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Sister Kasturi's PR Man's Views on Lalaji and Women Masters in Sahaj Marg and SRCM!

Taken from Kasturi Bhenji Blog in the comments Feb. 17-18, 2009.

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"As I have said earlier also in the blog that it is not always necessary to have a Preceptor to continue with your Sprituality"

This is strange... it seems concept of spirituality as defined in sahaj marg is not dependent on master but changes with people defining sahaj marg.

If a perceptor is not needed, why preceptors are appointed?

I have heard that babuji said (in one of the messages from brighter world) that women cannot become master of sahaj marg, how is it that sister kasturi taking the role to master?

February 16, 2009 2:16:00 AM PST

pandit ji

Dear brother,

preceptors are meant to help the master for which they are prepared now if the preceptor is not prepared as per what babuji needs or one does not get the proper feeling then in that case do we say sprituality is dependent on preceptor.. so in this context it was written, try to get behind the main idea before commenting.

where have you heard babuji saying that women cannot become masters please give the page number also as far as my knowledge goes babuji never said this. (Chari said this at a speech at Satkhol airport in 2001... see below for Chari's view on the role of women in SRCM-California-1997)

on more thing need to be clarified once more that babuji is the master and he is always present with us so there cannot be any other masters , yes president, seceratary can be there for administration but master is one in sahaj marg the simple way to ultimate , sri ram chandra's mission is babuji mission to take every body to ultimate so he is the master although he never said that he is the master, moreover we should not see and remember babuji as a physical body but as divine internally connected to us.

also few more thing i would like to tell
Sri Ram chandra's mission is babuji's mission and started by babuji not by lalaji, lalaji had sant mat which is still there in fatehgarh ... (Finally, someone who agrees with the dissident bloggers... Sant Mat is Meditation on the Inner Light and Sound. Sahaj Marg is a combination of the Sufi "Transmission" of prahahuti from the Master, and "obedience")

PS... Research tips: Lalaji's RamAshram, Lalaji's NaqshMuMRa Nexus, Sufism Naqshbanhiyya Golden Chains, Ruhani Satsangh, Sant Mat,

people who dont understand concept of meditation and divine connectivity term the experience as mental diseases Hallucination, madness and psychological illness
but to the contrary we get eternal peace and divine blessing form meditation
i have put my view points if somebody has doubts please ask sister kasturi directly
also please put queries pertaining to spritual progress not all these discussions i think we have many other places to discuss all of those but please avoid discussing them here , i know some people will say i am supressing things etc.. they may feel whatever they feel like but this blog is for spritual discussion and not administration related hope you understand .

Lets be in divine babuji's remebrence always

February 18, 2009 6:11:00 AM PST

Taken from Lessons from Sahaj Marg Blog

Speech from Chari at Satkhol Airport

Talk at Satkhol Jan 29, 2001 (transcribed from Video...full transcript by SRCM (California-1997) available on request)

Q : Master, the desire to reach the goal, you cannot call it a desire to reach the goal ?
R : One man, one time.
Think, think !
We have got into too much of these stereotypes,

Q : Of what?
R : Stereotypes, that insulin is necessary for diabetes, vaccine for this, something for that.

(Speaking with the 2 girls)

We have to do it. See, suppose you feed me, you have given away one meal for which you should have worked for years. So, a man can give, or a human being gives only by taking somebody’s else share.

12:30 p.m.

On why a lady cannot be a Master Babuji said that a Master of that caliber gets orders from above, and their work includes that of destruction. A woman is not capable of such destruction. All this talk about equality between men and women the more they talk about something, the less they will get it. Equality is different from equalization. There are high pressure and low pressure areas. In the process of equalization, the wind flows from here to there, and this process if what creates the climate. If the pressure were the same everywhere, there would be no climate. This is the way of nature: Inequality Equalization Inequality Equalization (alluding to a low pressure building, winds blowing from other high pressure areas, another low pressure building up, etc.) Today you see American woman trying to do everything that the male does. They join the navy seals It is not a job for them. I might offend the woman here, but God did not create both as equals. Each have their own sphere of functioning.

25th November 2001, 8:45 a.m

Satkhol Before the morning satsangh, the door of the meditation hall was left open, and Master asked someone to close it. After this was done, an abhyasi walked in, leaving the door open again. This was closed, only for the same scene to happen yet again! Master said In the West, they have a habit to leave things as they were. If a door is open, they will leave the door open. If a door was closed, they will close the door behind them. They will leave things as they find it. This practice makes life very simple. There are many things we should learn from the West. ( Yes, but that is not one of them. We, in the west are FREE, so we do as we like, differently all the time. And we use our "head", in our life, not just the "heart" specially to "think" and decide what we should do next. Also, there is not only ONE Westerner that you can generalize what we "westerners" do, any more than we can generalize about Orientals ... That is sort of like "racism"? ...and insulting to your own "Indians" with something that is NOT even TRUE!) It is the Indians who have the arrogance to leave things any which way. Some closes a door. Someone opens a door. It is a mess. (Later an abhyasi recalled a dream in which he saw Lalaji as Babuji as Love, and Chariji as Discipline). Master recalled Babujis directive in Paris (1982) to Him to bring discipline into the mission. But there are several people still in the mission who are undisciplined. So saying, He turned and looked at a girl who was sitting right next to Him (As if He was saying this to her). And almost immediately, she began to wipe off some tears from the corner of her eyes. And Master, looking at this, said Now, Dont you start. I do not understand women at all. Say the slightest of things harshly, and they begin to create a scene. It appears that I should only talk about superficial things like the food, the weather, etc. to them. Anything stronger than that, they cannot take it. I do not know what Mami (referring to His late wife) will think about all this. Maybe she will pull me up for what I am saying now, once I get to the brighter world. I do not know whether I am going there or not, but she is there. Babuji is saying You are doing good work. So continue doing it. You have built Satkhol. Go on, and build more places like this Master said that, in 2005, we would have a new ashram in Uttar Kashi, which is the place where the Sapta Rishis (the Seven Sages governing the universe) came down to the Earth to meditate. He also talked about an ashram in the place where Pathanjali had his ashram.

Shashwat's comments on Orkut's: Freedom from SRCM-Sahaj Marg

We have a confirmation from Kasturi Chaturvedi, wherein people associated with her have accepted that lalaji is not at all related to babuji and his sahaj marg, this is what we have been saying for quite some time, we were able to demonstrate the same with evidence, it is good to see that there are some people who are still somewhat honest, and accept the faults done by others and agree that which is evident and do not block their thinking in mindless obsession of associating lalaji with sahaj marg, just because a jerk claims that it is an order from lalaji that members of his cult must marry each other!!

here is what panditji a close associate and de-facto public relation officer of kasturi chaturvedi has to say about lalaji's association with sahaj marg.

also few more thing i would like to tell
Sri Ram chandra's mission is babuji's mission and started by babuji not by lalaji, lalaji had sant mat which is still there in fatehgarh ..

Now the same question arises again, people following babuji say it clearly that lalaji is not associated with sahaj marg, chari say's that it is an order from lalaji that abhyasis should marry each other!!

When lalaji is not associated with what Chari is propagating, how come they follow orders from lalaji and those who are directly propagating teachings of lalaji, have no clue as when this order was made!!

This makes it clear enough that Chari is a cunning manipulator who does not hesitate to fool people, lies are on his tong, if he opens his mouth, he will speak lie.

Alas there are people who believe that such a person is spiritual, is calling Parthasarthi Rajagopalachari as spiritual not an insult to this term, spiritual??

It is very important that we all should know that Chari is fooling people in name of spirituality, his deeds and lies must be exposed and presented to public for scrutiny.

I urge people to open their minds and see deeds as they are, and not with a closed mind, which only listens to voice of their master.

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