Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Mission (Sahaj Marg(tm), You Love It Or Leave It!

Taken from a comment by ex-Abhyasi, Krys: "La Mission: Tu L'aime Ou Tu La Quitte", on Élodie's Blog in Europe, Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg.

Insertions by 4d-don, for the sake of accuracy of translation are in "red italics".

Here we can witness the workings of an "egregore" as a pyramidal pseudo-religious society drifts to its"lowest common denominator"!! See here! (1) (2)(3)(4)(5)

Krys Said:

June 14, 2011

The Mission (Sahaj Marg(tm): You Love It Or Leave It

I just come to give my support to Élodie, I sent my comments on this blog in the spring of 2006, it's been 5 years, when some were questioning the excesses of the mission, angry at the attitude of my preceptor and other abhyasis. I ended up leaving the mission, largely pushed to the exit by these people.

Chariji had certainly made mistakes, but he remains undoubtedly a great spiritual personality. My criticism goes rather to the other abhyasis (disciples). There were several of us asking questions, but our teacher (preceptor) accused us of being bad abhyasis, most have returned to the ranks and everyone turned against me. I was the black sheep, which brought contradiction, doubt, rebellion. I have been accused of all evils: I did not do the work on my character correctly, and my slanders, and everything. I did not trust the Master, I was unworthy, I do not deserve what he gave me. They pushed me out. Nobody wanted to discuss with me, they just guilted me, that's all.

Chariji is not a saint, but his followers are even worse!

Now, today, when I meet them on the street, they ignore me, they don't know me anymore, the only one who came back towards me, is another who also abandoned the practice.

To survive in the mission, you can question yourself if you want to, but always in secret. Especially do not tell anyone! If you're sharing your questions with others, you will be put back in line, or excluded (shunned). There are no other alternatives. At the mission, there are no responses, because one does not ask questions. Doubt is forbidden, it is already a lack of spirituality, a breach of Sahaj Marg. The preceptor is the guardian of the dogma and the abhyasis are his toy soldiers, a sort of secret police of your thoughts.

Without that state of mind, Sahaj Marg is wonderful. If you doubt, your girlfriends will let you go. You come back into line or they demolish you, to the point of slamming the door in your face.

Thank you girlfriends, my best enemies.



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Anonymous said...


Could please tell me what are the questions that you put to those abyasis ? such that I can understand your leaving the mission(SRCM) in a more better way.

Thank you,


4d-Don said...

Allo Rajan

As you will notice, this is a translation from a French article which appeared on Elodie's blog, in Europe (see the comments section where Krys (a woman) has replied in French to one of my queeries around the same topic:

So That Sahaj Marg May Live!!


If Krys replies, I will translate it and place it here, in the comments to this article.

Thanks for your comments,

Translation of Krys's Rely (on Elodie's blog in Europe: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg.


Hello Don

I am truly a woman and these women were my friends, not lovers.

But they have become my worse enemies.


Translated by Don

k.r.s.rajan said...

Beloved don,

Thank you for your reply to my message sent to Krys.


k.r.s.rajan said...

Hi, Don,

Thank you for your reply.


Anonymous said...

There are no friends in Sahaj-Marg...you only have one friend - the master, aka Chariji, see how that works out when your only friend is a narcissist. Nice group of people! ha! Krys is lucky to be out of there. I hope she can reclaim her own power...you don't need a middle man. --- Triple Gem

4d-Don said...

Hi Triple Gem...

Thanks for that comment ...

We have another example of the workings of an "egregore" in the recent Vancouver Riots (Canucks, a "hockey" game/business?? or legalized violence?)

A few motivated people ("outsiders", anarchists, etc...) can get a crowd "frenzied" to the point where so-called "intelligent, stable, spiritual,religious,good " people turn on one another, where a few minutes before, they were all UNITED or ONE.

Is that not also the history of sectarian divisions, violent conflict and the history of WAR, specially wars by nationalist groups using RELIGION to get the people accepting their religious "egregore" and becoming "fanatical" or "radicalized" ...

The egregore, being a mental construct, will also change over time as more motivated and ruthless people join the group and become its "LEADERS" (preceptors).

This (Sahaj Marg-tm) ain't SPIRITUAL-ity but a nationalist, spiritual-ist group who get their disciples to "turn on one another" if one should succeed in freeing themselves ... not overtly of course.

Back home, we call that the "lobster pot" syndrome. (when Lobster is put into a boiling pot, some will try to climb out but the others will pull it down so as to save themselves and they of course all "boil"... all divided) The cultish "buddy" system (inter-marriage, friends, birthdays, parties, etc...) and other social or "peer pressures" should have prevented Krys from freeing herself ... She must have a good support system outside of Sahaj Marg (tm) ... or is very strong in herself.

Sahaj Marg (tm) can be explained by sociology and is very flawed in its theology and its spiritualism. Sahaj Marg(tm) can be explained specifically by the "crowd mentality" created by the "egregore".

Soon, (we hope and KNOW) all FREE individuals will be called (by THEM) the "enemies of Sahaj Marg's form of SPIRITUALISM".... Thank our ONE-ness ... which is more powerful (logical and/or natural) than the "divisiveness" of such new religions and/or cults of personalities. Such are RELIGIONS which have kept various tribes (nations) of mankind at various times, divided as enemies for millenia!!

In the NEW WORLD, we see what Christianity and their "egregores" have done to our NATIVE communities... All in the name of GOD !! What a CRIME!!

Our LIBERATION is at hand ... We now have the tools to SPEAK OUT and expose these divisive LIARS ... the INTERNET!!