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Is Sahaj Marg (tm) Serving the "beings of light"? LUCIFER?

From: Sahaj Marg (tm) and SRCM (California-1997) Whispers From the Brighter World (see here), Sunday, July 11, 1999, 8:00 AM.

Excerpt From: "Whispers from the Brighter World", Sunday, July 11, 1999, 8:00 AM:

(allegedly): "Yes my daughter, you will meet again, all these beings of light which had guided your life; you love them and you venerate them. You are faithful in love."

The Medium: "How wouldn't I be like that, Babuji? I have received so much from these wonderful beings until the moment when I met you again. They continue to manifest themselves in certain circumstances; I am grateful to them."

(... )

Babuji (allegedly): "Benefit from this state, try to keep it in you today, without letting in any interference; our two hearts are only as one. Your friends, who are privileged to reread what you have written, to correct it if necessary, are lucky, they benefit from very precious spin-offs"

(... )

Someone beside the medium (more anonymous "friends" ?) corrects the Whispers "if necessary" ??
Hmmm!! What are "very precious spin-offs"?? The Medium (and now Sahaj Marg(tm)) seems to have more "spirits" than "EVE" has personalities ... (Reference to a Book (1957): The Three Faces of Eve, by Hervey M. Cleckley)

Much as the Medium keeps in touch with her "old religion" (the "beings of light"), I would suggest that all the Sahaj Marg(tm) abhyasis should also keep a "life-line" to their old religion, traditions and families (or to their own inner selves and/or strength) when investigating or researching pseudo-religions that try to claim ownership of "salvation or liberation", and then sell or proselytize it ... the "snake-oil" merchants or the "charlatans". Some are not very "honest" about who they really are, and what they are into ... ("spiritualism" that is made up on the "run", versus "spirituality" as a method. (ie Raja Yoga).

Who are these "beings of LIGHT" that the "anonymous French Lady Medium" of SRCM (California-1997) and Sahaj Marg (tm) is still now channeling and that the abhyasis think and believe are going to erase their samskaras if they repeat the "whispers" or messages 7 or 8 times as per Chari's instructions? Babuji, from his alleged "central region" in the alleged Brighter World, does not seem to know these "beings of light" (by name) either ... he apparently just calls them: "beings of light" ... no names!! If the Medium does not know their names, does she know how many "beings of light" she is in contact with? Is it an "army of beings of light" or one or two "beings of light" ? Hmmmm!

Who are these "beings of light" ... ALIENS? New Age inventions to replace "fairies, elves, angels, daemons, etc..., different aspects of the MEDIUM's personality, or is it an "invasion" from the SPIRIT WORLD ?? ;-))
Are these "beings of light", simply dis-embodied carbon-based beings as we, who, having died and crossed over to the other side, and now wishing to return for one reason or another, are looking for living carbon-based entities who are tired of life and living, and who wish to surrender their bodies to these "other beings" ... to what Ruth Montgomery calls "walk-ins"?? Are these "beings of light" elevated? Are they in the alleged "central region" ... So many questions, so few answers when dealing with spiritualist "neophytes" who make up their stories "on the run" !! Does the anonymous French lady Medium of SRCM (California-1997) organize seances for a select few? For a "fee" or "donation" ??

The word "Lucifer", used in Judeo-Christian scriptures, means "bearer of light" (in latin lux, lucem=light, fere= bearer) !! The word "Lucifer", through common usage in many religions and "isms", has also become synonymous with "Satan, " the Devil", "the Beast", and also, "the deceiver", "the liar", "the trickster", "the evil", "the illusion", etc ... etc ... Is that who is dividing the world of Sahaj Marg (tm), and their families, and their societies through addiction to the MATERIAL (matter and light), parties (food, orgies of ego, etc ... ), etc... ? The "great deceiver", the "beings of light" ... LUCIFER ?? Could it be "LUCIFER"??

THE alleged "BEINGS OF LIGHT", loved, venerated and then channeled by the anonymous French Lady "MEDIUM" (or their messages), are then possibly transmitted into the "open and receptive" heart of the abhyasis (or their children) by the preceptors and their "METHOD"? Who knows? Does the "un-professional" and anonymous French Lady MEDIUM know for sure? If she is wrong, and if Chari is un-reachable (dead or lost on his throne, or in his "ego"), who does one go to? Are Sahaj Marg (tm) abhyasis really practicing voluntary "brain washing" or the voluntary and unwitting acceptance of the "beings of light" or their messages (whispers) ?? (see Revelation of John the disciple in the last book of the Christian Bible)

P.S. Notice that in the Revelation of John, the number for the BEAST of the Apocalypse is 666. Carbon (matter) has 6 protons, 6 neutrons, 6 electrons. Is the BEAST Matter (carbon) and all who, also being made of carbon (the carbon-based entities), serve Matter and the MATERIALISTS (businessmen) with their structures made of MATTER (or light)? Carbon, as oil products (the black gold of "business") , the gift of "pollution" from the realm of PLUTO, the blind god of the underworld, is carbon arranged in the "benzene ring", and is structured as a hexagon (6 sides) ...

Rather than serving MATTER, and the Materialists (businessmen), to be truly "Spiritual", should one not go into SPIRIT, a rarefied form of REAL energy, more rarefied than LIGHT (electromagnetism)? Light is matter (particles ... photons) in MOTION (waves). There is no light without "electrons", and having "mass" and a negative electrical charge, electrons are classified as "matter"! Go to SPIRIT!! Babuji used to say to imagine "light" as the opposite of "HEAVY"!! Sahaj Marg(tm) has now become "HEAVY" and SPIRITUALIST with "spirits" who still have "identities" and are "beings" or "entities" (with no names?), and hence can "communicate" with a MEDIUM made of carbon, a carbon-based entity with a personality. The Medium, the spirits, the "beings of light", are not "god realized" and/or "god- merged" ONE-ness !!

Since the meditation of Sahaj Marg has all the abhyasis placing an "imagined light" (not "real" and not "SPIRIT" but an "illusion") in their heart, is that not simply logic that what they will achieve or "reap" is imagined LIGHT, (or imagined "beings of light") not SPIRIT (rarified energy) and certainly not the DIVINE or ONE (ONE-ness ... UNITY)!! Sahaj Marg(tm) seems to divide the world in the name of SPIRITUALITY, which should UNITE according to Babuji!! (a deceit from the servants of the "deceivers"?)

It seems that Sahaj Marg(tm) is now into full-fledged SPIRITUALISM and it is not a "Method of Meditation" and/or a way of LIFE, such as the REAL "Raja Yoga", the "eightfold Path", of Patanjali. Sahaj Marg is now OBEDIENCE, "anonymous mediums, messages from the Spirits of the DEAD, and egregores, and now: un-named "BEINGS OF LIGHT".

Do all abhyasis know that "imagined LIGHT" is simply the same as "imagined MATTER" in motion, and hence it is simply a crude form of relatively static MIND, and it certainly is not SPIRIT, as in a "rarified form of real energy".


Your idols are made of clay (carbon)!! Your theology is flawed and your claims of SPIRITUALITY are in REALITY, claims of SPIRITUALISM!! You pray to your "invented egregore"!! And you pray for "PEACE" contrary to the stated goal of your METHOD as stated by the founder: BABUJI !! And now your anonymous French Lady MEDIUM is serving and loving "beings of LIGHT" who's names are also unknown to her!!

Let us CREATE PEACE and ONE-ness or UNITY ... let us not simply pray for it, and then serve the "gods of division and war"! Respect your family and friends and neighbours, and their RELIGIONS (or lack of ... atheism, agnosticism, etc..) which are no more corrupt than what the business of Sahaj Mart (tm) has become !!

Who will write your NEW Sahaj Mart (tm) BIBLE? The un-named "beings of Light" channeled by the anonymous French lady Medium ??

"But the light is so beautiful and sensual"
, they cried!! And they voluntarily and willingly gave their spirit (energy, essence), and their children to the "beings of light"... and they were consumed !!

Have you all noticed how the NEW Sahaj Mart(tm) (trademarked for trade and commerce) is focussed (fixated?) on "young children" ... before the age of REASON??

Whatever happened to the wise warning of being 18 yrs or older, before becoming involved in the Sahaj Mart(tm) "indoctrination", as Babuji cautioned . (Could it be LUCIFER ?? ... or the new Religion (or New Age Religion) of the alleged "beings of light"?) Who are "THEY"?? Who do you serve in REALITY??

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