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Sahaj Marg(tm) According to Hollywood and Master LEONARDO!!

Taken from a comment by Claude, on Elodie's blog in Europe: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg. Title of article: Le Sahaj Marg est aussi dans les films de Science Fiction

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Claude Said:

December 7, 2010

Sahaj Marg is also in science fiction films

INCEPTION the movie, you know the Sci-fi movie with leonardoooo oh oh oh oooh. Well it was recommended by the old man (Chari) (who does not see much anymore, but he must love obscure rooms). He spoke about it at his birthday party, and even some abyasis say there are many of the values of SM (Sahaj Marg) in the film, all in fact!

One wonders if it's not Chari who made (funded?) the film because all of SM is in it, and in any case that's what must be seen so as to form one's character, one does not need the old man any longer ... it's great;


Inception, the movie, in SRCM (California-1997) Echoes Oceania Newsletter, Oct, 2010
(page 10)

A group of Wellington abhyasis saw the movie Inception which was recommended by Rev. Master during the Lucknow Celebrations. (Ka-ching, ka-ching ... the Hollywood cash register rings. And the poor?? There will always be the Poor, say the pseudo-spiritual!! ) Inception is a 2010 American sci-fi action film. The film is inspired by the experience of lucid dreaming and dream incubation. This movie links many aspects and values of Sahaj Marg and displays the idea of time, dimension, space and constant remembrance. The layers of dreams shown in the movie are like our layers of samskaras, which have got us entangled and we are forced to live according to them. (Could you show the "RACIST" part where "slava" or dark complexioned women are not to marry Sahaj Marg's Founder's son?? Or how a woman's "cut" and "height" are deemed important?? Could you show where Chari's stand on "homosexuality" is depicted?? You may find it if you look at the "bad guys" in the movie!! I think the Hollywood film industry is more spiritual (tolerant, compassionate, accepting, inclusive, etc...) than most religions, certainly it is less racist and less homophobe, than Sahaj Marg(tm) and its current Master, Chari.

Shucks! Some coaches in Hockey in Canada are less racist than Sahaj Marg's Founder and less homophobe than the current Master, Chari!! Some are also more brave in their moral stand against racism, sexism and intolerance towards our homosexual brothers and sisters.

You pseudo-spiritual (who are really "spiritualists") should get up off your navel-gazing butts, get yourself a hockey team and make a stand for tolerance, acceptance and/or at least compassion towards those of other cultures, "isms", sexual preferences, and skin complexions ... Your Masters and their "management teams" are not so "fair" and they don't all have the right (ideal??) "cut" or "height" either, you know??

Maybe if Sahaj Marg(tm) showed its racism, sexism, and its intolerance on the big screen, in a movie, the leadership, these wanna-be spiritual Masters, might finally "see" as if by REVELATION!!

Catch up to Hollywood and Hockey, you self-appointed Masters who preach at others and who seem to claim to lead the way in morality and ethics !! Although you use an "imagined light" (not even a real light) to meditate, you could be the last to reach the "en-lightment"!

Come on ... Run ... Achieve something of value ...)

Master introduces an abhyasi in three sittings by putting a seed into our hearts "Hridaya yoni" and the seed starts growing. And that is Inception. A single idea can define a man and change his world. But one needs the right calibre Master like ours, as the seed/idea can lead one in the wrong direction.
(ALL are special and none are unique ... specially self-titled Gurus ... who surrounded themselves with MATERIAL and display attachment to power and the material. And now, they are "impressed" by, and recommending Hollywood movies?? How Spiritual is that? That shows: "ego" and attachment to 'FICTION", not to "liberation" from the "illusions"! ... Besides, why go to movies if one has "Whispers" and a "spiritual path"???

Ok! Now everybody in Sahaj Marg, go and spend your money on movies and chasing God in India and around the world ... and try and sell Sahaj Marg to your family and friends, using MOVIES! ... and the " CARBON footprint"?? The next generation? The Poor? Who cares, eh?? Grow the business for the nationalist businessmen! And the part about being honest, moral or eithical? Is Sahaj Marg(tm) simply "narcissism"?? )

I can hear all the adepts of other religions: "Inception" is just like Christianity!! No, "Inception" is just like Islam!! Wow, I guess it's a commercial success!!

Every morning in our meditation we allow Master to go deeper into our subconscious mind to take us to different dimensions of spirituality. So we need Master’s helps in making the seed nurture in our hearts. (Wrong!! Christians need Christ! Islam need Mahommed! etc... Life does not need!! LIFE IS! The religious need!! And they, the egotist materialists, always want more, and more, to be special, unique, chosen, etc ... better than, more than, being first, winning the race, achieving, reaching the goal first, etc ... (all ego) . They seem to be stuck in the intellectual cycles of TIME and INFINITY (... or DO), and can't see or understand SPACE and ETERNITY (or BE)

In the movie, Leonardo’s wife projects herself all the time. It is like our samskaras or impressions which keep showing up and misdirects our life. (Now there is a stretch... lol lol How religious... sounds like a televangelist) We need to clean them or suffer them. In the movie Leonardo goes deep into his layers and layers of dreams and enters the dream world which he and his wife took 50 years to build, just think how much time or lives we would have taken to build our own samskaras. At the end of movie Leonardo tells her to go away, exactly what we need to do in Spirituality. Don’t hold on to your samskaras. Let them go away. The architect in the movie builds cubes and mazes in the same way we create wishes/mazes in our lives and get stuck in the spider’s web! (The title to one of Chari's books ... it is "their pseudo-spiritual web", their "SPIRITUALIST" web with egregores, and Mediums and messages channeled (allegedly) from the dead, which one has to beware of! )

So our Prayer says “We are yet but slaves of wishes putting bar to our advancement”. (and you will say it until your are dead... you will not be FREE but will always be a "slave" to your "wishes", wants, needs, such as "movies", and pseudo-spiritual old men ... you are a slave for life ... until you leave this alternate cult of a person with his "alternate" therapies and his alternate Reality! ... and BE FREE to create your own! Remember the value of "bio-diversity" to survival??)

Projections shown in the movie are like our thoughts which keep disturbing us during our meditation. (using a "Hollywood" movie to sell a product...how unique) As we are going against them, they attack us exactly like they show in movie. (Huh!! Now we are under "attack" by our thoughts?? Help... Save us!! Save us from our thoughts!!)

Thoughts/projections keep attacking us or disturb us during meditation. Let them go. If you hold on to them they will attack you and bring you back out of the dream/meditation.

The time difference between different dreams is different. A person dreams for 10 hours. In the 1st layer of his dream 10 hours is 10 days. Second dream layer is 10 years. It goes on.... Same with our life... we can't relate to time between our cycles of births. Time is different in different dimensions. It reminded me of the story of Brahma; where he goes to wash his face, and he gets the news that Ravana (Equivalent: Satan?? Demon?? Antagonist??) is born. He finishes washing his face, he gets the news Ravana is dead. Then Brahma comments, what a small life time.

The movie very well explains the concept of getting stuck in Limbo. (A little bit from all religions and "isms"... It sells... In Christianity, LIMBO is where souls go if a good person dies before being baptised.)

Same as we Human beings... we die, and the soul without Master gets stuck in limbo and roams around until he is reminded of the thought, that he needs to go back to his home. (lol lol lol ) Leonardo (Master?) reminds the Japanese guy of this at the end of the movie. This section reminds me of the Tibetan book of the Dead. (A little bit for everyone... it sells to the "naive and gullible" who believe in fantasy and fairy tales ... FICTION! A fool and his/her money are soon parted!! ) The body dies and if the soul doesn’t have a Master (lol lol ) in his life or is not able to recollect his memory, the soul will get stuck in his own projections and is lost. But if we abhyasis are in Remembrance of Master, at the time of our death, He will come and take us to our destination. (And Christ, his mother, Mary (the virgin who gave birth), or the saints will do it for Christians)

So constant remembrance is the key to our practice, and meditation is a means to constant remembrance. (No...It's "Obedience") The jerks mentioned in the movie are like the jerks we get at times in meditation which are the effect of impressions that are strong and yanked out by our Master.

And the best part of the movie is the last scene, the top is still rotating which means even this life which we are. (OH! MY GOD!! lol lol )



Anonymous said...


Their intolerance, sexism, racism and general lack of concern for humanity...very sad.

Your comments made me laugh. Thanks, Don. We all need a good laugh!

Those of us who have escaped Chariji's/SRCM's "Spider's Web" should be rejoicing. I know I am.

Anyone interested in being pointed towards the truth...check out the latest article on Michael's blog.

-- Triple Gem

4d-Don said...

Hi Triple Gem...

And here I was trying so hard to do it with a "straight face"... lol lol ;-))

Michael's more serious blog is:

Inner Circle of SRCM:


Now more "humour"...

You probably all know about the new Medium who is channeling Babuji, on-line, taking on all comers with their questions to Babuji...

I hate to publicize that stuff but it's too silly to miss out on the "humour" in it ... it's good for a laugh ... except when they put "anti-gay" words in Babuji's DEAD mouth... There is a price to pay for that damage which some poor gay will have to bear because of some "charlatan" or dishonest person...

It's that type of "spiritualism" which is corrupting Sahaj Marg(tm), and now it's going "viral" ... this is just the first tentacle from the profiteers and the wanna-be Mediums who want in on a gullible and obedient market ...

Messages From Babuji:


Anonymous said...

actually this is an insult of human intelligence, its funny but sad, there are people who believe such stupid stuff, they are projecting their philosophy over a fiction movie, probably this is what sahaj marg is, a fiction!!