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Sahaj Marg, The Perfect Trap!!

Taken and translated from an article by Martin on Elodie's blog in Europe: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg.

(See Martin's comment in the comments to article:
Materialisme Spirituel

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The Perfect Trap!

I do not know Michael but his comments are of a rare pertinence, highlighted by his 10 years at the SRCM. The full text truly deserves a translation into French, but I would find it difficult to properly serve you.

For millenia humans have always been faced with the difficult relationship with their own finiteness.

They have then engulfed themselves in their beliefs, have invented gods, religions and other mystical sects that provide specific responses, so as to render the idea of death more bearable.

After all, if it can help them live, let us admit it, they have good reason to be ("raison d'être") !

But the SRCM is especially characterized by its diversion of the good effects felt in meditation, because it is true that meditation is good.

The SRCM presents a content, an explanation that traps the abhyasis in an illusion that turns with time into certainty.

The intensity of the practice (meditation, prayer and daily cleaning, Satsang 2 times a week, sitting at will and other rituals, seminars and celebrations ..) subjects the abhyasis to a permanent overdose, and makes him lose his bearings and disconnects him/her from the reality of life. The process is relentless, insidious, devious and of a remarkable efficiency.

The singleness of thought imposes itself in a relentless addictive process, the trap is perfect.

Some free meditators emphasize the need to be careful about what one meditates on, because one "becomes" what one meditates on.

By meditating on the precepts and the doctrines of the SRCM, the practitioner will find it difficulty to escape the grip of the guru, the true incarnation of God (they think) , and to keep his/her free will, in short, identity, freedom, integrity, determination.

The border-line is gradually transgressed into a zombie state ... "like a corpse in the hands of a Funeral Parlor director" (cf. "My Master" by Chari).

That said, we return to the fateful issue of freedom of choice for everyone!

I argue that we all have the right to be had, but with the express condition of knowing and wanting it.

How many abhyasis have known it and wanted it?

May the adherents visiting this blog lately pull themselves together: the end of their journey to the SRCM is fatal, and their salvation is resolutely in flight.



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See article in question by Michael: "Spiritual Materialism", By Michael, Ex-Preceptor SRCM


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