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Marriage Arranged by Chari Allegedly Ends in Tragedy!

Taken from a Testimonial comment left on "Sahaj Marg! The SRCM(California-1997) Membership Statistics...":

If anyone has more information, please make it known here for the sake of the victims (current and future) . Please chose a "user ID" so we may refer to you as a "name" ...

Why is Chari and SRCM (California-1997) arranging and performing marriages? And, whereas Babuji warned that Sahaj Marg was for adults of 18 yrs and older, the age when one could chose a spiritual path, Chari wants the children to be abhyasis from birth, or before a choice is possible. It's all about "growing the business". This is from one of Chari's speeches:

Lalaji Maharaj, whose birth anniversary we are celebrating today has ordained–it was not merely an expression of his wishes–has ordained that abhyasis should marry amongst each other, so that in two or three generations we have an exploding Sahaj Marg population.

Note: Lalaji died in 1931, 13 years before Sahaj Marg and the Shri Ram Chandra Mission were invented by Babuji and registered in India, (1945) .

Anonymous said:

I went to Chennai ashram,
for doing some voluntary work in June 2006.
Shri Chary(Guru) was also conducting marriages during that time.

Just one day before marriage, an abhyasi by name Dhamodhar(Damu) commited suicide, which I know him very well, his marriage was fixed by Shri Chary with another abhyasi.

Dhamodhar was working for only mission mostly in
Satkol and nothing else for several years by then.

I dont know what went wrong there.
On the day of the marriage, I could see Shri Chari was performing as usual.

I think Damu brother commited suicide as marriage was against his wishes.

There are other episodes as well, where arrogant guru speaking some negative things and all those coming true.

Can any one from SRCM deny this charges.

March 29, 2009 10:59:00 PDT AM (Bombay, India)

This was sent May 15, 2008:

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Michael's View on the Controversies... Published on Mar 9, 2007":

Anonymous said...

I would like to bring forth a tragic incident, about an ardous abhyasi, named Dhamodar. I think who sacrifised every thing for the Mission. But sadly he commited suicide by hanging himself.

The marriage was set by PR. What might have gone through old parents and all. We can see PR next day as usual and whistling and listening to music. No change, poor parents, they might have such expectations from the young child.

From Shri Ram Chandra Mission (SRCM-California-1997) Site (Recent Speeches):
Speech given by Rev. Master on 12th October 2008 at Hyderabad, India

(...) increasingly marriages are getting troublesome. People get married here by the grace of my Guru, my Master, and they run into trouble. Some of them, fortunately only a few, the marriage is finished on the day of the marriage itself. So far we have had three cases. But it is a tragedy for me because, as Babuji said, even one drop of poison in a big vessel of milk means a big vessel full of poison. Here we don’t judge spiritual progress by success, we judge it by failure. And in that sense our marriages have failed too often for my comfort. Though my boys tell me, “Only three, saab [sir].” Should not have been even one.

In which other group does the leader call his henchmen (foot soldiers) "my boys"? Organized Crime!!

From Orkut Freedom from SRCM - Sahaj Marg

(Shashwat's) Discussion Community

Satya Srikanth Said :

Hi Shashwat,

Damu was supposed to marry a girl selected by chari. Girl was also abhyasi. she was daugther of a kitchen volunteer. Everybody in srcm knows about this incident. I guess chari forced the boy to marry aganist his wishes and because of that only he committed suicide.

and later Satya Srikanth said ...

Hi Shashwat,

You are doing exceptional job aganist sadist guru. There are other instances as well. Ex-Center incharge of some southern state (****Name Zapped on request****), she was very close associate of Babuji, please dont mention her name any where. she made her son to marry abhyasi. Chari some how said that the marriage will break. As he said, couple got divorce with in a year of marriage. Later on he throwed out of srcm as with many other senior abhyasis.


4d-Don said...

Hi Anonymous...

Thanks for sharing this with the PEOPLE (the broader community).

Did your friend have problems with the partner (woman) chosen for "him"? How did she take it? Is she still an "abhyasi"?

Was your friend "gay" (homosexual)?

Can you tell us more about this tragedy?

What do you mean when you say:

"There are other episodes as well, where arrogant guru speaking some negative things and all those coming true."

I will make an article with your comments... so all can see it.

could you chose an ID so we know what to call you beside "anonymous".

Thank you for the courage you have shown on behalf of your friend and "brother"...I am sure he would appreciate your "intervention" and exposing this issue for the sake of others in the same situation in the future...


March 29, 2009 11:08:00 PDT PM

4d-Don said...
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4d-Don said...
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4d-Don said...

Hi all from SRCM (California-1997) ...

Arranged marriages that last "one day", give the optics of being no more than "procuring sexual favours", what some consider "prostittion"! Or is it simply "empregnating" the females and hence creating a little "abhyasi"?

When does procuring sexual favours for "your boys", become "prostitution" and hence, illegal, and immoral? It seems to be deemed "spiritual" by this "harmful sect" and their businessman nationalist "master", Chari.

This seems to be a "opportunistic" and immoral use of " the institution of marriage" for rewards to "the boys".

I hope and I'm almost sure that the "honosexuals" would not, and will not disrespect the "holy sacrement of marriage", to that level....

If your (SRCM-California-1997) marriage arrangements last "one night" (or two, or even one week...) there could be a "child" to carry to a foreign country but with roots in India and with roots in your "sect" ... Are these "arranged marriages" for immigration purposes? When does "morality" enter the SRCM (California-1997) "nationalist" equation? Or the realm of spirituality for that matter...

It does not seem that these "arranged marriages" are for the sake of creating a "healthy family" in any country, when even the desires and wishes of the participants and their families are obviously ignored to the level of bringing about an alleged suicide and attempted murder.

It is time to stop this practice immediately and grow the Religion/business the "organic" way as Babuji had ordered: no one under 18 yrs old... There is a reason for this and it is "spiritual", not opportunistic.

Join the "modern world" and stop these medieval "feudal" practices from centuries past, under the name of "religion or spirituality". If it is religion, it is very "fundamentalist", and regressive.

It sounds and looks like a "breeding program" and/or the religious tool called the "conspiracy of the cradle". When do the rewards start kicking in, making the practice another example of: "spiritual capitalism"? ...

"Keep the Master happy", BREED! Grow the business! Numbers, numbers, numbers...

And the Planet? Religions want dominion over Mother Earth (Gaia), and to outbreed the other nationalities, races, etc is fair religious game.... dominate by sheer "numbers" ...

SRCM could become a social or religious/spiritual cancer! And the preceptors are starting to look like enablers or "PIMPS"...


Anonymous said...

It destroys families-- It has nothing to do with spiritualism. It is an addiction wherein the partner spends more time with his clan rather than doing his family responsibilities.
If someone is a perceptor in the house and the spouse is not a member it can be fatal--- it will end in divorce. How can a wife allow her husband to sit alone in a room with a woman-- face to face. Vulgar, filthy and esoteric. This is what it is in a nutshell

Anonymous said...

It is a disease where the infection spreads in a fatal manner. How can you show obeisance to someone who is himself mired in all kinds of controversies.
Many members of this cult have been vocal in degrading the otrher forms of religion. So there religion is the best. If that is so all the followers should have Godly traits in them. Do they? Those who have can have so even without all this crap

4d-Don said...

Hi Anonymous...

You say: It has nothing to do with "spiritualism"

I presume you mean it has nothing to do with "SPIRITUALITY". I think it is their "spiritualism" (contact and messages from the spirit of the dead) that is causing the problems in Sahaj Marg since Chari took it over. I think that some "spirits" that they claim are: "elevated", are really quite low and even self created "egregores", which like all "groupthink" take on an "autonomous life" of their own.

These are amateurs playing with the lives of others. If you spouse is a PRECEPTOR, you will either join the "gang", you spouse will see through the scam or you will "divorce"... We now have enough "EVIDENCE" in the testimonials we have received, of which we only published a selection.

You are correct in your assessment of them beside that...

May the ONE protect you and your family from such "manipulative" groups... There are many more in the world called: RELIGION or SPIRITUALITY.


Anonymous said...

Sahaj marg is the worst brainwashing group I have seen. I went for 2 sittings and it was enough for me to run away and not turn back. My poor sister was introduced by my so-called brother-in-law to SRCM in a vulnerable time in her life. Biggest blunder!! Though we had known him since childhood we were unaware of what SRCM is capable and what a fool he is. Now 10 yrs down and a diabetic child, her life is ruined. All he does is sit in meditation. He has no clue how to take care of the child. Not a human..a zombie....he scares me to death even in my vacation there. To live with him around each day is a big punishment. We have ran out of options to bring him back. He has ruined a total family's happiness. Ruined a beautiful kind-hearted soul's life. Destroyed this birth of her. People...please run away from SRCM.