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Translation of Hindi Newspaper articles on SRCM (Shahjahanpur) Site

This was taken off the "Freedom from Sahaj Marg-SRCM" site on Orkut.

Scan of original Newspaper article #1 (Freedom From Sahaj Marg-SRCM)
Scan of original Newspaper article #2 (Freedom From Sahaj Marg-SRCM) (not available)

These Newpaper articles are on the site of SRCM (Shahjahanpur) now under the Presidency of Navneet Kumar, Babuji's grandson and son of Umesh Saxena, the past President of SRCM Shahjahanpur.

(Translation by Shashwat- comments and corrections appreciated)

Caption in Dainik Jagran dated 8th Nov 2006

Caption under photograph, Dainik Jagran 8th november 2006

Adminisatrative officer's in consultation with ex-minister "Jansevak" who attack the mission property to capture it.


Dainik Jagran (
http://www.epaper.jagran.com ) is the most read newspaper in India.




Dainik Jagran 8th November 2003.

Ex-Minster and Ex-DIG tried to forcefully capture the RamChandra Mission Ashram.

Situation volatile, administrative and police officer’s camp in the ashram.

In order to capture the position of president vacated after dismissal of Umesh Chandra, international president of Ram Chandra Mission, and with intention to capture the property worth millions of rupee’s , ex- state education minister Amarjeet singh Jansevak, ex director general of police, Uma Shanker Bajpai, along with dozens of associates attempted to capture the mission property, which was successfully foiled by the state administration, in addition to dozens of other people, Uma Shanker Bajpai secretary of RamChandra mission Chennai, Mr. Krishna Tondon, Veenet Chandra, along with their associates, attacked the ashram, in the evening around 7:30 PM. Office superintendent of mission Mr. D. Krishna had previously expressed his concerns regarding bad intentions of above stated people, to the local administration.

Mr D. Krishna had already informed the district magistrate Shahjahanpur, Mr Ashok Kumar Verma, city magistrate Mr. J.K Dixit and supretendent of police Mr shushil Kr. Singh, regarding possibility of violent attack by these people, keeping in view the threat of Chennai group people, administration had already appointed the station officer in the mission. When ex-minister along with his associates were attempting to enter into the ashram, with intentions of capturing it, immediately police and administration officer’s got alarmed, ASP Rambahadur, city magistrate J.K dixit circle officer J.N Bhadauriya, and other administrative officer’s immediately reached the spot and prevented the situation from getting volatile.

Administrative officer’s asked prepetrators, who were trying to enter into the mission property with intention to capture it, regarding documentary proof’s that they are the owner’s of that property. Between, when ex minister tried to enter inside the ashram, for negotiation, the private security guard in the premises warned the attackers that they will start firing if anyone attempts to enter inside the ashram premises. Sensing the volatile situation, the administrative officer’s on the spot prevented ex-IPS officer and ex-minister and their associates from entering into the mission and requested them to produce documentary proof for the ownership of the property next morning.

Office in-charge D. Krishna said that death of president Umesh Chandra Saxsena, is part of the conspiracy hatched by these people only.

D. Krishna further said that news of death of Umesh Chandra saxsena reached their family member’s later and these people knew before hand that Umesh Chandra has expired, he stated that, Krishna tondon had called me and informed me that Umesh Chandra has expired, whereas I was unaware of it. A day before youngest son of Umesh got engaged in Barrali, and I was present there, next day I returned to Shahjahanpur and Umesh Chandra left for Noida, where he felt a bit uneasy, and hence went to hospital, and died there.
D. Krishna has further said, that Babuji’s death is also part of conspiracy hatched by Chennai group people only, as he also died of poisoning, he suspected that even Umesh Chandra death is also due to poisoning only.

Hindustan, 3rd April 2006

Ram Chandra Mission captured, after Violence

Women amongst 3 other’s injured

Shahjahanpur, Under police station Ram Chandra Mission, on Sunday daughter-in-law of late shree Ramchandra ji, her brother and her son, were mercilessly beaten up by Anti-Ramchandra, P. Rajagopalachari group people. The perpetrator’s destroyed property worth missions of rupees and captured the immoveable property, they dragged the people inside the mission and threw them outside the ashram forcefully. Victims when approached police for launching the FIR, they were asked to leave from there also, and FIR was not registered, Amita saxsena, daughter-in-law of RamChandra ji informed the media that on Sunday afternoon, ex-IPS Uma shanker bajpai, self proclaimed secretary of Parthsarthi group, ex-justice R.R.K Trivedi, Prabhat Kumar Sinha, in association with lot more people attacked the mission and destroyed property worth million of rupee’s. When she tried to stop the predator’s, they attacked her, her brother and her son, and beat them to near death, after which they dragged her, her brother and her son, out of mission and threw them. In addition to this they also captured the vehicles and licensed revolver of her son puneet saxsena. When she approached police for help, police refused to help them owing to pressure from influential people from P. Rajagopalachari group.

It should also be mentioned that same people tried to capture the same property back in the year 2003 also, when administration foiled their attempt.

Later on ex-IPS UmaShanker Bajpai, informed the media, that HE is now the new secretary of the mission and family those who were running the mission till yesterday have nothing to do with the mission any more.

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