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At Sahaj Marg(tm), Babuji Speaks In All Times, With Many Mouths, To Say Anything!

Taken and translated from an article by Alexis: "Babuji Parle à Tous Les Temps", on Elodie's blog in Europe: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg.

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March 26, 2011

Babuji Speaks In All Times

Babuji is the common reference for all when speaking of Sahaj Marg.
Whether it be Kasturi, the Saint of Sahaj Marg, K.C. Narayana, son of Dr. Varadachari, Navneet Kumar Saxena, grand-son of Babuji, or whether it be Chari, all refer to Babuji. He is THE essential reference point! But Babuji speaks in all times: he spoke in the past, he speaks in the present, and he will speak again in the future ...

During his lifetime, Babuji spoke much, he left us many writings and is still in the memory of some, even if there are fewer and fewer who have known him.

Kasturi has rubbed elbows with him for almost 40 years, and Chari nearly 20 years, between 1964 and his death in 1983. They regularly quote, recalling anecdotes which are at times unverifiable. And sometimes the memory plays tricks on us. It is prone to oversights, omissions and distortions, whether deliberate or unintentional.

This even affects his writings since his famous quote on religion, spirituality, reality and bliss was truncated of its last two elements, then transformed by Chari into a comparison between union and division. Thus, where Babuji said, "Where religion ends Spirituality begins, where spirituality ends Reality begins, where reality ends bliss begins." Most of the time, the SRCM has kept but the first terms: "Spirituality begins where religion ends." And Chari eventually completely distorted the situation by saying: "Religion divides, while spirituality unites. "

A complete change of meaning, unrelated to the thought of Babuji ...

Memory is one thing, interpretation is another. What's common between Narayana, Kasturi and Chari? The dogma erected by K.C. Narayana is based on the writings of his father and those of Babuji, including the Ten Commandments. No dogmatic attitude in Kasturi who speaks of love, prayer and meditation, and immersion in Babuji. SP Srivastava has attempted a scientific approach, and Navneet swears by the founding document of the association in 1945. As for Chari, he has revamped the commandments of Babuji to the rank of maxims, simplified and ritualized the whole of his teachings to such a level that they now appear to be a caricature of the original.

When Kasturi speaks Love, Chari counters Obedience and Service. Two visions diametrically opposed to each other ...

Babuji speaks in all times. He spoke before his death, but he started talking about twenty years later, at least for the clan of Chari. Since 2005, "Whispers From The Brighter World" revived Babuji through a medium who serves as a conduit between him and Chari. And he'll still speak to us in the future because we have been promised at least four volumes of "Whispers". What Chari has not hesitated in calling the new "Sahaj Marg Bible" or the "Four Vedas of Sahaj Marg". And now, "Whisper a Day" (section of the SRCM website) is distilling a daily message of Babuji, dated from 1999 to today.

For her part, Kasturi was offended by the output of "Whispers" which she considers harmful, because they peddle an "incorrect" message.

What about the Ten Commandments? Does "Whispers" replace them?

Kasturi listens to Babuji speak to her heart, Narayana peels the texts of his father and those of Babuji. Chari more and more often, puts his faith in the words of Babuji from beyond the grave (Whispers?) . And so he now often begins his speeches with quotes from "Whispers". So much so that on April 30, 2010 at Tiruppur, Chari's speech to mark Babuji's 111th anniversary contained no less than three quotations from "Whispers".

The "Whispers" phenomenon is thus not a simply a cash cow (pump for money?). By delivering the words of Babuji daily, "Whispers" has come to surpass Chari. One is not dealing with just memory or interpretation as before, one is dealing with an intermediary who by definition he (Chari) does not fully control. And this medium says what she wants, starting with the promotion of an elite (indigo children) to regenerate mankind. About the ability of Chari to muzzle her, it is reduced with time.

Babuji is really not only speaking in all times, but with every (many) mouths, and to say anything. The profusion of mediums is an obvious sign. From Catherine Lauret who promised the destruction of England (in 2010), to Erin, Babuji's messenger and the AFLM (Anonymous French Lady Medium) ...

Sahaj Marg is not really what it was!
It has been distorted ...


... to be Continued

"Chari promises he will change the world (2)"



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