Saturday, June 26, 2010

Chari, The Master Of Sahaj Marg(tm) Wants To BE FREE!!

Taken from the Sahaj Marg (tm) site: (Home page... Daily Reflections, June 25, 2010) )
(P.S. The "Daily Reflection" may have changed by the time you read this... see below)

Apparently, the Master of Sahaj Marg (tm) who wants the abhyasis (disciples, also called "serfs" in the Sahaj Marg (tm) literature), to forsake their "FREEDOM" and to forsake even the desire for FREEDOM, here wants or "desires" FREEDOM for himself. He does not want to be told what to do! Does he not sound human?

With the recent resignation of Ajay Kumar Bhatter as the "Master-to-be", a crowned dauphin (king-in-waiting), a "theocratic" appointment, (not voted on by the membership, as per the Non-Profit Societies Act and the Charities Act) we now have the current Master and the Master-to-be, "desiring" the freedom to do as they wish. If the "GODMEN" want freedom, then they should allow the "people" their freedom also ...

When Chari says: "But see how foolish people are.", he does not mean US (the bloggers, or those who have left his version of Sahaj Marg(tm) or his version of "fundamental" Spiritualism or Spiritism masquerading as Spritiuality ... we must be "wise"?? ), we don't believe him ... HE MEANS YOU!! (who are still adherents or stuck, and are "co-dependent" with him)

Escape ... Escape ... Take your "FREEDOM"... your shepherd is asleep and/or "drunk" with his illusion of power and his "desires" for FREEDOM ... Now he wants FREEDOM, just like all of us ... He now sounds "WISE"!!

About some people who quote themselves

One dishonest way of gaining "credibility" is to get one's lieutenants, in the case of Sahaj Marg, called "preceptors", to write articles in magazines and newspapers, or "theses" at University, and then to quote these articles as if they were "impartial" or even "vetted" ...

The same mechanism is used in writing a book and then using that book to feign credibility by quoting it in another book !!

In the Age of Information, Information or "KNOWLEDGE" is BLIND ... Get your information from many sources and don't trust those who would stop you from reading other sources. Demand your FREEDOM... no one will give it to you...

Babuji is being quoted by Chari as saying: (believe it or not ... I don't... It is also not what Chari himself did with Babuji ... The answer to Chari's question (below) is: YES!! YES!!)

"He [Rev. Babuji] has told me, "Abhyasis should not compel the Master. All that the Master possesses is only for the abhyasis. So compulsion should not be there. I may also say it is wrong etiquette. Can the Master ever deny anything to his associates? But see how foolish people are. They make demands and thus curtail the freedom of the Master. The Master must be made totally free to do anything that he wants. Then see the splendour of his work!"

Rev. Babuji, qtd. in Yatra, vol. 2, p.120 (The Garden of Hearts, chapter three) -Rev.Chariji

Keep an eye on those who claim to be your "servants"

No one is, or will ever be, or should be, "totally FREE to do anything that he wants" !! NO WISE MAN would even ask for that also !! You must be following an egotistical "foolish person" !!

Babuji (and many other GURUS) said to "check out" the Master and to check him out all the time ... not just once and then believe him for life!! Treat a Guru as if he were a Guide ... no one, not even a "fool", gives every aspect of his/her life to a guide "FOREVER". Only the "foolish" don't adhere to this "pearl of wisdom"!! If you have a "bad GURU(guide)", then find a "good GURU(guide)" immediately!! From the outside, when one looks at the Master of Sahaj Marg (tm) on his "throne", being adored by his fans, he represents all that is "bad" and/or egotistical, or materialist with a so-called "spiritual" GURU! He has more desires and certainly is surrounded by more "material things" (opulence?) than most people I know ... or than the rest of us.

Save yourself, your family, your friends, your children, the children of your friends ... your Master is surrounded by and "STUCK" in Matter and egotistical "rituals" of SPIRITUALISM and SPIRITISM, not SPIRIT or SPIRIT-uality !!

Remember: Between Master and Matter, there is only one letter that changes: the "t" becomes an "s" ... We pray that with Time, you will See what we mean!!

Then your Master will have changed from "MYTHOS" to "LOGOS"!! Your "inner" LOGOS (logic, reason,) !!

And then, you won't have to "demonize" the better part of you ... what makes you "HUMAN" and/or the tool (brain) you use to realize the REALITY of SPIRIT (rarefied energy) and hence your REAL SPIRITUALITY!! That will empower you ... not a Mission, a Method or a Master. You will have left RELIGION and will simply BE ... not "become", SPIRIT! (One is an "action" and the latter is a "state"!!) You will BE at the GOAL ... Where FREEDOM IS !! You will BE the GOAL!!


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