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A Heads UP! From an Ex-Catholic

From Tell Me Truth India site: (comments Sept 18, 2007)

A HEADS UP! from an ex-catholic...

Thanks anonymous for the link...(Allegations of Sexual Improprieties at Sahaj Marg)

Wether the allegations are true or not, there is one thing that is clear. SRCM is Dividing and Pissing off a lot of people. There is a "suicidal" tendency here!! Very attractive for DEVIANTS!!

These are only accusations of "incest" and adult "sexual deviations".

Chari et al, in spite of the wishes of Babuji and the warnings of Dr. Varadachari, in his zeal to commercialize the "Marg" and to "grow the business" recruited among the "unstable" and their "care-takers" in the mental health field and the Alternate Therapies (the Psy's) field before getting to the "Business Class".

Where Babuji and Dr. Varadachari were attracting the Philosophers and the "intellectuals", Chari wanted "NUMBERS"...not QUALITY. There are incidences in Europe and North America of "restraining orders" on pushy preceptors and other allegations of "improper" behaviour in the name of SRCM.

And then Chari decides to "target children" with the Lalaji Memorial Omega School. (Why OMEGA?)

As an ex-catholic who has lived in and attended a few "RELIGIOUS BOARDING SCHOOLS", I can say that I experienced "first hand" what is now obvious to all who are not blinded by POWER, GREED, FAME, etc.:the "magnetic" quality of RELIGIOUS BOARDING SCHOOLS to the sexual predators called: PEDOPHILES.

Even though my father caught and "suppressed" in no uncertain terms (he kicked one out of the house along with my uncle who brought him) the approaches of "lay" pedophiles and their scams of paying for the child's "quality education that only the wealthy can afford", as a "tax-write-off", my father did not catch the pedophile "BROTHERS AND SISTERS" from among the CLERICS because he thought: "they would not do that".

The influx of pedophile BROTHERS AND SISTERS, and their subsequent reign of terror, that finally ended the "religious boarding schools" programs in our society, came mostly form Europe and "afar"... They and their "deviant history", were unknown in our country and with the double POWER of the LOVE of RELIGION, and the "OBEY" necessary in the CLASSROOM, the pedophiles had an almost impregnable "cloaking device" empowered and driven by the fear of "eternal damnation" and all it entails. What Chari calls: "God help him!!" But we know what he means: OBEY OR ELSE...GOD, the male, NEEDS CHARI TO DO WHAT GOD CAN'T DO!!!

In my area alone, the BROTHERS who operated the day schools are now gone, the SISTERS who operated the "girl's boarding schools" are gone. The BROTHERS who operated the Boarding Schools and Universities are gone. The Brothers who operated the "SEMINARIES are gone... All around numerous SEXUAL ABUSE charges that broke many Parishes. Oh the structure tried to survive by "weaseling out" of their responsibility but the justice system finally starting responding to the Pressure of the MEDIA as it became more responsive to the new POWER of the MASSES. The communities did not even allow them to "RETIRE" in some towns....JUST GO! what they said.

The "enablers", usually the women (pedophiles target and elicit LOVE and RESPECT from the target child (usually of the children of the poorer class as they are already "isolated" by class) and their parents, usually the MOTHER), took the brunt of the blame for having a "blind eye" and doing all the prep work(teaching "OBEDIENCE") as the "BROTHERS AND SISTERS" were abusing the kids...And then the OBEYED and did nothing to expose the scandals. They did not even believe their children. Their "BLIND FAITH" would not let them think it. There were (and still are) many suicides and shattered lives that culminated in social outcasts and deviants of all sorts looking for another "pedophile Magnet". And then SRCM gives them ONE! LMOS (Living Modified OrganismS) Did someone think up this LMOS? How deviant and/or intellectually terrorist, to call it OMEGA!! THE END? OF WHAT?

So for the Doctors and other "social" climbers, who are concerned about their "reputations", learn the lessons from the catholics who are still being sued and paying dearly for the abuses of up to 50 years ago by pedophiles who probably were drawn by "deviancy" to the schools and that the schools, being corrupt (pyramidal) in themselves, could not and did not weed out.
$600 million in one county of California alone.

Don't think that you can filter the pedophiles easily, even for Sahaj Marg, the EASY PATH according to a quote in Babuji's Autobiography. Nor the homosexuals, the mentally ill, the POWER HUNGRY, the GREEDY, the LUSTFUL, the liars, the fantasy merchants, the myth makers, and the megalomaniacs and the psychopaths, etc...ONE can't...All one can do is avoid funding, supporting, obeying and building the DEVIANT MAGNETS!! LEAVE THE CHILDREN IN THE CARE OF THE PARENTS, NOT THE BROTHERS AND SISTERS. Or suffer your "guilt by association"...You will not believe the VICTIMS.... You will call them a "conspiracy" or a "malcontent" or a "sicko"...Not very compasionate for a spiritual group.

Among the catholics in my area where there are no (or few) boys becoming priests, for obvious reasons, there is now one priest for 7 parishes. GET THOSE NUMBERS CHARI? History will not be kind to the "BROTHERS AND SISTERS". And when one goes to church, these days, it is mostly old women who are too old to change at such a late age, but they also can't do the WORK so the Churches are getting "decrepid" as the Pyramidal structures that built them.

So if you are worried about your "reputation by association", then I will tell you that I am not a Roman Catholic any more for the same reason...I would not associate with such GREEDY and IMMORAL people who would target kids in their "capitalist", nationalist, empirialist, religious game of "NUMBERS" BUSINESS and MARKETING...those are RELIGIOUS Deviants hiding behind a veil they falsely call SPIRITUALITY.

Spiritual GROUPS as BABUJI said many years ago, should be for those above 18 years of age. Those who would target older women (to get the kids) from the "social aid" centers and the mentally ill, and their care-takers just to increase the numbers will not have the wisdom to "discriminate" between the teacher and the PEDOPHILE and more than that ilk can't differentiate the 'spiritual" from the deviant "idol worshipper" and correct that flaw, because they really want and need the worship....They both need one another... They do not even see the damage they do to the families of their own "abhyasis" or they revel in their ability to control people as Chari says: I am a Master of Humanity...

The Pyramidal SRCM is fertile grounds for all deviants and/or those who benefit or USE such obvious weaknesses or addiction of other deviants: the addiction to POWER, FAME, Material Success to the point of GREED even when the planet is choking in fumes and gas. It's reflected in their philosophy (or lack of, according to Chari) such as "obey to the point of killing the innocent MOTHER", the heart of the family, and their flawed Theology ("God is Male"). How many houses and money is ENOUGH? We accept that from the greedy and opportunist CAPITALISTS not from the SPIRITUAL..

Flawed Theology leads to flawed philosophy which leads to flawed psychology, which creates flawed structures for flawed indivuduals that create flawed theology.... That is the Path of SAHAJ MARG since CHARI... a LOOP TO NOWHERE built on the bones of BROKEN FAMILIES AND MARGIANLIZED BROTHERS AND SISTERS FROM NUMEROUS INTERNAL DIVISIONS!

Is it not "OBVIOUS" YET??

Cyril Borg..

September 18, 2007 8:25 AM

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