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Analysis of Chari's 1982 letter to Babuji

Taken from Elodie's (France) Blog: Pour Que Vive le Sahaj Marg. This is a "comment" by Cri-cri, who was an abhyasi for 18 years and is a PHD in psychology and a psycho-linguist. For Cri-cri's testimonial (including e-mails signed from Chari?) , see his blog: Analyse de la SRCM.

Here is Cri-cri's comment and psychological analysis of Chari's 1982 reply to an earlier incendiary letter from Babuji.

Cri-cri said:

The information is very fragmented and focused on Shashwat's site.

Could we also read the letter that was sent to Babuji by Chari on April 6, 1982, and other documents which are cited in your post, Alexis? Can you do the investigative and information work?

I wish I could read and meditate on the original document for each of these points, particularly the allegations of attempted poisoning:

"Then on Sept. 2, (1982) according to Navneet, he (Babuji) writes to MD Jahagirdar that Chari is straying from the initial teachings, that he (Chari) is illegitimately presenting himself as his successor and alleges that he has tried to poison him several times since the last 4 years, but that he has found his successor."

If Babuji really wrote all those things, obviously, his successor could not be Chari.

Chari has the same ambitions as the shadowy (global) brotherhood that guides the flock (the masses). He has the same global outlook, the same megalomania, he has the same immorality when it comes to advancing his agenda, he uses the same methods of mental manipulation of individuals and masses, and he radiates the same energy, then he transmits it to the abhyasis as if it's divine. One wonders how he can do all that.

In his letter of reply, he clearly sought to tenderize the heart of the writer so as to regain control over him. However, the style is without a soul. Here is a short analysis of the text.

"May you live long. Your presence on this world is of utmost essentiality for the welfare of humanity."
If (allegation) he tried several times poison him, then, he has a lot of nerve to write that.

"something more is needed on your part, and you are aware of it."
Babuji told him that he, Chari, knows very well what is lacking in himself. However, the insolent Chari responded in substance: "What is lacking?" ( "I am aware that there are very many things that are needed on my part. The difficulty is to know what.")

"From your last sentence it is clear that" glittering in the heart "is also not there, which you want."
Babuji wants to find a sparkle in Chari's heart, which reveals the latter blah ( "I have made you my goal. If there is anything that I want to achieve, it is to become like you in everything.") that corresponds well to his desire, and that he wants nothing else. This lack of "sparkle" is significant: How can it be if what he says before is true? Chari... liar?

And then the manipulative infection rveals itself:
"Of course I am convinced that this can be possible only if you want this to be achieved.", Which means essentially that if the sparkle is absent from his heart, it is because Babuji did not want that to be so ... Of course, things are presented in inverted to get the message (only if you, Babuji, wish there to be a sparkle in my heart, will it happen "implicitly"... do what it takes to effect this Status change ").

And the abominable insolent adds again that he does not even attempt to apologize ( "I am not trying to make any excuses."). He still admits "I have not tried hard enough". That is what he (Chari) says today to his flock of worshipers?

So the little emotional manipulation begins so as to try to regain his grip:
"It has now plunged me into despair."
"I have not deserved even a fraction of the love and grace that you have poured upon me all these 18 years"
"your holy feet."

Then, without discomfort but still coated with ointment, he tells Babuji what he should do so that he fares better:
"you may call me affectionately to your side, and say" Parthasarathi, you have today deserved all that I have been giving you all these years. Now we proceed with the work, and go ahead! ""

In other words, "come back here and resume your work at my service".

There would therefore had been a "parting of ways", between them.

Finally, after a semblance of repentance ( "I beg your forgiveness for all my failures and mistakes unthinking"), Chari again stresses the responsibility of his master in shaping his own character ("and pray to you to rectify and correct all the faults in me, and make of me what you will. "), re-sending the ball in his (Babuji's) court - in essence, "if you pity me it's all your fault". Has he forgotten that the shaping of abhyasis is not only their work, but primarily the responsibility of the Master? How does one "shape" 300,000 abhyasis? How does one shape 1,000?

This letter is nauseating, it is Chari.

So, if we have followed the case accurately, Chari "found himself" spiritual master without conditions or without having the endorsement of his own Master. Was I wrong to call him swindler and impostor?


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