Wednesday, October 28, 2009


From a recent speech by Chari "Message for North America" for the 2009 seminar at Molena, Georgia, USA.

Comments by 4d-Don are in "Red Italics"

"So I am happy to see that all of our abhyasi sisters and brothers are getting a little revitalized, because to me it appears that the Mission in the U.S. had gone into some sort of — I won’t say coma, but a partial sort of sleep mode."

"Like, you know, a sick man requires blood transfusion, the Mission requires abhyasi transfusion, more and more, better and better. Not as Babuji said, less and less of more and more, or more and more of less and less, but we do want more and more to come in, more and more to be blessed by him, and more and more to benefit by our spiritual practice, which is so universal and so simple that its simplicity is mistaken for ineffectiveness. People say, “How can this work?” We should prevail on them to try it, without bias of caste, colour, creed, race, religion, all these things. Give it an honest trial and see after three months."

Numbers, numbers, numbers, more, more, more, business, develop, business develop, numbers,

"Give candy a try. You'll like it!" "Give sex a try. You'll like it!" "Give sensations a try. You'll like it!"

Does it not sound like the rationale of the Hollywood version of the "snake oil salesman"? "Try it, you'll like it".

Give Christianity a try! Give Islam a try, etc... Many in the past have tried RELIGION, and their children have remained "RELIGIOUS" for generations. Their children were then, and are still now being indoctrinated with manufactured and made-up religious myths, fantasies, and fairy tales, well before the age of reason. And even through the horrors of abuse, wars, crusades, terrorism, etc., many remain faithful to their "family religion". That does not mean that belonging to an established religion such as Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, etc... also means that one is now more saintly, holy, moral or ethical or self-realized.

"Trying" something as a RELIGION or a spiritual path to "ONE-ness", for three months as a test of its "effectiveness" is a little naive and really meant for the really "GULLIBLE" or the morally bankrupt, and/or the spiritually desperate. Something as important as a LIFE Path, should be tested "all the time", specially before trying it. And if the path, its literature, or it's leadership proves at any time to be "un-holy" nonsensical, un-ethical, immoral, or corrupt, then one should change path immediately, not decades later. Intellect is also a "God-given" tool to use, and is one way of TRYING it!! If it does not make sense, or sounds suspicious or too good to be true, then don't try it. If a bottle says poison, and has a "skull and crossbones" on it, don't drink the contents thinking that your "God" will save you because you are now in the "one and only" religion of GOD. The ONE (what some call by the Gothic (Germanic) word, "God", also gave us a BRAIN!!

But belonging to a group for three months will set up a pattern, a habit, a dependency, that then will have to be "broken" with "will power". And most would rather continue with the devil one knows than to face the trauma of change, and facing alone the unknown of the devil one doesn't know.
So most remain in the religion of their parents, in their habits, their dependencies, their addictions. And not trough "holiness" but through "laziness" and lack of "confidence" or FAITH in one's self.

"You know, we have abhyasis who have been there for thirty years, and from whom I receive mails saying, “Wow! Only just now I am realizing what there is in Sahaj Marg!” So it shouldn’t take so long. It depends on both: you have to apply yourself; we have to do the work. And that way if you do things, results will be faster, more convincing, so that our future efforts are more and more strengthened from inside, with a will that is no longer blocked by the intellect,

One can only imagine how "HOLY" Christianity, Islam and Hinduism (the traditional religions) must be, by their "numbers". NOT!! Some adherents and their families have been with the same religion for centuries. Does that mean that more "numbers" means more "holy" or "nearer to ONE", what some call by the Gothic (German) word, "GOD". And then they call IT a "HIM" (male) and not a SPIRIT (neuter)?

Then traditional religions are not corrupt, as Chari claims, but they must be more "RIGHT" as they have more "numbers". Even religions which promote and use violence and/or religions which don't promote or use violence but which have used violence in their "crusading" past, still have large numbers of "adherents", as the faithful are "stuck" with their so-called "corrupt religion", even after decades, and centuries.

So... go ahead and, as Chari says, lure your neighbours to Sahaj Marg with "TRY IT", and you may have en-snared them for decades and centuries, and not because Sahaj Marg is more "RIGHT". And give them (the neo-religions) your children and/or your neighbours' children, before the age of reason and the children will also belong to the tyrants and the businessmen who would use religion to promote their self-serving agendas, even to violence and war. They will use religious myths and fantasies on your children before your children can tell the difference between religious Fantasy and REALITY. That is what some (nationalists, profiteers, predators, etc..) who use religions do.

You'll have created your own "Santa Claus" ... And you'll have to live with it, and/or try and explain and demystify it for the next generations as we are doing. That your Sahaj Marg Bible was "channeled" by an anonymous French lady Medium will sound very "shallow", when faced with the REALITY .


Anonymous said...

try sahaj marg or try having unprotected sex with a person who has ADIS... results in both the cases are same.


Anonymous said...

If a person has reached the spiritual level...such a crude comment (above) could not come of the discussion.

I believe unless a new word was coined that the use of "HIM" closet resembles the entity to be described in any language without prescribing a name.

4d-Don said...

Hi Anonymous...

Good one... we are not dealing with highly elevated spirituality with Sahaj Marg, but with lowly "spiritualism" or "SPIRITISM", and Messages from the spirits of the DEAD and Egregores, (autonomous psychic entities).

Then, like Vivekananda and Plato (Greek philosopher-5th Century BCE), let us re-coin not a "word", but a NUMBER, "ONE", the FIRST CAUSE, rather that a noun or a masculine pronoun that are used for "PERSONS" or things to define the CREATOR or the CREATIVE. The Creator/Creative is not a PERSON according to most theologians, but is a SPIRIT. And SPIRIT has no GENDER.

Until we come to grips with understanding ETERNITY as a concept of SPACE with "no beginning, no end", a number (which, as a TIME concept for the measurement of MOTION of "change", can give us an "infinity series" or x=x+1) would be an improvement. The Gothic (German) PERSONAL noun such as GOD (Goth), that was used historically to deify many PERSONS (such as heroes, kings, emperors, etc...), and/or the Male personal pronoun such as "HIM" to designate ONE is not accurate and leads to male discrimination against, or control and manipulaiton of the females.

The ONE, the CREATOR of ALL, in REALITY would have to contain within "IT"-self either ALL genders or NO GENDER at all!