Wednesday, July 28, 2010

It's my Birthday! It's a party for ME! (Chari of Sahaj Marg(tm))

Comments on Chari's speech: Towards Infinity, July 24, 2010

Comments by 4d-Don are in "red italics"

I will attempt to be as respectful as Chari is towards other "religions", or other spiritualist or spiritual groups, or isms, even some who are still disciples of Babuji and Lalaji! It is the divisive REALITY created by Sahaj Marg (tm) so as to grow their business... the old "Divide and Conquer"!

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

When I walked into a small house, unpretentious house, (Chari claims simplicity for himself and Sahaj Marg(tm), because Babuji was simple. (So was Lalaji simple later in life, after his family lost their status and wealth, as the independence movement took over.)

Sahaj Marg (tm) is now opulent and MATERIALIST ... and is not SIMPLE!! A cottage in every country, and places to "retreat" and get away from "making money" for a few days or weeks, is not "the simple life" or the "spiritual life", by my standards. Charity begins at home, but it should not remain at home!! Some in our world have no home, let alone a cottage! Our kids go to public school, not to a Private school. And Sahaj Marg(tm) wants to be called a "Charity"??) in a very narrow gali [lane] one afternoon in 1964 in Shahjahanpur, and when I met the Great Personality living there half an hour later or so, I thought I had not only begun Sahaj Marg but ended Sahaj Marg, because I had journeyed all the way from Madras via Delhi, a long road journey in those days, to Shahjahanpur, and arrived. And I took it to literally mean that I had arrived, meaning, or deluding myself, that my journey was over, the spiritual journey was over. That was in ’64. (The abhyasis are still being deluded that Sahaj Marg(tm) is the end of their journey... you, if you were truly a good Master, are supposed to pass them on to other Masters when you can't teach them anything else ... Sahaj Marg(tm) is not SIMPLE and it can't teach SIMPLICITY, it can only teach what it is: nationalism and materialism, sexism, elitism, and the false teaching that chasing God (ONE) or the Guru who claims to represent IT (not Him) all over the world is Spirituality. To be Spiritual, one has to relate to SPIRIT, not to spirits, that is called "spiritualism". And it certainly is not relating to hotels, airports, planes, buses, crowds, noise, money, worldly power, parties, food orgies, speeches, etc... The road to perdition is wide and many go with you... The Spiritual path is narrow and one goes alone ... Judging by the "love" that comes from the abhyasis and preceptors, you are not doing a great job of teaching "love" and respect either ... It seems you all "lack glitter"!! Where there once was love, the heart of the abhyasis are now filled with disrespect and rancour ... I wonder where they got that?? In the transmission from preceptors who "destroy love"??)

Forty-six years have passed since I had the first darshan of my Master, Babuji Maharaj, and every day I feel that we are still beginning Sahaj Marg, and that I am beginning Sahaj Marg. Because this is like a huge onion. You go on peeling it and it is endless — more and more appears and looks as if it will never end, (onions are not INFINITE ... They end. They are finite.) because one lifetime, according to our ancient lore (legend, myth) in India, can be enough for this spiritual journey but is rarely enough because we don’t utilise it properly. (Life is a timeless and endless journey ... For those who believe we are SPIRIT, it does not end ... For those who believe we are carbon or matter, they also have goals to achieve and things to do, and for them, life ends ... so they have to hurry and earn their salvation or their liberation NOW, before they die!! Spirit does not grow, and does not die. Spirit IS... ) The first mistake we make, and which can be a tragic mistake, is to think that the day we join Sahaj Marg everything is over — guru’s grace is there, now he will do everything for us. (We can say that it is the fault of those who claim to be representatives of ONE (What they call "a male God" and/or "He" or "HIM"). Then they claim that there is a 'goal' and that with Sahaj Marg (tm), one can reach that fictitious goal in one lifetime which they themselves will not reach either ... That is a LIE ... your "Indian" lore, and the lore of every other culture, is more accurate than that ... Of course, RELIGIONS and those who claim to represent ONE (God), all make grandiose claims to lure the unsuspecting, the narcissists, and the treasure seekers, the gamblers, the gullible, and the lazy lovers, etc ... who usually want something, (usually pleasure, excitement, or "bliss", etc...) for nothing!!

Babuji Maharaj often emphasized, very often, that his cooperation is hundred percent provided our cooperation in the sadhana, you know with the niyamas [observances], and the discipline, following the Ten Maxims, is hundred percent. His cooperation can be thousand percent, million percent, if ours is a hundred percent. As he put it so simply, “If you take one step towards God, He also takes one step towards you, but yours is twenty-five inches, His is one step from There to here, wherever There may be.” (God is not a HE, and IT does not take "steps"... ONE IS Everything, Everywhere, Every when (the E-Trinity) ... IT is not influenced by little homo sapiens and their silly rituals, prayers and imagined light in the heart ... you teach a myth!! An "imagined light" does not shine, and it does not make one bright! And it seems to lead to Spiritualism and mediums, and channeled messages, not to a system of MEDITATION, such as Raja Yoga but to a butchered system, where the main spiritual and loving steps have been removed, and where the butchered system begins at step #7 of Patanjali's eightfold (octave) path, or... meditate, and then die! )

Another metaphor you can say to define Sahaj Marg is an iceberg floating in an ocean. All school children know that what we see of the iceberg is hardly one-eighth of the whole thing. The rest is all below, in the sea. In Sahaj Marg it is not one-eighth; it’s I think one-millionth or one-billionth. The visible part of Sahaj Marg, the sadhana paddhati or the sadhana procedure, the meditation, the constant remembrance, the night prayer - the practice as we call it - is but a drop in the ocean of spirituality. (and Sahaj Marg(tm) is not more efficacious than other religions and/or "isms" ... believe what you will but don't lie about what others from other religions believe, preach, teach and do inside their systems. We are all inside ONE where we live ... IF you are conscious of Spirit at all not just spirits, you can respect that, and ALL. If you want respect you have to give it so as to CREATE IT!! )

I may be permitted to say I was rather surprised when Babuji Maharaj said, “All this earns you nothing.” (Babuji got that right!! ;-)) ) He said “nothing”! And when I said, “Babuji, nothing?” he said, “Yes, nothing, because this you are doing in obedience to the instructions of your Master. Everybody will do it. This is only the beginning.” (in other words, Babuji meant, where is the "glitter in your heart"? Where is your love and compasstion for the families of the poor gullible abhyasis who's lives you destroy, divide and seperate, you and your preceptors who "destroy love" as you stated in 2001 at a preceptor's seminar??) So I said, “Then what is and where is the rest of it?” He said, “As you meditate, as you do your cleaning, as you pray, are you able to transfer your dependence from depending on yourself to depending on Him? (on ONE (God), not on Chari!!) Will you be able to transfer your love which is now narcissistic?” (Babuji speaks of narcissistic Chari, who wants to sit on a throne and be adored and adulated by his fans... much like a materialist Bollywood star!) You know, I think, nargis, nargis apni benoori pe roti hai [the narcissus weeps over its sightlessness]. ( Where is the "glittering in your heart" Chari, as Babuji asked? And as we repeat, we who have witnessed the destruction and division you have created in a world which needed love, compassion and UNITY?)

So we are also blind because in our love we think we love everything, but we love only ourselves in a narcissistic fashion. (Gee! that's two "right's" in a row!! Babuji is on a roll! Now if Chari could hear that this is meant for HIMSELF, not for others!!) That is why so much looking at the mirror, so much self-adornment, self-satisfaction. So the second question was (Babuji’s), “Will you ever be able to transfer this self-love of yours to loving Him (IT) who must be the only thing that you shall love as a human being?” Babuji Maharaj said again and again, “Love (prem) is only for God. It is impossible between human beings.” (What he meant was, love the "One-ness" (God) in those around you ... not love only a guru in India and not your family and friends ... or spend thousands of dollars celebrating your guru's birthday and don't even celebrate the birthday of those around you (friends, family) ... or give them a worthless "trinket" for their birthday. That is why the Sahaj Marg (tm) abhyasis become self-serving narcissists, and separate from their families and friends, and dis-respect, and destroy the love in their surroundings, and try and love ONE (God) in the GURU only... That is false ...AND IT IS IMPOSSIBLE... And it is a false teaching which is now in Sahaj Marg(tm) .... It does not originate with Babuji, but with Chari. Love ONE in All ... Chari changed it to: "Love all whom he loves"!! What a butchery of something wise and "good"... He is not a philosopher or wise. He is an engineer and a materialist CEO (in plastics or oil products) !!

That was also a shock for me to hear that human beings cannot love each other. All this much flaunted love, you know, romance; it may be romance but there’s no love behind it. (you miss the point because of the lack of "glitter in your heart"... You have the heart of a materialist and a nationalist CEO . You don't know that "there is no love behind it" for everyone!! You may know that for yourself and in your own way ... so preach it at yourself, in a mirror, as Babuji said... see your own words!) When I sought clarification from Babuji, “What is this that we are experiencing: filial love so-called between parents and children, brotherly and sisterly love, and the love between spouses? What is this?” He said, “This is only friendship and affection.” (see below for the other parts of the "contradiction"! Beside, if the abyasis I know had friendship or affection, I would not complain... but what I see from those I know is disrespect, rancour, emotionalism, and hatred ... and certainly not tolerance, compassion, or acceptance ... You were right at the preceptor's seminar in 2001: "they (you) destroy" love!! )

So you see, these two things: Will you be able to transfer your dependence from on yourself to Him, totally, which is what surrender means? (love the ONE in ALL) Will you be able, ever, to change this self-love of yours, narcissistic love, (Babuji is speaking to Chari... Chari does not change, but preaches it down to you, and wants you to adulate him!!) to the love of Him and Him alone? (IT and IT alone) And then he smilingly pointed out, with some compassion, he said, “Don’t be afraid, it is possible. All those who have gone before us on the saintly ladders have done it. Otherwise they would not be there, they would not be remembered.” ( On the "saintly ladders" lol lol... Now there's a "ladder" to get to the Brighter World .... Oh!... We all agree... even Jesus Christ said: LOVE ONE ANOTHER! or Love the God (ONE) in one another!! Why does the Sahaj Marg (tm) of Chari divide so much? Is Love the same to him as division, and destruction of families??)

“Whom do we remember in this world?” he asked us. History may teach you to remember Napoleon, Genghis Khan, Hitler. (is that all you remember of history?? There are other good men and not simply "conquerors of the World" or IMPERIALISTS. Name some good men in history!!) Geography may teach you to remember England, United States, Japan, latitudes and longitudes. History, geography — what else is there left? Mathematics may teach you to remember your multiplication tables and some equations. But what do you really remember, even without going to school, without education, without history, geography, mathematics are the great names which have passed through the history of this world: Lord Krishna, Buddha, Mohammed the Prophet, Jesus Christ. (Could you mention the one who is claimed to be the "son of God" before those who claim to be "special", prophets or philosophers!! lol,lol. Krishna has only influenced your culture ... Jesus Christ is GLOBAL and is remembered globally! And no one would remember them also if it was not for religious "education" set up by those in the pyramid that is the RELIGIOUS structure.) We remember them. We may not know we love them but we remember them as the great progenitors of humanity. (They are simply political leaders, military leaders and religious leaders who have been given historical importance by others (manipulators) in other generations so as to give themselves credibility ... we have seen Sahaj Marg do it with Lalaji and now Chari does it with Babuji, so his successor can do it with Chari.

We also remember others because of their accomplishments... and not only material or religious accomplishments of building "temples", but some of us also remember spiritual, intellectual and abstract accomplishments. We remember them, but we don't say we "love them"! That would be a corruption of the word LOVE!! )

And Babuji said, “This is remembrance. And remembrance,” he said, “is one of the fundamental legs of the tripod (first the 3M's, then the Tripod, what's next: the TRINITY?? They are into everything Spiritualist: astrology, numerology, Mediums, egregores, etc... this is not a system of meditation but a Spiritualist Sect) of Sahaj Marg.” He said, “Normally what you think you love, you remember. You remember your child, you remember your wife, you remember your friends because you love them. (Huh? Which one is it?? Earlier, you called it "romance", and then "friendship and affection", now you call it "love" as it is also accompanied by "remembering"!! We can say the same for the GURU. The abhyasis just "think you love" the guru.

Your serfs can't question you Chari, but I, who was a disciple of Babuji, can! You and Sahaj Marg (tm), like most corrupt religions, speak contradictions and control by confusion!! Sahaj Marg(tm) robs the love from a family unit and divides it and separates it by placing all the LOVE that should go to the family and friends, on an outsider, a man, and a foreign nationalist man who claims to be a GODMAN! A love-greedy Guru is a False Guru ... Then their "love" is re-hashed and the abhyasis may get back the love of the Group (egregore), not more love than anyone else and not more love from ONE (God..Him). And if the egregore becomes dominated by greedy users (nationalists, materialists, etc..) then the abhyasis gets that corruption and becomes even less loving and more disrespectful of their family and friends ... as we have witnessed and experienced. The religious adepts in Sahaj Marg, imitating Chari, think that others are lost or evil and not deserving of respect ... unless they become a "disciple"... That is not Spirituality!!

"Love one another!" is much wiser, and is much more what is needed today by mankind!! The world does not need less love in the family, and more division as per: Sahaj Marg|(tm) and it's false Guru! ), With the guru, you have to create love through remembrance. There, love creates remembrance. In spirituality, remembrance will create love. (that is artificial...not natural. Love ALL...but don't follow a Master who wants all your love for only himself, leaving the family and friends with a loveless empty shell.) Therefore, constant remembrance of the Great is the essential leg of the tripod of Sahaj Marg. Dhyana [meditation], constant remembrance, and obedience, hundred percent, unquestioning. Because as long as you question, it means you consider that in some way you know better than him. It is immaterial whether it is worldly knowledge or higher knowledge - vidya or paravidya - and avidya, of course, darkness. The moment you question the Master… You can inquire. (How egotistical: You can't question the Master? That is one of the signs of a false guru ... according to other REAL gurus and Masters. Any self-titled Master will be questioned! ... by anyone who wants to. That game is over... A true Master of Spirituality (not of "humanity", as Chari likes to calls himself), would respond to inquiries "ad infinitum" and would enjoy it, as Time and infinity are but illusions anyway. What do you think the job of Spiritual Master is anyway? To be an egotistical tyrant and sit on a throne and be adulated by one's disciples (how "Moonie", Sahaj Marg(tm) has become).

Do your research ! When a guru can't or does not want to teach anymore, he is to send the seeker to another more enlightened guru, not ask the disciple to not ask questions anymore, or play the games of not giving any time for "discussion"!! Does Chari think there is no more "enlightened" than him?) As Babuji Maharaj said, doubt poisons the soul. (Wrong ... Doubt is the beginning of intelligence, integrity, and Wisdom ... Chari has (and Babuji also had...) "doubt" himself, and we all do. If one can't doubt anything, one is a gullible dunce who will follow everyone!! ) Whereas inquiry, that is: Is this It? What is It? No doubt these are real questions with possible answers which, according to Sahaj Marg tradition and in fact generally spiritual tradition, the guru awakens within us in our heart by following the practice that he has prescribed for us. And the answers come from within. That is why when we went to see the Great Master at Shahjahanpur we forgot all our questions, because they were no more necessary. (to forget your questions is not necessarily a sign of spirituality ... It can also be a sign of manipulation) And when we got onto the train to go back, everybody suddenly remembered, “Ayyo, I had to ask this question. I forgot.” Babuji used to smile, and mischievously he used to say, “This is the way of my protecting myself. Otherwise I would be pestered with questions!” But that was a joking answer. The real answer was that he removed the ignorance about that which we wanted to ask.

An answer is not an answer as it is understood in the modern ways of education. An answer in spiritual life is the removal of ignorance about what we wanted to know. “I did not know what it was; now I know what it is.” An answer is not two plus two makes four. Of course, that’s a fact. Similarly, questions we asked of Babuji Maharaj, “Will this happen?” Babuji said, “To say yes and no has no meaning. It must happen. A solution must come.” So in Sahaj Marg, questions have no answers; questions must have solutions which need our prayer, which need our sadhana, and which need faith in the Master. (I guess Chari thinks that is "smart", but it is not very "enlightened" and not spiritual ... think of your doctor doing that (getting you to not remember (or not have an occasion to ask) the question you wanted to ask him ... a word and mind game!!))

So you see, it is not a simple thing (now it's not SIMPLE... contradiction?) that you enter the guru’s home and you have your first sitting and you say, “My, my, you know, what a wonderful sitting,” and this is finished. In most sansthas, including some of the Vedic stories, Puranic stories, this is how they teach. (just the false Gurus or the Charlatans... not the REAL Gurus or the truly enlightened. I would not put my fate in someone who uses trickery and mischievousness to relate to me in important things such as my ETERNITY (space) ... not infinity which is of TIME...)

For instance, in one of the Upanishads a fellow goes to the guru and says, “What is brahmavidya [supreme knowledge] or Brahman [God]?” or whatever you see. And the guru says, “Know food to be Brahman — annam brahmeti vyajaanaat.” And he’s happy, he says, “Of course, everything eats, everybody eats, even fire consumes fuel — he has taught.” Then slowly he begins to meditate on this and says, “No, no, it cannot be. It may be part of the answer but it cannot be the full answer.” So he goes back to the guru, “Guruji, but…” He says, “Praanam brahmeti vyajaanaat — know the prana [life force].” He says, “Yes.” After some time of introspection, observation of the world, he finds dead people going, and as we say in Tamil, “Praanam gaya, praan nikal gaya. [His life has left him.]” He says, “Guruji, how can that be?” So the guru says, “Mano brahmeti vyajaanaat — know the mind to be Brahman.” He says, “Now at last I’ve got the truth.” But then he finds after some years his cousin is going mad, his wife is crazy. How can that be Brahman which can go crazy, which can have aberrations, which does not know the truth? He goes back to the guru. Like this, six times he goes. The final answer of the guru is, “Aanandam brahmeti vyajaanaat — know bliss to be Brahman,” you see, eternal bliss. (I would say: Don't waste my TIME (infinity)!! )

Babuji said, “Yes, of course, all these answers were correct at their respective times, given to the disciple according to the stage of the development that he has achieved. But the Vedas have stopped with aanandam. There is much beyond that.” Now that is the iceberg of Sahaj Marg, you see, much beyond that. Not just a little beyond that. Not a seventh answer and an eighth answer, but much. And when I asked Babuji, “How much?” he said, “Infinity.” (Infinity can be simply define in 1-d or linearly: x= x + 1 ... or in one dimension ... Eternity is n...d or multi-dimensional). That is why our path, Sahaj Marg, is known as ‘towards infinity.’ (Yes for the love of ONE, become familiar with one dimension and move on, so we may finally converse in n...dimensions and relate to ONE which is not only in one dimension) There is no end to it. (that means no is a journey! ) But he said, “Don’t be afraid, because infinity doesn’t really mean anything to one who does not know what is infinity, who has not gone through infinity to the other end, and who has not mastered that infinity. When you have mastered infinity,” he says, “it is in your mutthi — it is in your fist.” (what a crock!! We all know "INFINITY" and we are all aware of it and we all experience it even in listening to secular music or in our worldly affairs... Time distorts!! Come-on... Where are all the philosophers in Sahaj Marg (tm)?? Oh yes! They all left when Chari and the materialists and the nationalists took over... or they were pushed out... This is now Sahaj Mart (tm)... Trade marked for trade and commerce... that means MATERIAl or for a commercial product! And they are impressed by infinity and do not relate to ETERNITY... Maybe the SUFI disciples of Lalaji have not lost that "treasure"...)

So, brothers and sisters, you see, let us not be either put into a state of happiness and contentment by what we have first in Sahaj Marg, or be balked by this truth that knowing Sahaj Marg is impossible because one cannot know infinity; ( You guys believe that? now no one can know or understand infinity?? Contradictions!) one can experience infinity. One cannot know God, one can experience God. Therefore God and infinity are the same. ( No! Try: One and ETERNITY are the same ... Infinity is what the children will learn at shool, if they are not in a Religious school ... That statement is of the past. Try the 18th century! ) And if you have the patience, the commitment to your own self-development, and the requisite faith in the guru, (self promotion... a commercial... what gall...use your head... the brain ONE gave you as a gift.) you will find that soon after you have met him you have a sitting in which there is no sense of time, ( even "rock'n roll" will give you that... it's part of relativity ...It's not God!! ) there is no sense of space; (even in ONE there is a sense of Space BUT ONE CREATES the SPACE at the moment (infinitely), but it is a Space that also encompasses the Zero (0) or the Nothing of Buddhism, and the Minus ONE (-1) of Potentiality or the virtual (what is not yet created and may not be created), and in ONE-ness, one can BE as co-creator with ONE!!

Buddhism claims to take one's consciousness to NOTHING or ZERO (o) and that is good!! We are now all conscious of the "SOMETHING" (+1) or of the EXPLICATE world of MIND ... but we are now, at this time in our evolution, also opening the minus ONE (-1), or we are journeying into the virtual and the POTENTlAL or the IMPLICATE world of MIND ... and that is also part of ONE ...)

Don't be fooled or dis-empowered by the salesmen of spiritualism and egregores, as if it was ONE (or God) ...and foolishly give your power to a religious "elite" who will then create a world with them as Masters and you and us as "serfs".

Sahaj Marg (tm), like most religions and power structures of the past are triangular (in 2-d) or Pyramidal (in 3-d). In a pyramidal organizational structure, God (usually male) is at the top of the pyramid and His (usually self-appointed) representative takes His place. The power of the pyramid is then dessiminated to the vertices (the priesthood), and then to the base where the masses have no power at all and are simply the receptors of the orders and the feeders (financial, political, etc...) of the structure (the sheep)!! They will compete for the positions at the vertices and some power-hungry men will compete for the position at the top vertex.

We (some of us) are taking our destiny in our own hands as part of the galactic POWER structure of the spiral ... You can too ... In the spiral, there is no begining and no end, the spiral is open and there is no eternal inside and/or eternal outside to the spiral, and anyone can enter and anyone can leave the spiral structure, there is no point on the spiral which is more important than the other.

These are the days of the end of the divisive male pyramidal and/or the female circular (arcs) RELIGIOUS structures, with their insiders and outsiders and preferred points or positions of power. These are the seasons of changes, this is the age of transformation ... You can be part of it or you can bow down to a religious elite once again hoping to be SAVED. But the change is inevitable ... It is Global... IT WILL BE SO!! Some will BE part of the change LATER!! Those who still think in terms of, and are still impressed by INFINITY when they think of ONE (God) or our ONE-ness could be lost for infinity (in TIME), but not everywhere in Space (of n...d). Infinity has a beginning and a trajectory (vector) and can have a goal (points in time), even an un-reachable goal. Until one gets off the infinite "tread-mill" (1-d) and saves oneself ETERNALLY!!

Some are now BEING conscious of, and some realize our SPIRIT-ness, our SPIRITUALITY or our ONE-ness with ALL, and some are not fooled by the divisive Religions of SPIRITUALISM (Mediums, egregores, channels (1-d), messages from the dead, Saints, Saviours, special persons, etc..) anymore! Soon... none will be fooled ...and mankind will witness another "enlightenment". And once again, the impetus for that change will have come from taking our fate in our hands and out of the hands of a religious elite. WE will pull ourselves up by our bootstraps. We will save ourselves...

and often when he says, “That’s all,” you don’t know where you are — the first real experience of no time, no where, eternally.

So you see, it requires practice, but the practice alone is not enough. It must be backed by faith, (and it must make sense ... to think that reading a channeled message from an alleged spirit of the dead seven or eight times, according to Chari, will erase smaskaras (impressions) , sins or anything is simply silly. It is even denied by Chari in the previous post: "No man on earth has power to absolve you of your sins except two people: one yourself, and one your God"....and even that is questionable! We don't "absolve ourselves of our sins", we "atone", or we become "at one" with our actions and our thoughts and we undo them, or live with our guilt until we are forced to ATONE by destiny.) to accept what the guru says and do it. (NOT) And then comes the final stage, it may be one day as Babuji said, “Just move your head from here to here, and it’s over,” or it may take, I don’t know, so many yugas and mahayugas [eons]. ( fools the children!) Everything depends on us, provided our cooperation is total, because then we have Him with us, (HIM is not the dead guru, but ONE... All the time... no matter what we do) and his cooperation and his assistance are unfailing, (not the dead Guru but ONE) ever-present with us. I pray for his blessings on all of you today. (You try and confuse the Master and God ... It's just an old "Indian rope trick".... a scam... ONE is WHAT (not WHO) is SPIRIT, and SPIRIT is ONE ... The guru did not create the World, and he will not save anyone ... I can bless you also, but that does not mean that ONE is obliged to favour you because I blessed you!! The sun will not favour you, the wind will not favour you, and neither will ONE if ONE is "natural" ... Neither will the dead GURU,who is just a man, not a GOD !! )

Thank you. You' re welcome.... You preach at us to commercialize, grow your business, and lure our families and friends into your web ... we agree with Babuji, and we preach back at you!!


sincerebrother said...

To a great extent you are right. The base of all your outbursts is the impious and truth-less act of Mr.Chari projecting himself as the Master, when the truth is that not only he, no other human being can't be. It is true also that he has also started a fanatic cult, sans any real quest for spiritual enlightenment. But Mr.Don, as your writings show, you seem to be a man of good reasoning with a good heart, who has revolted against the imposing attitudes of a dictorial leader. My humble request to you is that why should you waste/spoil your subtler most conscious states, of which real spirituality is formed of, to go behind these elements? You can get rid of SRCM(tm) of Chari, but can you get rid of the Divine, who dwells in your heart? A state of the mind, where the intellect ceases to be (Not in the sense of dumb objects) is what forms the base of real spiritual practice. I pray to the Divine Supreme to have a wonderful soul like you in the group of earnest seekers.

4d-Don said...

Hi Sincere Brother...

Thank you for your kind and thoughtful words.

If a tree (or a rock, or the debrisw of a river flood) falls on the highway and endangers the lives of one's fellow seekers, then the duty of one who claims to be SPIRITUAL, is not to simply walk away and/or seek one's own "bliss". Our individual bliss is tied to and linked (in Internet talk... ;-)) ) to all our brothers and sisters. It is not only our responsibility but our duty as "humans" who seek ONE-ness, to warn others of the dangers of such divisive and spiritualist "RELIGIONS"... They lead inevitable to corruption, divisions and even to violence and to war...

I have not denied ONE or our ONE-ness ... I use the word ONE as Plato (5th century BCE) and Vivekananda (19th century ACE) did, so as to express our UNITY.

I am sure that with some kind souls such as yourself, we (you and I) will expose these false paths and will shine the light on our ONE-ness, the UNITY in ALL of ONE's CREATION, which appears to us as an illusive DUALITY, but which is in fact and in REALITY, ONE ...

Let us not be part of the tyranny of ONE either, as we would not be part of the dual tyranny of those spiritualists who would build a pyramid and place themselves at the TOP, claiming to represent ONE or the ONE-ness of ALL ...

PS... I did not only rebel against the dictatorial leader (Chari) of Sahaj Marg but against all RELIGIOUS dictatorial leaders... Chari is simply the one who has affected my life lately as he has lured some misguided "serfs" off the beautiful path they were on, and are now lost in that unkind, unloving, and divisive "cult of a Person" which Sahaj Marg(tm) has become... I also opposed the Christian sects and the Muslims, long before Sahaj Marg(tm), and before the INTERNET ... There are many lost souls in the world, and I am simply putting up danger signs and SPEAKING OUT on a few, in this, the age of INFORMATION and FREEDOM...

We will see if our FREEDOMS will be a treasure that we will pass on to the next generation, so they can also be free to SPEAK OUT ...

Bless you and yours... and thank you for taking the time to express your feelings.