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One more SRCM lineage (Family Bush)

The Spiritual "Family Bush" from Lalaji

Here is one more lineage from Lalaji to the current SRCM according to Alexis (From the SRCM=Danger site) with additional information by SP Srivastava, who chaired the Working Committee of SRCM after the death of Babuji, and by RK Gupta of Naqsh Mumra. (see comment on Michael's blog in "addendum")

Translated from the french version on the "SRCM=Danger" site

A spiritual lineage in the shape of a "Family Tree"
The more time passes, the more the so-called "hot line" of "Lalaji Babuji Chariji" resembles a spiritual "Family Tree".

Lalaji’s Sufi lineage is not extinct

Lalaji Maharaj (1873-1931) succeeded Hujur Maharaj as the 36th Master of the genealogical chain "Shizra Sharif" in the Naqshbandiya Sufi Order. He was the 1st non-Muslim Master of this Order. His son, Mahatma Jagmohan Narain (1901-44) continued his work within the Naqshbandiya Mujaddadia Mazahariya Ramchandriya, a short version of Naqsh MuMRa. Currently, this movement is directed by the grandson of Lalaji, Shri Dinesh KUMAR Saxena born in 1944, from its head office, "Lalaji Nilayam", in Fatehgarh (UP, India). This place is also the destination of all the pilgrims who come to collect themselves at the tomb of Lalaji.

Ramashram Satsang Mathura of Dr. Chaturbuj Sahay Ji, and Thakur RAM Singhji also refer to this Sufi heritage. Only Babuji voluntarily omits it to create Sahaj Marg. Among all these successors of Lalaji, at least two of them claim to be his spiritual representative, Babuji and Dr. Chaturbuj. What does this create for for his son and his grandson? Mystery…

Uttar pradesh, a spiritual state

Babuji molds his Sahaj Marg and the SRCM in 1945 without the least reference to Sufism. With his death in 1983, the seniors directors from Uttar Pradesh gathered around the ashram of Shajahanpur and declare that the letter of nomination of Chari is not accepted as "authentic". (read the addendum from comment left on Michael's "Inner Circle of SRCM" blog)

On the other hand, Kum. Kasturi Chaturvedi "the only holy one of Sahaj Marg" seems to have refused the debates around the succession. According to her disciples, Babuji was unique, and it was understood that he could not thus have a spiritual representative. Today, she teaches only the Sahaj Marg of Babuji from Lucknow (UP, India).

The senior directors thus created a Working Committee and named S.P. Srivastava chair of the committee. In 1994, Umeshchandra Saxena, son of Babuji, took over the presidency and was named spiritual representative. Many of the senior directors did not like his behaviour and the ashram of Shajahanpur kept its distances from the son of Babuji.

Occidentalized smokers of the south

During this time and following his exclusion from the historical SRCM, Chari created another organization in California and was withdrawn in Nadu Tamil, with the ashram of Manappakam, close to Chennai. It developed its movement thanks to the Westerners and Indian ex-patriates of the Mission. In 1991, K.C. Narayana, son of Dr. Varadachari, created the ISRC, a dissenting movement which recognized the nomination of Chari to the presidency of the SRCM but the title of spiritual representative was refused to him.

Assessment and futurology

If one tries to recapitulate, Lalaji would have had at least 4 direct successors, including 2 or 3 spiritual representatives and 3 which did not disavow the Sufi heritage. As for Babuji, he would have today at least 5 successors, including 2 spiritual representatives.

Under these conditions, one can wonder about Chari’s succession, in spite of the precautions which he took. The signs of dissension are already visible. It is thus more than probable that the organization tears itself apart or schisms again. Let us make a forecast: for his son P.R. Krishna who is the head of family fortune, another Ajay KUMAR Bhatter, the successor designated as the head of the SRCM, and finally Santosh Khanjee, as the dark horse, who directs the SMSF Foundation… but it could well be that there are still others!

This comment was on Elodie's "Pour que vive le Sahaj Marg" blog (in the comments)

by Alexis of "SRCM=Danger" blog:

Translated Google Translate.

Alexis said:

Let us return to Lalaji, his family and his disciples. It follows the work of Hujur Maharaj as the 36th master of the Naqshbandi order.

According to disciples of NaqshMuMRa, he (Lalaji) would have had 212 disciples and named among them 9 “preceptors”, of which his son Jagmohan Narain, his brother Raghubar Dayal and his nephew Radha Brijmohan Lal. For NaqshMuMRa, the line continues with his son Jagmohan Narain (1901-44), then his grandsons: Akhilesh KUMAR initially, Dinesh KUMAR Saxena currently the 39th master (4th not Moslem).

For the ABSS (Akhil Bhartiya Santmat Satsang), Hujur Maharaj even would have given instruction to Lalaji to raise his nephew Mohan Lalji as his future successor. Raghubar Dayal (1875-1947), called Chachcha Ji, is the father of Mohan Lalji (1898-1955). He forms Yashpal Ji (1918-2000), still called Bhai Sahab Ji, which morphs into the ABSS (

Among the “preceptors” of Lalaji are also the founders of Ramashram Satsang appear: Dr. Chaturbhuj Sahai or Dr. Shrikrishna Lal, from whom developed the Ramashram de Mathura, Sikandrabad, Ghaziabad, Shyam Nagar or Sansthan.

Definitely the spiritual line does not cease ramifying! And Babuji did not form part of the “preceptors” of Lalaji…


The Shri Ram Chandra Mission is registered as a non-profit society with charitable status, in San Luis Obispo, California.

The SMRTI (SMSF) is registered as a non-profit society with charitable status, in Austin, Texas.

PS. If anyone has other information on this topic, please make your ideas known and your references (legal documents, etc...)

Addendum: (you read and decide)

This comment was on Michael's blog "Inner Circle of SRCM" and was not signed... (Comment is in second post comments)

Michael, Christian

I appreciate your efforts and time you have put to share your experiences.At age 17 (1987) i had strong desire to understand the meaning and purpose of life. Studied Vivekananda, and started meditating on my own. I came across 'Reality at Dawn'. I was impressed and decided to meet Babuji.(I am an indian living in India). I met a local preceptor Mr.M. After couple of meetings he said "I know what you are looking for, I request you to join our mission. Give me six months of time. Do what i say for six month. At the end we will sit on same platform. If you feel i have wasted your time, your free to give me any abuses you like".

I was touched by the humility and openness. I told him, i would not question for one year.

Later during sittting and talks i realized, Babuji had passed in 1983. I went to Shahjanpur for 'Lalaji's Birthday celebration', the same year. I was already feeling the difference in my condition/experience the grace at Babuji's Samadhi and his house. As i got involved i learnt that there is some issue going on with Babuji's Sucessor. Mr.M told me that Babuji left none. We have a working president Dr.S.P.Srivastava.I used to meet my preceptor almost three times a week. During talk, i understood that Chari is claiming the sucessorship and came to know about all the legal issues in India too. He mentioned to me that, while Babuji's body was still burning at Shahjanpur, Chari had the paper circulated that he is nominated as the president of mission. Chari was general secretary of the mission till 1980(?), he was removed from all postions after that. Chari was the only person appointed by Babuji to make new preceptors. My preceptor was made a preceptor by Chari!.

But he refused to accept chari as the representative. The personality he described to me about chari and what i read from your blogs are identical!

Infact, Chari send out a letter to my preceptor, that his preceptorship is cancelled, and his powers are revoked. He showed that letter to me when i went for a sitting to his home. Asked me to sit for a sitting and tell him how true it is. I felt no difference in the sitting, it was still the same grace i have been receiving.

Unfortunatly, my preceptor left us in 1993. Babuji that i know, SahajMarg i know, the grace i feel is all due to his efforts. In my very close association with him for six plus years, I have never, not even once, seen him lose his cool or a change in the tone or pitch of his voice. I was like his son, so there nothing hidden from me or as a matter of fact anyone. There was no 'inner circle'.

I had developed good relation with preceptors of neighboring cities too by that time. And i saw very similar personalities. None of them accepted Chari as the successor though.

Since they wanted to run the Mission, they met with the president S.P.Srivastava and decided on ways to make new preceptor and made new one for my city. I took regular sitting from him and felt similar grace too.

I have also heard from my preceptor that Andre Porey was a strong contender for the successorship. Babuji had more liking for him, but Lalaji disapproved him, since Lalaji felt that Andrey Pore or people around him are not introvert and would utilize the power for material purpose. I recollect this as i read your post on people dressed in black showing up for meditation.

As far as i know, my preceptor told me that till the end Babuji was always saying that i did not find one to nominate.

The center was working fine, but we got a letter now from Umeshchandra saxena that he is the sucessor representative. We all got copies of the letter that Babuji Maharaj wrote to him on mission letter head with Babuji's Signature.

I have seen the letter that Umeshchandra produced and the one that Chari has produced. I still have copies of both. I rejected the copy chari produced simply by reading its content. Babuji, as i have known him from my preceptor, does nothing without mentioning his guru Lalaji Maharaj. A successor nomination letter without the name of Lalaji Maharaj is 'impossible'.

The letter that umeshchandra produced seemed more in line with Babuji's style. "By the grace of God and Lalaji Maharaj..."

I must mention here, my preceptor told me that when Babuji used to travel west, he used to leave few blank signed papers on mission letterhead for administrative reasons. Since he worked in court, he was very perticular and always checked back on the papers when he came back. In one of his last trips, he saw three blank signed letters were missing. He registered a complain at local police station for records.

Since one of the senior preceptor (he was one of the few, who had soul connection with Babuji-initiation) in neighbouring city, accepted that letter, we all accepted it.

I took sitting from umeshchandra when he came to my city. The sitting reminded me of the condition i felt, at Babuji's Samadhi and Babuji's house. Tremendous grace. But i was very perplexed with the petty talk and other behaviour of Umeshchandra. I question this to the Senior preceptor-whom we were relying on.

He agreed with my observation, asked me to watch and not react. I kept did not question much.

Umeshchandra has accused Chari of 'poisioning' Babuji Maharaj in court papers! He said that something was done to Babuji in his trip to west. I recollect this when i read michael's post of Babuji falling down.

Umeshchandra, later asked me to come and stay at his house near Delhi. I went there for four days, and he made me a preceptor. He seemed sincere in trying to run the mission as Babuji intended. I saw all the menuscripts that Babuji wrote while he as getting dictations from Lalaji Maharaj, Lord Krishna, Swami Vivekanada, Lord Jesus Christ, Lord Buddha etc. (there is a autobiography published from it, not many people has that copy)

Later I came to US on work (1996). Having made preceptor and US secretary of the Mission, i tried to see if i can find some good abhyasis. I tried to contact old abhyasis's from a list i got from Umeshchandra. I even attended a sitting conducted by a local preceptor made by Chari. I did not divulge my identity- said i am an abhyasi from India. I noticed that there were no pictures of Babuji Maharaj or Lalaji Maharaj in the center. There was a picture of Chari. I did not find any grace in that sunday group sitting.(my sensitivity is very good to surrounding, i can catch good and bad vibrations, thoughts etc.)After the sitting a book was being read written by Chari. I never went there again or talked with the preceptor.

I created a website ''. Put some basics of Babuji's teaching and the issue of sucessor representative. I scanned the court papers, Chari had presented in the court as successor representative and the one Umeshchandra presented.

This started a legal battle here in US. They(Chari's zonal secretary) contacted the domain registrar and disputed the domain. The issue went to arbitration. I worked with Umeshchandra, and presented the response to the arbitration. The decision came in our favour that we can keep the domain name. I was delighted, and so were people in india, this was probably the first time, we had won something.

This did not last long, as Chari, approached the federal court, Virginia to dispute the outcome. I too hired an attorney to fight the case. My financial power and other means were extremly limited. There is nobody here that can support me in this issue. It was a drag on me personally and finacially.

When, Chari(zonal seceratary) realized, i am fighting it out, they hired one of the biggest law firm in US to fight the case (100K + would be their fees)

In 1999, I went to india to attend Babuji's centenary celebration in Shahjahanpur. I saw obvious change in Umeshchandra at that time. He did not have any Job or financial backing. He had started depending on the Mission to support himself. I did not have any problem with it, since he was doing a full time job as the president. But i saw, that the attitude was to get more money in the mission, so that he and his family can use more- support a lifestyle.

I saw politicians invited at the celebrations on the stage. They are bad everywhere, but in india its - i don't have words here.

I saw i was being used for some publicity. There were fears for Umeshchandra's life due this dispute and he was carrying a revolver in his pocket at shahjahanpur ashram.

I was sad. I realized Umeshchandra is not the representative. I discussed with the senior preceptor on whose word we had accepted him as president. He used to manage all the accounts for the ashram. He acknowledged, grave money mismangement in the mission.

I came back to US, very sad. I still had to deal with the court case, since Chari's attorney refused to accept Shri RamChandra Mission, Shahjanpur, India as an identity and was personally dragging me in the case for violating his trademarks.

My attorney, advised me to backoff, He told me he does not have means to fight the biggest law firm in US, and even if we won, they can always challenge the decision and go to supreme court and drag this for a long time. I did not have the money, or power and now no faith in Umeshchandra.I signed the papers that i have nothing to do with the SRCM, nor will my kids! have anything to do with it.

My heart cried...still does.


sridhar challa said...




4d-Don said...

Hi Sridhar.chal

Thanks for you comment..

I am in contact with the ONE and the ONE is in me. I do not need a proxy.

The lineage of SRCM and SRCMtm currently under dispute makes of Spirituality a not very "serious" but easy to understand matter.

I am "elevated" by my consciousness of the ONE and am in "gratitude" for all of my experiences in this life, including my knowledge of Babuji and Sahaj Marg. Life has been a school and a lesson and Babuji and Sahaj Marg has taught me much also.

I will try and pass on the lessons taught by Life and my experience with the SRCM and SRCMtm to all the world as is now possible thanks to the INTERNET...

May you be blessed also by the ONE!!


Anonymous said...


I read both your comments and must say that I came close to tears reading part of your blog, because I have been for so long associated with Shri Babuji Maharaj's family and also Umeshchandraji's family. I agree there is some truth in the matter about mismanaging money and stuff, but let me tell you that we as abhyasis (and am speaking of myself) are not all that good either. Only 0.1% of the abhyasis do go to the ashram's devotedly to attain their goals and taking sittings, more than 99.9% of people are either criticizing, angry, not happy with the food, arrangements made at the ashram or even happy about the way the functions were managed and not to say they did not even pay attention to the needs of the family taking care of the ashram! It is shameful to see a President of the Mission go through so much distress with a broken car, a 2nd class ticket to travel in the scorching 47 degree weather in the south being invited to functions and made to sleep on the floors and not even given the basics. This was the state when I visited the ashram and Umeshchandraji's family in Noida. It did make our hearts crumble when he talked about everything Chari had done to Babuji, and then suddenly changed and talk about all his power and wealth, but then I must say although my family knew heart and heart that money was being mismanaged, He had the power. When you get the same sittings you experienced when Babuji Maharaj was there, there is no doubt that He was right in taking over the Ashram.