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SRCM(California-1997) and Sahaj Marg's "Inner Circle"

Taken from Article Alley and Erzine Articles, where AP Durai, , Preceptor, Joint secretary for SRCM (California-1997) and placed in charge of Babuji Memorial Ashram in Shahjahanpur, India, has written 12 articles promoting and selling everything from Holiday and Honeymoon destinations, to Water Filters, Yoga Poses, Detox Recipes, Retirement Funds, and Bad Breath cures. ( ... after much research... of course...TRUST ME!! ;-)) )

A.P. Durai bio on these articles:

A.P. Durai, after his retirement from the Indian Police Service, is a full time worker of a worldwide spiritual organisation which trains spiritual seekers in meditation. Himself an authorised trainer in meditation, he spends most of his time on it. Having been the Director of the National Police Academy in India, he often lectures to police officers under training on holistic development. He is deeply interested in human development and transformation through a spiritual approach.

Self-promotion in Article Alley article: Yoga Poses: "Please do not learn from the books. One should not be one’s own Guru (Teacher) in matters of Yoga asanas, pranayama or meditation and one might end up worse than before. Look for qualified, committed, professional teachers."

Self-promotion, as with Sahaj Marg(tm) and SRCM (California-1997) and their "self-appointed" Master.

(A.P. Durai was appointed Preceptor and "Joint secretary" of SRCM (California-1997), headquartered in Chennai, India, and placed in charge of an ashram (the Babuji Memorial Ashram) which was allegedly taken by force, according to the family of Babuji (see Youtube and Newspaper Reports) (Translations) by a group of Chari followers.)

From a Speech by Chari about Friendship:
Master, The Only Friend:

So you see, Sahaj Marg does not recommend friendship. He travels fast, fastest, who travels alone. Friendship is all right when all of us have the same motive. Like if I am going to Delhi, and she's going to Delhi, and he's going to Delhi, we can travel by the same train. But somebody going to Amalner, somebody going to Jaisalmer, somebody going to Wankaner, we cannot travel in the same gaadi [train]. So you see, forget friendship. If you are serious about Sahaj Marg, you'll lose old friends because they have to be lost. Everything old has to go. Before Makar Sankaranti, you destroy all old stuff - kooda [rubbish]. Before Holi you burn everything that is old -

(That philosophy not only destroys societal ties but also "family ties" ... Does that not sound like a "Cult of a Person" as many wise men, including Buddha and Krishnamurti warned about? Who is the Master? An engineer (plastics) and retired CEO for the largest consortium in India. Not very "spiritual" credentials but very "materialist" and marketing credentials ...

Life is not a RACE!! How "engineer" of you!! The mentality of going "fast and fastest" is the same mentality we find on our streets by "un-civilized" juvenile delinquent who have not realized that one can "slow down" and enjoy one's family and friends, nature, "one-ness", and one does not have to go "fast and fastest" to be "SPIRITUAL". And one does not have to leave them behind in one's "tragic" and lonely dust of accidental horror, while we race "fast and fastest" towards your "imaginary or delusional goal". No matter how "fast or fastest" one goes, one is never "alone" and will never BE! ... Even the lowly material "electron" carries its virtual cloud of offsprings (virtual particles) in a "field" around itself. Nothing GOES ALONE... Not even ONE which becomes ALL !!

ONE means "together with", not "ALONE"!! One is pregnant with ITS offsprings! We are FREE in our ability to "feel alone" but even in one's illusion of "alone-ness", one is in BLISS with ONE and ALL ... Not "alone"! If one finds one's self ALONE then one is DAMNED to one's own magalomaniacal and illusive UNIVERSE, that must be outside from the one UNI-VERSE created by ONE, and/or of the Universe of one's family and friends ... Where is the BLISS in your illusion of "ALONE-ness"?

But Feel free to go "fast and fastest" towards ALONE-ness, but we (meaning more than one of us in our society) want to BE with our families and friends until LIFE and/or ONE decides, not YOU !! And we will progress together, and in UNION with them. You go ALONE by yourself if you so desire!! None of your "inner circle" nor yourself will leave their "family and friends". But you want the "lowly" abhyasis, the members of our family and our friends in our society, to be alone, but you want them to chase you around the world so you are never really "alone", but they who obey you will live and die alone!

Like the "snake-oil" salesmen of old (or like some above "article writers"), they will sell anything for anything that ails any and/or everyone ("one cure fits all"), and "friends and family" are simply "numbers" to be manipulated and used to grow the business or to "make money". And then, they are discarded, unless of course, they can be made to lure their "friends and family" ... specially the children... sort of like a "Judas goat"!!

But they call themselves: "Brothers and Sisters"!! But only to themselves and/or for themselves ... not to and/or for the rest of Mankind (us), as mentioned eloquently in Frank's Blog (ex-Preceptor, and ex-Zonal-in-Charge for SRCM (California-1997) for the Netherlands.

Name of Frank's Blog: The Pitfalls of Spirituality

Can an organization claim to promote "Brotherhood" of man and make such statements against: family and Friendship? Should United Nations Department of Public Information (UNDPI), not be made aware of this "contradiction" ? Are there any "moral" and "ethical" people left in Sahaj Marg? Stop dividing our families and our societies in the name of ONE!!

From Chari's book: Heart of the Lion

"So I repeat, the Guru is the only friend. In fact, I have said this so often, that in the Sufi philosophy, the Guru is called Friend. "The Friend is coming"

Chari is obviously not a Sufi nor a "guru" as he is a "friend" to no one! Chari does not even serve his "professed" Master, Babuji ... as all can see him destroying the "Spirit" of the Mission founded by Babuji. Chari serves Chari!! At his death, we will write his epitaph: HERE LIES CHARI!! At the SRCM (California-1997) and its trade-marked "Sahaj Marg(tm)", the Spiritualist ritual of the "autonomous Egregore" created by Chari is in control. (or there is no control, as the "inner circle" (the triumvirate) at SRCM (California-1997) seems to be making it up as they go along, including the philosophical, moral and ethical issues.)

Mr. Chari... TEAR DOWN THIS "autonomous" EGREGORE!!

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