Tuesday, June 21, 2011

For Sahaj Marg(tm)! Another Successor Soon?

Taken and translated from an article by Alexis: "Bientôt, un Autre Successeur" on Elodie's blog: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg.

Comment by 4d-Don, author of this blog:

There are some admitted "embellishments" and POV (point of view) by Alexis in the section: "... the latter flatters his ego..." and in the section: "... the conquered ..."

This "pact" sounds like a created rumour mill by Sahaj Marg(tm) "management team", so as to attract the curious "party-goers" to Chari's birthday bash!! Sort of like playing on the lower emotions in people ... Not the heart (the pump for blood), but lower than that!! ;-))

And for that "holy grail", they will leave the NATURAL and God-created HEART of their family, friends, country, and increase their "carbon footprint" in the search for ONE GOD which is EVERYTHING, and WHICH (not WHO) is EVERYWHERE, and EVERYWHEN (The E-Trinity) ...

Future generations?? Who cares eh!! We're SPIRITUALISTS!! We're in the "heart" ... or lower!! It's good for tourism, the Oil companies, and for business ... God is a capitalist of course ... but all this spiritualist capitalism is not for the human PUMP ... the true heart.

Now, like all good religious hypocrites, the Sahaj Marg(tm) disciples can preach and claim their meditation method to be Raja Yoga (starting at step #7 of an eightfold path), but eat un-rajasic but sensuously SPICY food ... for the heart!!

June 20, 2011

Soon another successor?

SRCM is preparing the future

Chari charged Dr. Adizes to put forth proposals for the reorganization of the Mission to meet the increase in membership over the past 30 years, and for the future.

The result of this consultation and its practical implications will be unveiled during the ceremony of his (Chari's) birthday.

Born in Skopje in Macedonia in 1937,
Ichak Kalderon Adizes is the head of the consulting firm of the same name and one of the world's leading experts in performance and organizational change.

Having been introduced over two years ago by his friend and colleague, Sunil Dovedy, to the method of meditation according to Sahaj Marg(tm), Ichak Kalderon Adizes (73 years) eventually agrees to spend a week at the Satkhol ashram in the foothills of the Himalayas in March, in Chari's company. During this period, the latter flatters his ego by giving him the "teacher" role, and by treating himself as a "student". After a 40-year career, a conquered Adizes suddenly discovers that his methodology is only made of logic and that it lacks the heart. History, he said, was marked by a few nations who have contributed strategically: the Jews brought monotheism, ancient Athens, democracy, and America, capitalism and "a well-functioning market system"(sic) it is time that India makes its contribution
of spiritualism to our civilization.

Since his retreat in the Himalayan Adizes notes on March 25, that he is trying to lose his bad habit of always waiting, wanting and desiring things, all precursors to feelings of frustration. Like many Jews, he says he lives in his head, but he must learn to be content with what comes, "Let It Be" (re-sic). For this expert on Change, finished is the strength of the mind, the will and reason that has made what he has become. Repudiation of 40 years of experience? To a commentator (on his blog) who underlines nicely the contrast between his methodology, his teaching and the new laissez faire attitude, he offers no answer ...

In short, after much conditioning, Chari appoints him Prefect, and assigns him the task of bringing forward a group of 25 "representatives" of the future organization of the SRCM and its associated structures (SMSF, LMOIS, etc.). during 10 days, from May 5 to 14 in Bangalore.

On his blog, on May 28th, Adizes gives an account of his journey, and he notes how much "meditation calms the mind," he adds that "in one afternoon, we were able to make decisions, which during my forty years of experience, would normally have taken at least ten months prior to becoming realized. " Two days later, he declared on twitter (May 30) "The faster the change, the faster the problems arise. "(Re-re sic).

Senility or mental influence?

SRCM has grown a lot bigger over the last 30 years and Chari is older. The aim of the new organization is twofold: to address enrollment growth, but also to unload Chari of the administrative tasks of the Mission.

In short, the first results announced is the establishment of a team of "global service" to help Chari and to assure the future of Sahaj Marg, and the creation of a pact of service signed by Chari and the 25 participants in a spirit of love and selfless service. The remaining measures will be announced in late July ...

But Chari has already named the 13 people who will man his inner circle team:

- PR Krishna, Spiritual Development Program
- Sanjay Bhatia, Lalaji Memorial Educational Society
- Santosh Sreenivasan, Spiritual Formation
- Rishabh Kothari, Member Services
- Chak Sriprasad, Continuous Improvement
- Rajendrasinh Rathod, India (spiritual support worldwide)
- Mr. Poul Juul, West (spiritual support worldwide)
- Nitin Govil, East (spiritual support worldwide)
- William Waycott, The Americas (spiritual support worldwide)
- Sharat Hegde, Building construction
- Sudhir Marwaha, Fixed Assets
- Santosh Khanjee, Operations
- Kamlesh Patel, Ombudsman

This team should help support an aging Chari. Note that the son of Chari is leading the list and is charged with spiritual development. Sanjay Bhatia, the one who climbs and climbs, comes in second. But there is still not a shadow of a woman, and only two people are not of Indian origin (one American and one Scandinavian). Will there be on July 24 one of those persons designated to succeed Chari, replacing outgoing Ajay Kumar Bhatter?

This reorganization is justified by changes in the last 30 years! Is it not wonderful? Insidiously, Chari omits the period of Babuji and refocuses the growth of the Mission on his 30-year presidency, thus giving himself the main benefit ...

The spiritual goal of the Mission is of course strongly reaffirmed. Hence the drafting of the service covenant that will be unveiled on July 24, but we already know that he is the guarantor of a "spirit of love and selfless service."

The notions of obedience and service continuously reaffirmed by Chari are always present, except that in the shading, he has now replaced obedience by love. But Chari keeps saying that obedience is the best means to love:

"(...) And a growing love should be reflected in a growing obedience. And when this is absolute, obedience must be absolute. (...) For me it is a direct relationship: obedience, love, obedience, more, more love, the highest obedience, the highest love. (...) Obedience is the first law of spirituality. I place it above love because true obedience comes only with love. (...) It is not easy to love, but it is easy to obey. And it is my experience that if you obey, and just go on and on, it's easier than trying to love someone. (...) "
(In Salient Features No. 4).

The event is carefully staged, it maintains the suspense!

Unlike the speech "Secure the Future" in 2005 which announced the appointment of Ajay (Kumar Bhatter) to the surprise of many, this time the reorganization was officially announced on May 21 in Sahaj Sandesh. And leaks are deliberate to keep the suspense and feed the rumors.

We already know that organizational changes and the precise nature of the pact will be announced July 24. But will he other revelations? Will Chari go as far as to officially designate the new successor?

The grapevine is buzzing! Will
Chari create the event?

To be continued ...


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Anonymous said...


The newly appointed preceptor
Dr. Adizes is a blatant ploy to collect more abhyasis (a.k.a. real estate).

Thanks for publishing the list of apple polishers. If there was one less we could call the list the dirty dozen! One might fall (i.e. someone gets jealous and pushes them out) and that could easily happen!

OMG - the titles are hilarious "Spiritual support Worldwide" it's just sooooo... Big...i mean, it's Worldwide.

Support doesn't really mean support - it means keeping people in their place, in the group (alternate reality).

The fact that Dr. Adizes is 73 gives all new hope for the older abhyais who, up to this point, thought that Master reserved that role for the younger generations.

-- Triple Gem

4d-Don said...

Hi Triple Gem...

Odd how this is another "business" consultant or organizer...

Where are all the philosophers and the "spiritual" adepts who should be drawn to this "SPIRITUALIST" group? Maybe there is not enough "spirituality" and too much "nationalism" and Materialism in Sahaj Marg(tm) since Chari. All the "thinkers" are gone and we now have the "un-thinking" materialists and SPIRITUALISTS controlling another RELIGION ...

How about if Chari appoints a "Sufi" to succeed him, as Huzur did with Lalaji? How about a "catholic" priest? A Muslim Imam? A Bahai? A follower of Falun Gong? ... NO!! Just "businessmen"!! The materialists who pollute the world with "Materialism", spiritualism and specially GREED ... Hmmm!!

That should fool the "dummies" of our society (they must think) ... It could also be seen as a "cleansing" for all the other religions who may be losing their so-called "bad sheep" (or black sheep) to this Cult of a PERSON from out of India. (there are apparently millions such "Gurus") ...

Thanks for the comment...


Michael said...

Greetings Don,

A Spicy post for sure. Thanks for translating this and making it available.- Here's to the E-Trinity and beyond!

In the 30+ years of Parthasarathi's involvement in SRCM,every speech, every publication, every message only adds to the morass of conflicting and incoherent doctrine - Yet intellectuals and thinking people continue to arrive at the SRCM beachfront, generally stranded and lost or at a vulnerable crossroads in their lives. After the initial indoctrination, they ultimately fall for the only real consistent message that has survives year after year- Unquestioning Obedience To The Master...

So it goes without saying, that when the only consistent message is as unpalatable as that of the SRCM, good marketing is required - good organizational structure is necessary.

Regardless, I might point out that in the grand scheme of things, SRCM remains a very minor organization on the global front. No matter how good the organization and marketing is, the "product" is a tough one to sell beyond a small percentage of the population.


4d-Don said...
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4d-Don said...

Hi Michael...

Thanks to Alexis, for being so tenacious and continuing to do the hard research and writing the articles (in French). Also thanks to Elodie for making her blog available for discussion for all these years...

It is my fervent hope that with the "information" revolution which is upon us, all the "tough sell" products, as you call Sahaj Marg(tm), but which I apply to all (or most) religions, can now be exposed for what they are in REALITY, and that the majority of the world will become more rational, or "thinkers" and not be so driven (motivated) by emotions in the future.

I sometimes shudder when I look at the crowds at sports and/or entertainment venues and specially at the violence and "riots" that sometimes follow, and in which the "egregores" mindlessly express their disappointment at losing a "game".

These are the same egregores (Groupthink) which are created and used by many groups: religions, armies, businesses, etc... allegedly so as to create cohesion in the group.

I see some freeing themselves from the effects of such religious egregores, and for many, it mostly means leaving the group. It is encouraging to see the "Arab Spring" (Arab Rebellions, Arab Revolutions) and the "democracy movements" which are erupting in many of the Muslim dictatorships.

But, on the other hand, every once in a while, I read something which indicates that we, as a species, are truly evolving emotionally ... at a snail's pace,it's true, and with every step forward, accompanied by a half-step backwards, but we are evolving. We are certainly gathering masses of "information" quanta (packets) and our technology is evolving exponentially if not exploding. We are still hunters and gatherers, but as "infonauts" (information miners).

I don't pray for THINGS or STATES (such as the STATE OF GRACE) anymore but I still commune with ONE or our ONE-ness. (some call it "talking to one's self") I don't see God as a PERSON anymore as when I was a child ... so that is a more rational use of MIND and intellect, I think. ;-))

Thanks for your comment. Always nice to hear from you.

May you and yours be blessed.