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The NEED FOR CHANGE in Sahaj MARG (tm) and SRCM (California-1997)

Comments to excerpts taken from a speech given by Chari at Babuji's 86th birthday celebrations, on April 30, 1985, but reposted and re-hashed in 2010. Babuji, the founder of Sahaj Marg and the Shri Ram Chandra Mission, died in April, 1983. The divisions in SRCM were everywhere. The logic was apparently not "loftier" then!!

Let's give Chari a way out... He just says stupid things so as to get the abhyasis to "think"... to use their "BRAIN"!! ;-))

I suspect the preceptors are busy phoning one another and advising all the abhyasis and the children to: "don't read that blog". Don't let them (the sheep) read the TRUTH !! They could surpass the Master in knowledge, and then in WISDOM!!

Who's his "proof-reader"? Does he have one? For a small fee, we can give preliminary comments on the content of his statements, or supply his "handlers" with a muzzle! (tongue-in-cheek) ;-))

Comments by 4d-don are in "red italics"


Message given by Parthasarathi Rajagopalachari on the 86th Birth Anniversary of Babuji Maharaj, 30th April 1985 ( does he, and most importantly, do YOU still think that this is "THE TRUTH"??)

Dear Sisters and Brothers

I have been emphasising the aspect of change in all my last three or four speeches on such occasions. I think I can profitably (odd choice of word for a "profiteer"?) add a few more thoughts in that direction today also.

In my last talk on the subject, I had suggested that change is progress, (NOT TRUE!! ... It sounds like a businessman's "invert-endoed" or flawed philosophy!! Pollute some more because "change is PROGRESS" and that is good!! lol lol Ah! The terribly polluted world awaiting the children of tomorrow, thanks to the pseudo-religious businessmen of today!! It is true that Progress is Change, but change is either "progressive or regressive" or "none of the above"! ... change does not necessarily mean: "improvement". The Universe, unlike Chari's attempt at logic, does not spin backwards, the planet does not spin backwards, and nor does the sun nor the galaxy!! There is no "TIME travel" to the past! Not even for the RELIGIOUS!! Just for the "fiction" writers and the gullible "trekkies" who believe anything that is written by their GOD and/or "his" proxies"! There is a reason why Chari includes books of "science fiction" in his "spiritual" libraries at CREST!! ) and that without change there can be no progress I think except for the grossest individuals most people accept this. (Oh?? ... Fear mechanism!! ... We don't want to be the "grossest individuals", so we'll have to "accept" that false statement as TRUE?? NOT!! We, the truly spiritual are BRAVE and we don't OBEY an idol made of clay. The TRULY "grossest" and the most "materialist" of individuals are those who believe that "change is progress" and that progress means "improvement". Change just means "change" or "different", and that "change" can be "progressive" and it can also be "regressive" or it can be neutral !! ... ) To our senses we find the only things that don’t change are mineral things of the earth. (NOT TRUE ... silly ... wherever did he get that? To quote a Warner Brothers cartoon character (dog) Willoughby who thinks he's a (wily) fox: "Which way did he go? ... Which way did he go?" lol lol ... It seems that it's time for the adherents to Sahaj Marg to start thinking and using the BRAIN ... Their "Method" (Sahaj Marg) seems to be "densing" them all ... Minerals change !! Ever hear of "molecules", fusion, fission, etc ...?? How about the "CHANGE" from Elemental Carbon (and other elements such as Sulphur, Nitrogen, etc... ), to hydrocarbons, to carbon gases (CO, CO2, etc ... ) Get REAL!! ) Any life higher than that is subject to continuous change. (What 'life", higher than "what"? "Life" higher than the "minerals"?? Life is made up of the mineral realm. All of "EVERYTHING" changes, and everything changes all the TIME!!) And even in the non-material world we find things changing, like the planets moving, the sun rising and setting, (that is simply not a true statement. Planets and Stars (suns) are not the "non-material world" ... (silly) ...They are MATERIAL and they change and they move (spin, orbit and pulsate ) and the elements and the aggregates in this material world are in constant motion down to their fundamental particles ... of course!! But the sun does not change when it "rises and sets", it is the earth that is spinning, giving the illusion that the sun is rising and setting. That illusion was corrected by our scientific community centuries ago and is now only believed by the "grossest of individuals". How the sun's position changes is that the sun and all the planets are orbiting the galaxy. Also, the whole solar system is bobbing up and down the plane of the galaxy. And the sun is pulsating and emitting radiation and matter. Then its magnetic fields are also in motion. Which "engineering or spirituality school" taught that silliness??) all of which assists us in our life. So in one sense change is life, and without change life cannot exist. (but Life does not only "progress", it also "regresses" and moves "sideways" ... All change in life is not "evolution" it is also "devolution"!! There are "dead ends" that simply die off!! ... Example: Sahaj Marg!! )

Now, we accept all these things intellectually, (just the "grossest" and the most gullible among humans accept the previous statements as true intellectually .... most gross "religious" person may accept it if they are told to accept it, but they also can't use their "intellect", the tool of the devil (they claim) ... and they must simply think with the heart, (not a "thinking" tool) and OBEY!! Welcome to the MODERN world for which Sahaj Marg the allegedly EASY PATH was invented for... This is the Age of REASON... the Age of Enlightenment! The days of miracles and wonders!! We, the masses, can now READ!! ) but few people are able to accept with the heart. (the heart is a PUMP, it does not THINK or "accept", it simply PUMPS! It is in the brain that one chooses to "accept" or reject!! Not in the PUMP!!) We all want change in our circumstances, in our existence, but we don’t want to change. (...make that "YOU" don't want to change ... I DO and I change all the time ... Change, like MOTION, is a REALITY! Most people I know embrace change!) In other words, we want everything around us to change, but we don’t want to change ourselves. (NOT ALL OF US ! Who are you preaching for ... or to? or at? The Materialists? The egotists? The arrogant?) Spirituality says (Chari says) , nothing can change without you yourself changing. (not true ... All changes, whether one thinks one is changing or not. In REALITY we are changing all the time!! Stasis is an illusion! Motion is a REALITY! ) Spirituality (Chari says, ..."spirituality" is not "one person") says further, that when you change, the universe changes with you. We know that each one of us is the centre of his or her own universe, (Just the part of the UNIVERSE that you influence (contact or touch). Some "religious persons" are ego-centric and think the world revolves around them, but most of us know that we are not the center of the UNIVERSE, not even of our own UNIVERSE, and in our own MIND!) so there is not just one universe, there are as many universes as there are people in this world. (that is a theory made by the MIND and the BRAIN of some physicists, and it is a "stretch" to claim it as "DOGMA" for the REAL UNIVERSE by a pseudo-spiritualist who wants to think with the heart!! ... We barely know the "solar system" and some (Chari) even think it is "non-material" (see above) .... as a CEO, untrained in "theology" and "cosmology", he seems to think that he knows that for sure?? NOT!! He is just repeating the scams that have worked for other religious scammers. Next they will predict the "end of the world" using "channeled spirits" by an anonymous French Lady Medium, as if they now know the REAL TRUTH !! )

So when we talk of changing the universe—what we really mean is to change all these universes, which is impossible. There is the possibility that each one of us can change his own individual universe. All change starts from the centre, so we have to start changing our universe from the centre of that universe, which is our own heart. (Chari's pearls of wisdom: "I pump therefore I am", Chari DesCartes ... the heart is the center of the "blood system". The Brain is the center of the "NERVOUS system" ... the part that analyzes and thinks) That is the main reason why Sahaj Marg teaches meditation on the heart. (placing an "imagined" material "light" on the PUMP (heart) will not give one more SPIRIT or more of the DIVINE or even the ONE or ONE-ness of SPIRIT or SPIRITUALITY, as light (electromagnetism) is dual ... and as the divisions in SRCM show adequately, ... and it does not even make sense. So much for the "pseudo-science" of Spirituality!!) That is also the reason why Master did not value much education or intellectual changes, because they are at the periphery of our universe, and change there makes no sense. ( How silly!! "Education" is not at the "periphery" of Chari's or anyone's universe ... They don't value "intellectual" change for those they would "scam" or control, although they themsleves received an education and they send their own children to school and university, but the abhyasis must not use "intellect". If they did, they would see the "scam" and use the BRAIN, and not "OBEY". This statement is also Not true!! Since the CREATED UNIVERSE is MIND (duality), changing the MIND is one way of changing ALL realizations and hence of changing our perception of REALITY!)

The same thing applies to all the other facets of our existence like material aspects, physical aspects, social aspects. So what I am trying to suggest is that while we are all prepared for change in all these other aspects—in fact we welcome change in them—they are useless. (How RELIGIOUS!! Don't get ready for the storm, don't become educated to the possible dangers in life, just pray!!) My personal universe cannot change one atom whether I become richer or poorer, (that is a change) whether I become more educated or less educated, (that is a change) whether I become stronger or weaker physically (that is a change) . But every time I have a change of heart in my heart, my universe changes to that extent. (Not true ... any Change (even transplanting the heart, surgery, etc) to the heart is also a change, but not the only ones, that affects one's "universe", and whether one changes one's "mind" (what Chari calls "a change of heart" in his heart), or not, one's universe (our universe ..."uni" means "ONE") still keeps Moving, and hence changing anyway. Chari, like the religious neophyte that he is, talks about the heart as if it had a MIND of its own, and/or emotions, and/or likes and dislikes, but that is not THE TRUTH ... it is a myth!! To make the "heart" "eternal" and thus make it subject to rewards and punishment, or a "re-birth", the religious invented the "SOUL" to replace the heart in the afterlife, and/or to carry the samskaras to the "other life". (a "soul" can allegedly feel the suffering of hell's fire, or feel pleasure of being rewarded with heaven. The fear and temptation of RELIGION! ) Praying for peace has never brought PEACE !! The heart has no "magical powers"!! Face REALITY and DO SOMETHING that is not "narcissistic" and self-serving!!) And the change is from the core outwards, (change (MOTION) is everywhere ... there is no STASIS in CREATION) so that it permeates every structure of that universe. This is the reason why we have to accept the need for change with our hearts, (in our MINDS) accept it in our hearts, and without that, progress is impossible. (progress is not necessarily an "improvement" or "good" there is also change that is "regressive" or "not good" ... how "engineer" and "businessman" of Chari!!) That is why, in English, commonly they say that there should be a “change of heart.” (do not take an idom from the pre-scientific past, before the Age of REASON, as the TRUTH for today! IS not Sahaj Marg for the MODERN power-addicted man and/or the gullible and un-liberated woman ??)

We have a very beautiful example in Indian philosophy: a perfect man is supposed to be like a coconut. The outside remains the same, but the inner coconut has dried and shrunk and is free of the surroundings. You can hear it rattling inside. That is, the real coconut has become dry, desiccated, quality-less, (bad metaphor...those are not "desirable" states!) and exists like a ball inside the shell, which is only a covering. There is a saying that it exists in its own universe, but there is no contact with that universe at all. (not true ... must be made up on the spot, without thinking... it (the coconut) is not in it's own universe ... it is just inside its own self-centered "SHELL"!)

Similarly a spiritually perfect man— (there is no such a MONSTER) his heart is in the body but not of the body. (not true ... all is connected ... it can't be dis-connected for the sake of a RELIGION or an "ism". ) It should not have any attachment with the body. (silly) In the normal human being, everything we do with the body affects the heart. (in the "normal person" the heart is a pump... and the Brain is used for "thinking") In the spiritual person, the body must reflect what is going on in the heart. (Not true!! And Sahaj Marg is a "natural path" for the MODERN man?? Which other part of NATURE does that? We can see by the divisions in Sahaj Marg, the rancor, the hatred, the "illness", and the disrespect (for other religions, for the "curse of the bloggers" and for non-adherent family members) that Sahaj Marg will also divide its UNIVERSE. Cleanse you own back yard (your heart? or more accurately, your MIND). OK! Let the doctors (phd's) enter that "metaphysics and religion) on their "exams" and see what degree they get! What "guild" they are accepted in!) Instead of the life of the body regulating the heart, the life of the heart must now regulate the body and the whole universe itself. This is the highest application of the principle of invertendo. (this lowly "sleight of logic" is as ridiculous as a "three dollar bill" ... If you believe that, then you deserve the emotional DIVISIONS of Sahaj Marg!! The heart of man regulates the whole UNIVERSE?? Really?? And Sahaj Marg teaches that to children and makes them ready for the MODERN world?? Not my children and not my world!! )

So spiritual practice must begin with the heart. The qualities of the heart must be changed. (PUMP backwards?? Stop eating and eating SPICY (as per Raja Yoga)!! The heart has no more emotional or intellectual or spiritual qualities than the arm, the foot, the nose, the ears, etc... IT SIMPLY PUMPS and feeds back information to the BRAIN via the nervous system ... The qualities of a PERSON are in its ALL!!) The ability of the heart to affect must be changed, that is, instead of affecting me, myself, it must affect everybody in this universe, the whole universe itself. (contradiction... Now the heart of one person affects the whole UNIVERSE of ALL... not what Chari said above...) And all this is made possible only when we accept the need for changing from our inside and not from our outside. The easiest way, dear sisters and brothers, is to receive the Master of the universe in your hearts and let him rule the universe from inside you rather than from outside you. (Using the word "MASTER" to designate a man and the ONE, what some call "GOD" (a male), is like the old "Indian rope trick" ... a "trick", an intellectual scam, just like "two on one heart" (the Sahaj Marg scam! ))

This is the message I have to give you on my Master’s most auspicious birthday today. (re-hashing of 1985 philosophically and scientifically flawed speech! It ain't pretty but it's Chari's baby!! You'll have to OBEY and live with it and try and convince the rest of the world of "Chari's wisdom", the DIVINE knowledge he got from "GOD", ... a male GOD!! ... through the channeling of an anonymous French Lady MEDIUM!... Let' s see! : Now that we know (according to Chari) that the sun and the planets are not MATERIAL, is God Material or "non-material" again?? Better OBEY Chari and pray harder for a "favourable egregore"!


Thank you. You're welcome!!



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