Friday, September 24, 2010

Spiritual Tourism! Sahaj Marg(tm) Divides Families at Holiday Time!

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"The Decline of SRCM (California-1997)":

Here is the newest propaganda / bullying attempt by the European SRCM - unique possibility - yeah right, just like every other meet you're supposed to go to instead of spending the time with real loved ones.

It'll be interesting to see if the 2000 target get's met. The last target for the Europeans to meet in Vrads certainly wasn't.

BTW what's with all this He/Him/HIM capitalisation crap. It seems to be gaining momentum.

* Capitalization of pronouns (He/Him/HIM) are meant to signify the divinity of Chari! (flawed theology or idol-atry! )

A quote for Chari:

"To be able to truly love is to be able to love when there is no love in your heart."

*From:* Bernadette vanSteven

*Sent:* Wednesday, September 22, 2010 12:39 PM
*Subject:* With Beloved Master in December!

Dear sister, dear brother,

In less than three months from our next visit to India in December it is important to prepare ourselves in order to benefit fully of our meeting with Master. In this respect I like to forward the two messages below that are also so appropriate for us all in order to expose ourselves to Him in such way that He will be able to do with us what He wishes to do !

Most affectionately,


De: Christian Macketanz
Objet: With Beloved Master in December!
Date: Mercredi 22 septembre 2010, 10h24

Dear Ones,

we had a talk with brother Nagaraja, who spent some days with Beloved Master in Pondicherry. Master was very happy there and telling everybody that He is very happy to welcome the European Abhyasis in December! He said " they understand that I can not travel so they come to India!" He also said that Master is expecting 2000 Europeans!

The online registration will be available in the next few days. It is important that everywhere all abhyasis realize this unique possibility to be with HIM......

Thanks and Regards

Christian Macketanz

Is this not embarrassing? Crass commercialism!! Keep the mesmerized sheep busy or they will wake up and run for FREEDOM. Oh well... the poor will not get any Christmas gifts this year!! The wealthy will have "sucked" (vampires?) all the dispose-able money again!!

Does it not sound like a "movie star" factory for teen idols? Who is their PR firm? HTC Global Services?

This "pseudo-spirituality", or more accurately: "fundamentalist spiritualism" is like having a license to print money ... Get out the "iconography" and the books. There'll be some "sales" in the old town tonight ... Another wave of "brainwashed zombies" are coming to town, thinking they're going to see god ... or his "CEO" !! (capitalization humour... god is not important...but CHARI is god.)

You gotta laugh b'cause it's not funny ...



Anonymous said...

A particularly loathsome and scary sentiment:

"in order to expose ourselves to Him in such way that He will be able to do with us what He wishes to do !"

4d-Don said...

Hi anonymous...

And they (the self-titled institute of "they"), claim to be a "Natural path" ...

Which other part of nature surrenders to another part of CREATION like that? Specially to an "invader" with plans to conquer the world, or to one who's metaphors are "predators" (lion) and myths of another culture?? But who targets the "prey" (lambs, sheep, serfs, etc...) of other lands.

Do the trees surrender? Does the fir tree surrender to the cedar? The cystals? The liquids? The gases? Do the prey species simply surrender to the predators without a fight or an attempt to escape?

What part of Sahaj Marg is NATURAL?? Oh it's Natural that we all bow to the Brahmins, the master race of Asia!!

NOT TODAY... Thanks anyway...

One has to laugh because they are not "FUNNY"...