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From Science Fiction to Sahaj Marg

Taken from and Translation of an article by Alexis on Elodie's blog in Europe: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg

Insertions and comments by 4d-don in the article are in "red italics"

For the Abhyasis who have not yet lost their critical judgement, and can still "question" the actions of the Master, the Mission, and the Method, if you wonder how your "charity dollars" are being spent, beside the "real estate", the lawyer fees, and the many cottages built for Chari and his successor and/or his "inner circle", you can look at Chari's choice of reading material for his "retreat centers" and aimed at the future "leaders" of SRCM (California-1997) ...

Placed beside the writings of great "spiritualists" and some "spiritual Masters" are the works of fantasy and fiction such as Dan Brown's "Da Vinci Code" (religious conspiracy), and the science fiction of Isaac Asimov's FOUNDATION Series.

Supporting the "fiction" and "fantasy" industry seems to be a worthwhile spiritual venture for Sahaj Marg which is now promoting its own fantasy and/or fiction industry of SPIRITUALISM or SPIRITISM itself, indulging in Channeled messages from the Spirits of the dead, and egregores (autonomous psychic entities).

But is it "CHARITY"?? Should it be "Tax-exempt"?? Is spending the charity dollars this way, more "spiritual" than feeding the POOR, the SICK, the dis-empowered? Is Sahaj Marg, and Chari not simply reveling in, endorsing and thus attempting to create a new "POWER" with his NEW SPIRITUALIST Sahaj Mart? (pun intended).

Babuji claimed that Sahaj Marg "removed the powers" so that the ego would not be trapped by them ... It seems that Chari is attempting to use these alleged "powers" of meditation which Babuji claimed to remove, so as to create more "material" and the power struggles that accompany them, along with fictional and/or "factional" divisions and even wars in the future by placing fantasy and Science fiction and spirituality as equally REAL and equally the TRUTH !!. CREST is a place for "serious" reading is it not?? There is a claim that most adults can distinguish between fantasy and reality, but there are many "Christians", in this day and age, who quote the Bible according to "Hollywood".

Maybe Chari should consult with Liz Kingsnorth, who used to be a Trustee with SRCM (United Kingdom), and is now volunteering her time at Lalaji's Memorial Omega International School, and is a (paid?) trainer for the Center for Non-Violence Communication, New Mexico, USA ... It seems that the "inner circle" of SRCM (California-1997) also needs some help with "violence" issues in fiction, as well as in "REALITY" according to Babuji's Family (see Youtube: Sahaj Marg Exposed and allegations by his grandsons on this blog) and many of the senior preceptors, who have mostly been replaced or "ousted" by Chari, or have passed away.

Ms. Liz Kingsnorth may also want to check their own "Value Based Spiritual Education" curriculum and remove the incidences where violence or war is endorsed using the Vedic "scriptures", and the attacks on "Religions" (as if Sahaj Marg is not a "religion"), whom they claim are "promoting disharmony, violence and war" (see VBSE lesson 10) ... Chari and his "inner circle" have had many accusations brought against them by Babuji's family, accusations which are supported by court records and newspaper articles (see Freedom from Sahaj Marg site) ... It is certainly not in accordance with CNVC philosophy, aims and mission to promote such "actions", and/or to serve obediently the religious leaders of organizations who endorse such divisive and allegedly violent actions, even those who are self-titled "Masters" and who promise "rewards" on the other side ... ie "liberation" . Spirituality should BE REALITY not FICTION !!

Alexis Said:

From Science Fiction To Sahaj Marg

Chari & Asimov? Same Struggle!

From the Foundation Series to Sahaj Marg, there is only one small step!!

Ron L. Hubbard, the founder of the Church of Scientology was a science-fiction writer. Rael introduced it in the day to day activities of the Raelians with cloning. Chari, meanwhile, is a big fan. Interest in science fiction ... is there a common thread with our gurus of today?

After Chari and his Mediums (and egregores) , here is Chari and science-fiction ...

Chari has a particular weakness for the Foundation Series of the famous science fiction author, Isaac Asimov. He regularly speaks about it to his abhyasis, as he has done recently in Coimbatore, December 15, 2009. But he has also personally made sure that it appears in the CREST (retreat center) library, in Bangalore, along with books on religion and spirituality.

What is it, then about Science fiction and Chari? (and religious conspiracies: Chari also added the very religious fiction "Da Vinci Code" to the Crest library! Why? Is it serious "spiritual" reading? )

In the Foundations Series, Isaac Asimov imagined the future of humanity. Everything begins with the collapse of a galactic empire and the invention of psycho-history, a science for predicting the future. The parallels with our own history are frequent, since the crumbling of the Empire of Trantor, which is reminiscent of the fall of Rome, to the rise of the Clown / Mule (ass) or that of Napoleon Bonaparte.

At the beginning of the Series, Asimov shows some great laws of power, as a good Machiavelli (the end justifies the means) of science fiction.
Thus, by the episode demonstrating the dominance of the spiritual over temporal power, because one does not disobey God. Then the Series focuses particularly on mentalism, a mind control over people which can influence the minds of the masses. It is the opposition of two Foundations, the first materialist which masters the physical sciences and the second secret and mentalist, which controls it.

The cycle ends with the opposition between the mentalists of the Second Foundation and a global super-organism, called Gaia, with a collective consciousness and telepathy.

What is extraordinarily exciting about all this, one must remember is that Chari has found it interesting enough to include it alongside the writings of the greatest spiritualists, in the library of CREST, bound for the elite among his executives.

What is it that fascinates him so much in this watershed novel? The dominance of the spiritual over the temporal? The mental control of one group over another? Or is it the super Gaian body that resembles both his beloved 'Egregore' , or the domination of a collective consciousness and a loss of the independence and integrity of the individual? One (he) is swimming in a NEW AGE delirium ...

Let us suggest to Chari, if he has not yet done so, to see James Cameron's Avatar. T he Na'vis Pandora and their connections with all beings of creation should enchant him.

In the Foundation Series of Asimov and the Pandora of Cameron, we are immersed at the heart of the decadent New Age of Western civilization, and the Indian guru, Chari, seems to take pleasure in it ...


In an earlier comment on Elodie's blog, Alexis said:


Much more amusing, is the list of 967 books Chari personally chose to buy to put in the library of CREST.

Besides books on religion, philosophy or psychology, which one fully expected to find, there are not only some great classics by Jack London, Emily Bronte, Hemingway and Mark Twain, but also, the Three Musketeers by (Alexandre) Dumas
and the complete works of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle with Sherlock Holmes.

There are also some great classics of science fiction and fantasy such as Orwell's "1984", the complete works of Tolkien and Isaac Asimov and the complete "Dune" by Frank Herbert.

There is also a "Napoleon" and "The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire", does it reveal Chari's taste (desire?) for emperors?

And finally, at the height of good taste, the best seller by Dan Brown, The Da Vinci Code.


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