Thursday, March 03, 2011

Elodie Calls on Sahaj Marg (tm) Disciples to REVOLT!

Taken and translated from an article: "Abhyasis, Revoltez Vous" by Elodie on her blog: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg.

(See full "whisper" discussed here at: Anonymous French Lady Medium of Sahaj Marg(tm) and the Spiritual Elite

March 3, 2011

Abhyasis, REVOLT!

"A time will come when the number of these creatures grow to form an elite regenerating humanity and guiding those less fortunate. "

Incredible, unimaginable! At reading of 'A Whisper a Day' posted by Alexis, I was left speechless, unable to react. Chari and SRCM(tm) have reached the heights of the unutterable.

Anyone who has known Babuji can not believe for one moment this statement. It is a pack of lies, nonsense that has emerged from the tortured and twisted mind of a pseudo-medium, a sick and raving lunatic.

Babuji must be turning in his grave, the senior preceptors should cry and leave en masse the Shri Ram Chandra Mission, of the no less complicit Chari. Sister Kasturi had said that nothing good would come out of 'Whispers', we could not imagine how right she would be.

That Chari condones this message leaves one speechless and should bring to all, questions about his mental health.

If you, abhyasis who read us from time to time, do not rebel, do not react, it would show how you have fallen under the influence of the old delusional and irresponsible guru.

By what spirituality do you abhyasis accept such defamatory remarks?

If you do not become indignant, you will participate in this abjection, in which case the Sahaj Marg is definitely dead and buried.


Don's Comments:
Who needs "meditation", Raja Yoga or Spirituality? According to the Anonymous French Lady Medium who claims to get it from spirit of deceased Babuji, the ELITE "indigo ... creatures" will save and LIBERATE us all, we the "less fortunate", who don't swallow such Spiritualist pap.

And here we thought that SPIRIT was ONE and scientifically so ... So much for the egalitarian SPIRITUAL realm ... According to these SPIRITUALISTS, there is still an "elite" in the "Brighter World" of Sahaj Marg(tm), of course. A special seat on their version of "cloud 9". God (their male God?) is so happy (a human emotion), when the rich or the "elite" make it to their heaven, the OCEAN of One-ness which now has "elites" and some "less fortunates". Flawed spiritualist theology!! NOT very SpirituaL!! Not very "unifying"!! Not very ONE!

I guess the Indian Indigos will also get preferential treatment, much like the Judeo-Christians do with their God and HIS "heaven" (Saints, angels, archangles, etc..) who prefers adherents to some religions, and even prefers some members of some nations over others.

And where is this in Raja Yoga? Where is this in Sufism? Lalaji, through his grandson, Dinesh, dean of NaqshMuMRa Sufi Stream, are probably breathing a sigh of relief. My! My! ... Sahaj Mart(tm) is now an overt NEW AGE, recreational or self-help, SPIRITUALIST money-making business for the "alternate" crowd ... Ka-ching, Ka,ching ... More money (or power) for the pseudo-psy's and the salesmen of "divination", numerology, astrology, and other quackery, who hang around the SRCM (California-1997) ashrams.

Time for a REFORMATION ... Rise up against your own Dictators, brothers and sisters ... against those who don't want you to think, using your brain, but to BLINDLY OBEY, what they call: "using your heart". Obey and don't question those who are invading your commercial (material) markets, and targeting your children with their lowly "SPIRITUALISM".

Shame on you!! You betray for materialist trinkets!!


Anonymous said...


The reason I suggested to Tim not to reveal the story we know is for his and his childrens safety.

You mention the UNDPI, if they were made aware of the reality of sahaj marg surely the would end the association??


4d-Don said...

Hi Karen...

I have done so (mailed my concerns to the UNDPI) repeatedly, my letter and documents are on line at:

SRCM(California-1997) and specifically a disciple of Chari from Europe works at the UN and is the one who got SRCM into the UNDPI ...

He must be intercepting my letters ... I have never even received an aknolwledgement...

I even sent some to the "UN Commissioner of Human Rights and to their "magazine" and NOTHING ...

It could be one whole "corrupt" mess ...

If someone has a way to get the information to the UN (anywhere in the UN), then they can use my "template" letter and send it out...

The Jehova's Witnesses have done the the honourable thing and resigned their membership ... but there is no such "honour" at SRCM (California-1997)...

Don ...

P.S. You will notice that Martin or others who testify do not use names or any way to identify their partners or mates... Most bloggers who expose the ex-cults do not reveal names... I don't want the burden of "keeping everyone's secret"... I will not do it. If the individual does not want to use "user id" and cloaking devices (proxies) then they must not expect others to be more secretive than they are.

Letter from Jehova's Witnesses:

Article on Dictatorship of SRCM:

Anonymous said...

Why not go straight to the top of the UN?

4d-Don said...


I have ... You try ...


Anonymous said...

I may do, I have a family member in the UN but she is working in Malawi at the moment. She may know a way in.

But it is also possible that the UN have looked into your concerns and found nothing wrong.

You say you have never received acknowledgement but a huge organisation such as the UN probably gets 1000s of letters a day and cannot reply to all.

We will keep trying :)

4d-Don said...

Karen ...

You said:

The reason I suggested to Tim not to reveal the story we know is for his and his childrens safety.

Safety from WHOM? And Why? Are they in danger from the TRUTH?? Are you? Are WE? Who would hurt them? Why? Give names ANONYMOUSLY! You don't know, right? You just make it up!

Is the safest place not under the light of KNOWLEDGE, given out anonymously by all ... not among the dark "secretive" cults who attack one another, and instigate legal proceedings against one another, and use FEAR tactics, even from their "lunatic fringe"?? As long as you can be made to hide your truth or your KNOWLEDGE, you are in danger!! Once you speak the truth, you are safer.

Why don't you expose rather than HIDE the TRUTH? Why collude and hide KNOWLEDGE? And endorse their immorality as if it comes from the spiritualist and/or created/invented "OTHER" world? Or from their "special CENTRAL REGIONS" It does not seem very "bright" or "central" from HERE.

Are you all that AFRAID that we will find out what the corrupt Businessmen's PYRAMID tries so hard to HIDE? THEY LIE ... pretty much about everything! We expose everything about them!

Sahaj Marg(tm) is TRULY a cult then, with "secret police" who allegedly phone and report to the ex-wives of those who might SPEAK OUT ... Or it's all a SCAM, right?

Do you do this to frighten others who might also speak out? So they will seek the "gossip" of spiritualists, or MEDIUMS? Or YOU?

Are you the "Sheffield" or UK Sahaj Marg(tm) secret society police?

Or are you simply the same person again, thinking you are fooling some of us: Poonam T., Erin, Karen, Tim, German Gay Guy, etc... etc ...

At least, change your computer !! your browser, and all your programs, etc...!! Not only your "IPS" number. If you claim to come from Germany or Lisbon, make sure your IPS is not from the UK.

You can't really believe that you are fooling anyone, do you?

Are you simply gathering information for your "Messages from Babuji"?

In the Age of REASON (12th Century, ACE), JUSTICE became "BLIND"!! (and justice is not a "lady" ... ;-)) )


I will start filtering with the SPAM filter ... If you have no content of value to add, you will be blocked!!

Don ...

Anonymous said...

Gosh, I didnt realise my comments were so upsetting to you.

My heartfelt apologies Don. As a former student of Sahaj Marg and now as a current student of Psychology I found your blog quite an interesting read but if it causes you this much upset I will abstain-in fact in the name of JESUS who died on the cross all mankind I will give up your blog for lent which I believe starts on Wednesday and will continue to abstain even after 40 days and 40 nights.

Take care



4d-Don said...

Karen ...

If you go to a newspaper you should not try and scare those who are there to get their story out, with your tales of "fantasy" about the safety of them and/or their children should they SPEAK OUT. Even if it is to some "virtual" character such as "Tim".

If you have a point to make, make it to ALL ... or reach your readers at another place beside on our blog.

We are looking at Sahaj Marg(tm) from another dimension (measurement, perspective, )... and exposing what we see, and all of what we see. We are the voice broadcasting (making public) the TESTIMONIALS of the PEOPLE (as the fifth estate) regarding this group.

These ex-adherents are or were insecure enough already or they would not have been lured to such a spiritualist group as Sahaj Marg(tm), the "easy path". And most would not stay now, with all the information that we put out, unless if they are truly "caught" or addicted ... or "afraid"...

Religions and spiritualist groups use "intellectual terrorism" to hold their adepts: "If you don't adhere to our point of view, you will be lost in "birth/rebirth", or the Sahaj Marg (tm) version of "HELL".

If you can't add to the information about Sahaj Marg(tm), or SRCM (California-1997), and if you want to advise others to not put out their information (testimonials) on our "public" site, then what you are doing is trying to be a "detriment" to our reason for being here, and you are on our blog, in our HOME, harrassing us. I could have blocked you from the beginning. I could now erase what you wrote. But I want all to know how AFRAID and ODD people get around such spiritualist cults of personalities.

You should start your own blog of SECRETS, and do your opposition to us and our volunteer work there, ON YOUR OWN BLOG ...

We are the Sahaj Marg(tm) version of Wikileaks and if you don't want to, or are afraid of, putting out the secrets you have about them, (that means: "their secrets", not your secrets), then you can go elsewhere.

Your comments did not and do not "upset" me but some of my readers (the TEAM, the "octave") wanted me to "stop that scare tactic" and the wasting of our time dealing with other spiritualists, and Mediums beside the "anonymous French lady Medium" who writes for Chari. Not other un-important imposters who want to build their own self-important spiritualist advice column/site.

You came, you saw and you read the story ... The TRUTH was not "SECRETED" from you nor is it secreted from anyone!

Information about Sahaj Marg (tm) or SRCM (California-1997) will flow and will not be blocked or secreted HERE!

Those who play spiritualist games with us or with other people will be exposed.