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Chari, Guru of Sahaj Marg GUILTS the Abhyasis AGAIN!!

Taken and Translated from an article by Alexis on Elodie's blog in Europe: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg.

Guilt seems to motivate the "co-dependents" and so as most religions do, Chari's SERMONS are based on "fear and temptation" ... How UNIQUE!! How RAJA YOGA!! ;-)) I get the feeling that Chari "desires" another material "cottage". (How many cottages (houses) does that make? Dozens? How many travel with him for "FREE"? Happy Valentine's Day !!

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Sunday, February 14, 2010

I am tired, they do not obey
Some excerpts from Chari's speech of February 2nd and 7th, at Jabalpur and then at Kolkata:

« [Babuji] said it is easy to find a Master today, but it is extremely difficult to find a disciple.(…)
So I am tired, after all these years of Sahaj Marg, I confess to Babuji Maharaj, “Boss, I am tired. I have tried, tried and tried again, but your people, your abhyasis” — because you are His — “they listen not. They obey not. They follow not. They do not.” (…) (Spirituality means "BEING"! Materialism and the Physical means "DOING". As "Spirit" (singular ... not "spirits") we are Humans BEING! Not Humans "DOING"!! )

I say this because I remember here so many abhyasis — especially one sister who was very close to me, saying she was my sister, left the Mission about a year or eighteen months ago when her husband passed away. She said, “If Sahaj Marg is Sahaj Marg, how can my husband die? It is cruel. Such a man cannot be a guru or a god.” She just left. We have not seen her since. Many others, when they have a business loss, they leave the Mission. Many, when something happens that they don’t want to happen, they quit the Mission.(…)
We do nothing that is expected of us and we want everything that is promised by spirituality (…) »

(Those of us on the "outside" can add the names of many other acquaintances, "spouses" of abhyasis and/or preceptors, who have passed away from "stress-related" diseases of the heart or the blood "system" (heart attack, stroke, etc..) since Chari took over!!

NUMBERS, NUMBERS, NUMBERS, being of the MATERIAL, it looks good for "business", and appears as "success" (ego), but not being of the SPIRIT (which is ONE ... or simply BEING, or no growth) creates STRESS, STRESS, STRESS ... and eventually, DEATH!

And then there is the "egregore", the "alternate therapies", and the SPIRITUALISM or SPIRITISM at SRCM (California-1997) .... Which SPIRITS are being called upon?? Which therapies are "certified"? Who is the EXPERT in SPIRITISM at SRCM(California-1997). Judging by Chari's statements: NO ONE!! Babuji and Dr. Varadachari warned about playing the numbers and nationalistic commercialism games that Chari is playing!!

(NOTICE: Chari uses the pronoun "His" in relationship to Babuji, so that without stating it emphatically, he is capitalizing his own "pronoun" as Lalaji's and Babuji's self-professed successor!! It leaves the gullible abhyasis with the impression that Babuji is "god" (capitalized), so Chari must be a "god" also ... EGO!! Remember Lalaji's Aphorism:
Never offer advice unless invited, otherwise it is likely to yield bad results.)

Once again, the teacher complains about his disciples. No self-criticism, everything is their fault.

In a time of celebration of the anniversary of Lalaji, it is perhaps worth recalling that Lalaji and his predecessors did not have the same relationship with their followers as the guru Chari with his crowds of abhyasis .

Lalaji spoke of associates or followers, he maintained a personal relationship with them, and it is he (the master) which shouldered most of the responsibility for the spiritual work.

Guru Chari has seen fit to multiply indefinitely the numbers of his followers, speaking to crowds rather than to individuals. He describes perfectly above the dismal results. Too bad he is unable to practice self-criticism. While he is not solely responsible for the outcome, but he is jointly responsible along with his beloved followers, whom he accuses. (it is a "co-dependence" after all)

How can we believe he has no responsibility for the fact that abhyasis believe in miracles, and that they leave SRCM(California-1997) when they realize that these miracles have not occurred? That's because he has dangled the prospect of miracles, (and led them by the nose with "lies") because he takes the place of God in their hearts, and they are ever disappointed.

Today, Chari pays the piper for his policy of expansion. There has never happened such disappointments to Lalaji or Babuji in their individual relationship of master and disciple. At the same time, they promised no miracles and they did not take themselves for God. (or His (male) representative ... a flawed theology, but they were servants!! )

Babuji has perhaps said that it was difficult to find followers, but he has especially said that it is better to have no Master at all that to have a bad master ...


Comments by 4d-don:

Later... FEAR and TEMPTATION by Chari:

But there is no satsangh in which I don’t hear at least half a dozen telephones ringing. Obedience! And why this instant rush to put on your telephone in the satsangh? “That’s all” and the first thing that you reach for is your telephone. So where has your attention been? Have you been meditating? Have you been thinking of the divine light in the heart? Or are you all waiting to know when you can switch on the telephone? — “That’s all”! I mean, don’t laugh; it is a matter of spiritual life and spiritual death. And what is it that you are expecting to listen or hear on the telephone the moment you switch on? Some disaster? What are you waiting to listen to the moment the satsangh is over?

Do not let the pseudo-gurus frighten you with the religious mechanism of FEAR and TEMPTATION.

If we have a "spirit" and if "spirituality" is REAL and a fact of LIFE, then SPIRIT is ONE and does not DIE!! The material, being a temporal illusion, transforms to other forms of the multi-faceted material realm, but the SPIRIT lives on, as it is part of the DIVINE or of the ONE-ness ...

Another serious theological flaw and another contradiction from a Materialist who thinks he can make up his theology as he goes along (without thinking and remembering with the BRAIN) ... His modus operandi (mode of operation) is to: "discourage thinking (brain), and hit at the emotions (heart)". As
Niccolò di Bernardo dei Machiavelli ( ...of the philosophy of "the end justifies the means" fame...), may have said: "anything for a buck (a material dollar and/or a materialist's Unit of Power) !!"

And then like a "televangelist", Chari prays (to the Master, and/or to a MALE GOD) for the removal of the "guilt" he himself has created and planted (using an egregore, a meme or a post-hypnotic suggestion after the crowd was made somewhat "receptive"):

"So how many of you are going to make this resolution that, “God, Master, forgive me for I have been even less than a beggar, because I have been impatient. I come and stand at your door. I receive nothing because I am busy with my telephone and what not; and I walk on to the next house,” where of course, you will get nothing. “Let me at least become a better beggar and the best beggar who will only stand at your gate until I receive something, and then let me come in and say, ‘I want to be your son (or daughter)’.” It requires great guts. It requires great truthfulness to yourself to recognise, to accept, that “This I am; That I want to be. Please bridge the gap for me.”

But Chari, the abhyasis send the prayers to you!! It is up to you to do it, figure it out or get out of the business of self-professed MASTER-ship! STOP ASKING others to do what you can't!! Developing on and on!! Making more "THINGS" of Concrete and mortar!! They're imitating you... Having "material" dreams and making them happen, before "BEING" spiritual!! Chari's trail is a trail of Material THINGS ... with a flawed logic to rationalize it. Sahaj Marg paves paradise and puts in "parking lots"!!

To Chari's question:
Are you celebrating the great presence of the great Master, the Adi-guru of Sahaj Marg, Param Pujya Lalaji Maharaj?

4d-Don's reply: If abhyaisis want to celebrate Lalaji, leave the "usurpers" and celebrate him in the "method" he preached and with the true followers of his method and his path (which still exist): the SUFI Path from the NaqshMuMRa Branch of the Naqshbandia Sufi Order. (see NaqshMuMRa Nexus)

and Chari's own curse of FEAR he spreads on other unsuspecting "seekers":

"I pray that all of you will give thought to this, and not let other circumstances allow you or permit you or force you or compel you to deviate from this path, because once lost, you may never find it again. And if you never find it again, well, we will come again and again and again like an actor going on the stage, evening after evening to play his part, not realising that he is condemned to that stage. I pray for you all."

Don says:

FEAR mongering and Bull crap!! That may be Chari's materialist fate ... always wanting his ego to be "obeyed" so he can fulfill his materialist "desires"!! SPIRIT is not STRUCTURES made of CONCRETE and MORTAR where true seekers are manipulated and trapped and milked of their time and money by the "wealthy" through "obedience" to a MAN (an idol), into "spiritualist" RITUALS. (egregores, mediums, messages from beyond the grave, etc.. etc..)


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