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What or Who is Human? Chari, Sahaj Marg(tm)

Taken from an article by Alexis on Elodie's blog in Europe: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg.
Added below is the comment by LéA on the same blog.

Alexis quotes a Sahaj Marg promotional article by an abhyasis. This abhyasis attempts to claim that Chari and the management team of SRCM (California-1997) and the abhyasis are more "humans" than the rest of us (the west?).

Is that not typical of most RELIGIONS? He tries to point at the "western countries", and the "middle east" as if there were no problems in India? Is that not typical nationalist religion?

I'm sure that most Christians would claim that Christians are more "human" than the "pagans" and "idolaters" from other parts of the world, who are apparently not very "human", according to them ...

Which religion calls adherents to other beliefs "dogs" or other "non-human" names? One was lead to believe that such behaviour came from the "religions" only, and not from the so-called: "SPIRITUAL" ... I thought Sahaj Marg(tm) was about "spirituality", not "Human content". Are the abhyasis of Sahaj Marg(tm) now expected to be only SPIRITUALIST, and/or as their Master, not be spiritual at all ... but materialist? Is the goal of Sahaj Marg(tm) now to be materialism, "character formation" and "human content"?

What this article does, is to continue the "finger pointing" and the dividing of the world yet again in the name of my God, my religion, my "cult of a PERSON". Our "uniqueness" is better than YOURS. You, being the non-humans!!

It is not "impressive". They seem to see the speck of dust in their neighbours eye, but not the logs (material) in their own eyes.

Are there no examples of people who use other "systems" and who are more "human" by general standards, than some who use Sahaj Marg(tm)? Sister Teresa? Dalai Lama? And too many Saints and wise "humans" from other "isms" (religions) to mention?

Can a "non-human" homonid, not be called a "zombie"??

Can we say that Chari and his Sahaj Marg(tm), registered as a commercial trade-mark, for trade and commerce, is now "de-humanizing" all who are not in Sahaj Marg(tm), specially those from the west, which his group targets? Their focus target? Women and children!! Is that not very RELIGIOUS? ... or "cultish" ??

Practice Sahaj Marg(tm) fervently and you too could become "human" as the SRCM (California-1997) leadership, and you too could chose your mate (wife) according to "skin complexion", "cut", and "height". And you could in your religious bigotry, or what they call "human-ness", become a person who lies about your history and lineage, your appointment, and/or become a HOMOPHOBE, and slander all other religions and individuals with brands such as those which Chari has "pointed at" the "bloggers", and even Bill Gates and the Pope in his recent speeches. Brands such as "morally degraded" or "enemies of Spirituality". That is what the leaders of Sahaj Marg (tm) were, have been and are now.

They, the materialist leadership of SRCM(California-1997), are not great "role models" to present to the next generation so as to teach them what "human" means. Many western "human-ists" are more moral and etical than these Spiritualists, who are really pseudo-spiritual and quasi-religious and not SPIRITUAL at all except in their outer shell (rituals), as actors ... Sahaj Marg(tm) is like Hollywood: they try and act the part and they fool some but not all ... not many! Thanks to the INTERNET and to our emerging global ONE-ness.

As LéA says below: Sahaj Marg (tm) in its intolerance, is getting close to "spiritual eugenics"


Alexis Said:

Jan. 19, 2011

Who or What is Human?

At the European Seminar in December 2010, Chari announced that the Vrads Sande ashram in Denmark would be the first SRCM European Retreat Centre, as the Berlin ashram would be the first European CREST.

Chari also announced the theme of the first session for young adults at this new CREST to be held this spring: "What or Who is a human?"

Why such a topic? Chari does not propose his subjects haphazardly, he always has good reasons, but one must still be able to decipher his intentions.

An abhyasi will help us. Mukul S. Mukherjee, in a study entitled "Efficacy of a Coping Strategy for Developing Human qualities, " introduces his subject as follows:

“It is assumed that the society today has come to a state where calling its members “human” is something like an exaggeration or a lie. The homo sapiens has the complete form but it is lacking in ‘human content’.” (Excerpt from a "study" by an abhyasi to be found at: )

We are
not worthy of the epithet "human". This is a good representative example of the result obtained by the hammering of Chari's messages: spiritual values, work on the character, etc..

, thanks to the work undertaken by Chari of continuously undermining his abhyasis, he is not very far from the feeling that only the spiritual practice of Sahaj Marg can make humans. Obviously, he never said exactly that, but he leads his followers to believe it, and in the end it's only the result that counts.

The next question is obviously what will they do with all of these non-humans which revolve around them!

Chari probably has the answer ...


LéA Said:

I emphasized the other day on the rhetoric of your guru which leads one from so-called sexual frustration to terrorism. This time, Alexis illustrates well that your guru has arranged things so that his followers will believe that it is now time to distinguish between humans from non-humans. We are not very far from a spiritual eugenics which clashes with the so-called unparalleled tolerance of the guru.

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