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Sahaj Marg(tm) and Lalaji's Lineage!! (Revisited)

After re-reading this comment dated June, 2010, to a well-researched article by Alexis, (I translated into English) called: Lalaji And His Many Successors, dated Jan. 26, 2007, from the (alleged) great grandson of Lalaji, I decided to make an article of it for the benefit of those who like to research their "SPIRITUAL" path and not just go blindly ...

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See also the other interesting comments to this article by some (alleged) disciples of Lalaji:
Lalaji And His Many Successors. (Jan. 26, 2007)

... or see this article dated Aug. 11, 2009: "Comment to the Article: Lalaji and His Many Successors"

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addy said...



I am great grandson of Paramsant Mahatma Lalaji Sahab. Please read the Vasiyatnama (last will) ... its in Jeevan Charitra (exact replica) which was read in front of everyone who claims to be the successor... Paramsant Lalaji sahab gave his throne to Paramsant Mahatma Brijmohan Lal ji sahab (He fainted after hearing this)...

Secondly Lalaji sahab was srictly against trust, mantras, yoga techniques, so those who claim that Lalaji sahab gave mantras and techniques to worship is abslutely wrong and misguiding ... He only believed the way of 'Antrik Tawajjoh' which can only be given by the guru to his disciples...He stated, " Its not easy to become a Guru and secondly one needs a body to carry such powers else it will backfire."

Paramsant Mahatma Brijmohan Lal Ji took samadhi in Mumbai and after that Paramsant Mahatma Omkar nath ji WAS MADE (BY THE WISH OF BUZURGS) the successor...

Its an order for us that we are not supposed to enter in any arguments (This was clearly stated by Mahatma Ram chandr ji - "Never argue with anyone) but after reading the comments I thought its important to put forward the exact words and series so that those who are in a state of confusion may find a way...I humbly ask for forgiveness if someone gets hurt...

Ya Ilahi Ta Abad Kayam Rahe Ye Silsila...

21 June, 2010 4:07:00 AM PDT

Hmmm! Spirituality that "backfires"??

Is that what Lalaji gave Babuji (in his dreams)? A "spiritual technique" that "backfires"?? Or did Babuji not use the "technique" properly? Hence all the divisions and intrigues in Sahaj Marg and SRCM? Remember, Babuji, a court clerk, met Lalaji only a few times, then attended the legitimate Ramashram meditation, and founded his Sahaj Marg and the Shri Ram Chandra Mission (SRCM), 14 years after Lalaji's death (1931), and one year after the death of
Mahatma Jagmohan Narain, his son and his appointed successor's death (1944). This came after some revelation in his dreams of his appointment as Lalaji's successor.

What do the other Sufi followers of Lalaji have to say about all that??

Exerpt from this article: Brief Account of Life and Mission of H.H. Shri Laalaaji Maharaj, From: Jolly ...

Laalaaji breathed his last at Fatehgarh (in the house referred to above) on August 14, 1931 and his tradition was ably carried on by his son, Mahatma Jagmohan Narain, till his demise on August 28, 1944. After passing away the later, his son-Mahatma Akhilesh Kumar carried on the work of the mission by publication of the work of his grandfather and by editing a periodical “Adhyaatma Dhaara” till his untimely death on May 15, 1974. Now the burden of carrying on the torch of the Master has fallen on Mahatma Dinesh kumar, his younger grandson.

Notice: Lalaji's son and successor (according to his last will, but still debated by some ... see above), Mahatma Jagmohan Narain (1901-1944) dies on August 28, 1944, at the young age of 43. He is succeeded by his son, Mahatma Akhilesh Kumar (1941-1974), and he dies an "untimely death" on May 15, 1974, at the age of 33. We don't know the cause of death of most of this lineage.

It seems that the "good" die young?? Or is there an on-going conspiracy here? Lalaji also passed away very young (1873-1931 or 58 yrs old) (see account of Lalaji's death on ISRC site, the schism from SRCM led by Dr. Varadachari's son, Narayana). Remember, Dr. K.C. Varadachari, (Aug. 14, 1902 - Jan. 31, 1971) Professor of Philosophy, was a close friend of Babuji, the Founder of Sahaj Marg (the method) and SRCM (the society), and was being groomed to succeed him as President of SRCM and his "spiritual representative", but he also died (diabetes?). He and Chari did not agree on the "commercialization" of the Mission. (see his story at link above)

Let us not forget also that Lalaji's ancestors were in the camp of Akbar, the Persian Muslim invader, since the 15th century, and were tax collectors and adminitrators for 555 villages, until the independence movement when the family lost their status and all their wealth. Hmmmm! Beside having servants, it is said that "an elephant could enter through their front door" (large? Castle?)

This is not the "hermit in a cave" type of spirituality! The leadership is very politically involved and connected ... with many intrigues and strange accusations and inuendoes on all sides.

It reminds one of the Vatican from the dark ages to the Reformation which was followed by the Renaissance (re-birth) followed by the Age of Reason. The preferred weapon of the "religious set" to eliminate the competition has been poison or "death by doctor".

Religion or "Holy Mother the Church" (Vatican) eventually lost it's hold on the Sciences in the western world, and science developed the "scientific method", which brought about the technology which we see today.

The mystical "magic" of medieval Religion became, or was replaced by the REAL magic of electricity, magnetism, atomism, etc... etc...and took Religious man and his mythical fantasy world, away from his central place in the Cosmos (astronomy) and/or in the Universe, which brought about, or was a precursor to the industrial revolution, the electrical revolution, the electronics revolution, the "INFORMATION" revolution, relativity, quantuum, etc... etc...and all the technology we see today.

If one wants corruption, one can remain RELIGIOUS.
Specially in the Religions of the decendants of the "semetic" Abraham. (Judaism, Christianity, Islam)

Babuji founded (invented) his Shri Ram Chandra Mission in 1945, (one year after the death of Lalaji's son (and successor?), Mahatma Jagmohan Narain, and his (Babuji's) "Autobiography Of Ram Chandra" (See exerpts and comments by research psychologist and psycho-linguist, Christian, an abhyasis of Chari's and Sahaj Marg(tm), for 18 yrs)" mentions and makes inuendoes of many intrigues, and displays a state of stress akin to "paranoia".

Notice also in the Jolly Creations article mentionned above: Lalaji was "a great pillar of Santmat (Sufism beyond religion)".

(Santmat is a meditation on the inner light and sound ... See here for the revealed Santmat Mantra (THE FIVE HOLY NAMES)

Dr. S. P. Shrivastava, ex-president of SRCM (Shahjahanpur-1945) and the author of: "The Autobiography of Ram Chadra", mentions "spiritual techniques" used against Babuji from:

Some persons (??), physically and socially close to Revered Lalaji, had claimed to be His representative and successor, and they were trying somewhat deliberately to harm and even do away with the physical existence of Grand Master's real (appointed by whom) representative in every possible way, including the use of certain spiritual techniques.

For Further clairifications on Lalajis' lineage, and their "Golden Chain" (lineage to the Prophet), see this series of letters from Chirag Gohil with Lalaji's grandson, Dinesh Kumar Saxena, Dean of NaqshMuMra.

Also on NaqshMuMRa Nexus site:

Babuji's letter of 1963, stating that Lalaji's 'Mohamadan systems have all breathe their last and this, the 'Sahaj Marga', the only ONE has emerged out in their place" ... (click on letter to enlarge)

Epitome of Sahaj Marg : Lalaji passes Ram Chandra (aka Babuji) over as preceptor because "...Brother Ram Chandra undoubtedly has ability and agility in this respect, but I am sorry that due to restrictions of his father, narrowness of heart and space, and intricacies of his home, my sagacity did not permit me for the time being to throw the responsibility on him. …

Epitome of Sahaj Marg also found on Alexis' blog here:

See also: On Sri (Lalaji and his Sufi "technique"):


Prior to Mahatmaji, the knowledge of the powerful concept of chakra-bhedan (piercing of the chakras ?) had almost got extinct. This secret kernel of truth was guarded fiercely by those privileged few who had intimations of this knowledge. Most of them either did not want to propagate it or disclosed it to only a few handpicked ones. In the Naqshbandia Khandaan (house) of the Sufis, this knowledge was being passed on from heart to heart. However, because of religious divides and societal disapproval, neither could the Hindu be a willing disciple of a Sufi, nor could a Sufi saint happily transfer this knowledge to the Hindus.

This reality veiled in secrecy was unfolded by Shri Ramchandra ji Maharaj who refused to be deterred by social and religious prejudices and attained the knowledge of chakra-bhedan from Param Pujya Sadguru Maulana Fazal Ahmad Khan Saheb.


This spirituality is as clear as MUD!! The Hindu, Muslim, and Sufi tensions are everywhere!!

And then some, the businessmen and promoters of Sahaj Marg (tm), a so-called trade-marked Natural product, shameless-ly speak of the "corruption" in ORGANIZED RELIGION as a way of luring the adherents of other religions to what has truly become spiritualism and pseudo-spirituality !!

"Methinks they doth protest (about other religions) too much!" (Shakespeare)

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