Monday, November 13, 2006

Suggestions for the SRCM (tm) and the UN DPI

The first section is from the UN Preamble:
(my comments and criticisms for "education and discussion" are in another font and color)


to save succeeding generations from the scourge of war, which twice in our lifetime has brought untold sorrow to mankind, and

to reaffirm faith in fundamental human rights, in the dignity and worth of the human person, in the equal rights of men and women and of nations large and small, and (That means the equality right of women to be "Masters", the equality right of homosexuals to practice the "lifestyle" they chose or that is chosen for them by Nature or the Divine.)

to establish conditions under which justice and respect for the obligations arising from treaties and other sources of international law can be maintained, and (Internation law addresses the equality rights of women and the "lifestyle" choices of Homosexuals)

to promote social progress and better standards of life in larger freedom, (That means to put some "funds" to the "freedom" problems of the poor, the hungry, the disenfranchised, the sick, etc. and not to castles, ranches, ashrams, retreats, research, etc..)


to practice tolerance and live together in peace with one another as good neighbours, and (That means, be a friend, not arrogant, a Master or a "GOD", and help in equalizing our world, not just build an empire for you and your culture and family)

to unite our strength to maintain international peace and security, and
to ensure, by the acceptance of principles and the institution of methods, that armed force shall not be used, save in the common interest, and

to employ international machinery for the promotion of the economic and social advancement of all peoples, (all people...that means ALL)

UN DPI’s formal letter of approval…

"This association constitutes a commitment on the part of your organization to disseminate information and raise public awareness about the purposes and activities of the United Nations and issues of global concern. Associated NGOs are expected to focus a portion of their publications and information activities on the work of the United Nations. You are encouraged to cooperate with the United Nations Information Centres or Services in your country and with representatives of other parts of the United Nations in the area of your expertise."


HERE are a list of suggested Activities of the SRCM (tm) to show adherence to the UN agenda:
(I add comments in different color and font)

SRCM’s UN liaison’s may schedule open houses emphasizing the Universal Prayer to coincide with the following UN’s commemorations days.

15 May - International Day of Families
June 29 - International Day of UN Peacekeepers
12 August - International Youth Day
(UN definition for youth is 15 - 24)
21 September International Day of Peace

16 November - International Day for Tolerance (this includes tolerance and respect for other religions and their God and Masters...see Chari's speeches on Christianity and Hinduism, homosexuality, the rights of women to be "Masters" etc...etc...)

10 December - Human Rights Day (this should include the rights of women to be "Masters" but who cannot in Chari's SRCM (tm), and the rights of "homosexuals" who are "un-natural" as Chari states in his speeches)

A list of possible themes that may be used when planning a gathering to coincide with the UN Commemoration Days

One Heart of Humanity
One World One Humanity (not everyone must be an Abhyasis)
Organizing children’s essay competitions on the family
The Future Is Now
Meditation for Human Integration (or prayer)
Living Purposefully
Freedom To Do the Right Thing
Unity of Purpose
Mastering Yourself (Master’s talk)
The Value of Self-Effort (Master’s talk)
Love Integrates Humanity
Universal Values (Not: God is Male, or women can't be Masters or Homosexuality is "un-natural", as in Chari's Sahaj Marg)
Unity Through the Heart
Inner Peace Creates World Peace
What We Want What We Need
Prayer and Human Transformation
Being Responsive (not arrogant and dismissive)
Tolerance and Beyond (and respect for the "holy days and mores of other religions and cultures)
Aspiration--not Ambition (not the Ambition of the SRCM to grow the Mission with castles and ranches and more Ashrams etc...)
The Value of Self-Effort (Master’s talk)

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