Saturday, November 01, 2008

SRCM (California) Ashram Buying Fever

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Saturday, November 01, 2008

Ashrams: Buying Fever?

Searching for local 300 m2 Commercial Building with offices. This is the ad that could have published the SRCM Lyon today. Indeed, Ajay Kumar Bhatter (heir apparent to Chari) gave his agreement to the Lyon (French Riviera) Center to begin the search for an ashram.

"How to build an Ashram ? Thanks to the Love of the Master?" That is the theme of the seminar which was held in Switzerland from 19 to 21 September 2008 at Vaumarcus, close to Neuchatel?

The Gifts of Ceasar!

In Lyon, the "Gift of the Master" will cost 300, 000 Euros according to the estimates by officials. In its great goodness, The SRCM France which recovers 60 Euros on a contribution of 75 Euros per abhyasi, and manages its million Euro financial investments is looking to finance half of the project. No international funding is expected. The Lyons abhyasis must find the rest on their own: estimated at 3,000 Euro per person! That is the gift of Chari?

What is the purpose of the Swiss SMSF (Sahaj Marg Spirituality Foundation) foundation that collects European donations if it does not participate?

While the renovations to the Lausanne (Switzerland) Ashram are almost completed, and while it became a place of increasingly active life, Chari has decided to get rid of it and to build another elsewhere. The abhyasis have not always been convinced, but to no avail, Chari overrides everyone, and short of dynamiting the French dynamic, it is therefore "thanks to his love" that will be built this new Ashram. Thanks to Chari's love ???

These are the "generous" gifts of Chari to his dear abhyasis!

Remittances to India

At the SRCM of Chari, an ashram is at minimum a meditation hall, with a cottage or an apartment for Chari. And the cottage has as much if not more importance than the meditation hall, since the greatest hope for the abhyasis is to see Chari visit them?

Let us briefly look back to see the origins of these ashrams that grow like mushrooms:

In 1976, Babuji inaugurated the ashram of Shahjahanpur. Built 30 years after the foundation of the SRCM, it is the first of the Mission's Ashrams, and the only one Babuji ever built. And again, it is built on his own private property?

Arrives 1988-89, 10 years later. Babuji died and Chari is taking charge. Change of strategy: he has warmed to a "white hot", his faithful white Westerners. If they want to see him return, they need an ashram. First will be the Augerans Castle (France), and Molena, (USA) in France and the USA. And it never seems to stop: VRADS Castle in Denmark, Broomlee in Scotland, etc.

Once again 10 years later, Chari has made a name (for himself), a reputation in the West. It is time for him to consider returning home. This time, he bleeds the West for his projects in India. And in 1999 he inaugurated with great pomp and ceremony the Babuji Memorial Ashram (5 ha, a meditation hall for 13 000 people, 2 to $ 3 million estimated at the time). And the big Indian ashrams follow: Bangalore, Tiruppur, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Delhi, Allahabad, Calcutta and Satkhol. For example, the Ashram of Ahmedabad covers 2 acres, the meditation hall can accommodate 2,500 people, there are dormitories for 750 people and fifteen apartments ...

2005: New change! He does not finance more ashrams but a school, the Lalaji Memorial Omega School (the LMOS), training centers (CREST) and retirement centers (Panshet, Malampuzha, etc.).. Diversification projects and investments, but it is still in India that it happens. The transfer of Western funds to India is in full force. Why change?

Clearly, Chari began investing in Europe and the United States, or rather he had the abhaysis invest in their Western homeland, and thus justify asking them to finance his headquarters in India (the BMA), and all his new projects ...

At Chari's Whim!

Chari has fun! He plays with abhyasis as if to test how far he should go, knowing we have not seen the end yet. They accept everything without flinching ...

In 2003, against all odds, he sold the Augerans Castle. Then Australian abhyasis had to sell their land in Armadale, near Perth. On 16 May 2006, Chari during his visit, gives his consent to the Italians on their draft proposal for an Ashram. A week later, from VRAD Castle, Denmark, he cancels the project so as to better allow the Berlin Project, on June 2. He said "no" to the proposed London Ashram, and returned the Irish and English abhyaisis to VRAD Castle ...

But Chari does not only have fun! If abhyasis have to ask permission (to build an ashram), they also have to fend for themselves for the funding. What is therefore the purpose of the Swiss Foundation, Sahaj Marg Spirituality Foundation) that collects European donations if it does not participate? Chari (the SMSF) has financed two thirds of the ashram in Berlin. How much did he put on the table for Milan? He refuses to participate financially in the UK, despite the € 1,500 paid by the average abhyasi? And he does not put in a penny in Lyon where abhyasis must find € 3,000 each ...

So, for their project to succeed, the head of the Lyon Center have particularly cared for their communication campaign, adopting a strategy of avoidance of financial issues.
To do this, they use the words of PR Krishna, son of Chari and manager of Ashrams in the world: an ashram, "one must wish with all his heart. (...) The problem is not the money. When the Master acts, projects come and the money is found. "

When the Master acts, Chari does nothing but give his approval via lip service to Ajay for the search of an ashram. Basically, "go to it, figure it out." This does not mean that he will accept the final purchase deal, such a reversal has already been seen! As for the SRCM France, it is much more generous: from the top of its gold stock, it deigns to provide half the funding when it already affects 80% of the basic contributions that will be doubled next year ...

An ashram, "one must wish with all his heart." With "all his heart", really? Yes, but also with his wallet!

Meanwhile, "when the Masters act", the stock market collapses ... and projects are abandoned.


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