictory statements create "arguments" in the families where one member is not "IN". It sometimes results in the one who is "in" (usually the female) leaving their mate, rather than changing their path, if they have already become "dependent" and addicted to the "co-dependent" group dynamics.

Yoga is generally classified into two main divisions viz., Raja Yoga and Hatha Yoga, though later on many other branches of Yoga came into vogue. Hatha Yoga mainly deals with practices that help one to keep his physical body hale and healthy, by means of exercises such as postures (asanas), breathing techniques (pranayama) and so on. Raja Yoga, on the other hand, mainly deals with the mind. It endeavours to restrain the tendencies of the mind from going out, (like the reins of a horse) and brings the mind to a state of perfect calmness, equilibrium or balance. Patanjali’s Yoga belongs to this category. Sahaj Marg also follows the same principle. The practice of Sahaj Marg meditation regulates the mind and strengthens the will power.

Sahaj Marg creates a dependency on the Master, and weakens the mind and the “will power” of the disciples. It strenghtens the Master, the Method, the Mission (the structure) not the PRACTITIONNER, which is the opposite of true YOGA. The disciples of Sahaj Marg that I know, neglect their families, their societies, their countries, their friends, pets, their environment, their duties, and sheepishly follow the Master around the world like a fan following an "IDOL". And the "carbon footprints" get larger for the sake of the GODs of DIVISIONS. That is not the system of RAJA YOGA which can be practiced anywhere and not as a "follower", nor is it SPIRITUALITY! Sahaj Marg is narcissistic navel gazing of "self involved", and co-dependent addicts to power trying to reach a "created" and selfish GOAL. It is not as lofty as the "LOVE the Neighbour" and certainly not as spiritual as the "love the enemy" of Christianity, nor is it as "society building" as many other "religions" and philosophies. It has shown itself to divide even at the organization level and now have too many schisms to keep track of. (See SRCM Shahjahanpur, the original society controlled by the family of the Founder, Babuji).

The precepts and practice as advocated by the masters of Sahaj Marg are not contradictory to those given in the Vedas or ancient Yogic texts. Some examples are given below to prove this point.

A "precept" is "A doctrine that is taught" according to Webster. That contradicts the statement that there are no "dogmas" or rituals in Sahaj Marg. "PRE" means "before". There are "PRECEPTS" to learn before "becoming" a true disciple. That is what creates the IN and the OUT of most religions. One either "believes" the doctrine or leaves, thus creating a "DIVISION".

Dependency on the Master, the "preceptor" (the "pimp" of the doctrine), the Mission, the Method is “RELIGION” and “assertions of being a “slave to one’s desires” is called “silly” by Vivekananda. Sahaj Marg's disciples attempt to become like the “LIVING DEAD in the hands of a "funeral director", according to Sahaj Marg "precepts", and they become reliant on messages from the DEAD, channeled by an “anonymous” medium (a French lady) for their “knowledge” and “advice”.

NOT RAJA YOGA, nor SPIRITUALITY, nor the teachings of LALAJI or Sufism, but SPIRITUALISM and CHARI. That "spiritualism" has been called the "densing of the population" by the Dalits of Southern India who have witnessed this tactic by the "brahmins" (the priest or upper caste) before.

I. Practice :

Sahaj Marg emphasises that one should do one’s practice regularly. Patanjali also opines the same, when he says (3) ,

“Practice should be done for a longtime, without interruption and with dedication and then it gets established in a person”.

To quote Patanjali, Vivekananda, Christ, Buddha, so as to appear credible, only fools the “gullible” and the “naïve”, not the thinkers and the "intellectuals". The Masters of Sahaj Marg do not exhibit an “elevated” sense of morality, ethic, or honesty which true "spirituality" would create. This article confirms that the same deceptive and “made up” or “invented” confidence game (con game) seems to be transmitted to the “followers” who then weave their “fantasy” to the masses and actually seem to "believe it". The followers seem to believe in a “Machievellian” approach to opportunistic morality or, in other words, “immorality” to reach the GREAT MORALITY. To tell a lie over and over does not make it the TRUTH. It still remains a LIE!

Sahaj Marg says that meditation means ‘to think of an object continuously’. Patanjali endorses this view in his Yoga Sutra(4). He gives importance to the moral and ethical values to be followed by all without any exception. He calls them Yama and Niyama each of which contains five principles. Sahaj Marg also emphasises the same, through its ‘Ten Maxims’.

The modification of Sahaj Marg to accept “donations” is contrary to Raja Yoga. To accumulate Material in the name of spirituality is RELIGION not "Spirituality" (relating to Spirit, not Material) . The traditional Churches attempt to deal with this by endorsing: "detachment" from the accumulated material, but we know what that means. The "detachee" still wants to control the "detached" MATERIAL and commit "immoralities" and "ethical" sins to get "control" of the "detached" MATERIAL. Our “aboriginal” and other un-organized spirituality are much more “spiritual” than that.

These austerities (tapas), penance, celibacy and specially the “non-acceptance of donations” (yamas) accepted but not practiced by the Sahaj Marg Masters of the SRCMtm, is not in accordance with the Raja Yoga of Patanjali or Vivekananda, and the repeating in the Sahaj Marg prayer of being “slaves to one’s desires” is not in agreement with Ramakrisna (and Vivekananda) who called this practice of repeating what one does not desire: “silly”.

See Vivekananda’s “Raja Yoga”…see “The First Steps” re “acceptance of gifts”

Sahaj Marg prescribes ‘meditation on the divine light in the heart’. The Upanishads, which form the end, and the most important part of the Vedas, also opine the same. The Katha Upanishad (4.13) (belonging to the Yajur Veda) says: “The Self, the lord of the past and the future, is like a light without smoke; he is verily the same today and tomorrow”.

The word "lord" has been abused and overused...It means "LORD CONRAD BLACK" or other such "Masculine old farts" to me and not a lofty or respectful name for the SELF if the author means MY-SELF or the ONE-SELF, or if he means the ONE or the ALL. Either way, "he" (without capital) is not "a male" but is: I AM THAT I AM... "THAT" denotes a THING or a PRINCIPLE, not a PERSON, so no GENDER. Vivekananda and Plato would call IT: ONE, not LORD or GOD, or SELF!

Most religions call the HEART the seat of the SOUL but that is not a “truth”. Just a story, an allegory, to state that the life-giving and/or the “oxygen carrier”, the blood, must pass through the HEART to be pumped to the whole body.
To focus on the heart, the seat of “emotions”, also according to some, is thought to “impart” mental energy to all the blood as it passes through the heart. The heart is a PUMP and is used as a METAPHOR for the seat of the soul and the emotions. Without "oxygen" the body gets "emotional" and not very "intellectual". Focussing "mental" or supposedly "spiritual" energy on the heart does not give it more "oxygen", but the focus could make one more aware of the functionality of the PUMP and thus is "desireable" as a practice. The mystical premises used by "religions", to acquire POWER over the masses, are as yet unproven. To follow "charismatics" or "IDOLS" (music, cinema, stage, sports, televangelists) does not prove the "magnetism" of Individuals, they simply attest to the gullibility of the Masses and the power of words when manipulated with an hidden (mystical) intent. Put a "code" in a document and a code comes out. What comes out is NOT a Divine message, from the ONE (God), as the "Bible code" proponents claim. Abhyasis are now beginning to see the Master's image on wall, clouds, food, etc... Sound familiar?

The Mundaka Upanishad (III.1.5.) (Belonging to the Atharva Veda) says: “When the impurities dwindle, the ascetics or the self-controlled, behold Him – stainless, resplendent within the body”.

The Mahanarayana Upanishad (II.7) (of the Yajur Veda) says : ‘we meditate upon Him, the limitless, the changeless, the seer, the end aim of the ocean of existence, the source of all Bliss in the heart, which is like a lotus bud”.

The Svetasvatara Upanishad (4.17) (also of the Yajur Veda) says: “the divinity who created the universe and who pervades everything always dwells in the hearts of the creatures. Those realize him become immortal”.

LIFE does not become “IMMORTAL" . LIFE is IMMORTAL. We do not gain “immortality” by practicing Sahaj Marg, Christianity, Hinduism or any other belief SYSTEM. We either are “immortal” or we are not. We can’t earn something from the UNIVERSE by “BRIBING” (the) ONE with such silly practices as “TWO on A HEART” (emotional rush) or TWO on a MIND (hypnosis). ONE is not SILLY! ALL can be "silly" or WISE by choice.

Lord Krishna says in the Bhagavad Gita (18.61), “the lord is seated in the hearts of all the beings”.

Another "LORD"...A Metaphor. The "lord"(small case for the ONE GREAT SPIRIT? Is that a "freudian" EGO slip?) is not seated anywhere. How arrogant to give attributes to the ONE and then how arrogant for others to REPEAT IT. IT, the ONE, is not a PERSON with a "BUM" who has to sit and "REST" just like NATURE, the SUN, the stars.

Sahaj Marg is not very "NATURAL" with such FANTASIES and METAPHORS. I guess that means that the "lord" is not in my hand, my foot, etc.... So there is a "space" outside the ONE, where the ONE is not as "he" (male, small case) is "sitting in the heart of all the beings". Not very "smart" or "accurate". Just a fantasy used to mystify the "sheep" and a bad one at that.

There are also many other passages in the Vedas which recommend meditation on the ‘light in the heart’, which is being followed by the practitioners of Sahaj Marg system of Raja Yoga.

The “light” could be due to the PUMP action (friction) of the heart, also creating "heat" along with the other such "friction" that gives our body a 98.6 degree of heat. It also creates a “SOUND” or "Shabda", also used by Lalaji and such "wise" men as Kirpal Singh and others from other paths, cultures and traditions.

Raja Yoga means the King among Yoga systems. The mind is said to be the king of all the sense organs and, since this Yogic practice mainly deals with the mind, it is called Raja Yoga. Gorakshanatha, a well-known Yoga master of 9th -10th cent, A.D. also asserts the same(5). But the ancient schools of Yoga prescribe many difficult practices, which are impossible to be adopted in modern times. Also some practices like breathing techniques, though beneficial if practiced correctly under the guidance of an adept in Yoga, would produce unwanted diseases if done wrongly.

One gets ill if one practices “Sahaj Marg” wrongly also. Read Babuji’s experiences of depression and long periods of what could be called "delusions" in his “autobiography” . He warned "preceptors" of “injuring” the heart of abhyasis, by doing the practice of "transmission" too long or not correctly. His state of mind in his autobiography could be “psychoanalyzed” by a professional as “paranoid” and “delusional”.

The most popular text on Hatha Yoga, Hatha Yoga Pradipika of Svatmarama (12-15 cent A, D.) caution the practitioners in this regard(6) . Hence, a simplified system of Raja Yoga is the need of the hour.

The method known as Sahaj Marg which is practiced in Shri Ram Chandra Mission. It is a simple, subtle, safe and sure method which takes the aspirant towards human perfection in the shortest possible duration.

I'm from Missouri! Show us the “PERFECT” one in Sahaj Marg (California) who has reached the delusional “GOAL” as if there is an END. Whatever happened to "the journey" not the "goal" of LIFE. No ETERNITY (no beginning, no end) in Sahaj Marg obviously. And in the end, All the Abhyasis go to the “Brighter World” which is very much like the “HEAVEN” of the Christians and of other religions. NOT YOGA. Not a system but a doctrine and a fantasy for the masses.

How long is "shortest possible duration"? That's like the politician saying: "I will spare no resources to do all I can to address the situation to the best of my ability." It means "NOTHING". Time is not a factor in the Creation of the ONE, MOTION is. Time is what man (not the spiritual ones) uses to measure MOTION. Motion does not have a goal. The UNIVERSE moves so as to be Manifest or CREATED. ALL is in MOTION. TIME is a "measuring tape", not a reality!

The greatest advantage in this path is that, the guru or the Master or the guide, whatever one may call him, takes the responsibility of transforming an individual into a perfect human being without much effort on the part of the practitioner. This is made possible through the unique method adopted by the Master, which is termed ‘Pranahuti’ in Sahaj Marg. Pranahuti means ‘offering one’s life energy’. The Master, offers his own life-energy, directs it to the hearts of the disciple through his will power, and awakens the Soul which lies dormant in the heart of the seeker. The seeker has just to receive it in his heart, which he can feel once he turns his attention inwardly. The Pranahuti is defined as “The utilization of the divine energy for the transformation of man”. Sahaj Marg does not bar any one from experiencing this divine energy. Any one without any barrier of colour, caste, creed, sex, religion, nationality etc., can derive the benefit of the Master’s services, without paying anything in return!

Nature does not do it that way. The cedar tree does not rely on the fir tree to "SAVE IT" by it's "will power". To claim Sahaj Marg to be “the Natural Path” would mean that all would take their own responsibility for their life and death. To claim that the MASTER erases “samskaras” like the Priest forgives sins and ALL and only the BELIEVERS, no matter how "sinful", go to HEAVEN or the “BRIGHTER WORLD” is not the NATURAL PATH and is not even "JUST".

And then Chari claims that “homosexuality” is “not NATURAL" although there are over 450 (and counting) species of animals who practice homosexuality in one form and one reason or another. If Chari is accurate, then animals are not "natural". Anyone who has raised rabbits know the truth of that statement.

SAHAJ MARG is not NATURAL…and is not a NATURAL PATH but could be called as Vivekananda said to Babuji in his “autobiography”, the “easy path” and a path that is a loop and that goes “nowhere”. In other words, in Sahaj Marg with it's theological and philosophical contradictions and "childish games of circular Logic" (such as "powerless power" or "invertendo"), the wisened old abhyasis finally leave and new ones are lured in, to remain until they learn that they are in a "loop" that leads to NOWHERE . Groups like Sahaj Marg, in the hands of businessmen and nationalists, makes IDOLS or MASTERS of a few foreign businessmen who are in REALITY, invading new "markets" so as to grow their "business". All evangelical religions operated as businesses by businessmen and, driven by "numbers" do the same. Numbers are the GOAL. Religions, as organized "SPIRITUALITY" offer "tax-exempt" status and covers all "expenses" of the IDOL and his (usually male) "entourage". But they (the organizers, the lions) will claim to not take any rewards for their efforts. Yeah right!! We know the "non-profit" model and how it works or does not work in some cases where its internal democracy falls under the control of the "obedience" of religions or cults. ALL EXPENSES PAID!!

Now, naturally a question arises whether this is true or just a fancy. Is there any such reference in early texts on Yoga where such phenomenon was available in ancient times(7) ? The answer is ‘Yes’. We do have many such references in ancient texts where the Yogic energy or the divine energy was transmitted by the teacher to the disciple, resulting in the transformation of the latter. We shall see just a few of them here.

The Sahaj Marg method was usurped from Lalaji's SUFISM of which he was the first Hindu Master. It's "uniqueness" is a story made up by Babuji to make it sound new and “original ” to the “hindu” so as not to offend the “nationalists” of his time, including his own family. That would make Sahaj Marg a branch of SUFISM (Naqshbandiyya) and of ISLAM. Read the Autobiography of Ram Chandra and see his account of Muhammed coming to Babuji in his dreams, along with Vivekananda and Christ, and many others. I have the same thing in my dreams also. Does that mean I am the "successor" of Christ or Vivekananda or Babuji? Am I PERFECT?

Dr. RK Gupta’s site “Sufi Saints and Sufism” says:
The practice of “heart to heart” transmission is not “unique” to Sahaj Marg but as you mention later, has been practiced since at least the time of Patanjali (150 ACE), and is practiced by the Sufi’s of the Naqshbandiyya Order of which Lalaji was the first “non muslim” Master.

The Yoga Vasishtha, ascribed to the legendary saint Valmiki (who wrote the Ramayana), contains reference of the great saint Vasishtha transforming his disciple lord Rama at once, using this method of transmission. Here three methods of Yogic transmission, viz., by touch, by sight and through words are mentioned(8) . The Sutasamhita, which forms part of Skandapurana, which is at least one thousand five hundreds years old, adds one more to the above list. It includes transmission through will power (or thought) and says that this is the subtlest and the highest method of transmission. It may be pointed here that Sahaj Marg adopts the same method.

Sahaj Marg has been modified and “made easy” for “mass consumption” and to "profiteer" from people's difficult path of LIFE and RESPONSIBILITY. It is not the same as Raja Yoga. That is a “nationalist” story made up, by those abhyasis who are not ‘receptive” and “tolerant” to the “OTHER RELIGIONS” that used “heart to heart” transmission for centuries. One is called Sufism, a branch of ISLAM.

In ancient and medieval Sufi systems, this technique of transmission from the heart was known as Tavajjhoh. It may also be noted that ancient Chinese Buddhism also contains references to such practices. The 9th -10th cent A.D. text on Kashmir Saivism also contains references to such method of Yogic transmission adopted by the Master in effecting spiritual evolution of the disciples.

Lord Krishna transmitted the divine energy to Arjuna on the battle field and made him an immortal hero, as can be seen from the great epic Mahabharata.

There are many other "immortal heroes" in all myths of the world. We don't believe in them "literally" anymore. We have "evolved" and we call them "metaphors", allgories, and other such names. To believe in the myths of the past means that we also repeat the "mistakes" of the past. We don't want the "wars" that have plagued us for Millenia. Is it not time to create a myth of PEACE rather than repeating our myths of WAR with GOD on our side.

And ‘who won the war” is the question asked in the “Value Based Spiritual Education” curriculum that is taught by Sahaj Marg of Chari to children. Along with (the) ONE being Male, and Women can’t be MASTERS, Sahaj Marg is intolerant of other RELIGIONS and claims that other religions DIVIDE, lead to war, and violence while SAHAJ MARG is divide from the family of the founder, not Lalaji, who has his own “organization” but Babuji, and the SRCM (Shahjahanpur).

In recent times, 19th cent, A.D. the great Master of Bengal, Swami Ramakrishna Paramahamsa transformed his disciple, Narendranath into a Yogi of immortal fame viz., Swami Vivekananda, through the method of transmission of divine energy, Such is the efficiency of this method. The tradition has continued from generation to generation for thousands of years.

Read Vivekananda and the “autobiography of Ram Chandra” to see what Babuji says of this “NEW RELIGION” as Vivekananda is said to call the “SAHAJ MARGA”, the “easy path”. Lalji had 212 disciples and 9 preceptors. Not a large following. He also did not teach SAHAJ Marg but adapted his teachings to suit the disciple, including the use of mantras, and meditation on family members.

Lalaji is not the first GURU of Sahaj Marg but has his own “organization” Ramashram. Babuji, who met Lalaji a few times, claims his succession to Lalaji, from a ‘dream” thirteen years after Lalaji’s death. Babuji never attended or became a member of Lalaji’s organization (Dr Chatterbuy) and was never a “preceptor” of Lalaji.

In the 19th cent. A.D. the great saint Shri Ram Chandraji Maharaj of Fategarh (U.P.) (1873-1931) affectionately called Lalaji by his disciples, made this process available to all human kind in great numbers. He is rightly called as the first guru of the Sahaj Marg system and it is in his name that Shri Ram Chandra Mission was established in 1945 A.D., by his dearest disciple and successor, who also bore the same name (i.e. Shri Ram Chandraji). This illustrious personality was born in 1899 in Shahjahanpur (U.P.) in India. He established this Mission in remembrance of his Master and travelled to many parts of India and abroad to offer spiritual service to all human beings without expecting anything in return. Such was his devotion to his Master that he continued to serve everyone without any distinction, till his last moment in this mortal world, which he left in 1983. His followers affectionately called him Babuji.

Babuji’s most devoted disciple and successor Shri Parthasarathi Rajagopalachari, affectionately known as Chariji, was born in 1927 near Chennai in South India. He was mainly instrumental in spreading the noble teachings of the earlier Masters in more than 80 countries, spread over all the continents of this world (9).

Read the allegations and the documents of Babuji’s Family (Umesh, son and Navneet, grandson). The matter is now in Supreme Court of India.

All the Masters lead a simple life, true to the term Sahaj Marg, which literally means ‘The natural path’. There are no religious dogmas, rigorous rituals, preaching of sermons and so on in this method. It is simple, subtle and any one who has the willingness to transform himself into a perfect human being can experience its efficacy.

This is just not true. Sahaj Marg "elite" enjoy the simple life of "castles", 28 acre Ranch retreats in Texas called "SPURS", (the "instrument of pain used by "rodeo cowboys" to make the animals "buck" to entertain the crowds), and Marble Ashrams with "GOLDEN LIONS) at the gates.

There are many rituals, precepts and sermons, preachings, and dogmas. If one does not believe in the MASTER representing the DIVINE, one has to leave and according to Chari, never to be let in again, as he does with his “servants”. That is not RAJA YOGA or a SYSTEM but a RELIGION or a CULT. The unfortunate thing is that the abhyasis are becoming Materialists where some that I know were "spiritual", environmentalists, into the alternate therapies, before Sahaj Marg. Some are using the Group as a place to "advertise" their money-making products and therapies. This one (water purifier) is sold by the "mate" of the preceptor in charge of the Denmark Ashram at Sande Castle. Some of those products and therapies are "questionable"

Sahaj Marg does not condemn any religion but goes beyond the religious precepts and unites all the people. It is said that ‘religion divides people but spirituality unites people’.

READ Chari’ s speech in Denmark and this speech to preceptors in Jan. 2001. Statements like “hinduism is corrupt” and “bribes God” are not “endorsations” of religions or “tolerant” of religions but is a "condemnation" of other religions. That Catholic priest can’t “forgive sins” while Chari can erase “samskaras” as is his claim, is just a ploy to steal the “sheep” of the other religions so as to "grow the business”.

This is what SRCM (California) teaches the children in their Value Based Spiritual Education) VBSE (see complete Class IX and X at "LMOS & VBSE") curriculum at their Lalaji Memorial Omega (boarding or residential) School (why OMEGA? Is it the END?) This is a "condemnation". This should disqualify SRCM (California) from membership in UN DPI program.

Another notable point in Sahaj Marg is that it offers the same practice to all the people without any reservation.

It’s called “a turn over” philosophy. Throw the net wide and grab everyone with "introductory meetings or seminars" and even if they leave as they learn of the “corruption”, the lies and the dishonesty, that resides at the foundation of Sahaj Marg and its “organization” and wich is then transmitted to the “followers” and hence in some cases, destroys their relationships and lives, then the next wave are “caught” by the same “commercials" and by the now “NEW structures” or Ashrams that attract the “CURIOUS” and also holds them for a while. The financing of the structures is paid by the next wave. It's just "BUSINESS" and "grow the BUSINESS".

With the INTERNET, WE HOPE FOR A MORE ENLIGHTENED MASS in the future. In Sahaj Marg, the followers are told not to read these blogs and other INFORMATION. That is the DEMOCRACY of SAHAJ Marg as they claim to be “DEMOCRATIC” so as to belong to the UN DPI program. Another “DISHONESTY”. Sahaj Marg is a Theocracy that hides in the halls of our DEMOCRACY. Chari is PRESIDENT FOR LIFE. Women can't be Masters! Homosexuals are "un-natural".

IS THAT the UN mandate? Is that the UN DPI criteria? The Jehova's Witnesses voluntarily withdrew from the UN DPI because of these "criteria". Will SAHAJ MARG do the same or CHANGE and become GOOD SPIRITUAL CITIZENS and adhere to the criteria of the GROUP that gives them CREDIBILITY?

It may also be noted that the women get the same equal status as men in this system, unlike the ancient spiritual systems.

According to Chari at a speech at Satkol airport, and in an e-mail to me, WOMEN can’t be MASTERS because they are not capable of the “Destruction” necessary to be a Master of Sahaj Marg. When asked to clarify the “destruction” part, he said that it was on a “COSMIC” scale…

Chari the MASTER OF THE UNIVERSE, is then destroying part of the COSMOS. We pray there is no LIFE of any form, in that area of the COSMOS where Chari DESTROYS!!
Would this not be considered “MEGALOMANIACAL”? Is this not a disease? Or a CON?

Yet another unique aspect of Sahaj Marg is that it does not recommend any one to renounce the family life, as advocated by many schools of Indian philosophy where the life of the renunciate or mendicant is a must for spiritual pursuit, as is the case in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism. On the other hand, Sahaj Marg says that one should neglect neither the worldly life nor the spiritual life. In fact it says that ‘the material life and the spiritual life should go hand in hand, like two wings of a bird, equally glittering.’

There are enough blogs out there now that state that Sahaj Marg divides families and destroys the relationships of the GOOD PEOPLE of this world who's partner or family member becomes ensnared in this group. Chari’s “arranged marriages” are a disaster. Allegations of poisoning, forgery by the family of the founder, seperations, prison, and ‘death” of the husbands are evident and there are court records to prove that these statements are factual. The accusation and allegations are not only by the family of the founder but also in the newpapers in India and in North America, and Europe.

The Pranahuti, the unique flow of transmission from the Master to the millions of aspirants, plays an important role in the evolution of man into a perfect human being. It checks the mental tendency from going astray and helps one to regulate his mind, and thereby his senses and activities, thus bringing him into a state of perfect balance and moderation. This is one of the definitions of the term Yoga, given by the lord in the Bhagavad-Gita (II.48).

Show us a perfect SAHAJ MARG person…One who reached the GOAL and is now a SAINT and does not need Chari any more. And don’t say: Sister Kasturi! We all know about her, the ONLY SAINT IN SAHAJ MARG according to Babuji. Is she part of Chari’s “entourage” now or is the “bribe” not high enough yet. Maybe Chari will offer to “marry her off” (as he does with others) or offer her a job with HTC, the management company of SRCM (California) who's directors are "preceptors" and who offers jobs to abhyasis, such as Lallji's grandson's family members. Weddings and Jobs are the tools of this Group. They even want the abhyasis to "inter-marry" so as to have a new crop of children "born into" Sahaj Marg. According to Chari, there are a "bunch of souls" ready to "incarnate" into the "inter-married" abhyasis.

Is this fantasy, Religion or SPIRITUALITY...Sounds like every other CULT to me.

It can be seen from the above brief discussion that Sahaj Marg is a modified system of Raja Yoga, built firmly on the noble principles enunciated in ancient scriptures. It is to be noted that the base or foundation, without any structure built over it, is useless. Also no structure without any firm foundation will last long. Both should be equally strong for giving shelter and peace to people who live within it. This world is the home built with love and sacrifice by the great Masters, where we all live. May this world ever remain an abode of peace and love.

Sahaj Marg is a corrupt or “adulterated” Raja Yoga and is not holding to any “principles” exempt “NUMBERS”…at all and any costs. It’s the toy of the CAPITALISTS, the INDUSTRIALISTS, the NATIONALISTS. Not SPIRITUALITY but SPIRITUALISM. According to Chari: Peace and POWER can't the wish of PEACE and LOVE coming from a CLONE of CHARI does not hold much WATER. Chari chose POWER, not PEACE.

In our family, there is no PEACE but many POWER GAMES as transmitted by CHARI (the mill manager) and his PRECEPTORS who's families are also "broken". They Transmit who they are and infect others with their diseases of DIVISIONS and POWER games. The NUMBERS prove them RIGHT and they will defend the political "RIGHT" with their "indivudual" rights not the LEFT with its COLLECTIVE or "societal" rights to PEACE and LOVE and HARMONY, not DIVISIONS... even the family of the Founder is WEEPING!

AMEN (So be it) to you too...

A lie told over and over is still a LIE!


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This is technically known as Saktipata. In early and later Tamil texts on Saivism, this was called Saktinipatam

In 2005, Chariji has nominated Mr. Ajay Kumar Bhatter of Kolkotta, as his successor, thus ensuring the continuity of the lineage of the Masters.

There is no "lineage" of Masters in SRCM. Deception and delusion is the name of the game and if the pattern holds true, the next Master of Sahaj Marg, will also cause schisms and more "divisions" as only true RELIGIONS can create. The best we can hope for is that RELIGIONS will give way to ALL taking responsibility for their own "SALVATION" and "LIBERATION", and not rely on PROXIES for the ONE: the GODMEN of OLD . We now can take away their "tax exemtp" status and leave them function as the "businesses" that they are: Entertainement or "opiate" pushers for the masses. We can then deal with the "dependent" or "addictive" personalities which are attracted to those "pyramidal" systems either as Masters, Master wanabees, or as the "SERFS" (the true POWER in that PYRAMID). It can be "de-mystified" and the fear mechanism removed under the mandate of the UN and newly introduces "bills of responsibility" that address the use and abuse of "religious fear" (of Hell, Demons, or being alone) as INTELLECTUAL TERRORISM.


Shashwat said...

Kudos... gr8 work.. this cult cannot stand LOGIC. which is basis of faith.

Anonymous said...

Hi Shashwat...


For interested readers: See comments on: Freedom From Sahaj Marg-SRCM

or: in French and English by many old ex-abhyasis from Europe at: Pour Que Vive le Sahaj Marg (French for Sahaj Marg Long Life)

For an in-depth history of Sahaj marg and all the SRCM schisms:
see The Sahaj Marg Project in English:

or in French: Le Projet Sahaj Marg at:

or in German at:


Anonymous said...

Get over! Negativity is not going to take you anywhere. Meditate and know. Get out of these egoistic reaction and be happy. It does not matter what you write about Chariji. He is what He is. Be what you want to be but how long you will remain this miserable self writing something which is only expression of your lowest self. May God save you from this misery.

Anonymous said...


As in mathematics, two negatives equal a positive. To reveal and write about for all to see, what one sees as a negative and to expose it to the light of the PUBLIC, in the virtual MARKET PLACE that is the NEW MEDIA, so as to "cleanse" it from our RELIGIOUS TYRANNIES, is a worthwhile endeavour. That light of "information" mined (researched) by the INFONAUTS and published in the 5th estate (blogs Internet, New MEDIA), brings the balance of the true MEDIA, the voice of the "common man" (the victims), in our societal estates structures of POWER, and is a complement to the "traditional" Media, which is mostly controlled by the "barons".

At one time, the RELIGIOUS scams were never challenged or exposed by the MEDIA, as RELIGION was always used by the STATE and/or the "ELITE" to control the masses, specially to control those at the economic "margins", and who, if organized, would bring chaos to the PYRAMIDS of POWER of the CHURCH and/or the STATE and even topple them.

The ego and even the "megalomania" of all religious fanatics is exactly what we are exposing as they attack one another's credibility and connection to the ONE, the UNITY of ALL bringing turmoil and violence to the innocent civilians.

May the "inventors" and SALESMEN of RELIGIONS realize that we are all connected to the DIVINE, the ONE and that we don't need a Holy PROXY from a FOREIGN country to instruct us on how to communicate with the SPIRIT. So they can stay home and communicate with the ONE themselves and protect the ONE's Natural creations in their "nations", from the holy "bulldozers" of the religious developers (themselves) as they build another "church" (Ashram) and pollute our air to get to it for rituals and birthday parties from all around the world on a regular basis.

Give MOTHER NATURE a BREAK you who claim to be a NATURAL PATH...Count your "carbon footprint and stop manipulating so as to be adore or adulated (ego) by those of our "gullible", co-dependent, and/or disempowered power addicts, star-strucks, at every margins of all societies.

The Majority of us have a secular "covenant" with the ONE and it is written on our hearts ... YOU TOO... Teaching another man the PATH to a DIVINE that is EVERYWHERE and EVERYWHEN, is not necessary anymore and is just a remnant of your past "EGO".

May the ONE, instruct your male minor GOD (who has attributes and answers prayers), that HE is being replace by a greater ONE ... that has no gender and/or attributes and is not called GOD, a German (Goth) "STATIC" word.

You have made me more "content" and useful than I was before, and I am not miserable and negative at all. You seem to be more "negative" and egotistical and miserable than me. I believe in FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION and of THOUGHT! I have that so I am happy. You seem to be only happy if those like me are "SILENCED" so your ego can be the only one that exists. You seem to be a "BULLY" and not LOVING the FREEDOM of BLOGGERS. It seems to "disturb" you... GET OVER IT.... WE ARE HERE TO STAY... LIKE THE GAYS, we are not going back in the CLOSET for you "RELIGIOUS" Egotists and megalomaniacs.

May you be content as you falsely accuse me of being "miserable"...
or learn love of FREEDOM of others and become CIVILian rather than an obedient soldier in an "ARMY" ...

When you kill the enemy (as told by your MASTER, now be sure that you don't know what you are "DOING" so you don't accumulate "samskaras" and hence have "no responsibility" ...

And you call us NEGATIVE and "egotists" ... I will not kill for your MASTER!! I would disobey!


And LOVE? Where is it in your PATH?
Leave us be FREE and EXPRESSIVE...

And you want "charitable" and tax-exempt status in our country?


Mini said...

Instead of wasting ur time in finding fault with SRCM or its literature please do something constructively.

4d-Don said...

Hi anonymous...

Instead of wasting your time telling me not to waste my time, why don't you do something constructive ... I guess we are having an "effect" eh??

A garbage collector, who reveals or uncovers and exposes takes the garbage sold as "food", but that smells like hell and carries disease is not "wasting his/her time" but is doing society a very important but "volunteer" service. That is why we get the "awards" for our service to country and planet ... we don't get paid and we don't get POWER, money or "fans", unlike you "manipulators" of people, and salesmen of fantasies (religions are the opiates of the masses... that's DRUGS!!)...

You can impress the "women" with fantasies such as RELIGIONS, but your day is coming with the INFORMATION REVOLUTION, where even women will not believe that your "GARBAGE" is food, and we will have been a part of exposing the stink, the stench, and the societal problems and diseases you create (such as divisions, seperations, divorces, suicides, poisonings, murder, war, and the list goes on ...)

So waste your time on your fantasy and your flawed theology, your flawed philosophies, and your SPIRITUALISM you call "spirituality", and play with seances, mediums, egregores, and other such fantasies and toys ... I am into REALITY... not your PAP that you would sell as reality and but is really meant for children, who will be told the TRUTH at some point by US, the merchants of REALITY ... Santa Clause and the Tooth fairy come to mind....

Go in peace and read something else eh?

This is now a FREE world and we can do and say what we damn well want ... The Age of the INFONAUT is here... You merchants of Fantasies can hide you faces in shame in front of the REALITY that we expose that makes your fantasy fade with LIGHT of Enlightenment! ...


4d-Don said...


Instead of wasting our time with your garbage (flawed theology, flawed philosophy, flawed psychology, flawed institutions, etc....), why don't you do something constructive and MEDITATE ...

We don't go and bother you in your "SPIRITUALITY"... just in your flawed INTELLECT as depicted by the "flawed writings" of Sahaj Marg and of the SRCM (California-1997) !!

Get your autonomous egregore (the lunatic fringe who are effected by GROUPTHINK) to kill and then pretend you "LOVE"... Teach that to the children ...

How SAINTLY !! And you call religions Corrupt and your Master calls us the "enemies of spirituality". It is the SPIRITUALISM of Sahaj Marg that we don't agree with!!

Do you know the "DIFFERENCE"??


Anonymous said...

Hey Mini...

If we can find fault in The so-called Natural (easy) path, then it will not lead anyone to the ONE PERFECTION!!

SPIRITUALITY is not "spiritualism"... Raja Yoga does not have a section on "channeling messages from the SPIRITS of the DEAD". The Sahaj Marg Theology is full of flaws and will divide our people and society in general, leading to "violence and war"...

As good planetary, solar system, and galactic citizens, we have a duty to speak out in LOVE for our fellow "carbon entities" who have been manipulated for centuries and millenia, and lead to violence (war) by such flawed pyramidal structures (religions) and their flawed theologies and philosophies ... That truth will now be exposed!!

The egotistical and megalomaniacal game of dictatorial businessmen using "pyramidal structures" including religions, the military, the police, recently "representative democracy" and capitalism and the corporate business model, (obedience, fit-in, GROUPTHINK, etc... ), to manipulate the masses will soon be over !!

Correct the flaws in your structure and adjust your course, don't curse the "warning signs". If you do, your "easy path" will also go into the dustbin of history along with other such flawed religious "spiritualism" ...