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Christian's Analysis of Chari's: "Keep the Master Happy" Speech

Taken from Christian's blog: Analyse de la SRCM (tm)

Christian, a research psychologist and psycho-linguist (phd), was an abhyasi for 18 years under Chari.

(See the last article on the blog: Number Xlll)

XIII) Supreme arrogance, et the non-arrogance of the Supreme. When the servant thinks he's God ... It is time to change the "servant" !

Apparently, we recognize a tree by its fruit. Let us therefore focus on the fruits of this (SRCM California-1997) tree, with a look at the contents of a manipulative speech given by Chari in March 2009 in Calcutta (India)

"Keep your Master happy under all circumstances. Don't pit your desire against his plans. The Master has no desires. He has only plans: plans for the Mission, plans for the abhyasis - all for the welfare of the abhyasis, nothing for himself"

Chari has no desire, as it can clearly be seen because this is not a power system, this is not a sectarian system, this is not a manipulative doctrine. He has plans for you, like all the globalist maniacs of the world, but these plans are not from his megalomaniac desires, they are the desires of God. Well ... Moreover, all this is for your good: Do you think that if it was not for your good, he would tell you anyway?

"All of us today are like that. We want our satisfaction, our opinion, our plan to be accepted. And there are some centres that have been eminently troublesome to Babuji in his lifetime, and subsequently."

Which centers? These are empty words, unverifiable. But if this were true, why would some centers have acted that way? There must have been reasons. But the real question is: Were they the same as those concerning Chari today? Surely not! The parallel is simply to enable him to acquire the aura of Babuji by replacing him in the eyes of the abhyasis. For he says in essence: If even to Babuji, some centers have opposed some resistance, you will understand that it is inevitable that it happens to me too. This substitution allows him to undermine the resistance in the eyes of the abhyasis and to justify the opposition to him as being inevitable. The abhyasis will get the idea that such opposition is not to the anti-spiritual politics of Chari, Chari and that he is a poor innocent victim. In reality, the resistance he encounters are perfectly explainable, and are only logic and justice.

"I caution all of you who wish to pit your intelligence and your will to do wrong against your Master's will."

Threats ...

"You may win battles here, but it will not take you one step further in spirituality."

And terrorism ! Does he really believe that he has placed a "trade-mark" on God? It seems like it. Be brave and do what is right, because it is spiritual. Obey the madman, and your soul will pay the price mechanically, not later in a future life, but here and now. What did Babuji say about gurus such as Chari ? Re-read.

"Because from a wounded heart, from a sorrowful heart of a Master,"

Sob...sob...! A little and usual touch of sentimental manipulation. One finds this tactic all the time, it therefore seems to have an impact, probably on the 2/3 female composition of the abhyasi population.

"what will you get except tears?"

And many other things, and many good and nice ones, good and spritual. Because these tears will not be ours.

"He will still struggle to do what is good for you, but your attitude of mistrust, of self-importance, of arrogance, and the pride that you can stop his work, will definitely doom you to several lives on earth."

As the master, so the disciple. Why does he complain of having arrogant and egotist abhyasis? Has he ever looked at himself? There are threats in the pattern of all religions: If you do not do what a bunch of maniacs in a position of power has decided to make you do against your will, they threaten the worst, namely hell or reincarnation for eons. This has the sole purpose of bringing you back to obedience. Heads UP! Abhyasis! Manipulation! This is not love but power.

"And remember what Babuji Maharaj said,"

The Supreme authority: If Babuji said it, you will not contest it. Notice as he skillfully and systematically plays this string. He always uses Babuji to make him say things he may never even have said. Each time, ask yourself if you can find a reference that would enable you to check the validity of the quotation. And if it is valid, consider whether it is well-timed (in context), and if his aim is not manipulation.

"Such a time as this may not come for thousands of years again."

Note that it is Babuji who said that, not Chari. That period probably ended with the death of Babuji. It was THE quote to not use here, pity!

"These spiritual doors are not open like elephant doors. They open, and by divine command they stay open for as long as Divinity wishes. And when Divinity says, "Bus! [Enough!]" nothing in the universe can open that door except divine will again."

By « divine will », understand « Chari's will ». So he is saying : Obey him or he (Chari) will close the doors and you will be caught.

"I would like you all to listen to this, if it is recorded, again and again."


"Clear your minds."

By putting this BS in it, I would be suprised.

"Tell yourself that your individual ego is not worth a grain of sand."

So is the ego of the individual cowpie, Chari too.

"Tell yourself that you may oppose, but you cannot stop."

False: He can do nothing without you. Without abhyasis, no mission, no empire. Why do you think he will make every effort to attract even more people under his control, and manipulate people in his control as he does in his speeches so that they remain trapped? You may object, and you can even stop the project. You have this power, and for this reason he is forced to manipulate you with such speeches. But there are better things to do than to to resist or fight: You can be restored. It is therefore essential to analyze and understand. If Chari has been a Guru, it is by showing us, to the extreme, what should not be done. This may serve for the future. But let's be realistic: A rotten fruit does become sound again.

"Tell yourself that however big, however important, however rich, however powerful, however intellectual you are, before Him you are as nothing. I pray for you all."

Fortunately he included himself in it, and fortunately he prays for us all :-)

This ultimate act of marketing is to show him as "nice", after all he has said. In fact, did this speech not elevate you above yourself? ... ;-))

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