Saturday, February 21, 2009

SRCM's Shahjahanpur Ashram Story by President's Wife

Taken from Shashwat's Community on Orkut: Freedom From SRCM - Sahaj Marg

(The interview is not in English- comments on content for the sake of blog readers are appreciated)

COMING NEXT: Interview with Sister Kasturi!! We will publish transcript in English here!)

Babuji's SRCM-Shahjahanpur Ashram Horror Story

Babuji's family members have spoken openly about the incident of Shahjahanpur Ashram, below is the link for the video testimony of Leena Saxena, wife of Navneet, grandson of Babuji and the current President of SRCM-Shahjahanpur.

She is informing us that they are living under police protection as Chari and his gang members have threatened them, and the government feels that there is genuine concern for their lives from Chari's gang.

She informs us about how Babuji's family is living under constant threat from Chari and his gang members:-

Channel link:-

Video link

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