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Comments to Chari's 2010 New Year's Speech

Comments by 4d-Don in "red italics" to Chari's New Year Speech:

Attend to the Call of the Heart
Jan. 1, 2010, Chennai, India

Dear Brothers and Sisters

Years come and years go, and I wonder how many of us are moving with the time, surpassing time. (or living in the feudal 14th century) You know there is a proverb which says, time and tide wait for no man. There are so many messages which have been given by Babuji Maharaj, and so many messages now, too. (Chari is first and foremost a "salesman" of the Material ... Is this a sales pitch for Whispers, the ALL-NEW Sahaj Marg Bible, to be written by the anonymous French Lady Medium who channels messages from Babuji, Chari's mother, his wife, and other "elevated souls"??)

When we travel by road and we look at the milestone on the side of the road, each time we pass a milestone we know we are nearer the destination. For us every day, every morning when we wake up it should be another milestone in our spiritual progress. (Since Spirit is beyond TIME, there are no "milestones" on the Spiritual Journey ... BE THERE NOW!!) I wonder how many of us are really conscious, are aware that as time passes, we have less and less time ahead of us. (Not true ... Spirit does not run out of TIME...neither does the UNIVERSE, nor does ONE! How Materialist!!) In our material journey as milestones pass, it is good to have less and less distance in front of us to reach our destination. But in the spiritual journey as days pass, and as we become aware that we have less and less time to achieve our goal, we should, if we are sensible, if we have the craving for spiritual growth to reach our destination, we should do everything possible to accelerate our pace so that we can reach the goal within this lifetime. At least by the time we end our mortal life, we should be There. (Like a runner, Chari wants to be "first" but it is not possible ... In the Christian Bible (that "corrupt" religion) : "The first shall be last and the last, first")

(Chari and the Sahaj Marg group are driven and fixated on the "goal", or DOING and achieving, which means: of the "material" and within TIME. There is very little in Sahaj Marg of the Timelessness of "BEING" as in "BEING" Spiritual, or communing with SPIRIT, the ONE-ness and the ALL. They think they can earn their way into the Spirit of ONE-ness, by DOING (physical rituals, prayers, cleaning, etc...) rather that by BEING!! Their "craving" for DOING and developing speaks of there addiction to the lure of the Material. "BEING" is NOW, beyond TIME and speaks to the Spiritual. We are not material humans "doing" Spirituality, but we are spiritual BEINGS ... simply BEING spiritual as we inhabit this temporary carbon body! (some of us anyway) That way, we can commune with all SPIRIT including NATURE, and not dominate or control it.

Those who journey 'inside", in the SPIRIT, do not develop and accumulate Material possessions... and Worldly fame ... and do not spend their time in airports, hotels, parking lots, or in courts, developing the MATERIAL, destroying Nature and leaving less of pristine Nature for the next generations.)

All our (Material?) facilities that are created by the grace of my Masters: ashrams, retreat centres, gatherings which we call bhandaras, sittings, either individual or groups, all these are to promote our spiritual welfare and growth. Are we aware that each sitting that we take, when we close our eyes we should be something, when we open our eyes we should have moved on? (Even "you" are still here!! And the abhyasis of Sahaj Marg are still in the same "STATE", as you so often repeat so as to "manipulate" them some more. They, nor you, will ever reach your "illusion" of a GOAL!! Spiritual Life is not like that!! ) I am afraid that sense of urgency is lacking in almost all abhyasis. (I think the sense of urgency is there in many lost sheep. That is why so many are running around "helter skelter" in all directions, even to the manipulative MATERIALISTS who think themselves enlightened and who think it is their "god-given" duty to preach at other. There are seekers and there are "FINDERS"!! The true seekers and hence the FINDERS, find Spirit and spirituality where it is, which is everywhere, INSIDE and OUTSIDE! Any day now, the "navel gazers" who only search inside themselves will wake up and realize their folly!! To reach the "Brighter World" they will have to go "up" and "outside" as Chari has pointed and continues to point. They will have run out of TIME, as predicted by their MASTER, and will not have reached his "illusive" goal, as it does not exist! Their TIME will have passed them by, or they will have wasted their "precious time". The French say: "Don't search for noon at 2:00 o'clock in the afternoon!!") We are prone to pay more attention to our material progress, to our health, to our income, and to so many other things which are part of the material life, the human life: our loves and hates, our aspirations. And sadly, I think, if at all we have any cognizance, any awareness of the spiritual life in which we are involved, it takes last place. It is a sad thing to have to repeat this again and again, day after day, year after year.

(It seems that the abhyasis imitate their Master! ;-)) Do you know how much "carbon" is added to our earthly atmosphere by those who journey in pilgrimages so as to find "GOD" or a Divine spiritual experience which, according to Chari and Sahaj Marg, should be found "INSIDE" and not in the MATERIAL or "OUTSIDE"? Does it not seem strange that those who teach others to turn away from the MATERIAL spend most of their time in the MATERIAL, or OUTSIDE?)

I am happy to wish you all a happy new year, but a happy new year is not enough. Instead of looking for happiness — (I hesitate to say it), we should look to how many problems we have surmounted, how many problems are yet to be surmounted, because the spiritual life, when all is said and done, is not meant to be a happy life. It is meant to be a progressive life. It is meant to be a life of inner awareness and inner growth, of a luminosity arising within the heart of which saints speak that even at night, you should be able to move by the light from your heart, without having to have torch lights and other external aids.

Do we have this craving? I hope it will develop in all of you. We have sufficient literature. We have so many DVDs; even today we are releasing some. But they should not fall on deaf ears. It is like the old Christian saying, ‘Ye have eyes but ye see not; you have ears but you hear not,’ things like that, you see. You have legs but you only go for exercise; not to walk towards the goal. We are too preoccupied with our health, with our gymnasiums, with our health clubs, with our walks, with our diets.

This body is only a vehicle for the soul. The body is given to us only so that we can progress in this life from birth to death, and thereafter we don’t need the body any more. It is like a car or a train or an aeroplane, only to take us from here to there, and after that we abandon it. But spirituality says, yogic literature says, psychic literature says, we come back again and again because, rather than being a passenger in a train who gets in at his beginning and gets out at the end, we seem to be like the drivers and the conductors who go up and down all the time. I can understand the spiritual guide like my Master, condemning himself, though he belongs to the Brighter World; one part of him is here going up and down like a ferry crossing the river, taking more and more passengers to the other side. But we should not be there with him. We should be there with him through the journey, and then with him in the Brighter World (pointing up) where he is, in his divine self.

(So Babuji, according to Chari is "UP" and "OUTSIDE" in the Brighter World, his concept of "HEAVEN", the Brighter World, or the Central Region, are then not "INSIDE". The Scientologists call it "OUT THERE"!! Contradictions and/or flawed theology!! Sahaj Marg is just like most religions, with a MALE God which is outside it's Creation, a heaven which is "up there", and a "special" class of megalomaniacal "saved" who manipulate their compatriots with fantasies and made-up or forged stories about their "lineage" and history. Like most religions, they will fight and kill to defend the "RIGHT"!! They will even attack the family of their own FOUNDER!! )

Exhortations are useless, because people say, “What is this? Again and again.” Yes, of course, again and again! Otherwise we are like the biblical bucket which goes into the well, again and again, and comes back empty.

I know, one part of you, there is this craving — not craving but at least desire. It is perhaps magnified when you come here, and you feel, you know, that there is something in it after all, because it brings you back here, and you are willing to stay here facing all the problems of life: lack of accommodation, lack of facilities. But when we leave the gate again, we are back in that life.

So, dear sisters and brothers: we must pay more attention to the call of the heart, the call of the voice from within. If necessary, close your ears to the outer world. Shut your eyes, don’t listen. (to your families, friends, fellow workers, ??? I would say: "Don't listen to "SPIRITUALISTS"!! ) We have to turn our attention through the five senses which God has given us, from outside to inside. (Chari and Sahaj Marg are not "inside", but they are "outside" ... don't listen to them ...) Without this turnaround, spirituality remains but a subject about which we speak, about which we discuss, about which we undergo training, but to which we pay no heed and therefore we remain where we are. (like most religions, Sahaj Marg will fill the "fantasy" dust bins of history... It is TIME for REALITY ... It is time for "childhood's end" !! There is no Santa Claus!! )

(As I and other SPIRITUAL people, who go inside, not outside for our spirituality, we could not find your "Material" Ashrams so, as you suggest but don't DO, we will remain SPIRITUAL and relate to SPIRIT (inside), not to the MATERIAL and to other Materialist (salesmen, developers, nationalists, imperialists) PEOPLE, which are OUTSIDE!! And we don't believe in a Brighter World that is "OUT THERE" or "UP THERE"!!

Time and life is passing you by, dear "brothers and sisters" ... This is not a "custom" but... BE HERE NOW!!)

As is customary, I pray for all of you. May every day see you in a different position on the spiritual ladder (how physical! "up" is good, "down" is bad ... come now "children"!! You're now adults!!) , going up and up; never coming down, never looking back.

May my Masters bless you with all that is good. ("Good" is what? Sahaj Marg and Chari?? Or is "Pleasant" GOOD? Only what Chari says is "good" can be GOOD in Sahaj Marg!! The abhyasis must simply OBEY. Developing (material) is "GOOD", sex is bad, but "food" is good! And sitting on a "throne" and being adulated by the "commoners" is obviously GOOD!! How controlled are the sheep? Let them run free in their own "experience" of learning and growing, at their own rate, and in their own TIME!!

We don't want "spiritual clones". We want organic, free-range SHEEP!! NOW!!

The capitalist and imperialist "lions" of Sahaj Marg can go back to their over-developed, over-populated and materialist "jungle"!)



4d-Don said...

Don said:

I received this message and have changed the name to protect the person...

Rose said...

My ex fiance is an Abyiasi of sahaj marg and recently we went to india to meet chariji and i was introduce to a french medium who says she is the next master of sahaj marg not Ajay Bhatter. I know her name, have pictures of her have her phone number. She has totally ruined my life because she told my fiance to break up with me because she said Babuji told her.....its a long story for all the information contact me!

18 February, 2010 7:09:00 AM PST

4d-Don said...

4d-Don said...

Hi Rose ...

Sorry to hear your sad "experience", but you are not alone... The same (or a variation) has happened to many of us, whom I call the "victims" of Sahaj Marg...

There is a community on ORKUT, called Freedom from Sahaj Marg... feel invited and here is my e-mail

Feel free to send me your Whole story (with scans of photos and documents if you have some) and I will make an article from it and will post it on my blog ... Post your feelings and your story on the ORKUT site also (after becoming a member)...

If you really feel "miffed", you can start a blog, it's really easy and you might find that there are others out there who have the same experience as you with this "gang" who call themselves SPIRITUAL and profess "brotherhood" but are really just "profiteers" and businessmen using religion ... as usual...

I empathize with you... This too shall pass... there is life after Sahaj Marg... FIGHT BACK... Expose them...


PS... leave any future messages on this blog, at the end of the first (most recent) blog on the page as most people do not read comments in older blogs...

PS... You will notice that there are a whole bunch of links on the side of this blog... these are other victims of this cult of a PERSON!! The "idol" worshipers!

18 February, 2010 10:43:00 AM PST