Thursday, March 08, 2007

Testimony by "Old Abhyasi" and JM

This exchange between Alexis, JM (From Elodie's blog) and "Old Abhyais", on the "SRCM" and the SRCMtm successorship intrigues continues on "Tell Me the Truth India" blog site:

(All of the) Information will (eventually) set us free!!

Alexis said...

Dear Navneet,

It seems that Chari's group occupied not only Shahjahanpur ashram, but also Raichur ashram, after the death of senior full preceptor Raghavendra Rao. Do you know something about that ?
We also received this comment from an Anonymous JM :

"I'm sorry, but this is all revisionist history.
The nomination letter proclaiming P. Rajagolpalachari was witnessed by Don Saborin and Sister Kasturi, who already made this known to the working committee and to the courts, after Babuji's death.
In addition, there was no mention of Umesh succeeding at that time. The family first proposed Babuji's elder son Prakash and then, his grandson Charad, who backed off, admitting the falsification.
In addition, Babuji told me directly in Munich Germany, in 1980, that he was turning over the work of the mission to Parthasarthi, which converstation I also made available to the courts,
Please look to your hearts before spreading these dis-informations, or at least provide my above references to all who have received your mailings.
Yours in the service to our Master;


A Old Abhyasi said...

Respected Alexis

Yes it is true that soon after death of Sh. Raghvendra Rao ji Chari's Aides headed by Sh. A.P. Dorai who is a retired police official took over the Raichur ashram. The fact is known to us.

You received a message from JM stating the following:
"The nomination letter proclaiming P. Rajagolpalachari was witnessed by Don Saborin and Sister Kasturi, who already made this known to the working committee and to the courts, after Babuji's death"
It is astonishing of how people tell such a big lie We were suspecting that Babuji's signs were taken by accident but this statement now proves that Chari's letter is surely forged and there now surely seems a to be a plot laid by all three and may be includes JM.

Wait before anybody gets angry on this I have personally seen one more letter with Umeshbhai. Photocopy of whic which I will give to Navneet to put on their internet site which proves that DON was not in India around the date of the Nomination. I have seen one letter written to Sister Kasturi ji by Babuji in the year 1982 in which he has written to her that he has already nominated somebody as his successor and strangely that letter does not talk of anything else and it does not talk about name of the successor also. Even this is not on internet.

If Ss Kasturi had witnessed Babuji giving letter to Sh. Chari way back in 1974. The following questions need an honest logical common sense answer from JM.

1) Babuji writes to Chari about a person not being in India 4 days before giving the so called nomination to Chari and he also tells about Don's programme in the letter to Chari and as per Don he is present at the time of Nomination !!!!!!!
2) If Ss Kasturi had witnessed Babuji signing the giving the letter to Chari then why did Babuji have to tell Ss Kasturi ji in 1982 about his nominating a successor. If she was present she should have known it and neither Babuji had to tell her after so many years that he has done a nomination.
3) It is sorry state of affairs how people just talk of their hat. How do people say they have told to working committee. Kindly ask the gentleman if the working committee he is talking about took place at the birth place of SRCM in Shahjahanpur or not. Answer is NO. There was a working committe meeting held by Chari in Hyderabad where these individuals stated. This was after the Working Committee at the headquarters rejected his claim. Ask Sh. JM had Don & Ss Kasturi ever attended a working committee meeting after Babuji's pghysical demise at Shahjahanpur. My Uncle was present in the meeting. Again Answer is NO again.
4) it is something like I wan't to be made president of a society so I collect some members ask them to make me President sitting at my house. (make a dissidents group, which is quite common in Indian politics) and then start claiming Presidentship of the Society without even going to Society Headquarters.
5) Now about courts. Sh.JM can you please provide one prrof that Don has attended court and that Ss. Kasturi has attended court.

I thing we should talk on facts not statements. I can show you proof of whatever I have told or can ask Navneet to show the same to you.

Alexis One more thing I would like to tell you. Just before going to Paris Babuji did actually say to his Daughter the following. I was present there 'I wan't to go to Police station, someone take me to the Police Station and file a complaint." She asked "what is it Babuji" He said "somebody is going to murder me. Will police accept my complaint beforehand." She replied " Babuji who can murder you. Everybody loves you." Babuji's reply was "No take me to Police" But Alas Babuji was not taken to police for registering his FIR. There are proofs still alive here in India who had witnesseth this and have presented in affadavit to the High Court in India.

This is one of the main reason why we consider Babuji's last letter also true in complete sense. Technically too common sense states that Electronic Typewriter being absent in India proves that letter was written somewhere in advanced country. Babuji was in Paris as you know. 4d-Don states that Babuji was not in position to write. But he dictated and did not write He only did corrections. If Mr. 4d-Don touches his heart that it is true to compelte sense if he was present in Paris all the time around Babuji. You all must be knowing Brother KV Reddy ji who was the Overseas Secretary during time of Babuji ask him. He was one who made all arrangements. Ask him what happened. There were 16 Indians there ask 3 Indians whom Babuji shared some part that is written in the letter. I have personally discussed with some.

Regarding Minutes of Meeting which will clarify all other claims of Sh. JM ji and his Chariji. I shall provide one original copy to Navneet to soon be put on internet for all to understand how much to believe in JM's statement.

Mr. JM if I am not wrong you are very close to Chari ji and were main person propogating Chari in Europe soon after death of Babuji. Every body in India Know how much Babuji talked to you about such subjects as to others. On what pretext the statement was passed to you and when. It was not for Presidentship. If you remember now. I hope by now you would have understood that I have Identified you. Ji... M.t..s. You too have met me before don't try and recognize me as I was very young that time.

Alexis I am saying with all proofs seen by me with my own eyes, which I know must have been submitted to courts by now by Navneet group.

Moreover I would now just ask you one simple question If Chariji was so confident on his being President. why did he start another SRCMTm later in late 90s. Why did he make other Organizations and not be accepted in India. You people who are staying abroad and are not of Babuji's time don't know the image of his Aides in India. We are suffering by not going my Babuji's gift to us that is Shahjahanpur Ashram. Can a true successor be surrounded by such people. He does not even have the eyes to identify them how will he show the way to others.!!!! Or may be is a politician or a underworld white collared Don trying to build group of his own as it happens in India.

I think you can ask JM to produce evidence in whatever form on written proof with Babuji's sign or handwriting to support his claims and put the same on net and then talk about it. Rather than just passing statements without proof.


A old Abhyasi

Alexis said...

Respected old abhyasi,

I want to thank you for your answer. The comment of JM was posted on Elodie's blog ( I don't know this anonymous JM, I can't contact him. I hope he will read your answer and accept to exchange with all of us.

I would like to say (for me who didn't have the luck to meet Babuji) that history of Sahaj Marg appears more and more complex, with a lot of manipulations.
If the people who live in these times didn't explain WITH ALL PROOFS what happened in these dark times after Physical Veiling of Babuji, how could I have confidence ? How people like me could have confidence ?

There were great men and women at this 'Working Committee'. Who are they ? What are their testimonies ?
And the minutes ?
You say another working committee was created by Chari after...

Where are the facts ?We need facts, not only anonymous talks that Chari is the president or that this was Umeshchandra Saxena or SP Srivastava, or another one...

I hope someone will be help us to understand


PS : I will make a copy of your answer on all blogs (Elodie, mine, ...)


Anonymous said...

Some of this is incredible stuff, more like the plot for a Dan Brown novel, especially with mention of a world domination conspiracy theory in some comments!

Personally I feel it is more useful to think about Michael's recent comments on his innercircle blog, where he points out the role of myth making, a cult mentality and decided lack of spirituality on all sides.

4d-Don said...

Hi Anonymous...

Yes, I agree. If one reads the warnings from the Sudras (the Dalits), the blacks brought in from Sudan as slaves to the South of India, of Brahmin Fascism rising in that country, one has all the makings of a "Major conspiracy" theory much as we read in the west with the "Illuminati", the Masons, and the various clans, such as the Beiderbergs, the Bush, the Kennedy, the Rockerfellers etc...

Spirituality is difficult to find in this Web of intrigues...In my research, many of the "Guru Yogas", coming out of India (75,000 of them), have variations on this type of "power struggles" with many cross-myths where one prediction by one Guru validates another group. I can point to the Kalki Avathar (one Guru) using the "prophesy" of Babuji to claim to be the "Kalki Avathar" who will again (as historicallly) back the Brahmins and bring a resurgence in the Political Power for India.... It goes on and on in a land of mystery and in the remnannts of a historical Feudal system that wants to reclaim it's traditional "fundamental" power.

Oh well, as a quotation attributed to Jesus of Nazareth, called the Christ goes: "The Path is narrow and few go with you that leads to salvation...The path is wide and many go with you on the path to perdition"....

In the Spiritual marketplace, it's a "buyer beware" world... Find your ONE (GOD) on your own.

Or another Christian one: "If you're on the rooftop and they say that HE (GOD ...male?) is in the desert, or on the mountain, don't go". The ONE does not reside in the East or in the West and can be seen and accessed by each and everyone of us... on our own!!

Spirituality is a relationship with SPIRIT, not with a clan, a system, religion, a Man, etc...

If Guru means God then let's use anothe name for the ONE that is ALL!....How about the ONE??

Thanks for your comment...


Anonymous said...

You should really stop with these attacks. Think about the bad things that are happening to you.( I am just assuming bad things are happening, because bad things happen to people who are foolishly ignorant) But I pray for you, because a wise man once said that those that cause you turmoil should be in your prayers, and you should be praying for their upliftment!

(im not implying that I am ignorance free, i definitely SUFFER from it)

Anonymous said...

Hi anonymous...

We all will stop INFORMING THE MASSES (Elodie (France), Alexis (France), Christian (Switzerland),Michael (USA), Shashwat (India), and many more in Spain, Italy, Germany, etc...(the list is too long) when the IMPERIALIST, Nationalist, Capitalists pseudo-spiritual but really SPIRITUALIST SRCM stops its targeting of our children, women, and emotionally "needy", and spiritually naive and gullible.

Chari's attacks on "homosexuality" calling it "un-natural", and women, stating "Women can't be Masters because they are not "DESTRUCTIVE" enough" is but two examples if "hate litterature" quotes that are now " covered in our secular LAWS"...the LAWS of Man that seem to have a higher MORALITY and authority than the SPIRITUALIST ramblings of a SELF-Professed Master of HUMANITY, not SPIRITUALITY (Chari's words)...

Even the Family of the FOUNDER is in court because of Chari's alleged "criminal" behaviour, they allege, forging his succession papers and violently attacking their Family Ashram with 150 of this "storm troopers"...

Go in PEACE and Don't suffer...

I will pray for you to WAKE up and become SPIRITUAL and see through the REAL ESTATE scam and deception of the WEALTHY at SRCM (Chennai) stealing the Society of Ram Chandra, a Master of SPIRITUALITY, and registering another Society with the same name in the USA (California), when they were un-successful...

It's all in court...READ and don't just BELIEVE...

Jiddu Krishnamurti said: Faith leads inevitable to VIOLENCE...and that is what you have at SRCM as reported by INDIAN newspapers...