Thursday, April 30, 2009

How To Become A "Saint", By Chari!

Taken from exerpt of: Religion and Sahaj Marg
A talk given by Shri Parthasarathi Rajagopalachari
Address to Scholars, 25th December, 2005 at Tiruppur, Tamilnadu, India

Comments by 4d-don in "Red Italics"


So our business is to teach the truth through meditation: you meditate; you do the cleaning. You remove all the moss from the trunk of the tree, or the green things on the water surface, clean it; or the dust from a mirror, classic example. You remove the dust and the mirror reflects. You don’t change the mirror. So cleaning removes the dust of, the accumulation of, I don’t know how many aeons of living we have done. You look in and you perceive the truth. Having perceived the truth, (you, not having perceived "sainthood" as kasturi has, according to your Master, you live a lie that has been "conjured" up by your "medium for hire", and you live a lie of teaching the path to "sainthood" without having any credentials of having the "gift" of being a "saint" confirmed by anyone in authority. You made your own "authority"... and show your ego. You will still go and sit on your throne at your (2009) "birthday bash", much like dictator "Mugabe" of Zimbabwe, and other egotistical and self-titled and self-styled saviour of their people (according to the "dictators" themselves, through their "henchmen")) you cannot live by a lie again. That is how transformation comes.

Saints are not created by God. Saints create themselves, through this process. You may call it asceticism, you may call it askesis, you may call it anything. (and you, you don't know what to call it as you don't know how it feels to "be one" (saint) ... you can only say, much as most autocrats: "subject to my regimen" and "keep me happy under all circumstances" and you will get it "later"... when I'm gone!! In the other world...) But it is a process of voluntarily subjecting yourself to a regimen of discipline in which you go in a sinner, and at the other end of the tunnel, out comes a saint. (it did not work for you, except according to you and a few "profiteers" and "addicts to the "shiny" ashrams, with golden lions, and marble, or, the "material" ) So I hope all of you will follow this practice of Sahaj Marg assiduously, knowing what it can do, (look at me! eh? You too can "UNITE" the world in "brotherhood", and care about "the environment" as I (Chari) did? NOT...

The Reality Check: You DIVIDED what was UNITED, and you removed (through your preceptors, who you now blame for the "destruction of love" ) the "love, forgiveness, and "brotherhood" that was already there ... You lure or attract the "negative" (materialists, power addicted, profiteers, etc..), not to transform them but to use and manipulate them. And you divide the "positive", the do-gooders, and/or the true seekers from one another, unlike your Master, Babuji.) feeling what it is doing to you all the time that you are meditating, and believing that the outcome will be exactly what I said.

No...Wrong... The outcome will be, and IS quite different is a DIVIDED outcome, ... not a "saintly" feeling at all, and not as you said at all!

You and your "Method" are a scam!!

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