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At Sahaj Marg(tm): Your Children Belong to the Mission

Taken from an article by Elodie: "Vos Enfants Appartiennent à la Mission" on her blog in Europe: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg

Insertions and additions by 4d-don are in "red italics"

In the west, we teach our children. As the song goes: "Teach Your Children Well"... Chari and his Sahaj Marg(tm) want the children of abhyasis, which are now called the children of the Master or the Mission, to be "trained" or "formatted" ... as one would a pet or a slave (serf) or a piece of machinery (computer) !! Sahaj Marg is like a loop back to the feudal 12th century !

November 8, 2011

Your children
belong to the Mission

In one of Chari's last speeches, "Material Life is the Vehicle to Spirituality" (September 25, 2011, Garden of Hearts, Chennai), he returns to the fate reserved for the children of abhyasis:


" I am happy to see a happy group of people around me, a lot of children. I hope you are training them properly because what we have as the first generation of abhyasis was not quite well disciplined because, of course, they were the ragtag of a population which had no discipline at all, and Babuji made what he could out of them. But at least in one function they have not disappointed us, in that they have produced a lot of children who we hope will be the second generation, if not the third generation of abhyasis."


"I would like to emphasise the need to train your children properly, especially mothers, because I see many of them in the ashram instigating their children to run around, to shout, to come to me when I am on my walk. That is not the way to train children. Children should be trained to be disciplined, to be seen and not heard, to study well. Because all of you who are parents know, these are your children but more especially my Master's children. They belong to the Mission. You have been in the Mission. The Mission has helped you to grow, to exist happily, comfortably, in protected surroundings like this, so that you have a responsibility to the parampara of Sahaj Marg, the hierarchy, to feed future generations of Sahaj Marg with well-prepared, well-conceived children into this, I don't know, twenty-seven thousandth generation if that is the plan of divinity.

"So, first of all, to train your children you must train yourself. Indisciplined parents can never have disciplined children."


"So don't forget, you are here to train yourself, to equip yourself to get into the Brighter World when your turn comes, when your time comes – may it be long in the future, but your greater responsibility is to the Mission."


This speaks for itself. "These are your children, but more so the children of MY MASTER. They belong to the Mission. " According to Whispers (Messages from the spirit of deceased Babuji (1983), received through an Anonymous French Lady Medium), these children are the future of the Mission, the world's future. They are the vanguard of the chosen race, the "indigo children". They will go through their LMOIS school, (Lalaji Memorial Omega International School) to be formatted by the VBSE (Value-Based Spiritual Education) of Chari, before becoming good little soldiers in the disciplined battalions of Sahaj Marg (tm).


Alexis said:

@ Elodie

Well done! Remember that the Garden of Hearts is a set of apartments facing the Babuji Memorial Ashram, originally built for and by abhyasis who wanted to be closer to Chari ... (or to sell to make "MONEY" ... Spiritualist Capitalism?)

Your children belong to the Mission, you need discipline! Chari and his pharmacist from Brooklyn are preparing their troops ...

Vincent (see his French blog here) is going to be happy for his grandchildren ...


Elodie said:

Hello Vincent,

I myself have a niece who has gone to Chari's school this year. This is the only daughter of my brother, she is twelve years old only. My sister in law went with her in late June to her new school. She stayed there with her for three months and came back shortly after this speech of Chari. I imagine that his speech was directed especially at her, as other mothers who left their children for one year and could not part with them. From what I understand, the children will be back in early May for two short months of vacation.

My sister-in-law is a true fanatic of Sahaj Marg, but she still returned back home torn. I'm not talking about my brother who was unable to accompany them to India because of his work, he just made the round trip on the anniversary of Chari and saw his daughter a few hours. They will see her again once more before May.

October was a martyrdom, at the beginning my niece was crying in front of the webcam. My brother, a strapping man ten years my senior, broke down several times in front of us and now he takes refuge in his work. My sister-in-law, who does not work, compensates by spending all her time for the Mission.

Despite all this, my little sister raised by my parents and my brother is seriously considering doing the same with her children. Fortunately they are still too young for now, maybe she will change her nind by then, although I do not think so.

It's hard, especially because of the length of the separation and because this is the only child of my brother. However, I agree with Léa and 4d-Don in telling you that the SRCM is not the only organization to support the education of children of the followers in their place. This does not take away from the hell which
the Mission spreads, but it is not specific to the operation of Sahaj Marg.

Much love,


Friday, November 11, 2011

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