Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Signs of Danger at Lalaji Memorial OMEGA School (LMOS)

Taken from Elodie's blog in France: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg

Alexis said:

This should please Don.

Chari's announces to LMOS students that the school replaces their parents. It's nice for children, it is also nice for parents, abhyasis or not, to see what Chari thinks of them.

He founded the school, sought to fill it, and then he explains to the children that their parents have abandoned their duty of parents. I do not know what a psychiatrist would say of the psychological damage that can result in a child…

Speech by Chari: "Healthy Minds in Healthy Bodies", To children of Lalaji Memorial Omega International School (LMOIS), (Why OMEGA?? is it the END) Jan.3, 2008

(Googling LMOS brings up Living Modified OrganismS...(genetic... or spiritual engineering?) Is that the reason SRCM (California) later added the "I" for International? They love to "modify" things at SRCM (California)...first they falsely claim Sahaj Marg is a "modified" Raja Yoga, starting at rung #7 of an "eightfold" system, then LMOS...(see here)

"(…) Your parents have a happy time, you know they have the money to send you here. And nowadays, especially in modern society, parents don’t take responsibility for the upbringing of their children as they used to do in the past. So the school seems to have acquired, schools seem to have acquired a double role, that we have to play the part of your parents as well as the part of your instructors, as well as being your parents very often, because for those of you in the hostel, our wardens must be like parents: you must trust them, you must love them, and you must obey them—things which don’t always happen in the families. Take it seriously, don’t smile. Listen attentively, take it seriously."
Elodie said:

In the message of Alexis, I add a part of a speech delivered by Chari at Vrads Castle (SRCM European headquarters) during his recent European tour last May (citation after the June European Letter): "… a moral life must begin at home, with parents. But I am sorry to say that parents in the Western world barely have the time or inclination for this very vital task of educating their children. Also the Mission is trying to play a role for the children of our abhyasis to spend more time in these ashrams throughout Europe and India, so they learn to live in this atmosphere, that they 'Love it, that they cherish it and they feel that when they leave, they are in a world that is lost and must be rebuilt."
Both texts have the same meaning. After the establishment of VBSE and its use in various Indian schools, Chari (and SRCM(California) has felt the need to create his own school (LMOIS). (According to Chari) Parents do not have time for their children, they refuse to educate them, this is the message. Rather than encouraging parents to take better care of their children, Chari proposes that the Mission should take care of the children in their place, through their school and thus bring them into the ashrams.

Don's comments:

To Chari and SRCM:

Maybe the abhyasis would have more time to "love" their family and children if they were less "obedient" and if all their "LOVE" was not directed to the 3M's (Master, Mission, Method) as per SRCM and Chari's instructions, leaving the family as an empty shell. If there is no love in the family, all will seek it elsewhere, friends, mates and children and even pets.
To ALL...
I would urge parents to become aware of the dangers in the "religious boarding school" model, where the authority of the teacher, who needs to be obeyed for the sake of discipline in the classroom, is compounded with the "love the teacher (guru)" of religion. This imbalance of power disempowers the children makes them potential victims of all predators, including the pedophiles who are admittedly attracted to such situations and schools where such "imbalances of power" exist.

When and if there is victimization, as in the "Catholic Religious Boarding Schools", the victims are not believed until the numbers make it too difficult to "brush off", and the victims are re-victimized, this time in PUBLIC by the media and the courts ... the love and trust demanded by Chari (above) is the same "love and trust" that convinced the "Catholic" parents to place their children in the care of the un-screened and un-trained "BROTHERS AND SISTERS", many (not all) of whom turned out to be pedophiles who came from Europe or "far away". We now know that pedophiles target the parents and specially the mother and make themselves "loved and trusted" by them first before targeting the children with their physical and sexual deviancy. To love and trust "strangers" because of their religious titles or social position is not "NATURAL".

In the Catholic "religious boarding schools", we were told that "our families were not our families anymore" and that we were "married" to "Holy Mother the Church". The deviant priests, who could refuse to forgive the sins of his victims, and hence not give them absolution, thus had the power of "eternal damnation" or "eternal salvation" over the children. That and the practice of frightening the children with stories of "hell" with its fire and "demons", including Satan, is now called: "intellectual terrorism".

Of course, we now know that the power imbalance in the "catholic religious boarding schools" attracted many pedophiles (from Europe) and culminated in many charges of assault (physicial, emotional, sexual). The effect of this "systemic abuse" is still being felt by the victims and their families to this day. The financial settlements are in the "millions" and threatened to bankrupt some dioceses and even the Vatican. The Vatican has now shirked it's moral responsibility and has handed over full financial operational responsibility (including the court settlements for the "abuses") to the "dioceses", and one can't name the Vatican in such abuse cases anymore.

On WIKI, editors with user id, "Reneeholle" and "Marathi Mulga" and others (members of SRCM (California) refuse to put the Caution by the Founder of Sahaj Marg, Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur (Babuji) that is in their (SRCM) PR material and in many of their books, that states:

Sahaj Marg is only recommended for those over 18yrs old. (Babuji)

WHY THE REFUSAL to put in the CAUTION by the FOUNDER in an encyclopedia article? Why is that refusal supported by some WIKI "admins"?

See these communities on Orkut where Sahaj Marg seems to target children:

Children's Sahaj Marg (has 10 members, and does not have the SRCM emblem)
Sahajmarg Youth Hyderabad (Owner "SRK" also calls himself "DON"...suspicious?? is not me)

READ my warning to Parents of Children who attend "religious boarding schools" (what is SRCM and their VBSE teaching your child?)

Value Based Spiritual Education (VBSE), at Lalaji's Memorial Omega (international) School (LMOIS) of SRCM (California)
A Heads-up from an "ex-Catholic"

READ THE VBSE curriculum...

Value Based Spiritual Education read the cute little stories in lessons 1- and 2 and read the section on ALL religions in Lesson 10. Notice the "justifying" of flawed philosophy, the "religious intolerance" and false accusations towards other religions... In light of the history of SRCM and Sahaj Marg, the accusation of other RELIGIONS rings hollow and sounds more like "growing the business" by bad-mouthing other "businesses" rather than being "positive".

"Methinks they doth protest too much!" ...William Shakespeare



Anonymous said...

It's really funny how you are spending so much time maintaining this, thinking that you can drive people away from our system, and yes, you are succeeding to some extent from what I can gather from the popularity of this blog. No surprise you are retired probably with too much spare time.

You don't like our practices? You think that our Master is a fraud? You think that we are blindly following Him? OK. Keep thinking that. You have made some observations, run the numbers and come to conclusions based on them. It is not for everyone, we take pride in that. We know that not everyone deserves to believe in what we believe. We are exclusive, not by choice, we don't stop anyone from joining or defaming us; but by destiny, because we are here, we are happy than most of you are with your lives. That is why you will never see an advertisement of SRCM, or a show on Aastha channel or people distributing pamphlets about what we do. The answers is easy, if you are meant to be, you will be an Abhyasi. People will always ridicule, we have grown used to the strange looks that we get when we sit silently for a few minutes at 9 pm even while travelling in a train or waking up early on Sundays for our gatherings while others are recovering from a Saturday hangover.

But don't you dare write about the school. I saw this post a few years back, and I didn't bother to comment.

But now that our children are out in the world, and already making huge impact every where they go, I just thought you should know about it. It is starting. You will read about Omega's children in the papers and magazines. There is no stopping them. How can I say that? Because I have seen the students of Omega, and then I see the students at the college I teach in. You can see the remarkable difference. You can see the respect for elders in their eyes when they talk. You can see the modesty in the way they talk about their achievements. They are excelling with their academics, they are already becoming successful entrepreneurs, they are winning people over with their personality, because they have spent the last few crucial years of their schooling in an environment that has filtered the world for them and given them the best.

Its 2013 right now. I can safely say that by 2015, there would be a lot of distinguished alumni from Omega, who would have formed a bright future for themselves, thanks to their school.

Bookmark this page so that when that day comes, remember this comment, realise how wrong you were about our school, about VBSE. Just be alone for a while, look yourself in the mirror and admit to yourself you were wrong. No one will know.

4d-Don said...

Hi anonymous...

I went to a Roman Catholic School and I feel I have become successful, not by "materialist" standards but by "spiritual" (not SPIRITUALISM like Sahaj Marg(tm) OR by Religious) standards.

I say this because it was in spite of religion that I am content and happy with my life, not "because" of it. All the fantasies the Catholic teachers and priests tried to "brainwash" into my brain, I had to remove later as I became an adult.

I will not swallow the fantasy and "spiritualism" which is Sahaj Marg(tm) and will warn the next generations about believing in it as I do with the material myths of Santa Clause, the Easter Bunny, the tooth fairy, and other such myths (ie: the talking snake in the garden of Eden, Satan, etc...) ... Myths have their place in our life but it is not in our touching of REALITY!! Myths are for FUN and PLEASURE (and for business... to sell stuff) !!

I don't try and stop people from belonging to any group but I give the signs of warning just in case some become "fanatically" involved and start thinking they are "special" ... We as Catholics were also told that we were SPECIAL but we all know now that it was and is still a LIE, just like your claim of "special-ness" is ... That type of arrogance and megalomania is not healthy for society and for the individual involved ... But they will correct it in their future life and they will realize that ALL are "special" and not only "humans" but even the blade of grass!!

You should give the technology some credit for the material success of your students ... Chari was a Mill Manager, a "Plastics" CEO for TTK... that is of the MATERIAL and that he stole (re-registered the same name in California-1997) the society from the family of Babuji does not show the world the values some of us don't want to pass on to our children ... Material Power is not that important to those who truly want to be "spiritual" ...

Your children will grow up, just like we did, "in spite of religion", not because of it!! Society carried on in spite of religion and its many wars, not because of IT!!

Religions, myths, and fantasies from the past will be dealt with by the future ... look at the old religions of Greece, Rome, India, etc... They end in the dust-bin of history!!

So will Religions of today and specially "spiritualism" (Mediums, whispers, spirits, egregores, etc...) which does not attract very many, even today ... The world is more intelligent than you seem to think.

It's simply not TRUE!! Its a fantasy!! (the Brighter World, and the Central Region, Heaven, etc..) It's simply not TRUE!... It's an "invention" and will be rejected in time and will be left behind like other myths !!


Anonymous said...

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, Internet is an open medium you can speak your mind no one will stop you.
So I'am not going to sit and oppose you here.
The main objective of the school is that students build a solid character that help them in life apart from academics . It doesn't matter whether you follow any religion or spirituality a man should have a solid charter and the same is tried to be achieved ,by practicing the system of sahajmarg meditation.

4d-Don said...

Hi Anonymous...

What part of "solid character" is reading and believing in daily messages from the dead "spirits" channeled by an Anonymous French Lady Medium (AFLM). Is "being gullible" and "naive" a sign of character?

Spiritualism (along with the belief in "ghosts") has been debunked in the west for centuries and is considered a SCAM by most. Even Jesus Christ, Buddha, Muhammed, Confusius, Lao Tsu, Grey Eagle, etc... do not send "channeled whispers" to the naive disciples ... many claim to be inspired on the inside by great men, but no medium is selling the "channeled messages" of Jesus or Muhammed ...etc.

So build character but not with fairy tales ... Belief in religious fairy tales makes the population dense and "OBEDIENT", even to the point of war!!

Don ...