Saturday, October 21, 2006

New Marketing Tactics for Sahaj Marg


If you Google search “Sahaj Marg blog” you will find at pages 4 to 20, these pages from Yahoo! Answers in UK, Ireland, India, Singapore, and Canada. It seems that these “evangelists” are targeting children again with this “proselytizing” tool. How far from the “Sahaj Marg” of lalaji and Babuji and Raja Yoga, has the “all new SRCM” drifted in their need for “disciples” or “serfs” so as to grow the Mission. Lalaji and Babuji’s spirituality was for adults only!!!

We now have to protect our kids from these adults using the Children’s games to “evangelize” to the kids…Oh yes, you can earn points! To get to the Brighter World no doubt!! They will need some “students” for their “OMEGA” School. Is this their “recruiting drive”??

Heads up Parents….They may then offer “free tuition” for a select few “as Judas Goats”, so as to pressure the other parents to follow suit, just like the Catholics did for me, and others like me, with the abusive and now defunct boarding (residential) schools. They paid my way because I was “special”. In other words, a “subservient” and “obedient” target, or a “good kid”.

Well now my eyes are open. Keep your eyes open!!


Michael said...


Thanks for taking the time posting these comments on my Blog on a more visible spot.

I believe we have succeeded in providing a forum for diverse experiences in the SRCM to be shared and an equal diverse range of opinions to be aired.

Thanks for your efforts.


Anonymous said...

All you guys who work so tierdlessly to expose this group deserve more appreciation for your efforts.You are trying to help, why can't members of sahaj marg see that? I wandered if a little more could be done as a means of communication towards the families and friends we are probably your strongest allies but the history and jargon gets too heavy sometimes. Keep up the good work I for one am on your side!

Anonymous said...

Hi Don,
Your thinking is really sick. You come out of that and then write anything.

When u will die , you will automatically understand evrything...becuase it can not be described by sick minds. You really need a pure heart fot that. And i am sorry to say that you dont have that.
And really sad for you that you did not understand a capable Master.
Any way I will wait when u die, Please GOD help him to understand.

4d-Don said...

Hi Anonymous...

Thanks for the comments...I thought we were communicating to "everyone" and not just to ourselves....I encourage anyone who has been impacted by any group, be they religious or not, to make it known to the rest of the world so that the abuse of "power" can be exposed and eventually stopped as anyone who negatively impacts others wants to remain in the 'shadows' and doesn't want their impact (words) in the case of "religions" and so-called "spiritual groups" such as Sahaj Marg, to be know to others.

The "claiming to take one to GOD or the Divine" is as old as mankind and will not stop easily but we now have the technology at our disposal. We don't have to be victims and can start "fighting back". In the case of Religions and the "God merchants", the WORD is mightier that the sword. One can't sustain the "I represent God" and "I will take you to God" very long and has to keep "growing the Mission" with new "blood" and new "lost souls".

If the outcome was positive, I would not care. But in my case, the outcome has been negative.

If others have had the same experience they can:

1 Create a blog and give your experience, as we have done.
2. Give comments on other's blogs and don't be afraid to sign you statements, even in an ID or USER name.
3. Encourage others to continue gathering the info and putting it on-line and once in a while, add something.
4. Encourage others to check and re-check all the info that they receive on the WEB, including the RELIGIOUS PR machines.

The claims of Miracles and Messages from "beyond the grave" are to be "suspect" from the get go. SHOW ME THE MONEY should be the criteria and not in 6 months as Sahaj Marg claims. With most cults, in 6 months, one's family life is gone and one is "hooked". They (The Spiritual EAST) have "psychologists" a long tradition of "thriving" with such "religious" claims and myths as is used by the "new" Sahaj Marg. There are 75,000 such Guru groups in India alone, ready to "invade" the crumbling foundations of Christian religions (catholic, mostly) and steal their sheep. The money is used to purchase Structures (including Castles, ranches, Commercial buildings, schools) and real estate with which to grab the next group as one group becomes "wise" to the "game". It's the business of Religion and Spiritual Capitalism, and it works....

So we are out there and taking all the abuse from this group.

You can help by chosing one of the above and get "dirty" like the rest of us. We are not smarter nor more learned that you or anyone else. We just are "educating" ourselves and sharing the INFO on-line...That is what scares the "INSTITUTIONS" and the ABUSIVE STRUCTURES"...We dare "speak"...But like all muscles, if we don't use the "freedom of Speech" muscle, it will atrophy and we will lose it. You don't have to be an expert, not have your own house in order to join in. They (the INSTITUTE OF THEY) do not have their house in order as they go about "advising" others on how to live and even "how to REACH GOD....The claims that "they", have a secret path or that they have already been there is just that a CLAIM...we can use the word

Keep on the Sunny Side of Life...

And keep laughing, cause it's not funny!!! (an old Acadianism)


Anonymous said...


i heard from preceptors/abyasis that mr.P.Rajagoala chari of srcm spoiled many lady abyasis and getting them married to other male abyasis.

please tell me the above is true or false ?

Anonymous said...

hello 4 don,
i have been going thru your work quite a while,its good and i apprieciate your hard work and enthu with which you are doing it.i am also an ex abhyasi ,a woman, i have my own story which i would like to share..not a lot to say but because its related to the common area of interest.

Anonymous said...

Hi anonymous woman...

If you send me your "testimonial", I will enter it with the others in my: "Sahaj Marg Project" Blog in the section called:

If it can be of help to other readers who may still be inside the group or who have family members still inside the group, I will publish it as a seperate article. Write it as you would a "letter to the editor"

By the way (BTW): Post your comments on the most recent article so the current readers who don't read the "archives" (old posts) will read them.

You posted your comments in an article from 2006... really old in this "speed of light" world. lol ;-))

Thanks for your interest and taking the time and "caring" to comment. It shows your level of "love of neighbour" and of "spirituality".

Hope you find this section again... lol