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SRCM, Astrology and Therapies of all Kinds!

An Article by Alexis. Alexis has a blog: Le Projet Sahaj Marg and one called: SRCM=Danger

Astrology and the Therapies

A symposium on the relationship between astrology and the therapies was held from 3 to 5 October 2008 in Puidoux (Canton of Vaud in Switzerland), on the premises of the private foundation Crêt Bérard, linked to the Evangelical Reformed Church. (Attended by 80 participants at approximately $ 250.00 USD)

Why mention this? Because the organizing committee of the symposium consists of 8 persons, of which 5 at least are (or were?) members of the historical Sahaj Marg ( a registered trade mark of Shri Ram Chandra Mission-SRCM-California-1997), including one personality from the field of psychiatry.

Born in 1942, the Swiss psychiatrist discovered Sahaj Marg at 40 years old, and fast became a preceptor and a member of the Sahaj Marg Research Institute (SMRI... now called SMRTI and registered in Autin, Texas in 1997) and then created the Swiss foundation, Sahaj Marg Spirituality Foundation. Meanwhile, he has practiced for 35 years as a therapist and as a teacher at the Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences and the Center for the Study of the Family in Lausanne, Switzerland. Co-founder of the current International Association of Spiritual Psychiatry (IASP), in the 1990's, he theorizes the notions of invertendo and the central region, so dear to Sahaj Marg, in the psychiatric field, adding to the psychological stages of development of the individual, a final state said to be transpersonal or spiritual.

Retired and quiet for the past few years, it now seems that he is resuming his service. First with a website ( (notice that last line on that site promoting an "astrologer") where he sells his seminars more or less spiritualized, 2 to 8 days for 380 to 800 CHF (Swiss Francs or 240 to 500 Euros ... or 335 to 705 USD). Then he came out with a symposium, of which he hosted the plenary sessions, while other members of the SRCM (California-1997) hosted workshops entitled "Path of Life - Path of Evolution", "Astrodrama" and "Psychological and Astrological Correspondences."

Answering a questionnaire was a pre-requisite to attending this workshop. Of the 17 questions he had, there is a jumble of one's self-image, one's relationships with others (including spouses), the nature of one's links with groups and friends through the trials of life including those of one's ancestors. In short, all the ingredients for someone to be destabilized in a group.

Besides that he strongly advised the participants to attend a consultation prior to the symposium, psycho or astro, by personal choice.

After mixing psychiatry and spirituality, they now add astrology and therapies of all kinds. Clearly, meditation heals everything! It's odd that so many abhyasis are so furiously depressed.

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