Saturday, April 26, 2008

Smile, You Are On File!

Taken from Elodie's French blog: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg

Smile, you are on file!

General Census of Abhyasis

Smile, you are on file!

Did you know?

Even though 25% of you not pay any fee, SRCM France has repeatedly begged you for membership fees, even lowering its tariffs. You're now on file for the first time in France and therefore under the rules of the CNIL (IT Commission and Freedoms, for those who do not know).

Then you are asked to take an "international identity card" owned by the Mission (yes, yes!), which is essential if you want to participate in any international seminars of the Mission. You are therefore on file a second time, but in India this time. The file is therefore no longer subject to the rules to which we are accustomed, which guarantees us a minimum of freedom and privacy (already relatively lean).

You are on file for a third time, still in India, with each of your sittings with a preceptor, because he/she sends a monthly report of his/her activities (containing the names of people he/she accommodates and the dates of their sittings). Many of you even have your "photo" on file in India. You've got to know that recently on Elodie's blog, Ajay Bhatter (the guru-in-waiting) replied with a great silence to the questions from French preceptors on the relevance of these reports, accompanied by the only comment that they should: "trust and obey"!

But it's not over, as if this were not enough…

You do not know the latest?

Do these Does not that they have sent discreetly a decree to all centres responsible to conduct everywhere an exhaustive survey (census) of abhyasis practitioners who will participate in the celebrations of the Babuji's anniversary on April 30.

"No", you say? But yes! … but yes... they will stop at nothing.

To think that they want to test the degree you will obey your leaders after the short esclandre of preceptors who finally dared to ask a sensible question. Too bad they always end up getting in line, and following like bleating like the sheep they are asked to be.

Babuji wanted lions, Chari wants sheep who think they are lions…

The only intelligent (free) answer to such an attitude should be the boycott of this census by your leaders, or/and even to boycott the whole day by you all, the abhyasis!

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