Saturday, October 08, 2011

Comment by Paolo, Ex-Preceptor of Sahaj Marg!

Taken and translated from a comment by Paolo, ex-preceptor of Sahaj Marg (under Babuji and Chari), on article by Cricri (Christian): Le Temoignage de Cricri, (see English version on this blog: "Ex-Abhyasi of Sahaj Marg, Cricri's Testimonial"), on Elodie's blog in Europe: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg.

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(See reply by Cricri below)

Paolo Said:

The argument that you suggest seems very interesting and even fundamental to any spiritual seeker.

My name is Paolo and I joined Sahaj Marg in 1978. I met Babuji the next year in India and several other times until he departed (April 19, 1983)

I met Chari in 1979 in India when he was secretary general of the SRCM, then I accepted him as the new chairman of the mission and later as master, believing that I was "recognizing the master where he was", basing my decision especially on the perception of the transmission flowing from him.

I worked as a preceptor for 15 years until I left the SRCM in 2003.

I do not think though that I have anything to teach to anyone, but at the same time I am absolutely convinced that we must ask questions and try to answer them honestly.

The first question which you had already asked is:

- Is there a difference between spirituality and power?

and also:

- Does there exist any form of "energetic" power with no spiritual nature?

- The practice of "suggestion" towards the abhyasis or those who are not abhyasis, widely used by Chari and many of the preceptors, (is it) a spiritual practice?
(For example: work by suggesting that someone who abandoned the mission will return)

-In order to be helped spiritually by a Master should one not have, beyond "energetic" power, certain characteristics, innate by a special birth or acquired by his spiritual practice, such as
humility or non-attachment to material goals, including the idea of the growth at all costs of his mission?

- Should the Master should not have a direct experience of the spiritual realms, and help us to do the same (direct experience!) And have no recourse to mediums and like people?

I do not think that to ask whether Chari is a channel or not, is a good question.

I'm sure he is a channel but of what "energy" is it?

Is this a purely spiritual "energy", liberating from the grips of the material and helping to enter the spiritual worlds, or, an "energy", which in one way or another, only develops the
ego in an infinite expansion?

Someone said that you can judge the tree by its fruits.

Best regards and thank you for all your efforts


Saturday, October 1, 2011

Cricri Said:


"believing that I was recognizing the Master where he was", basing my decision primarily on the perception of the trasmission that flowed from him."

From KC
Narayana (of ISRC a SRCM break-away group) I learned that the transmission is an act of will.

He has long insisted that I understand the difference between divine grace and transmission.

the SRCMtm, I was confused.

can not flow by itself passively it seems, it is something else.

You do not doubt that Chari is a channel, but you doubt about the type of energy that he channels.

What are your
assumptions about the nature of this energy?

"I worked as a preceptor for 15 years until I left the SRCM in 2003."

you explain, since you are a former insider, how the teacher manipulates the abhyasi to make it obedient and indoctrinated?

I refer to
"spiritual" techniques and these famous suggestions emitted during the siting or during the remote (at a distance) working sessions on the abhyasi.

Explain to the readers
what this witchcraft recipe is, the readers would not believe if it came from me.

thou also tell us why the teacher is unable to advance the abhyasi spiritually?

The suggestions
have obviously limits :-)

"for example, to work by suggesting that someone who has abandoned the mission will return"

I know this is the kind of process that one undergoes, and more so from people that we know, and believe to want to do well.

In my case, however, I have taken the lead by addressing the abhyasis of Chari by all the names of birds (Bird-brain) : I'm sure they would not want me to return to their cult! :-)

Yet the sense of my last post is honesty.

Some abhyasis were influenced by blogs while that the choice should have come from them.

Today they have doubts about their decision because they feel they have lost something essential.

(Continuation and end)

We have a spiritual responsibility to be cleansed.

If an abhyasi doubts that he has made the right choice, then, he must return to SRCMtm and not wait, and watch the situation from the inside after having had an outside view.

So he will obtain the means to make a choice that comes from himself, if indeed the "suggestions" which is he is the target leaves him that.

If he decides to leave, he must really have faith, and look hard.
Likewise, if he decides to stay!

"Should The Master not have direct experience of the spiritual realms"

Absolutism demonstrates an inability to understand the complexity of the world, general relativism, the nuances and subtlety of the universe.

It shows a total misunderstanding of nature and the compensatory need to construct a safe mental building.

It is the opposite of living a spirituality which brings us constantly in front of the unknowable.

For this reason, I am awed by the thoughts of Lalaji, whereas with Babuji, an exclusive monotheism is set in place while this exclusivity is absent from the original Sufi teaching.

If Chari has no direct experience of the spiritual realms, he seems to be used as a channel: by what, by whom, for what purpose?

Darth Vader is a beautiful metaphor for Chari.

Both are trapped in a net of influence which they have allowed to develop by ambition, indulgence, and arrogance.

A spark of good is also in Chari: perhaps it will his its work one day?

Perhaps it is already at work, guiding the lost in the maze of his ambition?

And if all this would open on an episode of light?

That's why nothing is decided on Chari and SRCMtm and I want to re-open the debate in a constructive way.

Paolo, you are essential to help us think, thank you for sharing.


Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Michael said...

Wow! After leaving a cult which demands that one surrender their God given Spiritual Sovereignty to another human being, there is still debate about the qualities of an appropriate person to surrender to?

I'll take the controversial and apparently unpopular stance here and state the following:

What keeps one from perceiving the need for "spiritual advancement" is the very THOUGHT that one is spiritually inferior to begin with! If we are to meditate at all, I might suggest doing so in a manner that reinforces the truth of oneness and dispels the myth of separateness with our Creator and Creation.

As for the recent drama within the SRCM:

Having witnessed some of the behind the scenes dynamics in the early days of Parthasarathi's presidency, this announcement doesn't surprise me in the least. I would be mildly amused by the entire affair if I didn't expect that there is more to come which will likely not be so amusing.

I continue to pray for those whose lives have been impacted and entangled by this organization - that they find freedom and joy in every breath they take on their Infinite Journey!

Love To All,


4d-Don said...

Hi Michael...

Thanks for the comment...

Your choice of word is to the point.

It is "entangled" as in a "WEB", a spider's WEB! (Chari's words).

Bless you and yours


Anonymous said...

i think michael covered it on his blog previously, and i believe whatever energy you might feel around chariji comes from the abyasis.

the recent video announcing his successor, to me, clearly shows what this group is about, money and power.

i join Michael, in prayer "for those whose lives have been impacted and entangled by this organization - that they find freedom and joy in every breath they take on their Infinite Journey!"

Very grateful to be free from chari's spider's web.

-- Triple Gem

4d-Don said...

Hi Triple Gem...

Thanks for the comment ...

Sahaj Marg(tm) has a guru who needs a Medium? And who prays for a favourable "egregore"? (a Group-think mental entity). And who insists on "Standards of Spiritualism" in his society's Bye-laws (not a typo on my part ... "Bye" as in "hello"!)

I agree with Michael and you...

Any energy in such Cults of the Personality is regurgitated from the "crowd", not from the DIVINE! ... Sahaj Marg(tm) is Spiritualism according to Bollywood ...
Much like many pseudo-Christians quote the Bible according to Hollywood and think that Charleton Heston is what Moses really looked like and that Jesus was white and had blue eyes ...

lol lol

What a mess!


Michael said...

Don & Triple Gem,

I agree.

Its one thing to lend a helping hand to a fellow human being on their journey. In fact that is our duty if humanity is to thrive.

What is unfolding in SRCM and all its splinter groups, however is a hierarchical system (like all other guru based organizations) that uses power taken from its disciples to fuel the creation of a separate reality. This is neither sustainable or ultimately beneficial to humanity. I'm sad to say, it doesn't take a prophet to conclude what will unfold next.

It is a relatively insignificant example of the hierarchy model that pervades global politics, economics, academia, religion and spirituality.

A more daunting example exists in our global political/economic situation. It is controlled by an elite hierarchy of banking interests that espouse visions of "economic development and growth" in order to demand the surrender of wealth (in the form of debt) from individuals, states, and countries. This results in all wealth being controlled by a central authority which in turn operates a global reality that really is not based on natural wealth created by Humanity. In the scheme of things the goings on in SRCM seems tiny in comparison!

Thanks for joining me in my prayer.


4d-Don said...

Hi Michael..

In Religions with their pyramidal structure, predictions of the future are claimed to come from "spirits" and/or the DIVINITY ... but really come from the MIND of the prophet/ guru/ saint/ Master/ etc... The Mind is used to interpret the "intuition/inspiration", and to communicate it to the followers and the world.

In secular circles (politics/economics), predictions are bought and sold as "investments" (numbers in currencies), in what is called "futures" and "derivatives" which come from the minds and Brains of mathematicians and economists.

It seems that the secular world is more honest and since the material world is accepted as a temporal illusion, hence changing by the minute, it will change and evolve of itself ... It is not STATIC.

The predictions and the "inspirations" of religions are said to be TRUE and REALITY for EVER and ALWAYS ... for ETERNITY. It is STATIC.

It seems that Religion and SPIRITUALISM, which Sahaj Marg(tm) claims to be in their own "Constitution and Bye-Laws" is as much in an "illusion" as the secular and material world.

The Mediumistic claims of spiritualists and religious such as Sahaj Marg(tm) are almost outright LIES and certainly fabrications !!

An industrial capitalist economy needs a democratic and educated society, the members of which will buy the demanded and produced material goods ...

A cartel capitalist economy, on the other hand, needs to control, and it creates a society ruled by dictatorships. The "people" in a dictatorship will be made obedient, and will work as slaves, for "food and lodging", unable to purchase the newly produced "material goods and services".

See above: Sahaj Marg(tm) President is elected for LIFE ... and Babuji, in his original constitution of 1945 called his society: a dictatorhsip in favour of the PRESIDENT"...

And yet, they are at the United Nations "Department of Public Information", UNDPI as a member!!

Why did Sahaj Marg become "corrupt"?? It was set up to become corrupt ... It had a flawed philosophy from the start.

Such is the corruption of RELIGION and SPIRITUALISM !

Don ...