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SRCM(tm)... The Global Picture! The Gazis?

Taken and translated from a comment by "cri-cri" on Elodie's French Blog: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg

Cri-cri (Christian) was an abhyasi with Chari for 18 years. He has a Phd in, and is working as a, research psychologist and is also a "psycho linguist". See his blog (in French with some English): Analyse de la SRCM

Note: Cri-cri use of the word: "Mazie" as a play on "Nazi" and "Mondiale" the french word for "Global". So the English equivalent is "GAZI" which means: Global Nazism or Global Fascism as opposed to "National Fascism.

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Cri-cri said:


About the "divine light", precisely. Let us take the time to look at it more closely, it is interesting ...

What is the most powerful cult in France, which, as in the USA, has the support of the power establishment because it operates in its wings since the Revolution? What is the most powerful lobby in France, which as in the USA, is controlling public opinion and politics in the country? What relationship is there between Satanism, the Illuminati, globalism, the famous lobby that does not exist, and France? What relationship do these factors have, apparently unconnected with one another, with the drifting of the teachings of Babuji at the SRCMtm? What causes this sulfuric relationship between the United Nations, a supranational organization of Shadow Governments, used for the judicial review of nations, and the SRCMtm? Why was Babuji contacted by the United Nations, an organization led by Gazis (Global Fascists-see note above)) since the time of its creation as a League of Nations?

Apart from the fact that the SRCMtm uses the same models and the same manipulative methods as the Gazis, which provides us a trail with which to assume that it has been infiltrated and is aligned, a key theological point has gone unnoticed by all. However, it is fundamental, basic and subtle. It is common to all mystical and religious systems, as so many that have been given to humanity by the Gazis, pyramids as control mechanisms, integrated into the global Tower of Babel (the UN - Biblical reference).

In religion as in the Sahaj Marg, there is a constant reference to the divine light. The divine light is an a priori given, that everyone accepts without thinking, never again to think of questioning this. Babuji speaks, sometimes using the terminology of "divine light" as a synonym for God, and placing the "divine light" as the basis for the practice, since it is the "divine light" in our heart, upon which we are asked to meditate.

Satanists and Freemasons, like Christians and Muslims are all servants of the "divine light", some being atheists and others believers, depending on whether they are in its worship or not. Some differences of refinement exist in the manner of coming together in its service and adoration, as required by the form of dogmas and practices, and to adapt the system to the general mystical culture and psyche of the individuals. At the front of the stage at the historical-political sideshow, every system presents its supreme and its cults, rituals and myths, which are all essentially the same practice.

All are subjugated by the notion of hierarchy as our "god's" representation is reduced to the archetypal father, superior, supreme and absolute. The followers are naturally the infants at the bottom of the pyramid and they hope to climb the ladder to get a place in the sun (...get to "adult" status, free and responsible), usually after death - ie never . Priests (preceptors) are busy at the intermediate levels, and all look towards the top, where the elite and God keep the "light" of the latter in the pure air of the social heights.

As we seek to return to its roots, let us recall that theologians define Lucifer, the "angel of light", as a fallen angel because he (male) separated from God. Lucifer is an angel (archangel?). Starting from this idea of degeneration, theologians have developed the idea of rebellion and depravity, and the "angel of light" (Lucifer) has become the symbol of evil, then evil itself. However, it is a recent mythological development (middle-ages) by the Religions of the Book. In antiquity, especially among the Greeks and the Romans, Lucifer, god of light and knowledge, retained its full original meaning of "bearer of light". Lucifer was seen as beneficial and positive.

Thus, the planet Venus was called Lucifer because it heralds the arrival of the morning sun. More surprisingly, Lucifer would have been the name respectfully given to Jesus (the) Christ in his lifetime, "the bearer of light" (ref). Because this is the etymological meaning of the word "lucifer", it did not initially mean evil or demonic.

Light is the first manifestation of God (the Creator), ITS first creation. (see below (*): Christian Bible (KJV) - Genesis 1-3)

The "angel of light" is demeaned because it is expelled by God, mechanically, by the mere fact of creation.

Lucifer (light) is the master and the administrator of the world. God is the creator of the world, and its director is Lucifer. God does not administer, IT creates and delegates.

Lucifer, the nearest cosmic (mythical?) entity to God, is the transient with a double power. If it is the one that leads us to God and enlightens us and guides us during our journey, it is also that which masks the subtlety of the CREATIVE NOTHINGNESS by his (male) luminance.

Lucifer is the creature, which is opposed in essence to God the Creator.

He is not opposed to God as stated in Christian theology, because he (allegedly) revolted against God, but he is opposed because he does not belong to the same (state of) Reality.

Lucifer is the flagship of the universe, wherever we look, he reveals to us the access to God himself. (the SHE/HE/IT).

Finally, the existence of Lucifer informs us that the "Creation process" continues as we speak, that from the CREATIVE NOTHINGNESS something continues to escape, that powers the great universal machine.

Lucifer or God, which of the two is the true spiritual goal? We believe that it is God. Yet what are the Gazis doing through the spiritualist and religious systems, they ask us to worship the "divine light" as if it were God? Are they not leading us astray, even at the root of our approach, by focusing us on the top of the pyramid instead of out of it?

Then, by focusing the minds on something other than what was said to be the "goal", is the true goal not to prevent something particular from happening in the bosom (heart) of humanity? Who is causing the confusion in manipulating these belief systems and spiritual teachings that are given to humanity?

When a religion such as Christianity teaches us to worship the Christ (= Lucifer), the only son of God (= first creation), and to venerate the "divine light" as the glory of the Holy Spirit (= first event), are we not in a system that is organically Satanist, which teaches its followers to worship Lucifer without telling them, while making them believe that they will love and serve God, and that they should fear Lucifer as evil and the enemy of God? Why do we fear Lucifer? The schizophrenia of the human mind is obviously caused by design. By whom and for what purpose?

As is shown to us in the developments inside the SRCMtm, what we consciously believe is irrelevant, because to the "divine light" we are all equal, so we are all interchangeable. Also, the SRCMtm accepts in its totalitarian system, any "person" (= non-individual) regardless of gender, ethnicity, culture, nationality and beliefs, unless those beliefs put in doubt the process of submission to the top of the pyramid (in which case the sect gives a pariah status to these individuals: they become like Lucifer, the fallen angel because they rebelled against God and refused to serve).

Since today, part of humanity is awakening to a higher level of mental development, in which religious schizophrenia based on the Manichean opposition of good and evil no longer functions to control the masses, Gazis offer us an update of their mental software with the new religious-mystical panacea for centuries to come. Among the candidates, Sahaj Marg has the advantage over earlier religions of being a more subtle schizophrenia, more difficult to detect, which would be beyond this duality of good and evil - though.

Yet, like all other religious/spiritual belief systems that invade and degrade humanity, Sahaj Marg complies strictly in the same way as any logical monotheism.

The teachings of Babuji are inherited from Sufism and Hinduism, of which they keep the same basic manipulative patterns, respectively: the pyramid and the God-man. Via its inherited Islam, is an ancient mystical knowledge that existed in the Middle East since the beginning of history. Via its inherited Hinduism, to which Sahaj Marg is directly linked by affiliation to the spiritual avatar Krishna, it incorporates an antediluvian relic that may have some common origin with the founders of the Egypt of the Pharaohs. This can be seen from the Hindu myths relating to the antediluvian civilization of Hind. It (Hind) would have amounted to the Aryan territory, which included India and the Middle East (where Mecca was a place of Shiite pilgrimage), then extended from Central Asia to Western Europe and the North. According to academician Dumezil Georges, mythological linguistics and fossils corroborate the hypothesis of an Aryan antediluvian civilization extending over a territory as large. This is further confirmed by genetic analysis of human groups in that area of the world.

Egyptians of the Pharaoh period are known to have had a devoted worship to the "divine light" as symbolized by the supreme sun god. (Ra) But it is not the only civilization to have been dedicated to this cult. On the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, worship of the sun, perhaps from the same origins, was also practiced. The cult of the "divine light" is found in Jewish mythology, Judeo-Christianity and Judeo-Masonic, from which emerges the Illuminati (illumination, light), which still flirts with Satanism (or Lucifer-ism -read in its Indo Europeans roots as "light"). All these ideological systems represent manifestations of the cult of the "divine light".

Why did Babuji ask us to meditate on the "divine light in the heart" rather than on God? Can someone "inform" us on this sliding at the root, which it seems to be, and which is not without consequences?

It is not surprising that monotheism creates a violent society and a psychology of conquest, competitiveness and domination, and an equally pathological psychology of masochistic submission, a servile passion for faith, devotion and "sacrificial" love.

On the one hand, to be closer to God, one must climb the levels, so the struggle against others for one's own ascent (eg abhyaisis competing with Preceptors for a physical nearness to the Master and to be noticed by him/her). This fratricidal struggle, called a "spiritual brotherhood" by SRCMtm, rests on the lower levels and is sustained by the vital energy of the slaves at the base (= devotional activism). To be close to God, one must also increase the stature of the structure so as to climb higher, therefore, one must expand the base to make this possible. That means ever more people enslaved in round-ups of the masses in the name of their own salvation, for which Chari is asking his prefects to provide figures. We're in a paradigm of quantity, ie materialistic.

On the other hand, to serve God, we must submit, and as God is absolute, the submission can be nothing less than total. You see, the pyramid, the Promethean tool of civilization, is the cause of totalitarianism which originates outside of humanity and which is imposed on the human animal, so as to take it to the meat company (slaughter house) submissive to the point of gratefulness (to a "thank you"). With the pyramid, the human soul is set in motion in an aspiration to rise, and is then restricted in a pyramidal structure by the constraints generated by this desire for elevation. This is called mental engineering, and the origins of this system is not human but was implanted on Earth, in the Middle East, several millennia ago.

A model imposed by whom and for whom?

Monotheism, ie the worship of the "divine light", in place of the cult of the CREATIVE NOTHINGNESS, is nothing other than applying the model of the pyramid to spirituality, that is to say to life, and to channel and to use it. Monotheism is Satanism.

The model of the pyramid is the heavenly hierarchy in creation. The pyramid is thus a logical system that has nothing to do with God but with the creation, nothing to do with the Creator, but with the creature. At the top of the building is not God, but the administrator of the constitution, the only son of God, Lucifer (Light).

If we want a truly liberating new paradigm for the future, we must stop practicing Satanism in its various forms. God means the end of pyramids in our humanity. This is the end of religions and Satanism, and that is the end of myths. Yet, the onus is still on us to see the most subtle of mythic hoaxes so as to have a chance to really change things and finally liberate humanity which is now a prisoner in a mental trap that is particularly invasive.

According to Babuji, there is no God one can pray to, because God has no mind. So how do we achieve it? According to Babuji, yet it is not even possible to reach God in our lifetime. He relates in fact his own attempt to cross the final boundary that separates us from God, and the failure which he faced. Our only option would be to draw close to God as much as possible and to continue this journey without end (and probably without beginning). Also,who lies to us, offering us the realization of God as a cheap product? Is it possible to reach God and how does it work? If this is not possible, what does one achieve when one reaches Realization? Does one become like Christ, the only son of God, the living God, Lucifer?

We accused Chari of usurping the role of Spiritual Master.

He usurps nothing when he dishonestly leaves out the Sufi origins of Sahaj Marg, while using violence and physical force to achieve his ends, or when he sets aside Lalaji and Babuji to fully occupy the Central position of the spiritual Master sitting at the top of the (pyramidal) Structure. By becoming the center and the top, he is instead perfectly consistent with the theory of the "living Master" of Babuji and the Sufis, the incarnation of God in charge of guiding the aspirants and to serve them. However, that has to be his goal.

Yet, like other followers of Babuji who made an immortal image of Babuji, forever filling the role of guide, Chari also denies Babuji's ultimate spiritual realization. Wasn't Babuji not supposed to have achieved total negation in his lifetime? However, by speaking from the afterlife through a medium, Babuji continues to exist as an individual human who survived death (!!!) when he was supposed to have lost his individuality in the process. Chari implicitly puts into question the status of divine Babuji, as Babuji did with Lalaji, by intercommunicating with him, and he tainted his spiritual lineage of a subtle form of existence which can only degenerate into idolatry with time. However, this is not usurpation, it is " imagination", attachment and auto-satisfaction and a misuse of powers of the mind under the influence of individual desires and external manipulations. Chari, not assuming this fully, and still subject to the guilt of his actions, attempts to clear these feelings by using an intermediary, the medium. This professional "medium" is responsible for making the communication credible (= messages do not come from Chari, so it can not be a fraud on his part), as well as to strengthen the legitimacy of Chari through the information "received " .

The usurpation of the role of Master takes place at an invisible level, that of the conceptual structure of the system that Chari has custom built himself, and under the influence of a manipulation that is invading from outside. Chari essentially introduced a basic drifting of the teachings, by an inversion of the values in the doctrine of Sahaj Marg. He organizes, directs, and controls, instead of surrendering to the divine will. With Chari, the Master is no longer a servant of humanity who is dedicated to the abhyasis so as to make them totally dependent assistants, but a predator, who hunts, who subdues and demands. Chari makes his abhyasis slaves in his service on the pretext that devotion is synonymous with evolution, not hesitating to call upon apocalyptic terror to instill a sense of urgency among his followers, promoting irrationality, and making them willing to accept anything.

From one dependency to another, you might say, what's the difference? If the result seems to be the same; it is not. In the first case, the basic principles of spirituality are respected, the abandonment and love of the disciple occur. In the second case, the abandonment does not exist in the real sense of the word. This submission is caused by the rape of the free will of the individual through deception, intimidation of his intelligence and manipulation. The same is true of real love (replaced by servility and sentimentality), service (replaced by activism so as to be noticed and loved by the guru), respect (fear of hell or reincarnation) and sacrifice. Sacrifice will never exist in such a society, based on personal gain, be it expressed in spiritual terms (release points, etc.)..or not. It encourages competition and profit, ie selfishness of its members. This is the Gazi tactic of all systems based on fear rather than confidence: they divide and conquer.

In both cases however, the dependence of the believer which follows the process indicates that the foundations of the approach is incorrect, and they are because everything happens within the pyramid. Can it be otherwise?

Chari usurps the role of Master in fully realizing the totalitarian potential of the pyramid of power based on a materialist conception of spirituality, while assuming his own divinity so as to politically abuse in a human society. Lack of ethics? Not at all: "The end justifies the means". This is Gazi ethics, and a different ethics which of course evolves differently depending on whether one is at the top or at the base of the pyramid.

By doing so, Chari does nothing but realize the final agenda of the Satanist Gazis, contained in the teachings of Sahaj Marg and held in seed form, inherited from their legacy of Islam and Hinduism. Chari relegates the divine to the background, as a mystery of faith, and as the unknowable, and therefore unattainable. So while with Babuji, God was a promise ever near at hand, with Chari, God becomes a pretext and an instrument of power, as in any religion. With Chari, God is lost in the dazzling and the fascinating " divine light", whose advantage is to hide the crass ignorance of the guru in the field of spiritual guidance. Promise Kept?


Tuesday April 21, 06:48:00 AM

King James Version (KJV) of the Christian Bible, Genesis 1 to 3:

1: In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.
2: And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.
3: And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.

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