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Chari, the Blogger, The SPIRITUALIST, (bad-mouther of religions) and the "ENEMY of SPIRITUALITY"

A speech by Chari to "Zonal-in-Charge", Jan. 10, 2009, taken from Elodie's blog, Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg (or, The Desperate Abhyasi - in English) in an article titled: Le Besoin de Discipline Personnelle (the Need for Personal Discipline... note how discipline and "disciple" have the same root)

4d-Don's Intro and Comments:

This is what Chari, the Master and President of SRCM (California-1997) called the bloggers in his book: He! the Hookah, and I. "THE ENEMIES OF SPIRITUALITY". I am just sending it back to him in the title of this Blog. He can redeem himself if he wants to, and be ONE with the BLOGGERS as he now appears to be in this speech ... Read here for other 'made up" stories in that book.

This is a speech given by Chari on Jan. 10, 2009 to the "zonal-in-charge" of SRCM (California-1997). It seems to confirm all the worse that the bloggers have been saying about the state of affairs at the SRCM (California), and still they claim to be a group that promotes unity and "brotherhood of Humans", and want to be paid from our "taxes" and "charity", to "spread this to the world"?? NOT on my Charitable "tax-exempt" dollars. I have witnessed the division it created in my own life, and I will expose it as long as I can. Is Chari, now that he sounds like a blogger, also a curse and an "enemy of spirituality"? ;-))

Is Sahaj Marg now a Cancer of Divisions that causes divisions everywhere it goes because it was created and founded by Babuji as a "division" from the Lalaji organizations, the Ramashram and the Sufi Naqshbandiyya. The SRCM has tried to hide these divisions by claiming to be a "Raja Yoga" and claiming at first that Lalaji founded the SRCM, then that he originated the "transmission", and that it is hence "hindu" rather than of Sufi and Islamic origin as can be seen in their "Golden Chain" and in this article on Lalaji: "Lalaji is our Master, they all claim"

As Sir Walter Scott once said: "What a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive" And the deceit goes on at SRCM(California) and in the other schisms of "the MISSION", who are still in denial about the whole affair, as they hope to gather the "lost and stray sheep" of the disintegrating SRCM (California) of Chari.

All in the name of BROTHERHOOD. Does the UNDPI (United Nations) know about this? Should you, who are the members, not advise the United Nations Department of Public Information, so that these sectarian divisions do not become "political" and "military" as other "religions" have done? Should you not deal with this "cancer" in your organization very decisively with your "intellect"? Now that you have seen the product of 'blind faith" and using the "heart" to think, is it not time to use the BRAIN? Would you not do the same for your "offsprings" should they have a "cancer"?

Get Professional HELP...

Should you not consult and get the advice from "professionals" in SPIRITUALITY and those who have experience in "spiritualism", and attempt to extricate your group, from what seems to be the effects of "malevolent" spirits that may have entered your lives and the lives of your followers , through your SPIRITUALIST rituals. Have you asked the name of the "channeled" spirits directly? You may find that there are many "spirits" entering your "flock" in the name, words and images of Babuji. Babuji himself had warned about this type of "spiritualism". If we saw his (Babuji's) "image" or heard his sound in meditation, we were to "push it away", and now the current Master, Chari, advises the abhyasis to REPEAT the channeled "spirit's" messages ("seven or eight times") stating that they may "erase the samskaras" of those who perform the repetition ritual ... do not be fooled by such "hokus-pokus" and dark magic. READ and USE YOUR BRAIN to understand ...

YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE!! Get back on the path of SPIRITUALITY and a SYSTEM of MEDITATION that empowers the individual and Unites their families, not one that makes them "co-dependents" of the MASTER and the MISSION. Get back on the path of spirituality that is not about "SPIRIT channeling" as Babuji "ordered". NOW OBEY!! (as SRCM-California, 1997) tells others. ;-)) )

At the end of the corrupt stage of RELIGIONS, SRCM(California), like many other religions, makes "preceptors" or priests of anyone and everyone. The integrity of the "pipe", as they call the preceptors, affects the quality of the water (transmission). Just like the quality of the catholic priest who listens to confessions and forgives sins, affects the quality of the "grace" and "forgiveness" that ensues. A corrupt priest will use the information about the sins of the "confessor" to his own egotistical advantage ... an "un-corrupted" priest will not. How can one tell the difference until it is too late? The Roman empire did not learn that lesson fast enough, using lead pipes in their "plumbing". Neither did the "Holy Roman Catholic" church, hence we now witness the effects of the spiritual cancer and corruption that has taken it over, as the spiritual corruption becomes emotional, material, physical, and sexual abuse of POWER.

This is just the beginning for SRCM!! If other religions, the ones we now call "corrupt", are an indication, there is worse to come!! But now, with the Internet and the BLOGS, all will know sooner than later!!

Bless you all!!

Chari's Speech of Jan. 10, 2009 to "Zonal-in charge"
(I have added paragraphs for read-ability)

"We have been very carefully selecting people to be preceptors, but more and more I find that in an anxiety to fill the panel saying in Gujarat, or in Andhra Pradesh or in Punjab, we are recommending people who would not be normally acceptable. This is one main cause of indiscipline. They don’t work, so we have a full list of preceptors running into thousands, and I don’t know whether even half of them are really working. (…) with two thousand six hundred preceptors, we should be able to grow without more preceptors (…).It should not be necessary for me to make two preceptors a day, continuously every day. It only means — I mean I could understand it if I see the quality rising.

But like the recent incident in Nagpur: a preceptor manhandling an abhyasi; the classic case of Kanpur which has been a thorn in Babuji’s flesh ever since I joined the Mission. Kanpur was always a problem. It continues to be a problem. Why? What is wrong that these places do not change? There are other centres I don’t want to mention. Bombay centre: I don’t see any growth. We have so many preceptors there (…).Small centres have been literally blackmailing the organization by buying among themselves the land, and then saying, “You have to accept this now,” without permission, without approval. It is a very serious legal problem. Who is going to manage this?

You know, sometimes in my nightmares I see the Mission breaking up, and there will be two hundred and forty Shri Ram Chandra Missions: Haldoi, one; Gorakhpur centre, another Mission; Tiplur in Maharashtra. We have had a problem in Thrissur centre in Kerala state. Serious disciplinary problems — people refusing to go to a place for satsangh. It’s easy to say, “You are no longer abhyasis.” They will start a new centre, and you will have one more group sitting by itself. Karnataka started this unhappy episode. We have several groups in Karnataka, all claiming to be Babuji’s favourite centres — not with the Mission (…).Discipline has to be instilled from the beginning. I know nowadays preceptors give sittings to new abhyasis, you know, helter-skelter: one in the morning, one in the evening, next tomorrow morning, and they are abhyasis. They are not spoken to, they are not told about the Mission. They are not explained the philosophy, nor are they told what are the disciplinary requirements. That is why the Mission is growing so fast (…) So I wonder what has been my failure, that this is the result of the Mission today. (…) Let us come to the physical problems: non-attendance, linguistic chauvinism, you know. And during presence in the satsangh, half the people with their eyes open, cell phones ringing even here in Manapakkam. And when I have spoken two or three times, they put it on vibration mode, and when their thigh vibrates, they just look at it to note the number and… I know this is happening. I know it is happening in every centre (…).So discipline has to be personal. Each person has to be disciplined. It’s not enough to have a police force acting, you know. It is not enough (…).

So, you see, discipline is the order of the day. Otherwise, you know what happens when there is uncontrolled growth of cells in the human body: it is cancer. And cancer means death, as we all know. If our organization is growing like that, as I seem to think it is, it is a cancerous growth: unguided, unprincipled, disobedient. (…) Too many of us are just sitting quiet, saying that Babuji’s will will prevail but Babuji has said his will can prevail only when we execute his will. When he passed away and I had to take charge, we have seen how much his will prevailed: when all the preceptors of those times refused to obey his nomination, and many had to be sacked out of hand. And many left because they were not approving what I did. There was every chance that when I became the President, this Mission would disintegrate, because there were powerful preceptors from Babuji’s times. (…)We have now to exercise discrimination even when admitting abhyasis, because I find there is no discrimination. We are happy to have one more abhyasi. But is he of any value to the Mission? Will he add value to himself or herself? (…) I don’t want more and more land holdings without money to build ashrams. I mean, I am surprised that we have land in so many places where there are only twenty abhyasis, fifteen abhyasis — under pressure. (…) So you see, you must think of the Mission as a whole: not of Maharashtra or Gujarat or Uttar Pradesh (…)

And there are some states of India which are very difficult to penetrate. They have their own cultural chauvinism, their own linguistic chauvinism. Even their saints are sacred — better than other saints! Sahaj Marg would appear not to have done anything except to put whitewash on the skin. Have we penetrated deep enough? Have we made human beings [into] human beings, or does Sahaj Marg still consist of Maharastrians and Bengalis and Malayalis and Tamilians?

Recently I had the case of a centre where there are several communities, all Hindus. One community has twenty members, and they said, “We want a preceptor from our community.” And this demand was sent to me by the preceptor. I was shocked! It’s like saying Jats must have a Jat preceptor, Brahmins must have a Brahmin preceptor. I mean, where are we going? What is the direction in which Sahaj Marg is moving? (...) Have we really done anything at all in all these fifty years, sixty years that the Mission has been there? "

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