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The Invitation to Chari's Ego Boost! The Pope on his THRONE!

This is what Sahaj Marg (Public Relations department) calls their invitation to Chari's birthday celebration in 2010. (Apparently received (or made up) by the anonymous French lady MEDIUM on July 23, 2003, at the celebrations of that year) ... 7 years ago? That is really "opportunistic"!

Did the "unknown spirit" of Babuji not invite all to the celebrations in "2010" specifically? Would you go to a birthday party with a 7 year old invitation? Is the Medium getting "weary" and/or is she not receiving any more "messages" from the "unknown spirits"? Does the REAL Babuji want all to stay home this year, or spend their time and money on their family, or helping the POOR and the NEEDY? ... and BEING spiritual for REAL !! Does the REAL Babuji want you all to go INSIDE and relate to SPIRIT, and not to the duality of the MATERIAL world?

Comments by 4d-don are in "red italics"

The invitation made up by Sahaj Marg's anonymous French lady MEDIUM but who claims was "channeled" from the Spirit of the Deceased (1983) Babuji. The words of the invitation are in

"This is a special day for our Mission, Master's birthday, must be celebrated with respect and love. Each one of our aspirants must realize in this life how he is lucky to meet the divine guide who can lead him towards his highest destiny. It is a special time in the process of sadhana: an opportunity offered to a disciple to let his heart express all its gratitude and to show it"

Babuji, while living, knew English structure and composition better than that! And being a "SPIRIT" and allegedly in the "Central region" and thus having "all knowledge", would now know English stucture and punctuation. The first sentence either needs a different "punctuation" (period or semi-colon, not a comma) or no second comma, and/or a different structure. (was this message made up by a French person ?? And not by an "all knowing SPIRIT". Where is the alleged "perfection" which the SPIRIT of Babuji (who allegedly dictated this message) has now attained in the alleged "Central Region"?

This invitation seems to be addressed to "males" only!! I guess the women (who do all the work) can stay home and let the men do their own work for once ... Come-on women!! Where is your true "LIBERATION" going to take place?

The "divine guide" is certainly not "divisive Chari"!! Chari will bury you all in divisive materialism, spiritualism and rituals (parties for his "ego") which allegedly are what "RELIGIONS" do, and it is in fact what Chari points at in other religions, as if that was an example of their "CORRUPTION"!! If one points at other religions for an action, then one can't perform the same action, and not expect to be POINTED AT also.

Notice: The Medium says: "his highest destiny", beside the "maleness" of the statement, it does not say: "THE" highest destiny. How "commercial"!! It's like the fine print in a guarantee ... Chari, the guide, can lead you anywhere according to this "channeled message". And the "aspirant" will be "lucky"... not deserving but "LUCKY" in "luck now"... (intentional... the town where Sister Kasturi lives)... And they call these games "spirituality", but it is more "SPIRITUALISM" and ego and power... the MATERIAL (MIND) ...and not SPIRIT, and not RAJA YOGA !!

According to this invitation, Parties are now part of what Sahaj Marg is in REALITY. Please put that in your "PR", so as to show some "honesty". It is part of the SAD-hana! How SPIRITUAL!! NOT!!

And now the "humble" must "show it" at a PARTY !! How SPIRITUAL !! NOT!
What a shame for the (supposedly) Spiritual heritage of INDIA !! Maybe INDIA's spiritual tradition is and always was all Parties, Parades, cults of personalities, spiritualism, zombie-ism, and other "densing of the masses" mechanisms such as "astrology, numerology, psycho-genetics, etc.. etc...

Rev. Babuji Maharaj

(Did the SPIRIT of humble Babuji sign this message as "Rev"? or is this the addition by the anonymous French lady MEDIUM?

Message received on July 23, 2003 at 10:00 AM

(An invitation from 2003, to a ego boosting "birthday" party "ritual" for Chari, would not impress my SPIRIT!! Would you go to a party with a 7 year old invitation?

THE REALITY: The adherents of Sahaj Marg will buy "oil, gasoline, tires, and/or tickets on buses, airlines, trains, to travel to "luck now" (not by accident) to drive and to park on more "oil products", (pave) and give much more of their money to the servants of PLUTO, the God of the UNDERWORLD (who controls "oil", gas, minerals, wealth) and very little "time" to SPIRIT ... Spirit does not need MONEY or MATTER ! much for Sahaj Marg(tm), the "NATURAL Path" or the EASY Path (as Babuji called it in his "autobiography"), the MacDonald (convenient or fast food) of Spirituality, the TOYOTA of RELIGIONS (recalled)**!!

If the realm of Pluto is exposed to our biosphere, it poisons it (air, water and soil pollution) ... Who cares about the next generation or our HOME Planet? An oxygen/nitrogen atmosphere for our planet is an evolution. Would Sahaj Marg(tm)'s businessmen reverse it so as to "find a male GOD"? Would they pollute the world some more in the name of SPIRIT which is "EVERYTHING, EVERYWHERE, EVERYWHEN! (the E-Trinity)?

Sahaj Marg (tm) is Businessmen still POLLUTING and getting the gullible but "good people" to pollute more also!! They really never fix anything ... they just "profiteer"! FOR MONEY OR POWER (EGO) !!

See Why Sahaj Marg is now considered: "The Toyota of Religion" (many more of their books should also be recalled, besides Chari's book ("He, the Hookah and I") where Chari calls the "curse of the bloggers", as the "enemies of Spirituality".

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