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Debating Sahaj Marg's Chari's "Dare to Think" Speech!

Debating an excerpt of Chari's speech "Dare to Think" at Kharaghpur, Sept. 28, 2009.

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I presume that Chari means "use your head" not your "heart", as the heart can't "THINK" but simply "PUMPS"! The "nerve center" is in the BRAIN with its neuronal network (of nerves) that allows pyramidal or hierarchical thinking and also allows tangential thinking. For Spirituality, one wants to include the tangential properties of the neuronal network, so as to begin to discuss, explain and understand the synergetic experience of the super-luminal and the non-local aspects of revelation, illumination, inspiration or intuition. For that, we need to use the thinking BRAIN and its multi-dimensional capabilities, and not the "heart" with it's "thump, thump thump" and it's hierachical or linear communication system with feed-back loops. One will not get a new idea from the heart. The heart will simply continue what it did yesterday, until either natural death from age, or from the un-natural death of accidents or wrong thinking.

One wants to "Dare to THINK", not simply REPEAT or have BLIND FAITH, RIGHT??
One sign of an intelligent debate is the acceptance of the interruption!! In a free society, ALL want the freedom, the right and the ability to dis-agree and/or to interrupt and present a better idea.

Blind obedience to the Master and "thinking" are not compatible. One has to go... No MORE MASTERS!! No more TEACHERS (gurus), who think that their function is to impart their interpretation of the available "in-formation" as fact and/or dogma, but from now on, for the sake of our ONE-ness (our Spirit-uality), we simply "need" INFORMATION-ists or "infonauts" and/or POINTERS who direct the current of seekers to the "in-formation". The Seekers can decide for themselves what they chose to believe as TRUTH or Fact. We, the seekers after TRUTH, just need friends and fellow seekers or fellow pilgrims!!

WE WILL BE ONE... (No!)... WE ARE ONE in an arc and a spiral organizational structure!!! Not divided in a corruptible angle and/or a Pyramidal (Religious, military, business, etc...) structure.


A Speech by Chari at Kharaghpur, Sept. 28, 2009.


That is the broad outline for CREST, Bangalore. Here the intention is to do all that at a less… shall we say, more subdued level; not giving so much importance to the scholastic or the cultural aspect of religion and the Vedas and all this sort of thing, but more emphasis on the need for ethics, morality, balance between the inner and the outer selves of a human being, until there is only one self. Will it be ever possible to say there is only one self in a human being, or are we to deal again and again with the old Greek mythology (you call the "persona" a "mythology" and then you discuss it as if it was a REALITY!) of the persona, which we all wear at different occasions as it suits the need of the hour, or the need of our fears to protect ourselves? — because a persona is essentially a mask. (essentially means "in essence", so in essence, the persona is not an "efficacious" or a "good mask", as many can see through it by using the new (neuronal, or tangential) organizational structure demanded by true SPIRITUALITY!! (not the pyramid of Dogmatism and Religion) Are we covering ourselves all the time with different personae: a father with his son, a husband with his wife, a student with his teacher, and so on and so forth, soldier with his commanders? Are we fooling ourselves? — (No, Not some of us. That is the "God-created" nature of our "multi-dimensional" REALITY or our "duality". (in "your" ancient terms) because once we adopt so many personalities, are we not confusing ourselves into thinking whatever we may think: I am this or I am this or I am this? (Chari is a boy (male) who is also a businessman, a father, a husband, a friend, a boss, a spirit, a mind, a soul, and more... No confusion there for those who can "think and chew gum" at the same time. That is the nature of Chari's multi-dimensional or "DUAL" REALITY.

But then Chari seems to thinks and act as if he was the Master of a "cult of his person", who "needs" to evangelize and convert the WORLD to his "new Religion" as if he was appointed by a "divine ???" in either a "dream" or a "message (whisper) from an anonymous French Lady "MEDIUM", and then he instructs his adherents in the use of an "autonomous psychic entity" called an "egregore". Then, he may be living in an illusion and need professional help, and maybe to be "hospitalized".

We, the simple people were living in ONE-ness, and Chari and his form of Sahaj Marg, came along and divided our families and our society with "ONE MORE corrupt RELIGION" (as Chari calls "all religions" at his Omega school )... That is not a GIFT from a so-called FRIEND or from the ONE DIVINE. If Chari wants to commune with ONE, then he can GO HOME (or in his own Ashram) and please do so. One does not steal the Ashrams, or divide the societies of others in the name of ONE or One-ness! (what Chari calls by the divisive Gothic (Germanic) word GOD and/or "HIM"!!)

You know there are people who have been used to commanding, and you hear frequently their wives saying, “He is a commander on the field and he is also a commander at home. He barks his orders.” “Bring on the soup!” to his wife; things like that, you see. So do we develop one supervening personality, or do we suffer from a multiplicity of personalities and have to be hospitalized? (To us on the outside, that is the way we see Chari, one who does not know very much about theology (the study of the "DIVINE" or ONE), which Chari calls a "male" and by the "Gothic" (German) word "G-O-D"), or about philosophy, but who wants to teach his concepts (ideas) to the World as if he had received his illusion of knowledge as "REVELATION" or in "WHISPERS"! That is a common delusion among the RELIGIOUS fanatics (and seems prevalent in Sahaj Marg) who quickly become megalomaniacal, thinking that the DIVINE has "chosen" them above all others, for a "Divine PURPOSE!!)

So will we ever achieve this goal of saying, “I am one person”? — meaning this person is everything that he is to everybody that he sees, from man to plant to animals to God. Why should we be different when behaving or interacting with human beings, grovelling before some, going on our knees before some, booting others? (When we became (evolved?) mostly "carbon cellular entities", what was our "cellular make-up" became our human Nature, and that was what we defended. Everything else that was not "our cells" but was "carbon" or "elemental", (stored star energy) could be our "FOOD", or what we consumed and/or used to survive. That included other "carbon forms" (humans, animals, plants), and the "elements" or crystals (minerals), liquids, gas, and even plasma, the energies, etc ... Hence we developed a multi-dimensional approach to acquiring, protecting, storing, our "food", our survival, depending on how "hungry" or how "needy" we were. Hunger, we called then, and still call today, as our natural needs.

Need-iness (which is really not our "needs" at all, but is really our "wants"), some now call "GREED". So now, some see all humans and human society as motivated by GREED only. That is also an "illusion". Some (few) are not GREEDY but live according to their true Natural minimal "NEEDS". These, some call Saints, ascetics, "good and simple people, etc... but they are really just the simple people. They are not certainly not developers, evangelizing to the "donors" about the "simple life" while building their "wanted" cottages in every town with Chari-ty dollars, while some other "PEOPLE" are dying of hunger (natural or "basic needs")? Where are the "ethics and the "morality" in the neo-Religion?
Where are they in Sahaj Marg and the SRCM (California-1997)?

That is the nature of the Natural World, we all eat what we are not. Hence the need, through ethical and moral thinking (comtemplation), for a societal "ONE-ness" of intellect and even (spirally organized) Spirituality (not pyramidal-ly organized religion or Cults of Personalities), so we may see ourselves as "ONE people" so we can stop preaching at one another, eating one another, killing one another, using and manipulating one another, Dividing one another into camps or "sects" of "them/us", etc...)
And, of course, before God we are all grovellers, beggars. (Some of "YOU" are. NOT US!! Some of us simply "commune with ONE as with a FRIEND!) As Babuji said, prayer is begging. That can be achieved only by delving rather deep into the subject of what makes us adopt, perhaps naturally, perhaps by education, by society, by choice, the various personalities that we manifest in our day-to-day existence. Is it fear? I suspect it is largely fear. Because even the idea to appear as something which you are not, comes out of the fear that you may reveal yourself to be what you are. (I suspect that it is deeper than the FEAR of other "humans". It is EGO that allows one to think that they are the "CHOSEN" of the ONE and who think that they have a divine duty and Mission, to go around the WORLD preaching at, and using and manipulating OTHERS (their families and friends) with tactics of FEAR AND TEMPTATION, for the sake of "LIBERATION", Salvation, Heaven, Brighter World, etc... If it is a "fear", it may be the fear of DYING and not having cared about the POOR, the truly NEEDY, the SICK, the dis-empowered, etc... and having to be re-born as "one of THOSE"...

Give up one of your incompatible frames of thought, your obsession with MATERIAL comforts (cottages??, extra houses, hotels, restaurants, luxuries, etc...) now, for the sake of the NEEDY so you may not overlay your concept of the MATERIAL as a LIGHT (in your heart) upon your concept of the ONE, and then WORSHIP or meditate upon the ONE as if IT was a "LIGHT" (which is also matter) rather than a SPIRIT or ONE-ness ... (not Matter, not energy.... Remember Einstein's E=mc2).... Matter and Energy (Light), are the same.

In the case of Sahaj Marg meditation, it is an "imaginary" light that the abhyasis place in their heart. "The Monster is of the ID", (Freud). If the "inner circle" of SRCM is an example of the "holiness" of their METHOD, then Sahajs Marg does not seem to make the "adherents" more moral, ethical, generous, loving, kind, compassionate, caring, etc... as communing with the ONE should. Or What is Religion for? The old and the new religions seem to be alike in that respect.

From Arthur Koestler's "The Act of Creation" (1964)

Koestler's basic idea is that the creative act is a "bisociation" (not mere association) which happens, if two (or more) apparently incompatible frames of thought ("matrices") are brought together by an ingenious mind.[2] In jokes and humour, these conceptual systems are reversed, in the arts and in ritual, (religion) they are juxtaposed, in science, they are fused into a new larger synthesis.[3] This corresponds to a "self-assertive" tendency in humour and a "self-transcending" tendency in art (and religion), while in science both tendencies are (somewhat) balanced.

Definition by Wikipedia:

Random juxtaposition, two random objects moving in parallel, a technique intended to stimulate creativity.

In psychology, the term ritual is used in a technical sense for a repetitive behavior systematically used by a person to neutralize or prevent anxiety; it is a symptom of obsessive-compulsive disorder. The symptoms of this anxiety disorder range from repetitive hand-washing and extensive hoarding (greed) to preoccupation with sexual, religious, or aggressive impulses.


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avoritious is what chari is among other things.

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Hi anonymous...

If I may interject a "spelling" correction:


To hear the "pronunciation" see:

Pronunciation: \ˌa-və-ˈri-shəs\

Function: adjective
Date: 15th century

: greedy of gain : excessively acquisitive especially in seeking to hoard riches

synonyms see covetous

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