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Let it Be? Comment on Adizes Blog re: Sahaj Marg(tm). (un-published)

This comment was posted on an essay by Dr. Ichak K. Adizes about Sahaj Marg(tm): The Wonderful Life of Not Expecting! on the Adizes blog site on June 28, 2001 at 1:38 PM.

Comment by 4d-Don:

Since the moderator of that blog did not publish my comment, then I will publish it here.

Dear Sir:

Let it be??

The current Master of Sahaj Marg did not "let it be" when he was removed as Secretary of SRCM (Lucknow-1945) by the founder. He did not "let it be" when the Board of Directors refused his succession letter and accepted the Founder's son, Umesh's letter of nomination. Instead, he founded a parallel society, using the same name but registered in San Luis Obispo, California, USA (SRCM California-1997).

The court cases between the two successors and societies demonstrates that: "words are cheap"... Like true materialist businessmen, they do not "let it be", but do everyting to control and posess.

There's a saying "down home": "Push, but push evenly". Or: "What's good for the goose, (the followers), should be good for the gander (the Master)"

Is that not why most see religion as "hypocritical"?


See also original article on this blog:

For Sahaj Marg(tm)! Another Successor Soon?


Anonymous said...

Dear Elodie & others,

Kindly check the below link for my experience in Sahaj Marg.


4d-Don said...

Hi all...

I went to the blog mentionned above and it was deleted ... So I looked in the cache and here is the content of that erased blog:

(Thanks for sharing ... I publish it because it is important for my readers to know of others' experiences...)

Information will set us FREE ...


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Reply to Elodie :)

Dear Elodie,

I feel sad after reading what you have gone through. I can empathize with you bcoz I know how it feels. I'm an Indian. I have been an abhyasi since 3 yrs. I had my own personal problems then. I thought I could get peace through Meditation & whatever else it offers spiritually, may be blessings. I had gone through the SM Basics book & everything in that made sense to me : like the concept of Samskaras, The Need for a Guide, God-within & the idea of One Universal God. I started the practice. The experiences were good ( Absorption ). I experienced what I probably felt I needed then. I was happy. Then one day, I came across certain blogs against SM which mentally disturbed me. That took away my peace of mind. I learnt that there was another SRCM. I concluded it was probably from abhyasis of the other organisation. And I didn't want to ruin my peace of mind further by getting into details. I was liking the things mentioned in books. After reading too much about Chariji, I was getting attached to him. I developed a desire to do the practice properly & become very spiritual. I had stopped Idol worship believing God was within. I was regular to sittings & satsangs. But I was never regular in Sadhana. And my material involvement was leaving me with lot of thoughts in Sittings & Satsang.I was blaming myself for not being regular & not making use of such an opportunity.

Once I chatted with Shashwat Pandey. I posed proper questions. For which, his reply was that I had become a Zombie already & etc etc. So I concluded that he was a lunatic & even others were.

But the questions regarding the Lineages had made sense. I asked a young prefect whom I take sittings from. He said he didn't know about it. He said that I must focus on my sadhana to understand the efficacy of SM. That answer made sense and I dropped all that I read. I became regular in abhyas & felt peace. I had been trying very hard to do constant remembrance. I could not do it at all. Thinking that Master was doing made me more attached to him & attachment is bad! It was creating feelings of disappointment inside me.

I developed hostile thoughts against Master. But I was only following the instructions. The practice was meant to develop love for the Master instead it filled me with expectations & anger towards him. I asked prefects who failed to convince me how exactly to do it. I was too curious coz it was mentioned in many books & told by many abhyasis that Constant Remembrance was greater than any practice.

4d-Don said...

Finally I got to meet this nice old prefect who advised me not to do it. And told me to be regular in practice. And that CR will develop on its own. I continued the practice & was feeling better.

While all this was happening, I was developing great interest in Sufi wisdom. I read about them trying to find an answer somewhere regarding Naqshbandi Lineage. I started to like Prophet Muhammad. And started to feel great regard for the Prophets who existed. Slowly I started to feel that SM was more Hindu-oriented than Universal. Chariji talked about Jesus but not of Muhammad or Islam. I thought afterall there is a link to the earlier Prophets. With great courage I went to the old prefect & asked why SM is Anti-Muslim. He said that SM was universal & it would not be right to say that & all the SILSILA ( Lineage ) was broken long time back. When I insisted on why it was broken. He said because of the Command from Above. I was somewhat satisfied with the answer.

In the past 3 yrs, I had been trying to follow the Ten Maxims for character formation. I was reading them but practcising them was hard for me. I would attend some Youth programs & have outstanding experiences which would last for many days even after having suspicions in my mind. But my material aspect was on a low as always. Dissatisfaction at work. I would be more egotistical and angry. I was distressed & felt helpless. I begged for help & guidance. Nothing worked. I felt very much dependent on Master. And I would always be disappointed. But I would never know where I was wrong. Nobody to tell.

All I had were the practice & books. I so badly wanted to meet Master & sort out my mental & material problems & doubts bcoz I felt he would know everything. But it never happened though I tried hard. I had been seeing a lot of Abhyasis working in the Mission.

I was asked & requested often by young abhyasis to join them for work. And I would always say "No, I'm busy". I would lie. I did work after making some friends there. Or whenever I would see someone badly needing help. This went on happening for few weeks. The words SLAVERY & FREE WORK which I had read in the blogs flashed in my mind. At one point I started to escape after the Satsangs so that nobody would find me to get the work done.

And just a weeks ago, I came across a book on Osho teachings. I read it & it inspired me to be more spiritual-oriented. I told about this to one friend (Abhyasi) who was angered by it. Said it was an insult to Master if I read outside books than Mission books.

The anger was all on his face. I remember we had this conversation soon after a Satsang. I was relaxed. Now I observed he was too obsessed with Mission. He calmed down & asked me to read Mission books. And since then I have realised I have got more wiser. I read more of Osho's philosophy. He said "Anybody who offers you a belief system is your Enemy". "A Master is someone who frees your from Himself". And throughout humanity, people have been dominated by so called Masters who would ask for obedience & say "I'm the Shepherd. You are my Sheep. Just follow me".

4d-Don said...

He also said, "Bondage is your creation & freedom is your declaration". Thus encouraging people to take responsibility of themselves. His insights on mind & tendencies to throw responsibilities on others or Master came as a revelation. I was attached to Master all these years. And that was the root of the sufferings. The attachment happened due to the mind's tendencies which I could see clearly now. But there was nobody to advise me on that. The SM books are of less intelligence & more of praises. All that one could find is MASTER IS BLAH! BLAH! BLAH!!!!! Now I see what causes "Personality Worship". "The Outer Master is only to provoke within you that is Asleep."

Thinking about divine cannot make one Divine. The thought should disappear. The thoughts need to be watched not brooded over.Sadly abhyasis are all thinking, aspiring to become like Master. Please stop! My advice to everyone is STOP FOLLOWING THE HERD! QUESTION THE METHOD, MASTER, MISSION!

Babuji is dead! His messages in Whispers suck! I speak from my experience alone. Somehow I have benefited by meditation.I feel some sympathy for Chariji. But the fact is he has failed in his role as a Guide. Whether he is a successor or not is not important. A Master is one who has all that the Abhyasi needs for enlightenment. Sadly, the 3 M's are a mess!

Anyway, Elodie & others, May you all find joy in life & live in peace.


Anonymous said...

Hi Don.

I guess I'm lagging behind in terms of technology. I was not aware information could be accessible even after deletion :)

When I wrote that blog, I was very frustrated with several things. Soon after typing I felt a little relieved from the frustration. But after a bit of thinking, I chose to share the matter in the blog to Elodie.

But here, I want to make one thing clear. That is, Nothing can be more real than one's own experience. I'm still in touch with SM practice. Not regularly ofcourse. And I'm in control of my life. I'd like to advice others too. Whatever system you may be following, you must question it. Test it by practicing. For me, SM is confusing. Being associated with it is,to me, like being associated with a doubt whose answer I dont find anywhere & end up losing peace of mind. So stay away from controversies, doubts & do your practice & live your life.



4d-Don said...

Hi Ronak...

Thanks for your comment...

Information, when shared will set you and "others" free from the "frustration" of the secret (most who leave any "ism", don't want to tell their negative thoughts. Most do not want to sound "negative" ... most want to be "positive". That is incidently what the con-men rely on all the time, even the secular con-men ... MOST HUMANS who are abused, WON'T TELL!!).

Anyway, thanks for sharing with us your so-called: Frustrations. 0

As you can tell by the recent posts on this blog, you are not alone. Some adepts don't speak up and carry their secret (frustration) to the grave. Most don't carry "cognitive dissonances" very well. (see Frank's blog about his take on "cognitive dissonances" at:


See also Frank's articles on the marketing of Spirituality.

Frank is the ex Zonal-in-Charge of the SRCM(tm) for the Netherlands... He resigned after the WHISPERS books came out... and now he has a blog called: Pitfalls of Spirituality...

Check it out... you might find some similar thoughts from Frank... and he is a "rational" person chosen by Chari himself... (he is a "mathematician")

You, like Frand and many others (Michael, preceptor for USA see: Inner Circle of SRCM) did not keep the secret to yourself and may you be blessed for your courage...


Anonymous said...

Thanks Don :)

It feels nice to share opinions. My opinion in my first blog looks critical because of the emotions I put in there due to my "frustrations". And now I'm free from them, so I don't appear critical. Also I do not want to talk negative of the system coz I had my expectations too. That makes me responsible for my disappointments. Like most people when they join a system ,be it Sahaj Marg or any other Marg, they hope to take shelter & enjoy favors ( Material or spiritual ) from the Master. And I was this stupid guy who was low in esteem & confidence. Usually such people enroll or join such Sansthas or Groups that offer meditation. But SM offered Meditation for "Spirituality" & not for confidence-building which was clear. But I thought a Guru could do anything. What I thought I needed then was some guy (GURU)on whom I could throw my responsibility. I believed in Him & turned away from idol-worship. The expectations that I once had from the several Hindu figures of Gods & Goddesses were now thrown on this Personality. As I read books & listened to speeches, I learnt that one was not supposed to pray or ask for material gains from God or the Guru. It was difficult for a mind that was so much used to beg & ask for favors from the Lord to stop wishing. But with time, it happened. But I was now dependent on Master. Being in SM ( through practice & experiences ), I could come out of the conditionings that I was used to since childhood thus becoming freer & lighter. But I was very dependent on Master. I demanded explanations & favors & answers from Him, in prayers. No answer. But I was still dependent on Master. And after so much of misery (in my mind), today I'm free. I feel responsible for my life today. I think. I plan. I do. I question when I wish to. And there is utter peace in mind. I don't care any more of the Mission or Master. I sit some days closing my eyes & meditating when I feel like. And I feel blissful. Therefore I consider SM as an experience in life where something was learnt by experiencing it. There will be reasons to dislike things about the Mission & several mysteries of which I know no answer. But if staying away from it can bring me peace, then I certainly choose peace.


4d-Don said...

Hi Ronak...

Thanks for sharing your experiences...

As most readers do not read old comments, I will put a link to this article and its comments in the most recent comments to the latest (most recent) article on this blog. This one:


If one reads Babuji's writings, one can see the warning about searching for "peace" inside a path such as his version of Sahaj Marg meditation, which he got from Lalaji, a Sufi from the lineage of Naqshbandiya Sufi Order ... One does not find PEACE in that path also, as one can see by Lalaji's successors and lineage.

I agree with you, that inner peace is a worthy goal of spirituality. It is not the only goal but it is one that most won't find in "religion" or in the "spiritualism" which Chari's Sahaj Marg(tm) has become with its "Mediums, warnings (whispers) from beyond the grave, egregores, etc...

May you live in PEACE ... leaving others to live in peace also, as they are "tucked inside ONE (what some call by the "gothic" word: GOD)where they live".

Those who plan to religiously evangelize others in foreign countries (claiming to "save or liberate them") with their "MISSIONS" do not respect their fellow humans, their chosen spiritual paths, and/or the PEACE of others.

May you be blessed with PEACE where you live!!


Anonymous said...

Thank you Don & wish you the same :)

Afterall peace is something that everybody deserves. I agree with you on the Religion/Spirituality thing. It is as if Spirituality is the new religion. When a certain person is treated "Special" as in special personality & the focus goes onto Him ( Be it Lalaji/Babuji/Chariji or anybody of a different system ), then "Personality Worship" is bound to happen. If each man believes or is told that he is capable of being Buddha or Enlightened, then there will be true disciples. Else there will be seen only followers who only praise their Masters & have very less wisdom of their own & more of borrowed knowledge. Same thing with the other SRCM where Babuji is considered as God. How can the abhyasis of any of these organisations ( SRCM of Chariji/Babuji/ Naqshbandi Tariqas of Lalaji etc..etc..) become Masters of their own when their attitude is such of a servant( Mindless acceptance instead of questioning/understanding/contemplating/Introspecting ).A Servant's attitude is good for the less-intelligent. He or she would believe anything & everything a Master would say. A true Master would not manipulate His disciples ( I have no such doubts in SM ). Take my example, all these blogs existed when I joined the system. I did not give a damn about it. They did affect my peace of mind,filled me with doubt. But I learnt by falling & failing. I became less stupid with time. And today I'm on my own. So let others learn on their own ( Which is the right way ) than believing the critics. Let Abhyasis question if they have found in them what they came to seek ( God/Inner peace/Divinity) & do the needful. Let the separation happen out of realization through personal experience & not by doubts & criticisms by others.

Live in peace. :)

4d-Don said...

Hi Ronak...

Tnanks for your rational insights.

Once, in the far distant past, information and knowledge was shared by word of mouth and a few single-issue books which were written by hand. Then, with the advent of the printing press, information, knowledge, as well as some entertainment was mass-produced on paper (Newspapers, Books, etc...). This meant that the information was controlled and distributed by a few until the invention of the Printing Press, and the revolutionary era of the more numerous "Media Barons" and special interest groups. This increase of information brought about the "freeing" of the barons (nouveau riches), and the "petit bourgeois" to share in the POWER of the state. "Divine rights of kings" was questionned and removed as "Lady Justice" became blind, and as the kings and the aristocracy became subject to the law, much as the commoners.

Then came the inclusion of the "workers or the wage-earners" with the Unions and the socialist revolutions. This revolutionary process was to eventually include the "peasants" or the common Joes, but the average person had to wait until the advent of the electrical revolution, the electronics revolution and the communication revolution for the tool which is the "INTERNET", so as to be able to share in the POWER of the STATE.

The Blog, Hypertext, and the "Search Engine" has revolutionized the MEDIA... We, the bloggers, are now the Fifth Estate (of power) ... And we, the people, do not have to be controlled or fooled anymore ... But we have to check and re-check our information ... that means all of the information, from the promoters and the salesmen, as well as from the critics and the re-viewers.

With the "INFORMATION" revolution, information and knowledge has become "blind" also...

As you say, ...all these blogs existed when I joined the system. I did not give a damn about it.

In the Age of Information, when Knowledge is Blind, one has to get one's information from more than one source (more than one "dimension") before taking either a "criticism" or an "endorsation" as FACT ... Today, anyone can say anything about "everything". That is why, so as to be more believe-able, with "hypertext", I use my blog to send the reader to the "source" of the information, specially legal documents, Primary sources, and reports by other sources (newspapers, blogs, You-tube interviews, testimonials, etc...)

4d-Don said...

Yes, we will let all decide for themselves (and they will) but we, the good and participating citizens, have a duty to post "warning signs" when one (or a group) promises (without guarantees or responsibility), rewards in the "beyond the grave" with no credentials beside the "self-titles", and "self-appointments" of anyone who wants to aggrandise themselves to the position of "god-man" or Saviour of the Masses ... Religion, like an opiate, is addictive, and has few "checks and balances".

This Information revolution will make such mis-use of RELIGION and SPIRITUALISM by profiteers a more "Buyer Beware" industry.

After all, BEING spiritual means relating to SPIRIT, not to humans, Mediums or "spirits"...

SPIRIT should be seen as a REALITY. REAL and ONE.

A more scientific approach to REALITY could eventually clarify spirituality and remove the deceptions, which are the fairy-tales and fantasies of the merchants of "spiritualism" or "spiritism", from the markets of the true SPIRITUAL seeker. Either that, or change the word.

When one "searches" (Googles) for SPIRITUALITY, one should not find SPIRITUALISM or SPIRITISM ... They are not the same!!

There are no "spirits", Mediums, egregores, whispers from the Brighter World, etc... in Raja Yoga, the eightfold path of Patanjali, which is accepted as spirituality by most.

But there are such "spirits" as well as "angels, arch-angels, demons, etc..." in most "spiritualism, spiritism and religions.

WE won't be fooled again!!

ONCE BITTEN, Twice Shy!!

We are becoming ONE GLOBAL VILLAGE... We must face the "isms" which divide us... and Religion is the NUMBER ONE divider of our good PEOPLE!!

Spiritualism and Spiritism are the same as RELIGION.


Anonymous said...

Hi Don & All other readers & bloggers,

Please do not be mislead by my comments above. These have come from a troubled mind which was not ready to accept things as they were probably or was too desperate for answers. Today I'm free from doubts. I'd request people to ignore the postings made by me as they were influenced by the mood I was in while I wrote. I'm an Abyasi of Sahaj Marg still benefited by the practice and services of the Mission & Master.

I'm at fault for bringing my personal experience in the open and it disappoints me each time I come here & see what I have shared. I'd request Don to delete my postings for the above stated reasons. I'd be glad if you could clear my postings.

Thanks, Ronak

4d-Don said...

Hi Ronak...

Thanks for your comments...

Your request to "ignore you previous comments" will stand as your intention ...

May you soon be FREE and un-afraid as we and stand bravely as a "head-up" for all readers !!

I will not edit your comments to serve your mood (or my point of view) at the time...

The whole truth must stand ... and it will!


Anonymous said...

As you wish, Don. But it isn't the truth if it keeps changing. Well, the truth was that I never really wanted to post it in public. I wasn't in the right state of mind when I did, so I had deleted my blog later. You accessed it & made it public.
I deeply apologize to beloved Master(s) for letting Him down by doubting His intentions & being so ungrateful & ignorant, the Abhyasis of SRCM & various other readers who I offended.

Thanks Don for being a gentleman & letting me post my opinions whether they have been firm or not.

Regards, Ronak

4d-Don said...

Hi Ronak...

You are most welcome...

You testimonial give the readers another view of what it is like to belong to such a group ...

Do be careful ... Spiritualism with it's "standards of spiritualism" and its egregores, and Mediums (anonymous French lady Medium), is not sprituality... It is certainly not Raja Yoga ... "spirits", and "egregores", (spiritualism) being the product MIND, (even according to Babuji) are not always "controlled" by those who used them!!

Babuji used to say that even if his form was seen on the inner realm, that one should not believe that the "FORM" was Babuji in REALITY... the Mind is very powerful... and the collective MIND of the "EGREGORE" if forever changing as new members join and is not control-able.

Keep safe and if you need to testify again, this blog is a site which is read (and translated) by many.

Thanks for sharing your comments...

Don ...

Anonymous said...

You're too kind, Don. Thank you.


4d-Don said...

Hi Ronak...

Since Chari created an egregore for Sahaj Marg(tm), of the SRCM (California-1997), claiming (questionably) that this mental egregore was created by Babuji, I would re-test the successor of Chari (Kamlesh), again and again before swallowing his teachings!!

Where is the LOVE and Tolerance in Sahaj Marg, which is missing in Chari??
According to Babuji (about Chari): "lack of tingling in the heart"!!

If a Nazi (fascist) takes over a group, the followers of that group could over time have a mind-change and start blaming all JEWS for the problems of mankind. On the other hand, if a fundamentalist Jew takes over the SRCM (California-1997), then it could be the Muslims (or the Christians) who may be "demon-ized" by the "egregore"!!

Such is the nature of the Egregore ... a collective MIND (entity??)... ;-))

Heads up!!


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