Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Are The International Police Watching SRCM(California-1997)??

Taken and translated from an article on Elodie's Blog in Europe: Pour Que Vive le Sahaj Marg. The article is a letter by ex-preceptor of SRCM, Peter (now a preceptor with the Institute of Sri Ramchandra Consciousness (ISRC), led by K.C. Narayana, son of Dr. K.C. Varadachari, and a schism of Chari's SRCM (California-1997).

(Thanks to Elodie and Alexis for the translation of the abbreviations)

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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

(Central Directorate of) General Information (Police, France) and the SRCM

Hello to you all,

A quick note to tell you a little story ...

Approximately 2 years ago, I received a telephone call from the (Central Directorate of) General Information (of police). At first I laughed thinking it was a joke ..! The police lieutenant him, was not kidding! He explained that he seriously wanted to meet with me about my extra-professional activities .. emphasizing the "non-professional", and wondering if I could see what he was trying to say. I was at that time in a professional RV (rendez-vous or meeting) - I could not talk too much - but I managed to ask him why he wanted to see me ... He then spoke vaguely of a complaint and arranged very quickly a date for a RV (rendez-vous or meeting) at the police station because he said it was more discreet.

48 hours later I'm at the police (station), very curious about the reasons for the RV (meeting or rendez-vous)

I learned generally:

1 / there had been a phone call to the Prefect's (of police) Office
2 / in my file, there is a letter accusing me
3 / they have investigated to see if there was any personal gain (my company accounts and my personal account)
4 that the purpose of the RV (meeting or rendez-vous) was whether I had manipulated anybody ...

On his desk I see the list of the (Sahaj Marg members or abhyasis) members of the region (with the logo of SRCM (Shri Ram Chandra Mission))

The interview went very well, the man was intelligent, much was discussed but I did not manage to find out who had sent the famous letter. Although, I found out that it involved an abhyasis in particular.

After a little investigation it turns out that the lover of this abhyasis, hearing a lot about Peter and meditation became convinced that the origin of his problems as a couple originated either from Peter or the meditation.

After this adventure that had piqued my curiosity, I applied to the CNIL (Commission Nationale d'Intelligence et Liberte (Freedom) from all the intelligence services (Europol, Interpol, Gendarmerie, (Central Directorate of) General Information, etc. ..), for a consultation with the data on file concerning me.

I had a very quick response from all the agencies (of course with the words - "none" -) except for the office of the (Central Directorate of) General Information which have taken over 2 years to respond ... !

Last week I received a letter from the Prefecture (registered with AR (Accuse de Reception... or sign upon receipt)) which informs me that on Tuesday February 09, at 10 o'clock I could see my file at the Prefecture and that a member from the (Central Directorate of) General Information would be present.

More than 2 years after my request, I would finally know what this lovesick lover reproached me. The wait was long but was finally approaching the goal ... !

At the appointed hour, I'm at the Prefecture to see my file ... And oh! surprise .. the file is tiny. To view my file, he had written to my bank after my RV (meeting) with the Lieutenant of Police, there was also a note informing the office of Prefect ... none of this in the folder! And the strongest ... is that there was not even the letter of the poor lover who was concerned ...

It was an open secret (at least for the permanent residents of Augerans (the old Peugeot Castle, Headquarters of SRCM in Europe before its move to Denmark) near the front of the entrance of Augerans, there lived an old retired police colonel, who occupied his free time by writing down license plates of the vehicles, using binoculars.

So it was his report that I had before my eyes ... He said that the seminar brought together 800 people, the tents had been installed by the Sté Trucmuche (Society X or Y ??... the powers that be?), that this (seminar) has cost (x) thousands of francs .. Finally, nothing very important ... and after, he communicates the Numbers of the license plates being very careful to specify that a person who meditates is attached to the French Embassy, in Morocco.

That is the story... Making a mountain out of a mole hill ...

Morality (for those who doubted it)

- Yes, we are all on file by the police

And for some curious who want to know what is in one's folder: it's not even worth bothering to ask, knowing that they hide what they want ... !

To end on a note of optimism, the two mentioned letters dated 1998/1999, and I understand that since the sale of Augerans (castle) the SRCM is not too much in the cross-hairs of the (Central Directorate of) General Information ...



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