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Clark Powell Distances Himself from SRCM (California-1997)

Taken from Orkut community: Freedom From SRCM (Sahaj Marg) (Dec. 10/2009)

Clark Powell is an ex-preceptor of Chari's SRCM (California-1997) and the author of: The Sahaj Marg Companion, which has an intro by Chari. Clark has also authored many magazine articles promoting Sahaj Marg and Chari's faction, SRCM (California-1997), headquartered in Chennai, India, and which appeared on this new site but was removed: Sahaj Marg System (Literature) . The site still promotes Sahaj Marg and contains many in-accuracies, but it does not seem to promote the "Sahaj Marg (tm) of Chari or his "SRCM (California-1997) !!

Clark was also the Creator of a Website and Discussion Forum on Sahaj Marg called "", that Chari had closed, after an on-going "on-line" discussion with the author and "webmaster" of the site, Clark.

For Clark's comments, see the "comments section" at the bottom of this article

Shashwat Said:

Our friend Clark has decided to de-link himself from Chari's Sahaj Marg, and for that unfortunately he has blamed Santosh Khanjee and not Chari, or Babuji for that matter.

Problem with Clark is, as with most of the victims of Sahaj Marg, they fail to recognize the root cause of the problem and get infatuated by the symptoms of the disease, we cannot assume that an individual who is at the center is (an) innocent victim of the situation created by himself, Sahaj Marg today is that what it has been made by Babuji and Chari combined, all the criminals who have become part of Sahaj Marg, would not have come there if these two people were honest in their approach, in my opinion, Babuji was not a criminal minded person, but a hallucinated mental patient, whereas Chari in my opinion is a criminal minded beast, for me, there is no difference between Osama bin laden and P. Rajagopalachari. (These are the opinions of Shashwat and not of the author of this blog)

Now coming back to Clark Powell, his writings about Sahaj Marg became a center point in advertisement of Sahaj Marg, (with which he is de-associating himself now) for as long as a decade, after his difference with Sahaj Marg and people running it, now he claims that people around Chari are not good and Chari himself is victim of those people, which is incorrect, Chari is not a child that he can be fooled by those whom he only has harbored in past and is continuing to do so...

Clark is equally responsible for destruction of numerous families, relations and individuals as Santosh Khanjee is, Chari is, A.P Durai is, or Uma Shanker bajpai or AK Bhatter is...

They all are part of the same criminal gang called Sahaj Marg, one cannot be pardoned just because s/he has decided to move out after causing un-speakable damage to the society by advocating a criminal concept.

Clark in a different post on Facebook, has spelled out (the) reasons for his departure from sahaj marg... below is what he has written on Facebook..

For more than a decade, this article appeared on the official Sahaj Marg and SRCM websites with some of my other published work. These re-appeared (without permission) in various websites and blogs not related to SRCM. I didn't care, as long as they were re-produced accurately and someone found them useful. At the request of Santosh Khanjee in representing the Mission, the rights to this were signed over to SRCM and in a subsequent, much more restrictive legal instrument, he apparently included anything I might write or produce in the future writings.

On 11/3/2009, I requested that my published writings be removed from the SRCM websites, and I am grateful that this request was immediately enacted. For five years, beginning with my return to active participation in February 2003, I began to see something that had not been so pronounced in 1997. The group of less than a half-dozen men that Chariji chose to run SRCM and surround himself had grown more and more powerful. From my own unique vantage point of outside-insider (and this personal relation with Chariji caused considerable jealousy and consternation with some of the insiders) I saw some of the private in-fighting within this group first-hand, and also the power plays and arrogance of certain people. of trying to point out the arrogance and insularity of the circle of powerful, wealthy individuals he had chosen to surround him, especially Santosh Khanjee of Austin,Texas, who reads every email addressed to Chariji before it is forwarded to him. Though I never saw the final version of the DVD set, I was present for most of the tapings, and I hear that some of my questions were included. I find it sad that Cahriji himself is aware of the politics and power=plays, and even spoke of it at his son's farm on the videos. But Chariji has told me on several occasions that even he is captive to the organization he has created.

"If I had my way, I would never leave Satkhol. I would let others run the Mission. But my master would not allow this." I felt I should add a personal clarification to my guru, the gist of which follows:

Sir: No explanation has been asked nor is one needed. Still, after all these years, etiquette seems to suggest some sort of explanation would be right. My esteem for my friends in Sahaj Marg, and to my great Freind, has not lessened. Nor will my gratitude - for everything, even that which was not best for me personally - ever go away. Just so, I remain grateful to professors and grade-school teachers and old friends who taught me things I need at the time - this gratitude will never go, even years later, when you may have moved on to other things. As you remember, on many occasions I did attempt to make these and other views known in private to those who make decisions. I meditated for months and now years over some things, and held my silence. But now I can no longer put off what must be done. I hope you will appreciated, even if you do not agree, that for me This is a matter personal truth, integrity, and responsibility - my own sva-dharma, [the truth of the heart, "one's own way/dharma."] It would be false and wrong to allow the use of my name and my writings to support and to promote SRCM to others when I see that these writings describe a different Sahaj Marg, a Sahaj Marg that no longer exists.
- cp

Shashwat Said:

Clarks testimonial can be found on facebook here:

(Link does not work ... Must be a member of (or have an account on) Facebook)

This is no surprise that all of Clarks article which are removed from the official website of Chari's SRCM has found place in a new website run by one of his follower who belongs to a town near Shahjahanpur and is an active visitor of Shahjahanpur Ashram which was captured by Chari's goons some time back.


Unknown said...

Anyone who wants to know the facts may contact me. This from my friend Shashwat is old news. I say friend, for I consider him so, and regret I could not meet him in Benares recently, though I did invite him to have a personal visit with Chariji, so that he could speak directly all his concerns, many of which I am sure have a valid basis, though I also know from first hand that many are not entirely correct. Shashwat knows our conversations about the importance of kindness and its relation to truth - we have had some chats online and I hope they can continue, without rancor and with mutual respect.

For a quick note, I "blame" no one for anything. I am the only one responsible for my own actions, words, and decisions, just as we all are, whether we choose to obey a guru or refuse his services. I can add that in my long association with my Master, which has been filled with many arguments from me and strong disagreements, I have been allowed to go my own way, and have not disobeyed only because I have never been ordered to do anything I would refuse. A guru is a mystery - but here, I can say only what everyone knows, that a guru is a mirror, reflecting what we project, and showing us that the only real guru for us lives within. Nothing need be added. The guru is no more divine than you or me, and no less human. Water is water, whether it is in an ocean or in a toilet. All we need to do is remove whatever clouds what is true and real in our selves and discover this same Self, this Atman, this Soul, is one and the same. That's what teachers can help with. Heart is what matters, even more than the path we choose. If your heart is good, you will reach, even if the path is not the best one. If your heart is not sincere, even if you are on the finest path, you will not benefit. Your heart, says my Master, illumines your path. When I returned to India last January with my son, aged 18, he asked Chariji "Who is the Master?" Chari thought a moment (and I smiled, for this was the second question I asked him 18 years ago, and our conversation has continued ever since!) and gave this answer: "Your own heart."

Anyone who wishes to may contact me, but I am newly married to a wonderful gal from Vancouver and we are busy setting up house in New Orleans, so I may not get back to you right away, but I love to hear from sincere people who have honest questions. I also have a ton of work I need to get done, but who doesn't?

But fire away, if you want to. Lord knows, I've asked my Master every hard thing that ever popped into my head, and my own "bullshit detector" remains as strong as ever. I don't debate, but I will relate. Any organization made up of human beings will have its share of good and bad - I have met many advanced souls (as far as I can tell, just going by their patience, love, and sense of humor) and less-advanced folks in SRCM. And my disagreements with my Master seem to be known by everybody. Call it a long stormy marriage between lover and beloved, or old friends who are so comfortable together they can say anything to each other, or a hard-headed son rebelling under his Dad, or whatever, but I never pulled any punches and neither has he.

So please don't come at me with how messed up this or that is - I know! - but let's share our own experiences, in private, and do what we can to help each other out. Life is short. I prefer to have fun, laugh, learn, and where possible, pass along what I can to anyone who is willing to receive.

Clark Powell said...

Just read again Shashwat's "quote" of my writings and discovered he added and changed the text itself. Not unusual for anywone with an axe to grind, but disappointed. The last time I was in India, I invited Sashwat to meet and speak directly to Chariji. He refused. Given all the charges Shashwat has made, many of them quite feverish, this too did not surprise, but disappointed. Criticism, especially ignorant criticism, is easy. It is easy to tear down, and to think oneself superior. Building and doing something good is not so easy. Shashwat's antics must cause even those who might be sympathetic to cringe. The condederacy of dunces, as Swift called those who inevitably arise around anything truly new and good, is in full foam, waiting to pounce and trash what they can (or will) neither understand nor appreciate. Just my opinion. May be wrong. (Two sentences I have never encountered from 4D or Shashwat).

4d-Don said...

Hi Clark...

Shashwat will have to defend himself...

It's easy to tear down? You, who tear down other RELIGIONS and "isms", and then grow your "business" on the bones of these other "isms", should know ... Your emperor also has no clothes ...

"Methinks he doth protest too much! (Shakespeare)

But it's also easy to expose what is WRONG when it is written by the person who egotistically and megalomaniacally claims contact with "DIVINITY" where one can't be WRONG!! Or is the "Divine", who can be manipulated by "imagining a light in the heart", also as wrong as this false "representative of the DIVINE" is obviously wrong?? There are no "representatives" of the DIVINE and GODMEN are a MYTH!!

Now Chari claims that repeating the channeled "Whispers" seven or eight times could erase samskaras while the Catholic priests can't forgive sins ... LIES!!

Is GOD a "MALE" to you?? That is on the Sahaj Marg (tm) site ... You teach that to "children"?? Do you really think that "women can't be Masters"?? Do you think that "human rights legislation" should not apply to "gays and lesbians and trans-genders" ... Do you think this is an "abuse" as Chari says?? Do you think that all religions "PROMOTE WAR"? (Quakers, Jehova's Witnesses, Bhuddists, Bahai, and the many "native" TRUE spirituality, and many more ...)

What we expose in Sahaj Marg (tm) and in SRCM(California-1997) is what Chari has accused other RELIGIONS of doing: Lying, revising their history, false claims, intolerance for minorities, insulting and intolerance for other RELIGIONS, and placing women in a "rut of his own making", where they can't be MASTERS just like MEN, and generally being DIVISIVE and aggressive (violent?) in his own society while claiming that SPIRITUALITY will UNITE while RELIGIONS DIVIDE ...

Give your head a shake ... "Come and visit my "violent" and slightly "deranged" group of GODMEN" ?? Is that what you SELL ?? And you think Shashwat should go and visit this "gang"?? I would warn all to avoid this "MESS" ...

4d-Don said...

Maybe we don't say we are "wrong" because we are not ...

Maybe we don't say "only my opinion" because we are using Chari's own words ... it is not "my opinion" but it is what is being sold by Chari and his Sahaj Marg (tm) as "SPIRITUALITY" ... but it is really SPIRITUALISM (Mediums, spirits, egregores, rituals, etc..)

WE, the messengers or the INFONAUTS (bloggers... the enemies of Chari's brand of SPIRITUALISM) are simply exposing the TRUTH according to what is written and published by "YOU GUYS". Then I give my COMMENTS (that indicates that THAT is my opinion, not the rest of the article) ...

Yeah!! Yeah!! Sahaj Marg(tm) is a Raja Yoga which begins at step #7 of an eightfold system ... Is that not "silly" when looked at from the outside ?? Do you think those who practice Raja Yoga say: "WOW!! What a good idea!" Or do they simply "cringe" and chuckle and move on ...

Shashwat's style may simply be the "2 X 4" that was needed to wake up the Sahaj Marg (tm) (dense)"Tennesse mule, and get it's attention!! Sahaj Marg is "trade marked" as MATERIAL, not as SPIRIT!!

And much of Sahaj Marg (tm) is not "SPIRIT" but MATTERIAL ... and most of it is certainly NOT NATURAL !! No animal or vegetation or crystal "obeys" like Chari wants "OBEDIENCE" ... The cedar tree does not obey the Fir tree nor the birds that nest in its limbs ...
What "herd" of animals do you want the Sahaj Marg (tm) "humans" to emulate beside the false impression of the "sheep"?

If doing something GOOD is what Sahaj Marg (tm), is doing, then so are all RELIGIONS, which Chari "bad-mouthS" constantly ... If he simply shuts up and lets his "business" grow organically rather that being a "negative" and spoiled child, we would be more understanding with him ... But he just pouts and does not address any "wrongs" he is doing, as he destroys and negatively affects other people's lives, so we will continue to POINT at him as long as he is falsely selling the PATH TO THE ULTIMATE


No one will go to their invented Heaven because of Sahaj Marg (tm) ... and their "central region" is just an "INVENTION"!! There ain't no such thing!!

Thanks for your comments ...

Don ...

Shashwat said...

it is just copy paste from what was written on facebook, if you feel there is something which is modified pls point it out and lets see if there is anything which is out of sync!!

BTW Clark, i did not here from you once you reached India, even though i tried, now i guess we are back home...

As u are b busy in your new life so am i.. and in this new life of mine, there is hardly any scope of Sahaj marg or srcm, you might have noticed this.

Wrong done to me by SRCM has been un-done upto some extent by nature, marks remain and memories remain.

Fortunately i have been blessed by lord almighty to experience true love, and as you also know, there is no scope of SRCM or sahaj marg where love is concerned.

Pls point out where do u think changes have been done.


Anonymous said...

I notice Clark does not respond