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More Quotes from: Autobiography of Ram Chandra

From Comments on Elodie's blog: Pour Que Vive le Sahaj Marg:

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Quote (in blue)...comments (in black) by Christian, phd psychology, 18 yrs abhyasi with Babuji and later with Chari until 2006 then with RK Narayana (son of Dr. Varadachari), ISRC.

Christian said:
Hello Elodie,

Here, it is in the air, while I was working on my side this weekend doing research, you worked on your side on the same subject.

I thus deliver the research to you which I collected in answer to your question concerning the birth of the SRCM and Sahaj Marg, which comes to supplement this earlier summary.

I found this information in “The Autobiography of RAM Chandra -- Leaves II, vol. 3” (SRCM Shahjahanpur, 1st ED., 1989. 2000 copies).

Also, I added some interesting extracts.

p 11 (29.04.1945) Intercommunication by Lalaji
"(...) elders used to transmit to the heart; and then would take up the points of organic, cosmic, and beyond that, returning at the end to the points below the heart (...). In view of the changed times it is needed to take up these points also simultaneously."

The ancients had "transmission" at their disposal and it is not an invention of Lalaji. They also had more elevated approaches as the "organic" and "cosmic" areas : Why would they have had the capacity to work on these areas without knowing the position mutually thanks to this work?

"I instruct that after cleaning the heart-plexus, these lower plexuses be taken up and cleansed thoroughly, but not brought to the state of awakening. After cleaning these the organic region be cleansed. Thereafter training be kept continued from the heart onward again, as the method already laid down traditionnally."

Babuji unceasingly receives instructions concerning the method and under the influence as of this information realizes the technical synthesis which will be called Sahaj Marg.

There is often question, like here, of ancestral techniques.

Why affirm that Lalaji and Babuji invented on the one hand, and on the other hand recognize the validity of intercommunication, when these intercommunications claim that the ancients had knowledge, methods and access? (In fact: Babuji works directly under the instructions coming from these intercommunications. How about Chari?).

The method described in this paragraph is not that applied to SRCMtm, since the prefects never touch at the lower points in the heart.
These points should however be purified AND activated.

If they are only purified (or, as in SRCMtm, not worked on since it appears, they are automatically taken charge by some by the higher centers), the candidate is delivered without protection to the pressures of the environment and the internal pressures which are cleaned for him.

Progress is thus rendered quasi-nul because these pressures opposed it (progress) mechanically.
The spiritual structure of the individual obtained with a method which does not take charge of the lower centers as of the beginning is similar to that of a tree without roots. Without autonomy (apparently, autonomy produces mosters of the Ravana (demons) kind, it is sure that some Ravana would cause damage to all these hypocrites by exposing them for what they are: Bleached sepulchres of the same kind as 2,000 years ago (refereing to "phony suffering" as attributed to Christ, in the Christian Bible).

p 21 (20.05.1945) Intercommunication by S. Vivekananda
"As you are to have a registered body 'Shri Ram Chandra Mission', call a meeting of the persons who are to be the members of this body to start with. (...) The body will be called 'Shri Ram Chandra Mission, Shahjahanpur (U.P. - India)'".

Most probably the proof of another lie: the denomination “Shri Ram Chandra Mission” is not given by Babuji to honour the name of his master, as one tells it in the historical myth of SRCMtm, but is now given by “Vivekananda”, and very clearly with the name of Babuji (“You are to have a registered body” - “Shri Ram Chandra Mission, Shahjahanpur”, and not Fathegahr. It is not written anywhere that this organization must be founded in the memory of Lalaji in the text which I read. Moreover, in the context, Babuji is invited to base this mission to have pinion on street. This idea/intercommunication comes to him after he visited the ashrams of Shri RamaKrishna Mission, whose emblem strongly resembles that of the SRCM.

The SRCM thus was founded by “Babuji” and was named by “him” with his own name.
The roots of the cult of the personality are already there in 1945 and before. (and think of all these supreme souls who now do not stop singing his praises, while at the beginning of his journal, he was regarded as a sh-t: A mode of defense? And why one or the other of the assumptions (intercommunication, or delirious)? Why not both at the same time?).

Then one could always claim that Babuji had “incidentally” the same name as his master and than it was not narcissism since the emblem specifies “In memory…”.
It is the same juggling act when one designates God and the guru with the same term “master”.

God is a creation of man, and religion a creation of God: One needs a master (god) and a disciple to obtain the God-man at the root of religions.
What is the goal of religions, because they have a goal other than that of avoiding hell while going to paradise?
Without reconnecting the world of angels and demons with biological reality, it is not possible to understand, but history becomes transparent as soon as one returns to this vital reality.

p 30 (08.06.1945) Int. S. Vivekananda
"You have not to live long in this world."

Failure. What is the value of the predictions of these dis-incarnate interlocutors?

p 34 (13.06.1945) Int. S. Vivekananda
"The time is fast approaching when your supremacy will be establish everywhere."

300, 000 abhyasis 60 years after, vs. several billion Christians and Muslims.
Pathological megalomania?

p 35 (13.06.1945) Int. Lalaji
"The real way is the 'easy way' (Sahaj Marga). The nomenclature somehow does not appear quite good to pronouce."

Sahaj Marg was born one June 13, 1945, and it is “Lalaji” who chose the name of the baby.
The translation in English is not “natural way”, but “easy way”.

p 35 (15.06.1945) Int. S. Vivekananda
"Registration must take place. All the rules of this society must be put before me."

p 36 (18.06.1945) Int. S. Vivekananda
"You are starting a new religion, destined to be that by the Grace of the Governing Agency."

The “Governing Agency”…
Another lie: Sahaj Marg is indeed a religion, and not a spirituality, new and higher than the others.
It is thus in the spirit of the originator of this movement as of the beginning, whether this originator is Vivekananda or Babuji or “Governing Agency”.
Thus all the current sweet (honey covered) talk is "bull".
SRCMtm cannot hide any more that it IS a religion: It did nothing but bring up to date the project which was already it's own in 1945.
Who prophesied the end of religions first?

p 37 (19.06.1945) Int. Lalaji
"Does anybody have the courage to be prepared to undertake such a hard course of spiritual training? The necessary conditions are that for twenty five years celibacy is to be observed strictly and an attempt to develop a strong body is to be made. Then one should lead a life as a householder. After begetting children, the relationship of husband and wife is to be maintained for some time in accordance with the standard scriptural injunctions. The practice and meditation etc. should also be continued during this period, but health should be a matter of care and concern at each step. Upto the age of 40 years, maximum effort is to be devoted to becoming an adept in the science/discipline of Divine Presence. At the outset of the fourty first year, life as a householder is to be renounced, and one should start living at the place of the guide and no other relashionship except this is to be retained."

Another lie is revealed: Sahaj Marg is not a (healthy) way of life for people carrying out a family life, but for those who have carried out (in the past) a family life (or not).
It goes without saying that considering the requirements of a spiritual life, it is incompatible with a family life, and the plan of life described by Lalaji shows it well. A phase is intended to establish the vitality of the body, then to provide the foundations of the future spiritual life while the duty of procreation is carried out for the safeguarding of the species (what the Westerners, having become neurotic and disconnected from reality forget to do or do not want to do any more). Kids, are a problem and are expensive.

Then one replaces them (abhyasis) with Africans, Arabs, Mexicans, of the Chinese and Indians -- all equal not by generosity, but to feed the modern slave system. While the occident is lost in its ideological melting pot, subordinated to their desire to enjoy always more for less, Africa remains African, China remains Chinese, India Indian , etc. Do not forget: "The last person to leave puts out the light", and reincarnation can never compensate for what Humanity will have lost, because reincarnation passes through the cells.

Then, renunciation, is to set in place complete devotion to the Art of the Divine Presence, this special way of being in the world.

One is unaware of what happens to the woman and the children while the husband leaves to live with his lover, the guru (that will give pleasure to Chari, that one speaks to him of spiritual homosexuality -- I'm putting him on! lol).

The modern myth propagated by SRCMtm does not stress the sacrifices necessary to a spiritual life any more, but stresses the ease and the naturalness of the way.

The end justifies the means: At this stage, one figures that one can always find the means of possibly turning back later on, and making buddy-buddy with the enemy of today. While pushing from right to left what is necessary is lost, or was never had. For examples, see on the Web, the war of the websites and the blogs.

p 40 (25.06.1945) Int. S. Vivakananda
"You really brought forth a new religion. It is the starting point which nobody can imagine yet."

They (SRCM) have misled you in making you believe that religions are bad, whereas the spirituality of SRCM is a must?
SRCMtm is also a religion, it is written in the "politically incorrect" part of the Babuji's journal.

p 41 (08.07.1945) Int. S. Vivakananda
"The religion you discovered is quite a new one. You have changed it altogether. Its development will take time. There is a great difficulty in the way, viz. the people who come to you do not want to put in their labour. This is to say that only you will work."

One sees here which are the limits of this new religion: All depends on the work of Babuji (when alive).
Since the human limits are what they are, this implies mathematically that (1) the number of followers remains limited so that their spiritual quality is increased by the work of the master, (2) that their number increases to the detriment of their spiritual quality.
It is there that a new juggling act was established: preceptorship.
Too bad.
Consequences: The new religion can develop only at the price of the spirituality which founded it.
It is the process which they all knew.
Preceptorship and priesthood, even battle: This new religion to my knowledge has not yet found the means of solving this problem. The ISRC risks the de-railing at any moment, this only depends on the leader.
The managers of the SRCMtm reassure themselves of the fanaticism and activism of the followers (service to the 3M), one hardly sees there what is new because the diagrams (for religions) are finally always the same ones.

p 42 (09.07.1945) Int. S. Vivakananda
"(...) and now take yourself as an example of starting a new religion. Really speaking, you have dissolved all the religions into one (...)."

To be convinced one only has to look at the distribution of the practise of existing religions, and to compare that with the figures of SRCMtm or Shahjahanpur and derived movements (offshoots like ISRC).
All the religions are dissolved in Sahaj Marga, obviously. (NOT! lol)
It is from such elements as this one that one can say that one (at SRCM) sometimes swim sometimes in the sea of delirium.

Even if it means to run up against sensitivities, the question must be put: This delirium is not necessary to spirituality.

One can understand why Babuji did not want, as said Mr. Reddy, that his Journals be published while he was alive: They were going to expose him. To expose what?

p 47 (25.07.1945) Int. S. Vivakananda
"You are representing me; and the way is the Sahaj Marga."

And Lalaji?
One had sold us the trick like the spiritual succession of Lalaji with Babuji.

p 48 (29.07.1945) Int. S. Vivakananda

"Your position as a President of the Mission is only nominal. I am working in your form at present. The same system will go on in the case of every President following you. The post is very important; and not open to everybody."

Important: “Vivekananda” does not specify that the Presidency must be taken by the biological descent of Babuji (he says: “in the case of every President following you”, instead of “in the case of your heir after you”).

"In the case of the Mission work, I am the authority. The rest depends on your Master, who has bestowed this authority on me."

Initially, one would thus have very clearly a presidential power in from Vivekananda, and a spiritual power under the supervision of Lalaji.
However, Babuji's family claim to have the heritage of the Presidency by biological filiation whereas according to this, it would be a spiritual filiation governed by Vivekananda.

p 51 (17.08.1945) Int. Lalaji
"There should be no consideration of age in a spiritual organization. (...) There is to be no question of high and low."

p 54 (23.08.1945) Int. S. Vivakananda
"If malfunctionning, prevailing in your society, is not removed, you will be called upon to submit an explanation. Responsibilities lies on your shoulders. By 'malfunctionning' I mean everything against the laws of Nature."

p 55 (26.08.1945)
"Instructions from Swami Vivekananda Ji concerning the emblem of the SRC Mission: [describes the emblem]."

In what is written, Vivekananda does not give any information concerning the mention “in memory of… Fategarh (U.P)” nor concerning the swatiska in the emblem.
Babuji could have noticed that there was ambiguity of identity between him and its master (RAM Chandra, Shri RAM Chandra Mission), and to feel obliged to correct that by adding this “in memoriam…”. The result is that it has in fact reinforced the ambiguity.

Concerning the swatiska, one is in August 1945, the Hitlérien regime has just been destroyed by the Allies to the service of the Free World, and the Indo-Européenne mythological greatness which founded Nazism could have inspired Babuji, being in general fascinated by the supremacy and the absolute, insofar as part of it relates to the Indians.

(27.08.1945) Int. Lalaji
"The method of merging in Zaat is simple and easy. It has been discovered quite well . One method is to get merged into one's guide; and the other is to have connection with and merging into Zaat directly. (...) Direct mergence into Zaat is something very fine if possible to achieve (...)."

Thus, Babuji did not invent this ultimate technique of Fusion with GOD.
Lalaji forgets to mention the opposite process: When Zaat eliminates the individual without warning.
Zaat comes and goes as it want, it is at home everywhere.
Certain things do not depend on the individual but on the system.

p 62 (19.10.1945) Int. Lalaji
"Everyone is to be considered as God's creation; and He is to be as Master of all."

Translation: No masters, only servants.

p 65 (06.11.1945) Int. Lalaji
"The start of this system, viz. Sahaj Marga, has come with dear Ram Chandra."

Babuji revamped what already existed and synthesized it.
Super-job, but still a synthesis: For future generations, it restores the historical truth.
The disciples of Babuji had reverence for him and the work of synthesis he achieved is in fact remarkable, of which many contributions, if not its entirety comes from these intercommunications.

The following generation of disciples, who did not know Babuji, nor are informed of the upstream processes, arrive to an established fantasy which is mainly that of the disciples.

They integrate it like a historical truth without questioning it (religious genesis), and contribute to its institutionalization (religion).

Feelings must not cristalize on the way and block the path or deform the facts.
The goal is not to have another "cult of the personality", but to provide to humanity the means for its realization, namely concepts and techniques.

While sinking in a devotionalism, denied and irresponsibly promoted by individuals more or less honest to one another, more or less limited intellectually, even spiritually, it is the access to the spiritual responsibility of future generations which is called into question.
It is imperative that we are guarantors of such an access.

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