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Comparing Lalaji's Sufi Truth With Chari's Sahaj Marg (tm) & SRCM (California-1997)

Excerpts taken articles on NaqshMuMRa Nexus, the site of Lalaji's Lineage, now led by Dinaysh Kumar Saxena, the Dean of the organization and grandson of Lalaji.

Comments by 4d-Don are in "Red Italics"

NaqshMuMRa School of Spirituality (Home page)


"However, after his departure beyond the veil, this great group prepared by Laalaaji, schism occurred and split into smaller ones, in the absence of written directives. In this denomination, there is no sort of any specific emphasis upon rituals and, therefore, no schism occurred on that basis. Some over ambitious and self-made spiritual teachers established institutions in their own style. Moreover, in order to increase the number of followers and the wealth, they took shelter and the screen of the portrait of Rev. Laalaaji Maharaaj. Since they were not having the required approach towards ‘Esoterism’, they did not follow the rules and regulations of the ‘Path’; to the extent, they ignored even the discipline of following the ceremony of ‘Bay’t’ (mystagogy or initiation) and also the requisites of Khilaafat, which was in the first instance, had to be determined on the basis of some particular internal conditions, and started giving the ‘Ijaazat’ even by some unauthorized and incompetent Spiritual Masters. It was thus imperative to bring the reality of ‘path’ (method of teaching) in front of the elite, which is known, as ‘Naqshbandiya-Mujaddadiya-Mazahariya-Ramchandria’, and the fragrance of each link in succession of ‘esoteric chain’, which was spoiled. But, let us not leave hopes and the faith in God the Almighty."

Naqshbandia Lineage at Fatehgarh

"Some of the Spiritual descendants in the ‘Laalaaji’s lineage’ are neither able to sever their connections with the cloister named as ‘Laalaaji Nilayam’ nor they are able to become an epitome of renunciation of the Laalaaji’s idol. This is because the Mission of the current generation is somewhat else. As a result, the self declared Gurus are standing at a bipartite-road. On the one hand, they have a great empire they have created through their ‘sales and marketing skills’ in the name of spirituality and on the other hand they have magnetism of Laalaaji’s love and its magnitude."

(Does this not sound like SRCM(California-1997) and Babuji and Chari and their trade-marked) Sahaj Marg (the "easy" Path), according to the Autobiography of Ram Chandra (Babuji), called and marketed as the more sale-able: "Natural Path")

The Cleaning

"Any person, whose heart is clear from any other impression of any ‘Idol-worship’ or of the ‘Personality-Cult’ or any Samadhi, can be made to sit upon his knees. Both the Master and the pupil should sit in the same posture, so as their knees are touching each other. Then the pupil should be directed to rest his chin on his chest, waist towards his stomach, chest out and sit with eyes closed. Master should check that when the pupil breathes out, he himself should inhale that air and when the pupil is about to inhale, Master should breathe out.” The internal activity that will be done by the Master is not the subject to be made public. But the result of this action- reaction will be, all of a sudden, the pupil will get soon the similarity and equivalency of his Master and will be a blessed person.

(The Master and the Disciple in Lalaji's Sufism seem to be exchanging their "carbon" through the breath ... Does Sahaj Marg do that? When was the last time anyone had a "sitting" with Chari? Should you not "demand it"? Is Chari a pseudo-Master who does not do his real job, but simply delegates his Spirituality to his sub-ordinates as he did as "CEO" and goes about being a "materialist" developer, and keeping the company of other "materialists" ? )

Importance of ‘Hath Yoga’ in NaqshMuMRa Esoterism

" ‘Hath yoga’ has a great deal of importance, in Sufi theology. "

Laalaaji Nilayam and its Eponym

"The realities of things are permanent, the word is transitory and the reality about Laalaaji is that he is the living example of a Hadith of Holi-Quran, which says-“poverty is my pride.” Laalaaji is epitome of simplicity and sacrifice. Laalaaji is one who preached renunciation to the householders, i.e. guarding one’s self against seeing “other then God”, in this world and the ‘world beyond the veil’. These were his ideals to breathe, which kept his eternal body alive and active, while he was in his physical form and his entity is to the view by the cardiac eye, here in Laalaaji Nilayam even now."

(Where is the "poverty is my Pride" in Sahaj Marg or the SRCM (California-1997) ?)

Lalaji's Teachings:

1. Engage your self in practice of listening to every heartbeat, super imposing there with the nomenclature of the Lord (AJAPA JAP).

2. Keep your heart pure, away from the corrupting influence of undesirable things and undesirable company.

3. Always keep attuned to the Lord; your attention should never for a moment deviating there from.

4. Concentrate your attention on the heart and keep your heart centered in the Lord

5. Endeavor to attain kin-ship and attachment to the Eternal truth, the Lord of Universe

6. Gradually erase the identity of self, try to merge in, and attain oneness with God.

7. Sacrifice life in the grand endeavor.

(Notice: No imagined "Light", No Guru, No Religion, No Master, No Method, No Mission, No Material Ashrams, no generic Prayer, no "development", no cancerous "GROWTH", No "Undesireable" corruption!!

But I notice that the CREATOR of ALL, or "ONE", as Vivekananda and Plato called the CREATOR, is still called by the Gothic or Germanic word: G-O-D or L-O-R-D, and "IT" is referred to as a "HE" (masculine) ... Oh well!! The roots of Sufism are in Islam and Judaism or in the offsprings of Abraham, after all! Let us pray that all the women (and girls) outside of SRCM and/or other RELIGIONS, will forgive them all, "for they know not what they do" ... or say !!

In SRCM, women can't be "Masters" as they are not capable of the needed "destruction" which is part of the job description of a "Master", according to Chari!! ;-))

There's that Religious "fear and temptation" mechanism again!! Sahaj Marg is not "unique" after all!! It has become just another destructive Spiritualist and "corrupt religion" with a flawed theology (Male God) and a questionable or no philosphy! )

The Bay’t

But my sat guru’s style was that he never gave ‘Bay’t or deekshaa’ to the learners; rather did not even talk about it for a long time. For months and years together he used to teach happily and never discriminated between the disciples who had undergone “Bay’t” and those who did not receive “Bay’t”.

I request you to read this work not once but many times, you’ll not be benefited if you’ll read it like a novel. Read each chapter slowly, everyday. ‘Bay’t’ means the ritual of maintaining the teacher-student relationship, but it should not be done in a hurry. ’Bay’t’ also means to be the disciple of some saint, which is derived from Arabic word “Bai” meaning “to sell “. Unless the person is in this particular frame of mind, ‘Bay’t’ will just be a formality; it will be of no use."

"If you wish to be a disciple of the seat of Sufi Sant Mat (NaqshMuMRa) at Fatehgarh- U.P (INDIA) it is mandatory that-"

Your age is 18 years.
2. You are in the mindset of ‘wait no longer’

3. You have been in the company of the head of this institution and had personal-sittings of meditation for three days continuously with gap of 12 hours minimum.

Babuji also warned about the dangers of "transmission" to the heart. Babuji also has an age limit in his books, for meditation on the heart: 18 yrs!! Chari and his gang are cavalierly targeting children as young as 9 years old, according to their own "promotional material". (read on this blog, the testimonials of ex-abhyasis who attribute their subsequent emotional and "mental illness" to Sahaj Marg meditation!)

It seems from these few excerpts, that Sufism could be for the more "serious", and politically aware seeker, as it seems to have historically deep roots in Islam and may even precede it. Lalaji and Huzur, his master, a Muslim, were attempting a "synthesis" by using the scriptural roots of Islam and Hinduism. It is difficult to separate the politics from the religion, as Religions are part of the "expansion" of one group into another territory, as sometimes also dictated by population growth, and the production and distribution (sale) of food products and commodities (economy). Religion also demands "expansion".

The "trade-marked" Sahaj Marg is more a commercial product that much resembles the "snake oil" sold by traveling salesmen (charlatans, and con-men) of old, with their "one cure fits all" potions. SRCM (California-1997) sells "a cure for anything that ails you". It seems to be the "easy" path, or what I call, the "MacDonald's of Spirituality" for the "jet-setters". And in the case of Sahaj Marg, under the guise of being a "Raja Yoga", they sell a trade-marked product which is processed and injected with a heavy dose of Spiritualism or Spiritism, and is not a "fix" for anything, but it is meant for "mas
s consumption". Being based in "Materialism" (light), and Spiritualism or Spiritism (egregores, channeled messages from a Medium), and led by "materialists" businessmen and salesmen, it will eventually cause more of the PROBLEMS we are now witnessing! (family divisions and societal schisms, emotional and mental problems, etc... ).

The focus on the Material that is their METHOD (imagining LIGHT (or Matter) in the heart), will not deliver the claimed REALITY of the realization of SPIRIT or of ONE-ness but will DIVIDE family and society for the illusion focused on, that is MATERIALISM (light or heat ).

The trap that Sahaj Marg has become will also not deliver the claimed access to the (invented) Central Region ... it did not for Babuji, who is now allegedly being reached regularly by a lowly and "anonymous" Medium, so as to write the NEW Sahaj Marg BIBLE. And it will not deliver access to the Central Region for Chari who is allegedly busy with the "material" tasks of "development" and growing the "business". And it will not deliver access to the Central Region for YOU who believe their fantasies, as it did not for them, your Masters !!

It's High Time to get on the "GOOD ROAD"! A Spiritual road with less "cancerous" and corrupt Material Growth, and more SPIRIT or SPIRITUALITY, not spiritualism and/or spiritism!!

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