Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Rajan's Experience: SRCM's 18 Years Or Older Rule!

Taken from a comment by Rajan, a long-time meditator who knew and met Babuji, on Orkut Community: Freedom from SRCM (Sahaj Marg) Sept. 1, 2009 (see the article: Sahaj Marg-The Family Destroyer (entry for Aug. 29, 2009 by Rajan)

(4d-Don has corrected some spelling and typos.)

Rajan Said:


You have quoted in your above letter below content :

"Babuji did not want children or dogs at the meditations. His instructions were that Sahaj Marg was for those 18 years of age or more. Why the drift from Babuji's wishes? Chari? .."

In 1979, Dec 15th, I paid a visit to Shajahanpur to meet Babuji Maharaj. I was 30 years old then, I went to Babuji Maharaj because of my deteriorated health condition. I took leave from my Boss to meet Babuji Maharaj to complain my health condition. I met Babuji Maharaj and told him " Babuji Maharaj...my health condition suddenly deteriorated and I feel sometimes that I have reached Reality. Is it true ?. Then Babuji said " That is not Reality but Hallucination..

Then I asked Babuji Maharaj " Babuji, I am practicing mediation for over 10 years, then why I got this type of experience ? He said" You go to a doctor and get treatment , you will be alright and only then I can give you higher approaches in spirituality. Only when you are physically and mentally healthy I can give you higher progress otherwise it is not possible for me to do so"

Then he asked me " Rajan..when did you join in the mission ?". I said that I have joined at the age of 16 . At once Babuji got up from his seat and told me " Who (preceptor) has initiated at the age of 16. I have given strict instructions that nobody should be initiated below 18 years of age. That is fault with your case. Anyway you can go and join in your job after consulting a Doctor, I shall take care of your spirituality when you become healthy.

You are perfectly correct. It is simply Chari's foolishness to make the children to practice Sadhana at their very tender age. Chari is definetly going against the instructions of his spiritual master, that is dis-obedience to his master. Chari is committing sins by exploiting the child's free will and liberty, blessed by the Divine Oneness. He will reap terrible consequences for his misdeeds. It is something like in India, olden times,they used to marry the couple at the tender age of 5 or 6 and make their life miserable.

We shall ever remain one with the Divine (and) with every being.


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