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The Ordeals Of A Sahaj Marg (tm) Preceptor!

Taken from Elodie's Blog Pour Que Vive le Sahaj Marg, from a comment by Alexis: The Ordeal of being a Preceptor?

Commnents by 4d-don are in "red italics"

Remember that Ajay Kumar Bhatter has now resigned from SRCM (California-1997) as the "Guru-in-waiting" of Sahaj Marg (tm).

Soon, you may not be able (or allowed) to read the "blogs" or the newspapers either. And those who, with cheap and silly titles as "Torchbearers", lure others to this path will have to start eliminating "mirrors" or any reflective surfaces or entities, such as friends and family, nature, books, media, etc ... and just blindly swallow the 3M's advertising and promotion, (the company line) as their REALITY. Just like the truly "living dead" some desire to become.

Sahaj Marg (tm) is not the SUFISM of Lalaji, nor the Raja Yoga of Patanjali, and it is not Babuji's society anymore ... It is now SPIRITUALISM! And your Bible, Whispers From the Brighter World, will be "channeled" from a series of seances by an anonymous French lady Medium, and it ain't a beautiful treasure of a baby, but a "Frankenstein" allegedly made from parts, and it will be YOURS ... if you chose to blindly OBEY !!

Read these articles and THINK NOW !!

Friday, June 27, 2008

The Ordeal of Being a Preceptor?

Some time ago, I saw this message posted on Elodie's blog:

During his trip to Europe (2008), Chari was concerned with not seeing some preceptors. "(...) And in almost all cases, people have insinuated that these practitioners had abandoned the practice of Sahaj Marg (...) It would therefore appear that it is dangerous to accept the responsibility of preceptor (.. .) Would it not be better that they [the preceptor] refuse to work as a preceptor (...)."

Chari has therefore taken the opportunity to warn the current preceptors of their responsibilities, this is a warning as well for other candidates for the post.

Clearly, at this moment, it is not a good time to be a preceptor…

The story does not end there. And this time it's Ajay Kumar Bhatter (ex-successor Guru in-waiting who has since resigned as the future "Godman" of Sahaj Marg (tm)) who would have taken over from Chari (excerpts from a circular to French preceptors, dated June 17, 2008):

"After so many years and many visits from the Master, the number of abhyasis is disappointing in Europe."

He asked that each European preceptor send him a monthly report showing the number of introductions to Sahaj Marg made, the number of sittings given to individuals, the number of satsanghs ( group meditation) conducted, and the number who participate in the satsanghs. In addition, a photo of the preceptor must accompany the report, so that Ajay may learn more about them (recognize them).

These reports existed before, but Ajay is reviving them seriously! If preceptors do the reports, all will be well. Otherwise, if they don't, watch out! …

It's not over! He adds:

"Please go to the centres to speak to preceptors on the following points:

-- The preceptors should see what change is needed in their attitude and be more open.
(Become tolerant of religions and "minorities", and of others as they really are, unlike your Master and Sahaj Marg(tm) who wants to conquer the world and make everyone the same: OBEDIENT SERFS to his "desires" of growing the business and his legacy! )

-- Invite friends and relatives regularly so as to inform them about Sahaj Marg.
(Remind one of "Jehova's Witnesses"?? or other aggressive "evangelist"?)

-- In the major centres like Paris, all preceptors need not be present for satsangh on Sunday, there should be at least 2 or 3. All others should move around and meet the abhyasis in other centres with their relatives and friends. They should talk about Sahaj Marg as often as possible and introduce people.
(Dishonest attempt to make it seem as if there are more members than there really are!! On Wikipedia (see edit history or battles), they even attempt to inflate the "membership" for the commercialization effect of luring others to a "large" movement!! LIES!! )

-- When people have taken a step toward you, you can introduce them more easily. They do not need to read books or answer questionnaires. The only restrictions being alcohol, drug addiction, psychological problems or anti-depressive medication.
(BEWARE: Don't take a step towards them ... Does this "restriction" not include the psychological megalomaniacal problems of "addiction to power" or "conquering the world"??)

-- We have nothing to lose by a sitting; the person introduced receives a benefit, the preceptor as well.
(the commercial: "Try it... You'll like it!" Who else uses that approach? Opiate dealers?? Beware!! )

-- Invite again people who have been introduced before, and who have left the Mission. Charge the person who had brought them the first time to contact them and have them meet with a preceptor.
(Harassing? See the "Cease and Desist" Template on this site... And Ajay has now "resigned" so...?? Follow your IDOLS !! )

-- If people came and received the benefit of Sahaj Marg for a few weeks, why are they gone? Try to find out and discuss with them, and with the person who had brought them to Sahaj Marg.
(Maybe they left because of the lack of "tolerance" for minorities and other religions and for family members who do not want to be a "SERF" to invading foreign "conquerors"!)

-- When you introduce people to Sahaj Marg, give them practice and explain it to them, but without putting too much emphasis. They should be encouraged from the outset to participate in Sunday satsangh.
(before the three sittings as introduction?? Not very "Babuji"! How about "get them young" or "before 18 yrs of age", disregarding the Founder's, (Babuji) instructions and warnings?)

-- Have regular meetings with the newly introduced abhyasis, and in a friendly manner explain the practice and the method.
(get them "caught" or "addicted", before they can "think" and realize the "snare". Maybe if you speak to "children" and get them as "serfs" before they can "think"? Is that the Sahaj Marg (tm) MORALITY?? In Sahaj Marg (tm) morality is JUST OBEDIENCE!! Even to the point of "immorality"!! )

-- We must be aware that, perhaps, only a few people will remain introduced and will follow the practice. "
(If you, the preceptor, are lucky and the poor "fool" is "unlucky"!! If the sucker remains, you can expect a family "break-up"! Put that with your KARMA!! )

4d-Don said:

What's the next "military" strategy, in the Pyramid "sales" scam of SRCM (California), read the obituaries in the newspapers and see if there are any deaths, births, health problems, lottery winnings, etc...?? And, then, like a bunch of vultures after the rotting of the Material, swoop down with your army of "Natural?? ... living-dead??" and/or preceptors and abhyasis and manipulate, as is mentioned above?

Do the abhyasis and preceptors not see the danger in accepting and/or condoning and being supportive of this manipulation and "pressure sales" at a "vulnerable" time in one's friends' lives. What is now being used or suggested by SRCM (California-1997) management team is the "worst in sales" which many of us have left behind for a 'higher morality" that says: "one leaves one's friends in PEACE and LOVE", and does not use "sales gimmicks", which "destroy LOVE", as admitted by Chari, in other people's countries if one wants to be "welcomed" as SPIRITUAL (as in: relating to SPIRIT) ... We already have a "higher" spirituality than that HERE in our countries where ONE IS, and we are inside that ONE !! And IT is not "male"...

We would call these Sahaj Marg (tm) commandos, the "Judas goats" of our culture and the sellers and proselytizers of the demonstrated flaws in the "SPIRITUALITY" of foreign nationals. Sahaj Marg (tm) is in REALITY more SPIRITUALISM and RELIGION, and not a very "loving" and/or "forgiving" one, such as some Christians and Christianity at least attempt to be.

Immorality and lack of ethics will, and does in the case of Sahaj Marg (tm), also hide inside a religious cover based on "no philosophy", as Chari proudly admits. And the management team now also seems to believe that. They think that they will somehow get themselves out of the lures of the Material, and the traps of unethical and immoral behaviour which the MIND can sometimes get into, by focusing on "imagined LIGHT" (which is also Material).

That is if their religion is not checked by some true spiritual "system" such as an un-modified, eightfold RAJA YOGA, or other such self-empowering techniques that still retains a "logic" to specifically safeguard itself against these systemic excesses and flaws which grow inside some aspects of all RELIGIONS ... The aspects I infer here are those which demand "OBEDIENCE" rather than "LOGIC", before deciding for one's self what is MORAL or ETHICAL at that particular time. (see articles on "homosexuality" on this blog)

At least LOVE is for ANOTHER (0ne another) , and not for the narcissistic one's SELF!

What the WORLD needs now, is more LOVE for ALL, not less ... and certainly not only LOVE for the 3M's, the "structure" or the "method" ...

Would you encourage the world to divide yet again in the name of RELIGION and the "CULT of a PERSON" ??

If I had to use that dishonest "technique", I would resign too!! Kudos to Ajay Kumar Bhatter!!

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