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Babuji's Story, According To Narayana's ISRC!

Excerpts from Institute of Sri Ramchandra Consciousness (ISRC), The Story of Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur). Which story is true, ISRC or SRCM (California - 1997)). It seems that the Chari version of "history" (or "his story") is a "whitewash", a "cleaning" or a fabrication and a manipulation of the true HISTORY of SRCM, and their "lineage". It is not in agreement with Lalaji's legitimate lineage, nor is it in agreement with the other "schisms" of the SRCM itself (ISRC, and the SRCM (Shahjahanpur) of Babuji's Family)

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Babuji seems to have dabbled in "mesmerism" (hypnotism)!!

During his school days he had a friend who with mesmerism used to treat people suffering from diseases. He started thinking about this process and came to the basic point that it is concentration and movement of energy for some work pregnant with that thought. Some time later a relative of his also claimed himself to be a mesmerist. But he did not want to teach Sri Ramchandra unless he did some personal service as per the old ways generally adopted by gurus.

Babuji Seems to have dabbled in "faith healing" (or mesmerism, hypnotism)

During that period Sri Idris Ahmed, the Head Master of Govt. High School, Shahjahanpur where he was studying suffered from severe pain of colic. He was totally restless and groaning due to pain and requested Sri Ramchandraji to help him if he can. He caught hold of his thumbs with his hands putting his thumb over his and passed the suggestion that "you are alright now" for a minute. The head master felt relief from pain immediately and he went to sleep. Thereafter the head master referred all the cases of suffering students in the school to him for relief that they were getting. Such was his will even by then.

Baubji (and his wife) seems to have been "short tempered"

He was married at the age of 19 (1918) at Mathura the birthplace of Lord Sri Krishna. His wife Smt. Bhagwati, however, was short tempered. But his attitude to accept every thing as a divine gift enabled him who is also equally short tempered to tone down his irritable nature and learned tolerance in her company. This helped him enormously in his spiritual life.

and later....

Mean while his married life was one of constant irritation to him. His wife who was short tempered was worsening his short temper. He reported the matter to his Master who asked whether he was losing senses while being angry. He observed that while the ill temper continued and while he was angry many times, never did the rage made him lose control over the senses. This Master told him that senses do not have any control over him and he has moderated them to the required extent.

Baubji seems to have contemplated "suicide" over a work place incident:

He felt so bad that he even told his respected father that he would resign from the office or else commit suicide. His father told him to resign immediately if he felt so. However, he continued the service and with the help of the Munsif was able to learn the work fast in a few months and was comfortable. Despite this attitude of his colleague which had driven him to such an extent as to make him think of suicide also, his treatment towards him was as cordial as ever.


Despite this attitude of his colleague which had driven him to such an extent as to make him think of suicide also, his treatment towards him was as cordial as ever.

Early family intrigues in Babuji' s Family Life:

After his father's demise one of his uncles distantly related wanted to be in-charge of the management of his estate, so that he may have a chance of deriving all possible advantage by fair or foul means. He and his brother did not agree and thus the uncle became an opponent. For years together he remained so, creating difficulties to Sri Ramchandraji at every step by underhand means till his death in 1956. He went on with his activities setting up causes for worry, harassment and loss to him. He provoked persons against the Master and tried to drag him to court on many issues. He even resorted to gangsterism in order to harm him in every possible way. Though Master had means and resources to pay his uncle in his own coin, he bore everything patiently and calmly remaining ever on the defensive side with no intention to retaliate. These things should have made any one feel miserable at the loss. But the spiritual genius in him withstood all these for the Divine work ahead, waiting for him.

And later...

This was much appreciated by Lord Krishna who blessed him and his family with spiritual and material prosperity for generations to come.

The Blessings of Lord Krishna to "him and his family" ??

His family life continued satisfactorily. He was blessed with 6 sons and 3 daughters. However 2 sons and one daughter died during infancy. His wife Smt. Bhagwati passed away in the year 1949. His second son Sri Dinesh, however, committed suicide in the year 1958.

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